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sex'n'crime #002              april 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news and previews  9.........interview
5.......ikari party  0...........mailbox
CREDITS:   coding.............chris/amok
well, yes... you are right !
we in amok finally managed to make a new
issue of sex'n'crime ! many many thanks
to all of you very nice dudes for the
loads of letters we got ! THANKS !
we never really expected our magazine to
be read by anyone, because there are so
many other magazines in 64-scene.
you gave us a lot of new ideas how to
improve this magazine...
as you can see we realized most of them.
you maybe remembrer that we wanted to
have a chapter, stocked with LETTERS,
but, as all those letters would not even
fit into the memory-banks of an amiga,
we decided to change that chapter into
REACTIONS ! this will inform you about
what people said, and what we think...
so, we will just extract the most
important messages out of you letters.
well, we would be glad to hear from YOU.
so, do not hasitate, write us your news.



some weeks ago HORIZON wrote in their
newsweek, that we just tried to copy
their magazine with our sex'n'crime.
hey, guys from HORIZON: though your mag
sure is very cool, we NEVER even thought
about your magazine when we coded our
sex'n'crime. please, believe us...
we never ment to offend you !

a few days ago i received a new magazine
from SHAPE, called coocon... well...
i can't help myself... that coocon sure
looks damned similar to our magazine...
you dudes from SHAPE really have to
admit that we were the first to do a mag
with this up-page-scroll. you are great
coders, so why don't you just invent a
new page-effect ? why are you doing that
magazine anyway ? just send your texts
to us ! (hehe... just kidding, pals !)

the magazine PIRATES was quite angry
about the very bad rating they got in
our magazine-test. well, sorry, dudes.
we just had the first issue of your cool
magazine. and, you are absolutely right,
your other issues are mutch better !!
PIRATES sure is one of the BEST mags
after all. (by the way... thanks for
your nice post-card !!)

after we wrote all about the members of
ELITE, jeff smart got very angry and
decided to harm us, whereever he could.
he blamed genesis+fire eagle for every-
thing, as there was a war between him
and them foor years now. he said, amok
is a part of gp+fe. well... (hehe) of
course we are... (hehe) we are no.1 in
germany ! haha... jeff smart, you are
a jealous PISSER !! some of us in amok
have been members of gp+fe a long time
ago, but we retired and founded amok.
we got nothing to do with gp+fe, exept
that we are living in the same town. ok?
so, fuck off and stop writing bullshit
about innocent people. stay objective or
quit calling ILLEGAL a magazine...

there are some other new magazines in
scene... MAGNETIC DREAMS which has
nothing to show yet, but a biiig mouth,
and MAGIC NEWS, a co-release from the 2
groups MAGICIANS and ACTION. it's quite
nice, but nothing special. i don't like
that it is multi-filed, but i DO like
that neat menu !

Rumours and News

            RUMOURS and NEWS

there was a little war among BROWBEAT
and AXION of crazy. after both sides
made a few war-demos against each other,
BROWBEAT founded the federation against
AXION. all members but one left AXION,
so the war is over now, and BROWBEAT has

mr.stack, former member of MCG was
kicked out, when MCG formed PARAMOUNT
and then joined the group ONLINE. since
that time people like to call them

there's some trouble among the 3 leading
groups in france... BABYGANG think they
are no.1 even though their cracks are
laaaaame. POLTERGEIST has never been any
good anyway, so the only one left to be
no.1 is TRANSCOM !

some lamers, called MIRACLE recracked
ONEWAY's cruelcruncher and put a MIRACLE
intro in front of it, done with an
intro-editor !!! (hahahaha !!!) anyway,
there seem to be a lot of recrackers
again in germany...
PARAMOUNT recracked our graphic-multi
tool, CRITTERS recracked our picture-
klau and the scrapmess of CONTEX.
lame, lame, lame...

some former members of BEASTIE BOYS and
AUDION INDUSTRIES formed a new group,
called X-RATED.

MCA of PARAMOUNT is very mad with SCRAP
of CONTEX as rumours say that SCRAP
called them PARALAME. they now want an
excuse, else there is going to be some
trouble... in fact SCRAP has never said
anything like that, so MCA is making
himself pretty ridiculous after all...

on 17.4 OFSS will change their name into

IKARI now shares their bbs'wares castle'
with GENESIS and FIRE EAGLE. to get the
newest wares, call XXXXXXXXXXXX

FIRST CRACKING GIRLS were caught by the
cops. many private adresses were found !

the ZENOBITS+NATO co-op splitted, there

a few weeks ago the GENESIS+FIRE EAGLE
co-operation splitted. then german FIRE
EAGLE joined GENESIS. a few days later
GP and FE were cooperating again.

the biggest lamer in germany SNOOPY was
kicked out of CONTEX. he then joined
WEIRD SCIENCE with many other lamers
from germany. soon he was kicked out
again, changed his name into TWHILIGHT
ZONE and joined NFC. laaaaaaaaame !!!!!

there is a mail-embargo on XANDOR's plk.
so, do not send to their old adress any-
more, but wait until you get their new.

FBI CREW and SORELL are now cooperating.

SECTOR9O changed their name into ZONE45.

MOSKWA-TV left TRANS-X and joined the
SCIENCE 451 team. the first thing he did
then was recracking the old AMOK-game
'stormtrooper' !

all in FRANTIC joined SPHINX, so we will
probably soon see some cool wares from
SPHINX again !

LEGEND is not dead !! i just saw some of
their releases... and still they have
their big (cool) mouth... still they are
no.1 in belgium (that's THEIR words...)

some rumours say, that IGUANA is dead ?!
i sure hope this is not true !!!?!
hey, nosah... send me a new issue !

germany's biggest lamers HELLCATS broke
up, some went to WEIRD SCIENCE (pah !)
and some others formed a new group,
called ARRAY. let's give them a change
to improve their bad name !

the SCOUSERS are planning to rebuilt
mighty SCG on amiga. (i am not talking
about ORACLE.)

CONTEX and some more groups will
probably take part in the GP+FE
copy-party at the end of summer-holiday.

News and Previews

           NEWS and PREVIEWS

MAGIC DISK will release a special
cracker's-edition, including some cool
monitors, level-packer, ripper, packer
and some more. (price: 19.80 dm)

we in AMOK will soon release the old
sex'n'crime-main program as a writer...
zuulball is about to be finished...
our new intro-editor (including some NEW
ideas) and our disk-protector are almost
finished, too !

HORIZON is planning a copy-party in
eskilstuna/sweden on 12.5.89 - 15.5.89

NFC will make a copy-party in bruxelles
(belgium) on the 27.5.1989

THE BLASTERS want to organize a 7-day
copy-party in spain near the beach at
the end of july... (cool, or what !?!)

THE ZERO BOYS want to sell hot originals
if you want to waste your money, contact
them...     jackal/tzb

a cool guy, called PORSCHE of NUKEBUSTER
wrote us some words about the scene in
new zealand. somehow no one in nz seems
to care about the c-64 anymore. every-
one is moving over to amiga... but most
of them are just lame recrackers. the
only real forces down there are STRIKE
FORCE (has nothing to do with those guys
up here in germany) and NUKEBUSTERS...
PORSCHE is pretty sad about that and is
now looking for some cool contacts in
the rest of the world (c-64 + amiga).

as very many people say, the IKARI and
ZARGON party was very lame. there now is

Ikari Party

  report about the IKARI+ZARGON-PARTY:

as you probably already know people HATE
IKARI since that party. the silly guy,
called EXCELL of IKARI disqualified the
BEST coding-groups from sweden HORIZON,
ONEWAY and TRIAD, as he probably feared
their brill demos. he even DESTROYED
some demos of other groups ON PURPOSE.
he then dropped the fair jury (10 guys
from 10 different, big groups) and
replaced them only with 2 guys from
IKARI and one from CHANNEL 42. now,
guess what ?! right... IKARI made the
first and CHANNEL 42 made the second
place in the demo-competition, even
though most of the present people agree
that IKARI's demo probalby was one of
TRONIX, ALINES and many more groups got
very angry and built the FEDERATION
AGAINST IKARI. members from CONTEX and
GENESIS+FIRE EAGLE also told me, that
the party was pretty lame, as there were
quite a few powerdowns and the room was
small... (i mean: S M A L L)
anyway... everyone says that EXCELL is
just an arrogant shithead, so i sure do
like that federation against him...
so, AMOK of course is a member of FAI,
too ! maybe also ACTION will join that
federation as EXCELL wrote in one of his
very shitty releases that ACTION are
lamers... maybe EXCELL should better
apologise for his LAME behavior or the
others of IKARI should maybe kick him
out ! (hehehe...)


    new GAMES and other PROGRAMS...

MAGIC DISK released a very cooool game
these days, called ARTAX. it was coded
by the old guys from SPHINX. the music
was done by SOEDESOFT of GENESIS and

LOMBARD RALLEY is one of the best racing
simulations ever made on the amiga. this
will hopefully never be converted on the
c-64 as that great game-play can not be
coded in a DECENT way on the c-64.

HUMAN KILLING MASHINE sure is a bunch of
ridiculous bytes messed up together in
order to represent a karate-game...
actually the gameplay is SICK !!

again one of those crap-karate-games
with cool graphix done by IMAGINE/OCEAN.
RENEGADE 3 is only playable with LOADS
of trainers... otherwise there's no fun
at all...

RUN FOR GAUNTLET... wow ! i love that
game !! it's not that special anyway,
but it's great fun to play it with some

is quite usefull, but too expensive.
just get AMOK's DISK PROTECTOR ! it's
cheaper, works faster and is HARDER to
crack than COP SHOCKER ! our program
works with multi-codes. so, if any of
you manages to decode our disks you'll
get 20 dm !

NAVY MOVES, as far as i know, coded by
the italian software house DYNAMIX is
the best spaghetti-game i ever saw !!!
it really is cool ! a lot of variating
levels. great graphics !


               the CHARTS

 ranked order of GERMANY's BEST GROUPS:
 not very easy to differ among them, so
 2 groups per ranking-status.

           2. paramount...zeb+wot
           3. x-ray...level 99
           4. 711...contex
           5. action...beastie boys

           the LAMEST CRACKS...

1. wec le mans (CRAZY)
   they said, it's an ultra-short
   version... it was one side (!) long
   and was completely bugged !!!

2. run for gauntlet (BABYGANG)
   they managed to keep the game 2
   sides long... most other versions
   were half a side...

   3. the deep (EXACT)
   it's single-filed but they didn't
   manage to remove the loading-routine,
   so it crashes after a few minutes !

     the BEST MUSICIANS on the c-64:

         1. maniacs of noise
         2. rock of finnish gold
         3. jch of channel 42
         4. soedesoft of gp+fe
         5. link of cheyens
         6. lords of sonics
         7. x-ample
         8. jo of amok
         9. shining 8
        10. input of pulsar






            o: omg of amok
            s: scrap of contex

o: how old are you ?
s: i now am 17 years.
o: when did you get your computer and
   what happened since that day ?
s: i got my c-64 about 3 or 4 years ago.
   first i was in a very lame group with
   some of my class-mates at school. we
   called our group FOUL FOOT CONNECTION
   crazy, eh ?! later i formed my group,
   called SCRAP SYSTEMS. we never had
   more than 2 members. so, when the
   other member left me, i was alone in
   scrap systems for a long time. later
   i joined GENESIS PROJECT, but i was
   kicked out, as GP had 30 members.
   so, i was alone again. a few months
   later ACTIONFORCE of byterapers
   formed the group CONTEX and i joined
   them. i stil am in contex now, and i
   will NEVER leave them again !!
o: how many members does contex have ?
s: i don't know exactly, but we are
   some guys in finland, denmark and
   only ONE member in germany. i am
   searching a cool guy in germany to
   join us ! (coder and swapper)
o: what are your future-plans ?
s: well, i will hopefully by an amiga
   soon. but, i first need some money.
o: what are your favourites ?
s: i like eurythmics and new order very
   mutch. i also would like to visit a
   copy-party. i have never been at any,
   exept for the legal radwar party 2.
o: who is best and worst on c-64 ?
s: CONTEX IS BEST ! (hehe... joking !)
   well, i hate those fucking LAMERS
   from FUNTEX !!! the best ?! hummmh...
   that's hard to say. DCS is pretty
   cool. down here in germany the three
   best groups are GENESIS, ELITE and
o: tell me something about your style !
s: well... i don't know what to say...
   i have blond hear, green eyes and i
   am the most beautyful cracker in the
   world. no ! i am not a gay...
   even though i love pink underwear...
   (hehe ! just joking again !)
o: what is your favourite slogan ?
s: hugh ? i don't have any. but, i like
   to say some mean things to lamers...
   hey, funtex... dein vater haett' dich
   am besten in die ecke gespritzt !!
o: what do you think about cracker-
   magazines, and which one do you like
   best ?
s: of course sex'n'crime is best in the
   west. no doubt ! (hehe...) well, i
   like IGUANA and PIRATES. i hate NEWS,
o: what are you doing if you are not
   sitting in front of your computer ?
s: i have a job as marketing drawer.
   it's my job to draw logos and symbols
   for big companies. that's why all the
   contex logos are so cool !
o: what do you hate ?
s: i hate HELLCATS, FUNTEX, wannabees,
   police, my broken floppy, bad games,
   fashists and neo nazis !
o: do you have a girlfriend ?
s: i had one a while ago, but we broke
   up, as we didn't fit together.
   anyway... i love girls !
o: there seems to be trouble between you
   and paramount. why ?
s: no, we don't want any trouble with
   them, but mca of paramount said, that
   i wrote on a disk-cover, that they
   should better call themself paralame.
   actually i never did that, so i don't
   know what the fuck is going on in his
   brain. he wants me to apologize, but,
   what for ? i didn't do anything, so
   this idiot should better shut up !
o: what is your job in contex ?
s: i am a coder, drawer and swapper.
o: what can we expect from contex in the
   future ?
s: i will probably make a new scrapmess
   and a few new utilities. we will
   make a copyparty with gp+fe and i am
   going to kill everyone who recracked
   my utilities !!! most of all i will
   try to improve as coder, as there are
   still many things i have to learn.
o: ok, thank you for this little talk.
s: it was my pleasure.

  next time we will probably interview
    ole marius pettersen of PROSONIX

well, i am afraid you reached the end
again. we hope, you enjoyed reading our
little magazine. if you think you have
a cool idea of how to improve this, just
let us know ! and don't forget to send
your latest news. remember: we put your
adress in our CONTACTS for free. so,
don't waste your chance. we now hope,
you will spread this magazine to all
your friends and contacts. thanks !!

also thanks for additional help to:

dominators, contex, xandor, pulsar, nfc,
transcom, crest, genesis+fire eagle, fbi
array, ofss, magic disk, poltergeist,
x-rated, asphuxia and everyone else !

as you might already know, sex'n'crime
is now official part of the magic disk.
so, we will hopefully not delay that
long again, ok ?! well, anyway...
next issue will be cool again...
we got a little surprise for you, but i
won't tell you yet. (otherwise it would
not be a surprise, right ?! hehe...)

 good bye...

               amok marketing department


-this is the improved mailbox-version.
 this time ONLY the mailbox will be
 saved, not the complete program.
 so, we hope a LOT of you will use this
 option !
 press FIRE to enter the mailbox-editor.
 then press RETURN to enter next page.

- hi there heres wolfman of xandor !
  yep at moment i have pig trouble with
  my old plk XXX... so i get no parcels
  since 3 weeks !!! i can't answer !!!
  please write again to my new (!) plk
  old contact and new ones should write
  !!! don't write anylonger to my old
  plk !!!!! please don't be angry !!!
  some hellos to my best friends !!!
  gp + fe (hi oliver now ya are the no.1
  in germany !!!!! coool !!!)
  level 99 (very cool dudes !!! write
  again !!!)
  amok (cool mag omg you are coool) bye

D64 MD5: 6ccf6252bb51a66ffe668b6ca5288704

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