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Internet:           SW0484^Uni-Essen.De
Boards:            leave  mail  for Marc/AFL at HOLIDAY
Boards:            leave  mail  for Marc/AFL at HOLIDAY
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       * Where to order the DIGITAL VOTESHEET? *
       * Where to order the DIGITAL VOTESHEET? *
RRR/Oxyron                             SW0484^Uni-Essen.De
Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970 Sveinung.Bergkvist^Hit.No
Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970         
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XXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX        /SW0484^Uni-Essen.De
* legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
* legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
* (game-) graphics ---------
* (game-) graphics ---------
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XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX            /SW0484^Uni-Essen.De

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[edit] Editorial

                             * EDITORIAL *
R3L4X M4G4Z1N3*  MAY  1996 edition (issue # 16), the
magazine for the generation with an eye for the finer
details  in  the  CBM  64 scene, was brought to you by
PHUTURE   (Software  &  Marketing),  your  favourite
disk-magazine releasing game label.

           ... SPECIAL edition under production ...
For  the  very  first  time  in  the history of the Relax
Magazine  a  special  edition is under production. This
special  is  supposed  to  be released in the middle of
May  1996  and  can NOT be compared to all the stan-
dart  issues  we have released after our comeback in
1994, 5 years after the first release of this produc-
It will be some kind of freestyle production, still scene
related, but not that kind of serious like our previous
productions which seemed to be a hit in the bulls eye.
As  the  content  of  this  special  still  has to be kept
secret  to  avoid  any kind of IMMITATION we just want
to  add  here  that  we  intend  to  release some more
specials in the future, but definately not on a regular
The  audial  entertainment  will be performed by SHO-
GOON/Taboo Productions, so it's quite clear that you
can't afford to miss this edition, too. Furthermore the
credits  for programming and graphics will go to Ray-
den/Afl and RRR/Oxyron. This extra is something you
CAN'T afford to miss.

                            ... PartyMANIA ...
1996  seems  to  be the party year compared with the
previous  years,  with  four  parties  taking  place  in
March and April 1996.

Padua   invited  the  celebration  generation  to  visit
Potsdam  and  the  Convention  96. All in all this party
did  not  seem to be a big hit with two of the top three
demos  being  more  or  less  RE-RELEASES,  as they
have  been  shown  or  spread  already  in  1995. The
problem  in  here  is  whom to blame, the GROUPS, who
seem  to  never  have  heard the word FAIRPLAY be-
fore, or the ORGANISERS, who did not check the con-
tributions  due  to  a lack of information about what is
going on in the scene these days?
The  second  event  was the Symposium 96, being held
in  a castle in Seevetal, near Hamburg. Oxyron invited
the  masses  and  lots  of  people  came despite of the
fact  that  the  X-96 got hold in the same weekend, to
be  more  precise  in  Utrecht,  where  Success & The
Ruling  Company  opened  the doors to welcome mostly
persons  who seem to belong to the illegal part of the
scene.  Both  gatherings  could proudly announce the
release  of  some  nice and unexpected demo produc-
tions,  demos  which have been dedicated to be relea-
sed at the specific events.
Last but not least the hungarian force Resource was
responsible   for  the  Scenest  96  in  Budapest,  the
Bangkok  of  eastern  Europe.  One  acceptable  demo
has  hit the scene, so releasewise it wasn't a success
regarded from a far distant.

For  a  more  detailed REPORT about the X-96 please
check out the PARTY RADAR.

                ... ESCOM sells Amiga licences ...
ESCOM,  the german computer computer which bought
the  remainder  of  the  bankrupt COMMODORE empire
exactly one year ago, is considering about selling the
daughter company AMIGA TECHNOLOGIES to VIScorp,
an US-based company located in Chicago.

40 Millions Dollars is exactly the prize VIScorp has to
pay for the exclusive rights for the Amiga technology
in  order  to become the leader in the market for TV-
set-top-boxes,  an  area where AMIGA computers are
predestinated for.
The WALKER-project (the forthcoming AMIGA genera-
tion)  has been cancelled because of the mass of cri-
tism that followed after the presentation at the CeBit
in  Hannover  (1996).  VIScorp  already announced to
continue  the  production of the established and suc-
cessfull 1200 and 4000 serials.

Meanwhile   there   are   rumours   spread  reporting
about  a  possible  fusion  of  Escom and Vobis. At the
moment chartered accountants, hired from Vobis, are
sneaking  in  Escom's  book-holding,  preparing  facts
and  information.  The  step  has  been  possible after
Helmut  Just  has been elected as the principal of the
boards   of  directors  in  Escom,  replacing  Manfred
Schmitt, who decided to retire from Escom. An impor-
tant  factor  of  the  fusion  idea  is  Siemens Nixdorf
(SNI),  being  a  stock  holder of both stock corpora-

Enthusiastic  scene  related  persons  and magazines
who  praised ESCOM, setting all their hope in them, as
the  messiah  for  the  CBM 64 technology generation
and  its  revival,  where  proven to be wrong, not only
in  this  case.  Unfortunately it is no secret anymore,
our  beloved  CBM  64 is out of fashion when it comes
up  to  the  bright  mass  of computer producers AND
customers.   Nevertheless  the  machine  still  has  its
place  in  our  hearts  and  it won't  be forgotten, re-
gardless what machines we will use in the future.

       ... FTP-sites and the First Release System ...
With  the  still growing popularity, and if we do believe
in  the  so-called  media  experts this is just the very
beginning  of  the  trend, of the INTERNET the discus-
sion  about merging FTP-sites next to the popular US
boards  into the for many years existing First Relea-
se  System what can be found in the different release
charts  of  various  board-based  magazines  spread
around.  Is  there  a  good  reason  for a reformation
right now?

The story can be told very fast, as the idea behind it
is  quite  simple  but  effective to prove the skills and
organisation  of ELITE cracking groups proving their
strength in here. The group being capable to present
an  100%  working,  PAL/NTSC fixed, level-packed and
trained  (=  optional) version on the major US boards
will  earn  fame and points with their high appreciated
performance.  This  system  worked  well  all over the
years and will for sure serve the basic idea for quite
a while in the future, too. All who are not prepared to
NTSC  fix  their  releases or who can not call out are
out  of  the  competition, and this is exactly what divi-
des the bright mass of average groups from the top,
or  if  you prefer, from the elite crews being present
and active the days.

Taking the Internet FTP-sites into consideration just
opens  many  questions  which can cause lots of con-
troversial  discussions.  Normally  any  kind of action
can  be  described  as positive, but unfortunately not
in this case, as the discussions around a fair compe-
tition  and  objective  release  charts won't stop from
an  every  single  edition  to  the next one. There are
many different ways to add the sites into the system,
but there is actually no one satisfying us at all.
A possible solution can be to add the major FTP-sites
to  the  list  of US boards which are taken into consi-
deration  to  create  the  release  charts. The follow-
ing three scenarios can be built up out of this specu-

 1. US  boards and FTP-sites will be set on a level, gi-
    ving you the opportunity to present your releases
    on  the  INTERNET or the BOARDS in order to have
    the first release.
2. US boards are still the location to upload first re-
    leases, if the situation is unclear FTP-sites will be
    taken into consideration to stop the discussion
3. FTP-sites  are  getting  the  major source with the
    US boards losing more and more attractivity.

       POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) aspects are:
+:   More people can take part in the competition as an
    every group is able to cooperate with other crews
-:   Too  many  different  boards  and  sites have to be
    checked  to  avoid  re-releases as the market will
    loose the transparency
-:   The  amount  of  re-releases  will grow because of
    people  who  are  only  active  on  the  Internet OR
-:  Internet  access  offers  the  advantage to upload
    with   MUCH   higher  CPS-rates,  what  offers  the
    opportunity  in  support  various  FTP-sites in the
    same  time  you  need  to  support  one  board  and
    this SPOILS the competition
-:   Discrimination  against  european  boards  as they
    are  NO  part of the game when the new media gets
    merged  and well reputated boars like Mystical Pa-
    radise,  The Escapade or The Pirate Island, just to
    name a few, will be IGNORED
-:    A critical factor are the MAINTAINERS who have to
    put  the files ONLINE on the sites, what does virtu-
    ally mean he has to be online 24 h per day in order
    to  guarantee  a  fair  competition, while any upload
    on the boards is directly available for the public

The  Relax  Magazine has decided to continue with the
and  still  well  working,  over  many years approved,
first  release  system taking the US boards into con-
sideration  to  create the release charts, in order to
take care about worthy competitions and to follow the
traditions,  traditions  which seem to be the unwritten
laws of our CBM 64 society.

      ... votesheet spreaders and news suppliers ...
Responsible  for  the rush of votesheets flooding the
Relax  Magazine  headquarter  have  been  ZAPOTEK,
Starlight, Intruder, Macx and Shuze.

News  have  been  delivered  and  confirmed  by CBA,
Crossfire,  Mr. Wax,  Graham, Tranziie, Newscopy, Int-
ruder, Deff and many others.

Special  help  was granted by Cresh, Cruise, MMS and
Shogoon for this edition and the special which is sup-
posed to be released in a not too far distant, too.

             This edition's content looks like this:
The  latest  happenings  in the scene can be found, as
usual,  in  our  respected  and  awarded GLOBAL RE-
PORT  chapter.  Our  RELEASE CHARTS are again the
most  objective  ones  around in their catherogy, this
time  and in the future completed with the official 1996
RELEASE  CHARTS,  giving  an  overview about all re-
leases  having  hit  the boards since January 1st. The
expression   of  opinion  about  the  skills  of  certain
groups,  persons  and  magazines can be found in the
BOARD CHARTS and in the MAIL CHARTS. A look inside
one of the most known Taboo members will be granted
this  time  with  MMS  answering all our questions. The
 PARTY  RADAR  will  have  a  look at the event hold in
Utrecht/The  Netherlands (X96) where our reporter
has  had  for sure a nice time. Our critism about some
party releases can be found in the DEMO REVIEWS, so
be sure to read what experts think about them. If you
are looking for contacts the ADVERTISEMENTS chap-
ter is the right place to look at.

This  edition gets completed with the external file of a
new  COMPANY  called  PARADE who has contacted us
this  week  and asked for our cooperation to get this
file spread.

                 * Credits for the May edition *
The  intro  (Schoeller)  and  the  main tune (Bushman)
are   both  OFCOURSE  exclusive, while "BUSHMAN" is
FANTA's  HUNDREDTH  (100th)  "module" ever written
on this ancient machine, composed in JCH's Newplayer

      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
Snail mail:         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
--------            XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX
                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Boards:            leave  mail  for Marc/AFL at HOLIDAY
------             INN  CAMBODIA,  THE EVIL ISLAND and
                       THE ESCAPADE (numbers see below)

        * Where to download the Relax Magazine? *
THE EVIL ISLAND                       ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                          ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
THE DIGITAL DUNGEON                   Utopia.Hacktic.NL


      * Where to order the DIGITAL VOTESHEET? *
Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970           

          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *
MAIN EDITOR                      MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                      MAX/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                      RRR/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                        FUBEN/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                        PRI/TIA/OXYRON


Best regards in the name of the entire staff,


                       * R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* *
            3XPL0S1V3 3V3R, 1MPULS1V3 N3V3R!

                             May 3rd, 1996

[edit] Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ... Welcome to THE news journal
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

The seek for proven information has found its end as
you  have finally found your favourite and most RELI-
ABLE HOST around  the globe in this lonely universe.
Fantasy  stories,  expections  or  own opinions about
the  latest  happenings  in  the  world we use to live in
can be found in several wrong places, this is the pla-
ce   for   getting   PURE   information,  prepared  and
collected  and  proven  by  EXPERIENCED and QUALI-
FIED  reporters,  always  hunting for the latest in the
CBM 64 scene, the place we still use to life in.

                      * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 *
The german pride managed it to do a solid job all over
the previous months, keeping their name out of scan-
dals  and  proving  to  be  one of the most competitive
cracking  groups  around  these days, both mail- and

After  a  few  days being out of the scene Blaze, for-
mer  member  of  Alpha  Flight and later on Success &
The  Ruling  Company, returned in order to serve the
neverending  flight in their mission, But for how long,
taking Blaze's jumps into consideration? Aswell new in
the  team  is Rayden/Chalice, a talented programmer,
graphic  artist  and  music composer, who has proven
his  skills  in  the graphic competition of THE PARTY V
and  with  his contribution to the X-96 demo competi-
tion entitled NoFx, released under the Chalice label.
At  the  X-96  Danzig/ex-X-Rated  joined  in  as pro-
grammer,  so  the  situation  looks  like  this  that Afl
seems to be interested in a competitive demo section,
too.  Last  but  not  least Violator/ex-U-Turn/Laxity
got  recruited  to  guarantee  the steady flood of Afl
warez mailwise in the mail scene.

Skid Row, Skinhead and The Mercenary have been ta-
ken out of the status due to the fact they simply do
not have the time at the moment to work on a steady
basis  with  this  machine, meaning that whenever they
restart  their activities they will be named in the offi-
cial status again.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Ancient Mariner, Archangel, Blaze, Calypso, Chotaire,
Cryonic, Danzig, Flash, Ignorance, Marc, Max, Pol Pot,
Rayden,   Ream,  Rick,  Shuze,  Styx,  Violator,  Xenox
and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE EVIL ISLAND                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
THE PIRATE ISLAND                   ++XX/XXXX/XXXX

                           * AVANTGARDE *
It  seems  that  they might come up dark times for one
of  the  leading cracking groups since the majority of
the  news  around  Avantgarde  are  these  days, sad
but true, negative.

Dodger,  who has been kicked out of Hitmen, has been
taken into the group by Deff. So much about the posi-
tive part.
Not  only  that  the Avantgarde mail trading front has
reduced their amount of accounts, now even Intruder
considers  about making a break until autumn, caused
by  his  education  as  he is heading for a master de-
gree.  Furthermore  Jack  Alien will continue his edu-
cation,  too, so he is forced to reduce his activity le-
vel a little bit aswell.

Last  but  not  least the Avantgarde and F4CG world-
headquarter  went down. Unfortunately no one is able
to  get  in  contact  with  Cyborg,  so  the  situation is
quite  unclear  at  the  moment.  Fact  is that AVT and
F4CG started to look out for a replacement.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= 19):
Astaroth, Chameleon, Cupid, Cyborg, Deff, Derbyshire
Ram,  Dodger,  Druid, Eliminator, Jack Alien, Jack Da-
niels,  Metal, Rage, Renegade, Skywolf, Thorn, Tricom,
Trimone and Weasel

Avantgarde worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK (down)                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                            * CHROMANCE *
Chromance   has  become  a  very  popular  cracking
group  all  over  the  years.  The  hungarians are not
addicted  to  any  big  scandals  and  so  it's always a
little bit silent around them.

Following  the  trend  Chromance  and Resource have
opened  a FTP-site in Hungary called GANGSTA'S PA-
RADISE,  maintained  by  Lion on the legal and Mr. Wax
on the illegal sector.
On the transfer market Chromance has been very in-
active this decade, nevertheless one man has left the
fleet  for  Onslaught,  called  Mc Byte.  More  negative
news  are  coming  up.  Final  Genocide  went down for
good. Deviant will concentrate on hacking in the futu-
re  and  has  definately  not  quit  the scene like some
have expected.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 27):
Alias  Medron,  AMC,  Bolee,  Deviant, Fusion, Griff, Im-
mortal,  Janee,  Jaydee, Jazzy D, Lion, Lotus, Motion,
Mr.  Wax,  Rough,  Rug  Rat,  Sage,  Scratcher,  Skud,
Skull,  Spermbird,  Syco, Techno, The Unholy, Will, XXL
and Zeyex.

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BASS PLANET                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
OVERDOSE                               ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX

              * FANTASTIC 4 CRACKING GROUP *
F4CG is a group running on a solid basis and the only
thing missing is a decent fixer. Nevertheless they are
very  competitive and very active when it comes up to

Memberwise  the  fantastics  proudly  announced  the
return  of  Scorpie,  who  thought  all over the years
that  the  CBM 64 is almost dead. He is going to serve
them as graphic artist, like in former times.

At  the moment Playboy has some problems to convin-
ce  his  university to keep them running the FTP-site
Interpark. A compromise has been found to let it run
on a temporary basis, in the weekdays between 19.00
and 08.00 and in the weekends fulltime. Nevertheless
Playboy still fights to get it online permanently again.
Remember to note and use the NEW address when you
are interested to login there.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Antitrack,  Aristo,  Bitman,  Chash,  Cybersurfer, Cy-
borg,  Decoder,  Devil,  Draz,  Fen  1, Hain, King, Maja,
Morris, Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
Scorpie,  Smasher, Sneaper, Solar, Total Chaos, Wal-
ker and Worm

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK (down)                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
FTP: INTERPARK               
HTTP:                   //

                                * HITMEN *
Hitmen,  the  well  known  german  fixing  and cracking
group, enlarged their activities and entered the demo
scene with a surprising second position at the X-96.

In  order  to  continue  their effort in this sector the
Hitmen are looking for talented programmers, graphic
artists  and music composers. In their seek to expand
they  have  recruited  Luke,  being  known  as former
member of the already dead group Rebels. He is going
to serve them as programmer.
In order to keep the balance right Moby has been re-
moved from the status, based on his inactivity.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 17):
Curlin, Dr. Doom, Groepaz, Hi-Lite, Jayce, Jihad, Jinx
Lawnmoverman,  Luke,  Marcus, Peacemaker, Racoon,
Raze, Sabotage, Tranziie, Tyron and Vortex

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MYSTICAL PARADIZE                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
WAREZ AQUARIUM                         ++XX/XX-XXXXX

                               * MOTIV 8 *
Motiv 8 had a rather strong period releasewise, even
if  the quality of the releases has been at a moderate
level.  Furthermore  they enlarged their list of head-
quarters with two brandnew entries.

After  the  total disaster with Galactus and his board
Galaxy  the  danish  based team luckily announced the
infiltration  of  Liquid  Palace and its sysop Sphere, a
former  member  of  Chromance and Onslaught. Hope-
fully  this can be confirmed as a more decent decision
after the previous failures.
L.A.  Style, former member of Action and Genesis, has
made  his  comeback  in the CBM 64 scene. He decided
to  go  online  again  with his board Hack Check, being
know as former EHQ for G*P, these days running un-
der the name The Hidden.
MHD, who is a member of Feniks next to Motiv 8, deci-
ded  to  leave  his  third group Acrise & Excess after
having a closer look at its structures.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 21):
BinJinx,   Bird,   Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie,  Greenfrog,
Grego, Ibanez, Iceball, Larry, L.A. Style, Mason, Lyon,
Merlin,  MHD,  Nuke, Sphere, Spider, Stone, The Fresh
Prince and TMG

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
LIQUID PALACE                   ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MOUNT OLYMPUS                   ++XX/XXXX/XXXX
THE HIDDEN                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
HTTP:    //

                            * ONSLAUGHT *
People  did  not  expect  and still can not believe it, it
really  looks  like  Onslaught having become a serious
competitor  for  the  top cracking groups, working on
a solid and noiseless basis all over previous months.

In  former  times  being  known  for  taking  everyone
available  on the market and removing them as fast as
they got recruited, Onslaught's policy seemed to have
turned  by 180 degrees. These days it looks that they
complement  their  team, one of these useless comple-
ments  is  Macx/Ambush,  who  left  his  second group
Equinoxe  and  stopped his work for The Pulse Maga-
zine in order to get active as swapper for Onslaught
and to work for Vandalism News in the future.
Furthermore  McByte,  former member of Chromance
and Paradox, decided to put his effort in the CBM 64
scene under the Onslaught flag.

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 32):
ASV, Bizarre, Code 18, Deekay, Digahole, Donar, Doom
Gop,   Grafee,   Grize,   Hardsequencer,   Heavyhead,
Jazzcat,  Jolz,  Kinley,  Macx,  McByte,  Meff,  Morbid,
Morrisey,  Mr. Brain, Ramirez, Ram Jam, Rap, Shades,
Shocker, The Twins, The Unholy, TMM, Trouble, Venge-
ance and Witty

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
DEADZONE                                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX-XXXX

                              * OXYRON *
FIRE WALK WITH ME. The Oxyron headquarter doesn't
exist  anymore  at the old address, nevertheless not
even  a  fire  inferno  can stop the german demo ma-

At  first  the  Oxyron  headquarter  in Flensburg has
burned  down, to be exactly the flat where Slide, Dan-
te  and  Pythagoras used to life in. Next to the above-
mentioned  persons  aswell  TTS  and  Axis  have  lost
their equipment in the fire. Fortunately the harddisks
did  stand  the  fire  so  TTS' game could be rescued,
what would have been a fatally loss since he spent al-
ready   1,6   years  on  its  development.  The  damage
(computer  equipment only) is about DM 20.000,--, so
you  might  be  able  to  make  a  picture for yourself
about the mass of hardware destroyed in the fire.

On  the CBM 64 Fuben released the 4 years celebra-
tion  demo, which was in fact an half year too late and
still  it  was  rather  incomplete. The most positive as-
pect  is  that the audience has recogniced that PRI is
still  in business, always confirmed by the RELAX MA-
GAZINE  where he fills the job of a co-editor respon-
sible  for  the music reviews and always denied by the
"well informed" concurence we use to define as yellow

Current Oxyron memberstatus looks like (= 7):
Axis, Fanta, Fuben, Graham, PRI, RRR and TTS

The   dutch  cooperation  has  been  responsible  for
another  highlight  in  the  CBM  64  party  history by
organising  the  X-96  party  in  Utrecht/Holland, but
that is not all we can report about.

As  usual  we  start  with the positive facts. The Dun-
geon,  worldheadquarter  for  Success  &  The Ruling
Company,  Hitmen  and Demonix is finally back online, a
board  for sure being worth to be called. Please note
the number below.

The  shocking news came right after the X-96 party:
Burglar was PARALYZED! When the Successers were
cleaning  the  party  place  and  Burglar  was lifting a
table  it happened - his complete right side got para-
lyzed. After having brought to hospital and staying in
it  for  some  days CBA finally came up with the infor-
mation  about  Burglar  having left the hospital to re-
cover at home from the incident.
The  german  swapper H-Bloxx was left the dutch co-
operation  in  order  to concentrate on the other co-
operation  he  uses  to  be a member of, Acrise & Ex-
cess.  The  loss in the distribution sector got comple-
ted  with  the  polish swapper Titanic, who finally came
up with the decision to leave the scene for good.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 19):
Action Jackson, Alchemist, Allitaice, Bacillus, Burglar,
CBA,   Count  Zero,  Credo,  Lord  Crucifier,  Micron,
Moren,    Nightshade,    Replay,    Sliver,    Spectator,
Splatterhead, Stake, Trax and Tristan

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                * SINGLE NEWS AND RUMOURS *
* The results from the parties held in March and Ap-
   ril 1996 look like this:

   * CONVENTION  96, held by PADUA in Potsdam/Ger-
      many from March 2nd to 3rd:

      1. "Access Denied"              Reflex
      2. "Torture VI"                 Padua
      3. "Respect"                    Fuse

   *    SYMPOSIUM 96,  held by Oxyron in Seevetal/Ger-
      many from April 5th to 8th:

      1. "Centric Preview"           Cyance
      2. "Electric"                  Smash Designs
      3. "4 Years"                   Oxyron

   * X-96,  held  by Success & TRC in Utrecht/Holland
      from April 6th to 7th:

      1. "Krestology"              Crest
      2. "Cucumber Juice"          Hitmen
      3. "NoFX"                    Chalice

   * SCENEST 96, held by Resource in Budapest/Hun-
      gary from April 12th to 14th:

      1. "Ellenanyag"                  Profik
      2. "Television"                  TRSI

There  was  not  that  much  action compared with the
content  of  the  previous  editions, nevertheless it is
still  worth being read and informative. See you in the
next edition.

Best regards,


[edit] Release Charts

  The Official Release Charts for the Relax Magazine

              Performed by the Master of Law...


Before  the start over with general explainations for
these  release charts we want to introduce our very
own point system:

Fullprice Games     6.1     -    8.0 points
Budget Eames        4.1     -    6.0 points
Low Budget          2.1     -    4.0 points
PD/Shareware        1.0     -    2.0 points
Previews            0.0     -    1.0 points

One bonus point can be gained by releasing a 100% (!)
working PAL/NTSC version. When a second group got
involved with the NTSC fix the points will be shared.

Games  which  were  already PAL released have to be
fixed  uithin  6  months  after the official PAL release
otherwise no points will be given for the NTSC fix.

Minus points will be given for...
Re-releases               -7.0
Re-release of a preview   -1.0
No levelpacking           -0.5/  - 1.0
No trainer(s)             -0.5/  - 1.0
No translation            -1.0/  - 2.0

Unlike  most other magazines we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever  we  think  somebody  did something special
or  something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It  is  also  possible  to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The  following  boards have been taken in to conside-
ration uhilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                      XXX-XXX-XXXX
-----------------                         ------------
Dream Park                                XXX-XXX-XXXX
---------                                 ------------
Down by Law                               XXX-XXX-XXXX
----------                                -------------
Dead Zone                                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------                                  ------------
The Evil Island                           XXX-XXX-XXXX
------------                              ------------

And here we go...

                 * ACRISE + EXCESS (0.4 pts) *
The   cooperation   has   released   a  preview  called
SMASH (0.4 pts) only.

                         * ACTIVE (0.6 pts) *
Active  returned  with  the  previews  of DAVE SPEED
(0.5 pts) and WORMS (0.1 pts).

               * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (18.3 pts) *
The german pride startrted with the fixed version of
TRONIK  (3.8  pts)  from SecTech. In the first version
the  loader  didn't  work  on  NTSC  so a second, 100%
running version hit the boards. This is a good reason
to  give  one  minus  point.  Their  next strike was the
coded  by CREST and copyright by Magna Media. Last
but not least they presented in cooperation with SCS
&  TRC the official sales version of FIELDS OF HADES
(1.9 pts) from Magna Media and finally they came along
with  DON'T  BE  ANGRY (6.4 pts), a budget came from
Muekra Datentechnik and the NTSC-fixed versions of
DARI  (3.1  pts) and KILL THE SORCERS (3.1 pts), both
from Butterfly Productions.

                      * AVANTGARDE (12.0) *
Their  wares rush started with some cooperation re-
leases  with  the  Fantastic  Four Cracking Group, so
WYSPA  -  THE  ISLAND (1.9 pts), BOMBMANIA (1.9 pts)
and  FORTRESS  (2.4  pts),  all  ofcourse NTSC fixed.
Later  on  AVT  fixed  for  Laxity  DUMI (1.0 pts) from
IMAIC,  followed  be  the  fixed  version  of CARDLAND
(3.8 pts) from Nemesis Productions and the so-called
100%  version  from  ON ICE (1.0 pts). I gave one point
only   for   something   special   because  SCS  &  TRC
brought  out  ON ICE  some  days earlier and only the
instruction file was missing.

                      * CHROMANCE (0.0 pts)
They   released   the   previews   of  THE  PRINCE  OF
PERSIA  (0.1 pts)  and  MEGABRAIN  (0.5 pts), followed
by  the fixed version of SPACE WORMS (2.0 pts), a PD
game  and  re-released  FIELDS  OF  HADES (-7 pts)
from  Magna  Media,  AFL  and  SCS & TRC released it
from Crest Chromance presented another re-relea-
se,  as  AFL  released  it  earlier,  too. Finally SUPER
SAPER (2.1 pts) found the way to the boards, running
a game they have fixed for Motiv 8.

                          * F4CG (11.1 pts) *
The   fantastics  started  over  with  the  preview  of
LIONS  OF  THE  UNIVERSE  2  (0.5  pts) from Cosmos
Design  and  CHWAT (1.4 pts) from Vermes. Some coop
releases with AVT followed, so the points will be sha-
red.  The  titles  are  WYSPA  - THE ISLAND (1.9 pts),
BOMBMANIA (1.9 pts) and FORTRESS (2.4 pts). Just to
end  the  releases,  the  preview of JIM SLIM (1.0 pts)
has found its way to the boards.

                         * HITMEN (1.0 pts) *
The  german  based  group released the second ver-
sion   of  a  promising  game  preview  called  FUTURE
WORLD (1.0 pts) from Nemesis Productions.

                         * LAXITY (2.5 pts) *
The  young group released DUMI (2.5 pts) from IMAIC,
NTSC fixed by Avantgarde.

                        * MOTIV 8 (16.1 pts) *
This   quite   good  period  for  Motiv  8  started  with
(2.1  pts),  REMOTE  CONTROL  (2.0  pts), THE SEARCH
(2.1   pts)   and   THE  PIT  (2.1  pts).  For  CONFUSING
QUEST  II  (0.0 pts), STATUE PARTY (0.0 pts) and SO-
LITAIRE GOLF (0.0 pts) no points will be given as they
are  made in basic, compiled basic or in game makers.
Last  but  not  least  they  released  the previews of
SPUT  (0.2  pts), DRUNKEN BAT AND BALLS (0.0 pts)
the  fixed  version  of  PHU (3.2 pts) and a tool called
S. EDIT (0.0 pts), followed by STEALTH BOMB (2.1 pts)
from Loadstar.

                     * ONSLAUGHT (17.7 pts) *
They  released  the  preview  of JORI (0.2 pts) that is
NOT   FROM  PHUTURE  unlike  Onslaught  claimed  and
SNAKEY  (0.1  pts).  And they released the fixed ver-
sions of ICE TEA (3.6 pts), MORTAL DOGFIGHT (4.8 p.)
the  100%  fixed  version of BURAGO RALLY (8.0 pts)
and fixed for SCS & TRC SPEEDY SLUG (1.0 pts) from
Magna Media.

                        * PALACE (0.5 pts) *
They released the little preview of MISFIRE (0.5 p.).

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (7.8 pts) *
The dutch cooperation stroke back with the fixed ver
sion of ON ICE (3.4 pts) and in cooperation with Alpha
Flight  the  official sales version of FIELDS OF HADES
(1.0  pts)  from  Magna  Media.  Finally they have fixed
NAVIGATOR   (1.0  pts)  for  Xenon  and  AKNAKERESO
(2.4 pts) from Different.

                         * Xenon (2.1 pts) *
SCS & TRC fixed NAVIGATOR (2.1 pts) for them.

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

          The official Release-Charts APRIL 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (7)      Alpha Flight 1970             18.3
02.    (9)      Onslaught                     17.7
03.    (6)      Motiv 8                       16.1
04.    (1)      Avantgarde                    12.0
05.    (5)      F4CG                          11.1
06.    (3)      SCS+TRC                       7.8
07.    (/)      Laxity                        2.5
08.    (11)     Xenon                         2.1
09.    (4)      Hitmen                        1.0
10.    (10)     Active                        0.6
10.    (/)      Palace                        0.5
11.    (/)      Acrise+Excess                 0.4
            The official Fixing-Charts APRIL 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Avantgarde                    5
       (3)      Alpha Flight                  
02.    (/)      Onslaught                     4
03.    (3)      SCS+TRC                       3
       (2)      Chromance                     
04.    (/)      Motiv 8                       1

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

[edit] 1996 Release Charts

Feel  welcomed  to  a  brand new chapter in the Relax
Magazine,  a  chapter what will be filled with statistics
about the first release competition in 1996.

Infact  the  idea  behind  this  chapter  is not that new
but it's definately very informative and helpful for all
persons  who  are  interested  in detailed information
about  the releases in 1996 as it will contain game tit-
les,  fixing  or cooperating groups, the points and the
status  (PAL:  PAL only, PAL/NTSC: game was already
PAL/NTSC  compatible  and  FIX:  NTSC  (PAL)  fix in-
This  overview might be a useful documentation in or-
der  to avoid re-releases, only to give a short exam-
ple.  Furthermore  it  is the place to define your cur-
rent  position,  and  ofcourse the position of the con-
curence who are all heading for the crown at the end
of 1996.

The rules that this charts are following can be found
in the Release Charts chapter.

Here we go...

                 * ACRISE & EXCESS (0.0 pts) *
Colours                             2. 1 pts      Pal
Crazy News Preview                  0.4 pts
Wall Street 2                       0.0 pts       Pal
Hangman Preview                     - 1.0 pts
Shootout                            - 7.0 pts     Pal
Smash Preview                       0.4 pts

                         * ACTIVE (0.9 pts) *
Minesweepah Preview               0.3 pts
Dave Speed Preview                0.5 pts
Worms Preview                     0.1 pts

              * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (20.4 pts) *
Mick Words Preview                0.5 pts
F.B.M. Editor                     0.0 pts
Rings & Stars Deluxe              1.0 pts     Fix
A.P.E.X. Preview                  0.5 pts
Hope to Hopp Preview              0.5 pts
TRONIK                            3.4 pts     Fix
Super H.-I.-FLI-Editor            0.0 pts
Fields of Hades (w. SCS+TRC)      1.9 pts     Fix
Don't be angry                    6.4 pts     Fix
Dari                              3.1 pts     Fix
Kill the sorcers                  3.1 pts     Fix

                          * ATLANTIS (2.1) *
Shootout (fixed by Avt)              2.1 pts        Fix

                    * Avantgarde (24.2 pts) *
Cubic                             3.4 pts     Fix
Apollo 14 Preview                 0.6 pts
Delite                            2.5 pts     P/N
Shootout (fixed for Atl)          1.0 pts     Fix
Blob (fixed for Laxity)           1.0 pts     Fix
Bombel (with F4CG)                2.1 pts     Fix
Lost (with F4CG)                  1.6 pts     Fix
Wyspa-The Island (with F4CG)      1.9 pts     Fix
Bombmania (with F4CG)             1.9 pts     Fix
Cardland                          3.8 pts     Fix
Fortress (with F4CG)              2.4 pts     Fix
Dumi (Fixed for Laxity)           1.0 pts     Fix
On Ice 100%                       1.0 pts     Fix

                     * CHROMANCE (9.4 pts) *
Ballz                           4.5 pts      Fix
Hangman Preview                 0.2 pts
Toxic Preview                   0.3 pts
Oter (fixed by Hitmen)          2.5 pts      Fix
Grumpy Bumper Pinball           2.1 pts      P/N
Dune 2 Preview                  0.1 pts
Professional Sound Studio       0.0 pts
Ignoramus                       1.0 pts      Fix
Prince of Persia Preview        0.1 pts
Fields of Hades                -7.0 pts
Space Worms                     2.0 pts      Fix
Megabrain Preview               0.5 pts
Super Saper                     2.1 pts      P/N
Drunken Bat and Balls           1.0 pts      Fix

                         * F4CG (15.9 pts) *
Girltris Preview                  0.8 pts
Mangaoid Preview                  0.3 pts
Bombel (with Avt)                 2.1 pts     Fix
Lost (with Avt)                   1.6 pts     Fix
Wyspa-The Island (with Avt)       1.9 pts     Fix
Bombmania                         1.9 pts     Fix
Fortress                          2.4 pts     Fix
Chwat                             3.4 pts     P/N
Lions o/t Universe 2 Prv.         0.5 pts
Jim Slim Prv.                     1.0 pts

                         * HITMEN (6.7 pts) *
Oter (fixed for Chromance)        1.0 pts     Fix
Summix                            4.2 pts     Fix
Colony V2 Preview                 0.5 pts
Future World V2 Preview           1.0 pts

                         * LAXITY (0.0 pts) *
Blob (fixed by Avt)                  3.0 pts     Fix
Colours                             -7.0 pts
Star Wars Preview                    0.2 pts
Dumi (fixed by Avt)                  2.4 pts     Fix
                        * MOTIV 8 (19.5 pts) *
Fuzzy Fisherman                 0.0 pts    P/N
Stars & Rings                   0.0 pts    P/N
Confusing Quest 2 Prv.          0.0 pts
Stars & Rings Deluxe Prv.       0.0 pts
Future Tretis Prv.              0.4 pts
Pologonamy Preview              0.1 pts
Ace of Hearts Prv.              0.5 pts
Boxes Preview                   0.3 pts
American Basketbal Heroes       2.1 pts
Sput Preview                    0.2 pts
Confusing Quest 2               0.0 pts     P/N
Owens Escape                    2.1 pts     P/N
Statur Party                    0.0 pts     P/N
Drunken Bat & Balls Prv.        0.0 pts
S. Edit V1.0                    0.0 pts
Phu                             3.2 pts     Fix
Drunken Bat & Balls             2.1 pts     P/N
Remote Control                  2.2 pts     P/N
The Search                      2.1 pts     P/N
The Pit                         2.1 pts     P/N
Solitaire Golf                  0.0 pts     P/N
Stealth Bomb                    2.1 pts     P/N

                     * ONSLAUGHT (12.5 pts) *
Drug Bird Preview               1.0 pts
Spinball Preview                0.2 pts
Jori Preview                    0.2 pts
Ice Tea                         3.6 pts     Fix
Snakey Preview                  0.1 pts
Speedy Slug (fix for SCS&TRC)   1.0 pts     Fix
Burago Rally 100%               8.0 pts     Fix
Mortal Dogfight                 0.8 pts     Fix

                        * PALACE (0.5 pts) *
Misfire Preview                         0.5 pts

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (17.1 pts) *
Sonny the Snail                  4.1 pts     Fix
Isolation Preview                0.3 pts
Incerator Preview                0.4 pts
Oklahoma Kid                     3.6 pts     Fix
Fields of Hades (with AFL)       1.9 pts     Fix
Navigator (fixed for Xenon)      1.0 pts     Fix
On Ice                           3.4 pts     Fix
Aknakereso                       2.4 pts     P/N

                         * XENON (2.4 pts) *
Stoned Preview                   0.3 pts
Navigator (fix by Scs & Trc)     2.1 pts       Fix

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

             The official Release-Charts of 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (/)      Avantgarde                    24.2
02.    (/)      Alpha Flight 1970             20.4
03.    (/)      Motiv 8                       19.5
04.    (/)      Onslaught                     18.9
05.    (/)      Success & TRC                 17.1
06.    (/)      F4CG                          15.9
07.    (/)      Chromance                     9.4
08.    (/)      Hitmen                        6.7
09.    (/)      Xenon                         2.4
10.    (/)      Atlantis                      2.1
11.    (/)      Active                        0.8
12.    (/)      Palace                        0.5

 The official Fixing-Charts of the year 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (/)      Avantgarde                    10
02.    (/)      Alpha Flight                  6
03.    (/)      SCS & TRC                     5
       (/)      Chromance                     
04.    (/)      Onslaught                     4
05.    (/)      Hitmen                        2
06.    (/)      Motiv 8                       1

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

[edit] Board Charts

                      * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the  time  or  possibility  to  fill votesheets, otherwise
they would be called mail traders.

One of the most asked questions is what kind of votes
will  be  taken  into consideration while counting these
charts.  The answer is very simple. At first there are
voting  booths  on THE ESCAPADE in good old Europe
and on THE EVIL ISLAND in the United States of Ame-
rica.  Furthermore  it  is  possible to vote by sending
e-mail to Marc/Afl at an every elite board worldwide.
There  exists  the  opportunity to vote via INTERNET,
too,  by  using  our  very own DIGITAL VOTESEEHT or
just  by  sending  an  e-mail  containing your votes to
ZAPOTEK or RRR. Simple, isn't it?

These  board  charts  are  the fastest moving charts
due  to the fact that there is no votesheet which tra-
vels  weeks or months to reach its destination. All the
votes were made between the previous and this issue
so  this  is some kind of mirror of the activity of cer-
tain established and new groups.

Here we go.

                   * TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS *
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        146
02.    (2)      Reflex                        139
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    136
04.    (5)      Agony Design                  128
05.    (4)      Camelot                       122
06.    (6)      Taboo                         117
07.    (7)      Triad                         109
08.    (/)      Crest                         98
09.    (10)     Profik                        84
10.    (9)      Fairlight                     63

OXYRON  is  the  leading  force  in  here,  followed, as
usual,  by  the  REFLEX  and BYTERAPERS gangs who
are heading for the top spot, too.
After  having released a new demo Crest gained a lot
of  votes,  making  them  able to re-enter the charts.
Unfortunately Censor Design moved down to eleven.

                   * TOP TEN SINGLE CODER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              140
02.   (3)       Graham/Oxyron                   138
03.   (1)       Quiss/Reflex                    127
04.   (4)       TTS/Oxyron                      113
05.   (5)       Druid/Agony Design              102
06.   (6)       Slammer/Camelot                 96
07.   (7)       Axis/Oxyron                     77
08.   (8)       MMS/Taboo                       73
09.   (9)       Crossbow/Crest                  68
10.   (/)       Fuben/Oxyron                    65
Mr. Sex and Graham have earned more points in com-
parison  with  Quiss, so both overtook him without any
problems.  The rest remains more or less unchanged,
unfortunately  it  seems  there is no one who can give
these competitors some competition.

                * TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (3)       Success & TRC                 139
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             138
03.   (1)       Avantgarde                    137
04.   (6)       Onslaught                     114
05.   (4)       Chromance                     109
06.   (5)       F4CG                          102
07.   (7)       Hitmen                        94
08.   (8)       Motiv 8                       87
09.   (/)       Acrise & Excess               72
10.   (9)       Atlantis                      66

Unexpected votes caused a major clean-up here. The
race  for  the  top  spot has never been so close like
this  time,  with  SCS  & TRC, AFL and AVT being MILES
ahead infront of the others. Onslaught surprises the
masses  with  a  fourth  position,  passing groups like
<C> and F4CG on the following places.
At  the  end  the  cooperation of Acrise & Excess en-
tered, sending good old Fairlight out of seight.

                  * TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Ignorance/AFL                   142
02.   (2)       Jack Alien/AVT                  138
03.   (3)       Burglar/SCS                     131
04.   (5)       CBA/TRC                         124
05.   (4)       Hain/F4CG                       117
06.   (7)       Bacchus/FLT                     108
07.   (6)       Antitrack/F4CG                  99
08.   (9)       Skinhead/AFL                    87
09.   (10)      Playboy/F4CG                    84
10.   (/)       Moren/SCS                       79

The  board  scene has seen IGNORANCE again at top,
followed  by JACK  ALIEN and BURGLAR. Next to some
minor position changes MOREN re-entered the charts
and kicked KIRBY out.

                 * TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    150
02.   (2)       Electric/Extend                 142
03.   (3)       Creeper/Antic                   134
04.   (5)       Ogami/Fairlight                 129
05.   (4)       Carrion/Elysium                 114
06.   (8)       Fazee/Taboo                     102
07.   (6)       RRR/Oxyron                      98
08.   (9)       Roder/Agony                     86
09.   (7)       Joe/Wrath Design                74
10.   (10)      Cupid/Avantgarde                65

A  few  minor  position  changes,  that's all we can re-
port  here.  CRUISE,  ELECTRIC and CREEPER are the
well deserved leaders in here. No big suprised here,
so let's continue with the next one.

                  * TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  146
02.   (3)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               138
03.   (4)       Shogoon/Taboo                   132
04.   (2)       PVCF/Reflex                     124
05.   (5)       Jeff/Camelot                    107
06.   (6)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               96
07.   (8)       Zyron/F4CG                      88
08.   (7)       Red Devil/FLT                   79
09.   (9)       Compod/Charged/...              75
10.   (10)      Jeroen Tel/Focus                67

What  happening  in  the  SID area? PRI, SYNDROM and
SHOGOON  are  the  top  three  trio, followed by PVCF
who  has  fallen  down  to  four. In this list we still find
Red Devil who seems to be rather inactive these days
so  we  may  ask if there aren't any active composers
outta there who might deserve your votes, too?

                    * TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    142
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             137
03.   (4)       Hitmen                        133
04.   (3)       Success & TRC                 129
05.   (6)       Onslaught                     103
06.   (5)       Chromance                     99
07.   (7)       F4CG                          84
08.   (/)       Motiv 8                       68
09.   (8)       Empire                        37
10.   (9)       Demonix                       22
The fixing charts are an european domain these days
but  that is no secret anymore. AVANTGARDE, ALPHA
FLIGHT, HITMEN and SUCCESS & TRC are said, accor-
ding  to the voters, to be the best of its kind. The On-
slaughters  fixing  division,  namely  Jolz,  started  to
show that people have to take him serious aswell. The
americans at the end might get their votes still out of
respect  since  americans  haven't  done  a  fix since

                     * TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER *
Rank  Last      alias                             Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/HIT                    189
02.   (2)       Ignorance/AFL                     166
03.   (3)       CBA/TRC                           153
04.   (4)       Jack Alien/AVT                    142
05.   (6)       Jolz/Onslaught                    139
06.   (8)       Burglar/SCS                       125
07.   (5)       Suicide/AVT                       93
08.   (7)       Pudwerx/ex-AVT                    79
09.   (9)       Booze/Empire                      37
10.   (10)      Mercenary/AFL                     24

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The same situation as above. Euro-
pe  the  place  to  look  for  single  fixers aswell. With
the PEACEMAKER, IGNORANCE and CBA the top three
has been named. Hence the name of JOLZ, since he is
doing a fine job these days.

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even  think  about  starting  to complain. Just call the
boards  and  start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite  board THE ESCAPADE, on any other board
by  leaving E-mail to Marc or on INTERNET by FILLING
our  DIGITAL  VOTESHEET or simply by leaving e-mail

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

[edit] Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the charts. The chart3 are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail/charts  are  what  people  like  to define as mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
normal and digital Relax votesheets:

Propaganda 21/Independent                 MARCH 1996
Unplugged 2/U-Turn                        MARCH 1996
Contrast 04/No Name                       APRIL 1996
The Pulse Magazine April Edition/Shape    APRIL 1996

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        49
02.    (2)      Reflex                        46
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    39
04.    (4)      Camelot                       36
05.    (5)      Agony Design                  29
06.    (6)      Taboo                         26
07.    (7)      Crest                         17
08.    (8)      Antic                         13
09.    (9)      Nipson                        11
10.    (10)     Censor Design                 5
This  is  supposed  to be a premier in the Relax Maga-
zine  as  for  the  very first time in the history of the
mail  chart  there  was  absolutely no movement in the
demo group charts.
Oxyron  is  leading,  Reflex  and  Byterapers  can  be
found  at  the  following  positions,  Antic,  Nipson and
Censor Design cover up the end.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank   Last      Alias                           Points
01.    (1)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              50
02.    (2)       Quiss/Reflex                    43
03.    (5)       Graham/Oxyron                   38
04.    (4)       TTS/Oxyron                      35
05.    (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 34
06.    (7)       Druid/Agony Design              23
07.    (6)       MMS/Taboo                       21
08.    (8)       Crossbow/Crest                  9
09.    (/)       Fuben/Oxyron                    8

Mr.  Sex is still the number one in the voters' opinion,
followed by Quiss. Graham can be found on three, but
after  having  released  the full NTSC compatible ver-
sion  of  Dawnfall  there are no doubts who is the ge-
nuine leader of the pack.
At  the  end Fuben entered the charts, while Axis got
cend back to 11.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
bank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    48
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 45
03.   (5)       Chromance                     38
04.   (3)       Alpha Flight 1970             36
05.   (4)       F4CG                          32
06.   (7)       Onslaught                     24
07.   (6)       Motiv 8                       20
08.   (9)       Atlantis                      12
09.   (/)       Hitmen                        9
10.   (8)       Hardcore                      7

It's  NOT  very  interesting to look at the top with the
leading  groups  Avantgarde  and  Success & The Ru-
ling  Company. No, it's more interesting to watch Alpha
flight,   Chromance  and  F4CG  continously  changing
place  to keep the charts more interesting.
At the end Hitmen entered and replaced Acrise & Ex-
cess while the rather inactive Hardcore could defend
a top ten spot. That's life!

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/AVT                  50
02.   (2)       Burglar/SCS                     45
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       36
04.   (6)       CBA/TRC                         35
05.   (4)       Ignorance/AFL                   33
06.   (5)       Derbyshire Ram/AVT              24
07.   (7)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     22
08.   (8)       Bacchus/FLT                     11
09.   (9)       Moonchild/FLT                   9
10.   (10)      Ream/AFL                        6

Everything  we  could  detect  here were three minor
position  changes.  Nothing  new  in here, even if good
old  IGNORANCE  should  be  HIGHER, MUCH HIGHER, as
his versions beat most others by far.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    47
02.   (2)       Joe/Wrath Design                46
03.   (3)       Electric/Extend                 42
04.   (4)       Creeper/Antic                   30
05.   (6)       RRR/Oxyron                      27
06.   (5)       Fazee/Taboo                     23
07.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium                 15
08.   (/)       Biz Kid/Camelot                 10
09.   (7)       Ogami/Fairlight                 9
10.   (10)      Cupid/Avantgarde                8

That  we  can find Cruise is at the top is for sure not
only  caused  by the logo he drew for this edition, but
by  the  masses of outstanding IFLI graphics he made
all over the years. Joe, Electric and Creeper remain
unchaoged on the following positions.
At  the  end of the list Biz Kid re-entered once again
the  charts  and  replaced Astaroth, who felt down to

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  50
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               44
03.   (3)       PVCF/Reflex                     41
04.   (6)       Jeff/CZP/Camelot                31
05.   (4)       Compod/Charged/...              27
06.   (5)       Shogoon/Taboo                   24
07.   (7)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               21
08.   (8)       Zyron/F4CG/Swemix               17
09.   (9)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             11
10.   (10)      Jeroen Tel/Focus                8

With  his  tracks in "4 years Oxyron" hopefully all the
persons  claimed  that  PRI has left the scene will re-
main  in  silence  and stop spreading rumours without
any  background.  PVCF was able to get more points,
so he/and Syndrom changed places.
The  rest  remained more or less unchanged, still na-
mes like ZARDAX or METAL are missing here!

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Intruder/AVT                    46
02.   (3)       Derbyshire Ram/AVT              40
03.   (2)       Calypso/AFL/AMN                 33
04.   (4)       Spermbird/<C>                   29
05.   (8)       Bizarre/Onslaught               24
06.   (5)       Splatterhead/TRC                23
07.   (6)       Shuze/AFL                       22
08.   (7)       Spectator/SCS                   14
09.   (9)       Sebaloz/LD                      11
10.   (/)       Syco/<C>                        6
The  fastest moving charts did not move that fast like
in  the  previous months, just curious. Intruder is the
leading  mail  trader,  followed by Derbyshire Ram and
Calypso. All three have decreased their activity.
At  the  end  Syco  re-entered the charts once again
and replaced Walker, the soldier.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Skyhigh                        47
02.   (1)       Vandalism News                 43
03.   (3)       Nitro                          40
04.   (4)       Domination                     33
05.   (7)       Relax Magazine                 30
06.   (6)       Propaganda                     25
07.   (9)       The Pulse Magazine             19
08.   (5)       Shout!                         18
09.   (/)       The Tribune                    11
10.   (10)      Mendip                         8

Will  it  ever  happen  that  a  magazine can remain for
two  editions  at  the top spot? NOT until now! Skyhigh,
being  a  steady  factor  in the circulation around the
so  much appreciated number one position, is back on
top, followed by Vandalism News and Nitro.
There  are ofcourse some other minor position chan-
ges, but they don't really deserve a comment here.

Best regards,


[edit] Interview

                             * INTERVIEW *
Welcome  to  the April edition talk show. As usually we
have  been  searching  for  an  interesting  interview
partner.  This  time  we  can  announce  to have met a
person from eastern Europe, to be more exactly from
Poland,  a  personality  who  made  a name for himself
due  to his skills as programmer, skills he has proven
in a lot of demos and games all over the years, MMS is
his name, a member of Taboo Productions.

But  there  is  no  need  for a long introduction so we
just start over.

?: Hello  Marek.  Feel  welcome  in  the talkshow of the
Relax Magazine. At the very beginning of an every in-
terview  we  are  interested  in  some  personal  (non
computer) data about our interview partners, atleast
the data you like to spread about yourself.

!:  Ok,  here  I go. My real name is Marek Matula and I'm
20  years  old. I live in Katowice, the south of Poland.
Right  now I'm studying computer-science on the Sile-
sian  Technical  University  in  Gliwice. My hobbies are
sports, especially skiing on winter and windsurfing on
summer  and  of  course  also coding on C64 and PC.
And  that's  the short, very short, resume of my per-

?:  Even if it seems to be quite logic how you got your
handle,  let  our  readers show something about your
computer  career  and  about  the  way  you got your

!: He!  He!  Why  the  hell  does everyone ask me about
the  handle?  When  I  was  "inventing" my handle I was
quite  sure  that it's enough logic, but shit! It doesn't!
Anyway,  if  someone thinks that it came from my name
plus  the  word  "software", he is completely wrong! In
fact  nobody except me doesn't know the real meaning
of "MMS", even my groupmates!
My  computer  career? Well, I got my first computer in
1987  but  of  course  I had only some fun of it playing
lame  games.  I'm not sure if I can remember correctly,
but  I  started coding my first demo in December 1991
which  was  finished  in  early 1992. It has been called
"More Than Nops" and was really bad, mainly because
of  no  graphic. I did the whole demo only with my bro-
ther,  even  the  "graphic" was painted by ourselves.
Anyway,  the scene demo let us enter the scene, meet
some  people  and  finally create the group Taboo to-
gether  with  some  pals  of  us.  Since  then,  we were
working on some projects, i.e. demos, games, etc.

?: In  order to solve this very last secret of the sce-
ne,  what  does  your handle "MMS" stand for? This is
the chance to free your soul, here and now.

!: No  way!  A  secret  is  a secret! I won't solve it, not
even  here and now. I'd like to stay just "MMS" for the
scene,  even when I don't like my handle very much (it
sounds very stupid, don't you think? He! He!).

?: Taboo  is  for  sure one of the leading teams in Po-
land,  being  the  home  for  a  couple of very talented
persons.  Please  tell us the detailed story about this
group, the past, the present and the future.

!:  It  will  be  hard...  you know... I guess Taboo is a bit
different  from  the other groups on the scene. When
we created the group we haven't promised ourselves
to  make  as many demos as possible, to be high in the
charts  or  so...  We  were  doing  something  when  we
wanted  to,  and  did absolutely nothing if we didn't. No
one  from  Taboo  has  been  "thrown  out because of
lazyness"   as   some  "leaders"  write  in  magazines
about  their  members.  In  fact  if  anyone  wanted  to
"work"  with  us,  he  was a member of Taboo, doesn't
matter if he was doing something once a week or once
a  year.  That's  why I can't tell you the "story" about
the  group,  because  there  was  no  story  at all: we
have  just  done demos together, that's it! I could only
give  you  the  "detailed  story" like this: 1. We did our
first  demo. 2. We were laming around for the next six
months. 3. We did our second demo. And so on...

?: Today  it is very silent around Taboo when it comes
up  to  demoes,  but most of us have already seen the
previews  of  your  mega delayed coop demo with Ely-
sium  called  ALTERED  STATES.  When will we see this
demo  in  its  final version, or aren't you interested in
releasing it anymore?

!: Hmmmm...  don't know... when we all started to create
that  demo  we  had  just a lot of free time and it came
rather  fast,  but  in  the  meantime  some of us either
had  to  pass  some  exams  at  school/university,  or
stopped  to  work  on  C64  and  the  progress in the
demo  has  suddenly  decreased. It lasted long enough
to  let  the demo get old, then we did some new parts,
but  before we decided to release it, some more parts
got  released  before  by  other  groups  and so on...
Since  Summer 1995 we did absolutely nothing with the
demo  mainly  because  of  no time for it. I can't say if
we  finally  wish  to finish that demo, we'll do so, but I'm
really afraid they don't.

?: When  it  comes  up  to  games Taboo Productions is
very  active,  and the preview of ZONE OF DARKNESS
was  simply excellent. Where did you get the ideas for
introductions and games like this one?

!: Well,  to  be  honest,  it's  much  more  interesting to
make  the  games,  you  know,  you  don't have to code
part-after-part  or  effect-after-effect to the demo
but you are doing something really new. It's not really
hard  to  get  a  new  idea of a game: the problem is to
get  the  style  of  the  game,  but then the ideas come
everyday...  sometimes,  there's  only  a  problem  with
realising them all!

?: ZONE OF DARKNESS will be released under Cherry
Software.  What  do  you expect from the cooperation
with  this  company  as  there  are still companies left
like  e.g.  MAGNA  MEDIA, which pay in advance to have
an income without any particular risk left?

!: What  do  I  expect?  A  lot of $$$ of course, he he!
Well,  I like the idea of the company where some people
from  different  countries  work together to make the
games  be  spread worldwide, you know: low costs, big
profits,  that's  what  I expect :-) And you said MAGNA
MEDIA?  How  can  I  cooperate  with them when I have
never heard about them...

?: Just  to  continue  with  your game productions, we
recently  heard  you  teamed  up  with "SHAPE SOFT-
WARE",  the  commercial  label  of  Shape.  What  is the
reason  for  you  not to continue with Taboo Produc-
tions  but using Shape Software as the name for your
commercial productions?

!: We  are  not  REALLY  going  to work for Shape IN-
STEAD  of  Taboo Productions... The guys from Shape
just asked me if I'm interested in working with them on
some  projects  and  I said yes. That's it! Right now we
haven't even to do a single game together and I'm not
sure  if  we  ever  will, that was only an offer, and for
sure  we  don't  stop to work for Taboo Productions,
Cherry Software, or anyone else...

?: You are coding tools, games and stunning demo ef-
fects,  while  your  brother  is more known for coding
his  disk drive routines "only". What is the reason for
this kind of different interests?

!: You  think  so?  Then  look  to the credits of one of
our  demos and you'll see that's not the truth! Yeah,
maybe he coded a bit less than me, but still! I guess he
does   also  drive  routines  because  he  likes  to  do
hardware-concerned things and I don't.

?: The  scene in Poland has grown all over the years,
so did the people who participate. How would you des-
cribe the scene in Poland, are there any major diffe-
rences left to the western Europe based groups?

!: Do   you  think  there  are?  I  guess  there  are  no
"eastern"  or "western" groups anylonger. As I know
many  people  from  Poland  are  in  "western" groups
and  reversed:  people  from Germany or Netherlands
work with polish groups. Unfortunately now the scene
comes  into  decay...  Some  people  got bored with the
scene since there are no good parties in Poland any-
more or just changed the computer for PC or Amiga..
I  guess  the  scene  in  western  Europe  went  in the
same direction.

?: We  think  there  is still a difference between "both
scenes"  as  many  polish  magazines often add polish
texts  only  and  make  their  productions useless for
the  rest of the world and getting in some kind of iso-
lation  right  now.  English  is the language to be used
in  the  scene,  ignoring  this means to built up an own
polish  scene  in  the  international  scene,  partly the
reality   even  looks  like  this.  What  is  your  opinion
about this negative movement?

!: You're right, but I don't treat it as kind of isolation.
There are polish magazines in English as well as some
of  them are in polish. The second usually treat about
the  polish  scene  and  I  guess they are are useless
for foreigners. Let me give an example: As you live in
Germany,  does  it  mean that you don't read newspa-
pers concerned only with the region you live in? Just
see   it:  People  who  live  in  other  regions  of  your
country  could  say:  "Hey,  what  do  you  read those
papers  for?  They  don't treat about about the whole
Germany  but  only  your  region!".  You can see it's a
nonsence!  If I want to read something about Poland, I
won't  buy  german  papers.  It's  completely  the same
with the computer magazines: when I want to get some
news  from  polish  scene,  I  read  polish  mags.  Is  it

?: In  western  countries  there are hardly any shops
left  selling  CBM  64  hard- and software, and people
start  to  smile  when  you refer to a CBM 64 as your
favourite  computer  system  these  days. What is the
status of the CBM 64 in Poland?

!: It's  quite  the  same  in  Poland I guess... It's quite a
nonsense  to  buy  a  C64  now  and  try  to enter the
scene  when  a  lot  of people leave it! As I know, many
of the old sceners of C64 have already bought 486's
or  Pentiums  a  long  time  ago treating C64 as a re-
membrance  from  the  past...  A  lot  of  them are still
known  as  members  of  C64 groups, sometimes even
doing  something  new  for  it, but it's totally stupid to
think  that  C64 is a computer with a wide future... It's
surely  a great computer where you can meet a lot of
interesting  people  with,  but  if people which are now
on  the  scene  will  leave  it,  I'm  sure, there won't be
"new"  people on C64. I'm afraid there's no real C64-
fans anylonger.

?: Are  there any other computer systems you use to
programm  next  to  the CBM 64? If yes, what system,
and  why did you decide to use this and no other one?
What are the advantages in your opinion?

!: Yes,  I have bought PC 2 years ago, by the way, the
main  reason  of  my  inactivity  on  the C64 scene. So
now,  even  if  I  code  something  for  C64, I write the
programm   on  PC  and  only  test  it  on  a  real  C64
(sometimes  even  not  a "real" C64, but on an emula-
tor).  I  have  written  a  6502  assembler for PC, and
coding  games  on C64 goes much faster now! I think,
when  I stop with C64 I will do something for PC. I have
already  done  a  small  game on it... I like coding on PC
because  it's  very "comfortable": it's easy to write a
programm, to test it and everything goes much faster
than on the good old C64.

?: It  wa s very  nice  to have you here, Marek. At the
end  we  always  offer our interview partners to give
us  some  final  words or comments you want to share
with the public, and ofcourse to greet your pals here
if you are interested in.

!: Well, I'd like to greet everyone who has something in
common  with  the C64 scene, especially my group ma-
tes, my contacts and anyone I know. That's it.

Be sure to re-load this chapter in our next edition in
order  to check out what our talk guests have to re-

Best regards,


[edit] Demo Reviews

                          * DEMO REVIEWS *
The  demo season of 1996 started in Potsdam with the
CONVENTION '96, organised by Padua on the CBM 64,
at  the  weekend  of  March  2nd  and 3rd. Except for
Padua's  contribution  called  TORTURE VI nothing new
could  be  seen,  the re-release of ACCESS DENIED II
by Reflex and RESPECT by Fuse surrounded Padua's
demo  in the top three. Sad to see that Reflex contri-
buted with a demo that was shown at THE PARTY V on
the  big  screen  under  REFLECTIONS by Access De-
nied.  Regardless from the fact that this trackmo was
not  spread  yet,  this kind of behaviour could be dis-
cribed  as  quite  poor,  getting  it  to the top with the
note  that there is no competition left for them on the
CBM  64.  Keeping  in  mind  that Reflex had one and a
half good year by now it is rather arrogant and since
they  were  never  able to beat serious and advanced
productions   released   by  other  leading  top  demo
groups.  Fuse re-released their RESPECT demo once
again, what can't be declared as a wise move, too.

The second day of the season has taken place on two
different   locations,   in   Seevetal/Germany   and  in
Utrecht/Holland,  where  the  SYMPOSIUM  '96  (April
5th  to  8th) and X-96 (April 6th and 7th) invited the
masses  to  show  up  and  to release their demos. As
organisers  stood  Oxyron in Germany and Success &
The Ruling Company behind the success of these par-
Cyance  (the game label of Reflex, the label where the
more  advanced  Reflex  members use to work in now)
released  Cyance  Preview,  a combination between an
advertisement,  a  demo  and a game preview, has won
the  competition  in  Germany. Smash Designs followed
on  two  and  people  already  expect  them to release
their  next effects in the 16X16 graphics format. Oxy-
ron  disappointed  the masses with a uncomplete demo
filled  with  masses  of  old  (ancient) routines, a demo
that  could  be  added to the Fantasia-series without
any  problem.  The  positive  thing  is  that  any  other
Oxyron  in  the  future can only become much better.
In  Holland Crest has released, after a very long time
of  abstinence,  again a demo called KRESTOLOGY and
won the competition without problems. Hitmen entered
the  demo  business and made a well deserved second
place,  followed by a Chalice trackmo called NoFx. The
author,  Rayden,  has already joined Alpha Flight, who
want to enlarge their activity level in that sector, as-

Day  three  was  the  Scenest '96 party held in Buda-
pest, organised by Resource on the 8-bit level.
Profik  was  responsible  for the only acceptable re-
lease  there,  second  was  a  demo spread under the
TRSI  label.  It would be sad to see TRSI going down so
low  these  days  with  the  fame of an excellent Amiga
demo section.

All  in  all  there  is  still  some life in the CBM 64 demo
but we hope to see more upperclass productions this

Since  the  did  not  exist a 100% version of the Crest
demo  until  now  we  decided to have a look at Chalice
and  Profik, two groups still in the shadows of the big

Chalice  was born out of the ashes of Black Code De-
sign  and it seems that only the about average skilled
members  survived the name change. This seems to be
the  debut  demo  so there is no need for a longer in-

                   * Fuben about the coding: *
This  demo  is  entirely coded by Rayden/Chalice. It is
not a hard coded one. More a fine designed demo with
lots of pictures and nice FX's...

The  show  begins  with  some text and a FLI-picture,
while  loading.  The  loading takes definately too long!
Some text follows again... a sprite... some text again...
It  sounds  a  bit  lame, but no way. This is what I call a
nice-designed intro!
The  loading-part  comes up, displaying some text and
a horizontal Eor-filler in the background (looks cool).
The  first  real effect beside of the bouncing scroller
is  a  colorplamsa  combined  with an FLI-picture. No-
thing  difficult  to  code. But this routine is quite fast
and looks fuckin' cool! Nice coding actually.
Later  there  is  the  end,  which  shows  a  nice logo-

All  in all a fine-designed trackmo (which is a bit hard
to review!). No hard-code demo, but more a picture-
show. However, Nice to know what is Chalice-Design!
Rating: 60%

                    * RRR about the artwork: *
All  graphics,  next  to  the code and the soundtrack,
have  been  realised  by Rayden, who is now a member
of Alpha Flight.

At  first  there  was  a  fine  conversation  of the so-
called Tankard alien, combined with a party logo, pre-
sented  as a FLI picture, like all the other graphics in
this  demo  (trackmo), too. Both are looking quite nice
and  a  lot of colours have been used. Next in the row
there  is  a Chalice logo, nothing special at all, atleast
not in FLI format. A dog, which some of you have pro-
bably  seen on the Amiga, drawn by Cougar/Sanity) is
the  next  graphic  I have found. It is quite nice drawn
and  comes  close  to the original. Rayden's contribu-
tion to The Party V graphic competition, where he got
voted on position # 3, is the next one following here. It
shows  two  children  standing infront of some kind of
mountain  which  is  a  man's face, his mouth is opened
and some kind of cave. As a background for his plas-
ma routine there is a picture showing a huge eye, but
this  won't be taken into consideration here. Last but
not  least  there  is  Marylin (Monroe) on the screen,
quite  colourful  and  as a caricature. Personally I do
not like it too much.

In  general  Rayden  did a great job, unfortunately he
does  everything  in  FLI  format,  some  more variety
using  different  formats  could be quite helpful in the
future. Nevertheless I think Rayden is a talent and we
will  hear much positive critism about him. My rating is
at 79%, as there is still a final touch missing.

                  * PRI about the soundtrack: *
Rayden  is  responsible  for all musics in this produc-

OH MY GOD! I have never heard such a shocking intro
music.  The choosen instruments are SO ugly, there is
absolutely  no  bass  and  the  composer was not able
to  transfer  the  melody  of  the "Muppet Show" cor-
rectly. The last passage is rythmically totally wrong!

In  comparison  to  that  the  introduction  of the main
tune  starts  very  promising.  Good  choosen instru-
ments,  a  good  feeling,  but  then  -  another  boring
background  tune  dissolving  into  endless  (pseudo)
modulations...  with no remarkable action and unfortu-
nately  only  average  instruments.  The  third tune is
somewhat  better,  it's got a message somehow, diffe-
rent  parts  and  a  good  structure. The end is again
nothing  special,  broken  chords all over, but nothing
more  happens.  And most of the time, the instruments
are  really  not  on  the brilliant side. No hardrestart

I am very sorry, but this is only worth 53%!

Profik already made a name for themselves with their
productions,  still  standing  in the shadow of the well
known  and  famous  demo  groups, maybe because of
the  lack  of innovation and the mostly shown re-pro-
duction  of  routines  we all have seen very often be-
Anyway,  it is a group we can expect more from in the
future as they unite some skilled guys. Here we go.

                   * Fuben about the coding: *
This demo has been coded by Profi 1 and Profik 1.5.

After  the  usual  intro stuff like logos and some text
the  first  effect  comes up, which is a colorplasma on
4x4. It looks a bit weird, but is OK for its speed. Next
are  some 3D-Shadebobs, which are a bit confusing in
my  eyes. I couldn't recognize a third dimension at all!
However,  some  bobs  are  flying  over the screen in
8x8  Hires.  Some  elastic-lines  come  up next. These
lines move in a sine and change their size which gives
the  viewer  sort  of 3D-feeling... nothing bombastique
although.   A  halfscreen  fire-routine  on  8x8  Hires
follows.  This  effect  was  seen in fullscreen in Coma-
Light 12.
After  some  loading  again,  there  is a textured cube
rotating  around  the  X-Axis  on  4x4. The routine is
quite  fast  and  is looking nice, too. Too bad the cube
rotating  around  just  one axis. Of course this makes
the  routine faster as there is no Y-interpolation.
Last  part  is the end. A movelist effect on 4x4. Quite
cool looking.

Well,  this  production  wasn't  as good as I expected.
But I hope to see more from Profik in the near future
so the rating is at 63%.

                    * RRR about the artwork: *
All logos in this production have been drawn by Profi

The first logo I have seen was a PROFIK logo and both
style  and  filling  remind  be  back to 1992/93, not to
say it is out of fashion. The second logo, in my opinion
the  best  piece  of  artwork  in  this demo (trackmo),
was  made  out  of different components from various
logos  presenting ELLENANYAG, the title of this pro-
duction.  Another  PROFIK logo followed, again like the
previous two in multicolour bitmap (Koala) format. It is
some  kind of 3D styled and all in all not too bad look-
ing.  Last but not least there is the third PROFIK logo
in  4  colours  (three  plus background) in the legen-
dary 1989/90 style. Nothing special at all.

All  in  all  the  graphics do disappoint the spectators
since  in  1996  people  could  expect more and better
artwork  in a demo. As it is some kind of dustbin-rou-
tines  presentation  it's maybe acceptable, so the ra-
ting  at  49% is surely not that destructive as expec-

                  * PRI about the soundtrack: *
Again  Roy/Replay  was  responsible  for Profik's au-
dial entertainment.

I'm  sorry  to  say  that,  this time none of the two re-
viewed  soundtracks  is very interesting to listen to.
But anyway... let's that a look.

The  techno  epidemic  still  seems  to  go  on  in  some
brains,   but  slightly  it  begins  to  morph  into  some
rhytmical,  more  interesting  stuff,  e.g.  in this track.
May  the  hi-hats  and  the base drum in the beginning
be  so  aswful  so  awful  because of no hardrestart,
the   filtered-drum-part   is  neat  though.  After  the
passage  with  that  weird  lead  (put  some vibrato or
pulse  mod.  in  there!)  even  a little breakbeatfeeling
comes up.
The  sound  effects  at  the  end are partly ok, partly
rather  ugly  (and  too  loud), but what is more impor-
tant,  absolutely  not timed to the screen action (ass-
kick to the coders there!).

Therefore  my  rating for this audial entertainment is
only at 57%.

OK,  this  have  been  all productions we felt to review
in this production.

Best regards from your favourite reviewer team,


[edit] Party Radar

                          * PARTY RADAR *
Originally this was supposed to be just a simple party
report  about  the X-96 party held by Success & The
Ruling  Company,  but our reporter Max unfortunately
did  it  mix  up  with  his memoirs or better with one of
those travelling stories they always show in TV.

As Max never made it to fill up two complete chapters
with all the texts he ever wrote he surprised not only
us with the loads of text he sent to complete this edi-
tion,  but  since  he  has prepared almost one year to
contribute again with an article he knew we would not
accept it to be beyond 40 KB.

Nevertheless   the  following  two  chapters  might  be
quite  interesting to read, so enjoy the following mass
of text, it's M4X-time ...

       ... X-96 party report or Max goes Holland ...
Once  a  year in spring, Holland is the place to be and

This year the legendary X-Party series took place in
in  Utrecht  again.  The  main party was on Saturday,
6th  of  April.  A  lot  of old sceners promised to come
and  used  the  party  as  a  pretence to enjoy a long
weekend in the land of Hash & Marihuana.

For  me,  the weekend allready started on Wednesday
before  the  party.  Directly  after  work, I took place
in  the car to drive to Rotterdam. The sun was shining,
as  if  it also was looking forward to a fantastic funny
weekend.  The  journey  took  three hours, but due to
a   very  good  car-hifi,  the  time  really  passed  like
a  few  minutes  only.  At seven o'clock PM I arrived in
Rotterdam,  where I wanted to meet up with CBA/TRC.
We  went  to  the  AHOY  Arena,  where THE SMASHING
PUMPKINS  had  a  gig.  It was amazing! They really did
a  great  concert  and played a fantastic set! Every-
body  was  dancing  and shouting to the rough beats.
If  you  are  into  such  a kind of music, I really advise
you  to visit this concert, because that band is really
worth  their  money.  They  are just doing their euro-
pean  tour at the moment, but that just by the way, so
back to the main thing.

At  the first time I got into touch with the dutch beer,
but it wasn't the last time, I can promise you allready.
They  unfortunately  only  sold  ORANJEBOOM  wich is
supposed  to  be the worst dutch beer, I was told. All
the  years  I  always  thought  HEINEKEN would be the
worst one, but I really got tought something better.
That  stuff  we  were  drinking  at the concert tasted
horrible...  At  this  time  I  allready  missed  the  good
german  brewed  stuff!  The  concert  ended at about
12.30 AM and we went on the motorway to Amsterdam,
where  CBA,  Nightshade  and  Tim  (PC) of SCS & TRC
share  their big appartement (apPARTYment! :-) ).
Unfortunately   it  was  allready  damn  late  when  we
arrived  in  AmsterDAMNED,  so the others where all-
ready  asleep,  especially  Tim,  who  had  the  honour
to  show  up  at work the next day, and all of us other
people  had  a  free day on thursday. So we just took
one  bottle  of  bed  chatted  a  bit and almost fell into
deep  sleep,  because it really was a hard day for all
of  us!  I  brought  along  my  sleeping  bag  and an air
mattress  which  usually  gives  me a good immitate of
a  bed...  allthough  the  other  guys  were bitching me
about  the  matress,  as  it  was only 1.50 m long, when
I  for  myself  was  actually  about  1.85 m  tall... Well, I
have  to  admit,  that  I  can't remember when I bought
that  one,but when I had a look at it and finally noticed
that  the mattress only went down to my knees(almost
I  really  remembered it must have been some time ago
in  my childhood, when I used it the last time! Whatever
I  usually  don't care about things like this, I only need
a  quiet  place  where I can lay down and RELAX in my
deep inside...but someone really had something aiginst
me  this  night.  Not  the  other  boys,  they really had
silence  in  their  own  room,  but  there was this dude
called  COSMO!  Not  a  human  being,  but  the  cat  of
Nightshade's  brother,  that  they  took  for  several
weeks.   Everybody   knows,  cats  always  get  active
during  nighttimes  and  I  really  had to admit this! All
the  night she was walking around my sleeping bag, as
if  she  wanted  to  come  inside.  Then  she  noticed a
plastic-bag  that  stood  in  the room and really had a
lot  of fun with it, climbing inside, jumping out of it..and
this  the whole night long! You can imagine the sounds
of  the  plastic-bag. She was really a pain in the ass!
But  the zenith was reached when she was scratching
Nightshade's door.. AAARRRGghhh... I really wanted to
throw  something  at  COSMO,  but  later  on  I was too
tired  and really fell asleep finally! ...Must have been 3
or  4  hours,  that I actually slept, because Tim had to
work the same morning and got up at 6 o'clock....
Unfortunately he also had to come into the room I was
sleeping  in,  to grab some things... so from that point
of  time  the  night  was really over for me. I could lay
around  for  some  more  hours,  but didn't really find
a  single  moment  of sleep anymore. When I got up, the
first  walk  went  to  the toilet, that I really found with
the  second  attempt  only,  allthough  CBA showed me
all the necessary rooms the night before... Whatever,
I  just finished with my morning sh!*t, when I wanted to
use   the   toiled-cleansing,   but  there  was  none,  I
thought in the first moment. Funny thing, I thought,and
kept  on searching for that damn thing..but still didn't
find  it!  There  was  no  button, no rope no nothing to
push,  so  I  really  got  a bit impatient and the air was
getting  hot  and  hotter! ;-)  After  around 5 minutes
searching  for  it,  I  almost  tried  to  push  and move
every  single piece of the room and by accident I also
touched    the   water-pipe   and   finally   the   water
came and cleaned the toilett...Puh, I really was so glad
when  I  imagined  to ask the other dudes to clean the
toilet  for  me!  Hehe!  That was really more a morning
shock that a morning shit! ;)

I  just  went  to the bathroom to do some washing, and
noticed  that there was also another door to the bath
room,   that  suddenly  opened...  and  a  person  came
inside...  ARGGGHH,  I  thought!  It's Ace, Ace Ventura!
(Sorry  Norbert,  I  know  you  hate  this!)  But  after
the  first  fright,  I  noticed that it was Nightshade. We
both  were  still  in  underwear,  totally sleepy looking
and still unwashed....But it was a big hello!

We  took  place  in  the  living-room  chatted a bit and
he  also  did  a  very  good  coffee, so we fastly were
awake again....

Some  minutes  later,  CBA  also  woke up and entered
the  living-room.  We  all  looked  as  if  we would have
become  20  years  older during that night...but after
a  shower and a breakfast we looked smart and fancy
again, to continue with the party-weekend...
After   the   friend  of  mine,  who  joined  us  for  the
concert,  left to drive back to Germany again, we also
went  to  the  railway  station  of  Zandaam,  to take a
train  to  Amsterdam.  After  a  journey  of 10 minutes
only,  we arrived at central station Amsterdam. It was
about  1  pm  allready  and the city was totally crowed,
of course. The dudes did a small TRC*SCS sightseeing
tour  with  me  and were cracking tourist jokes about
me,  when  I  started  to  take photos. But hey, I really
needed alibi-photos, that I have been there...
After  half  an  hour  walking around, we allready had
a break at a cafe, took place outside and drunk some
beers.  It  was really a warm day and everybody tried
to  get  some  sunshine...  Well,  after  three beers we
went   along   and   stopped  some  streets  later  for
another cafe, to continue with our hobby! ;-)  Slightly
tipsy  we  continued with the Amsterdam-tour and the
guys  had  to  show  me  the  RED  LIGHT DISTRICT, of
course...  Damn,  I  have never seen so many pervert
porno  photos  in  those  shop-windows. The  hookers
were  sitting  in  windows,  waiting  to  be bought... and
all  this  allready  in  the afternoon, and all the places
were    allready   crowded.   Unbelieveable.   But   the
funniest  and also meanest moment was, when CBA and
NSD went into such a dirty and empty hooker's house
and  went  out  the  other  door  directly.  I of course
followed  them  and  was  stopped  by a bitch promptly
who  promised  me  the  best blow-job I have ever had.
After  I  was able to rescue from that HIV-mothership
I  met  the  guys  at the entrance door laughing about
me  and  the  whole  situation...  I  was  told,  that they
do   this   with  people  who  have  never  been  there
before.... heheh! Assholes! :)

We  went  on  in  A-dam and later on we took the train
back  home  to  Zandaam.  When we arrived, the phone
was  allready  ringing. It was Peacemaker. We chatted
chatted  with  him, and suddenly had the idead to fool
Peacemaker  by reporting him that I, good old Max, am
now  a  SCS  &  TRC  member. He was really surprised
of  me  leaving  Alpha  Flight after 7 years, but I kept
him   believing   it,  by  telling  bullshit.  This  joke  was
actually  only  made  to  fool  him  a  bit,  but we really
found  it  funny  so  we  also  continued  with it on the
party.  So  the  rumour  of  Max  being  in  SCS  & TRC
quickly   went   around  and  even  SCS  members  like
Moren,  Burglar  and all the others really believed it.
Also   AFL  members  like  Marc  and  Ignorance  were
pissed  and  asked me how I could leave after 7 years.
Heheh!  Just  later at the end of the party on Sunday
we  cleared  up  the  thing  and really had a lot of fun
with  this.  Later  on  I  was  cracking jokes, about me
working for the company ''RENT A MEMBER". Hahah!

Well,  but back to the Thursday before the party. Also
Tim/SCS  (PC) came back home later. He really looked
funny  in  his  working-clothes,  with  tie  and  all that
belongs  to it. In the evening I gave those dutch dudes
a  cooking-lesson and showed how to do a first-class
meal!  I  did  some  pancakes! ;-) When we were enjoing
it,  we  allready  started  to  drink  the  beer,  that  I
brought   along   from   Germany...  hours  and  hours
passed  untill  the  beer was gone and we were hardly
drunk  allready.  Suddenly  somebody  had the idea to
do  some  vodka  shots,  and  after  I was persuaded,
I  also  joined  and we started with this small inofficial
drinking-competition.   The   best  thing  about  wodka
shots  is,  that  you  become  drunk  so fast, that you
really  have  problems  to  judge  the  time. Luckily my
photo-camera  displays  the  time  and  the  date onto
the  photos, so that you can see how late it was, when
you  took  them. I was taking photos the whole evening,
(just  a small commercial by the way, you can grab the
scanned  photos from the SCS & TRC/R3L4X ftp-site
at UTOPIA.HACKTIC.NL..... ;-) )
So  that  I  really understand what happened between
a  very  special 90 minutes. At 10 pm, we wer allready
a  bit  drunk,  and  CBA  really  looked sober. Then we
started  with  drinking the 11.30 pm we were
totally  fucked  and  CBA  was  jumping  around  like a
kangaroo!!  That  was really like a time gap... Suddenly
he  was  trying  to  dance gabba, shouting around and
I  really  noticed  he  was  talking  dutch  to  me  very
often.  I  said,  to  him  that  he should continue to talk
English,  what he did for 2 minutes again, but switched
over  to  dutch  aftwerwards  again! Heheh! This went
on  all the time and we really had our fun... But the hit
of the evening was, when he wanted to go to the toilet
but  noticed  that  it was busy. But instead of waiting,
he went to the balcony and started to piss down from
the  2nd  etage  down  to  the  floor...  fortunely I was
fast  enough  and  had  my  camera by hand, so that I
could   even  take  that  photo!  heheh!  But  the  show
continued, when we were totally fucked and wanted to
go  to  bed  finally,  we were brushing our teeth. Well,
that  means  all of us except CBA...because he was so
fucked  that  he  really had problems to put the tooth
brush  into  his mouth, he could hardly hit the target!
Hehe!  Damn,  that  was  a  good  photo,  when  he was
standing  in  front  of the mirror and had tooth-paste
all   over  his  body!  My  night-sleep  was  interupted
several  times by some puking-noises from the toilet.
The  poor  toilet  was  really abused a couple of times
at this night!

The  next  morning  we  got  up  very  early,  because
Nightshade  and  Tim,  who  belonged to the organizer
staff, had to leave for preparing the party-place.
So  it  was  my job to play CBA's nurse. He was still so
fucked  that  he  puked  the  whole morning. I couldn't
stand  the  sounds  of  his  puking  attempts  anymore
and  went  to  the  Albert Heijn shop and bought some
camomile  tea  for  him.  It  really  worked  right good,
because  after  a  cup  of  it, he felt better and didn't
puke anymore.

At  ca.  2  o'clock  Peacemaker  and  Tyron arrived at
our  Party-HQ  to  join  us  for  the  X-Pre-Party at
the  MR.  COCOS  bar  in  Amsterdam.  I  really have to
admit   that   I   was   surprised,  when  I  saw  Peacey
entering  the  room,  allthough  he allready told me at
the  phone  that  he  changed  his outfit. It was almost
one  year  ago,  that  I have seen him the last time, so
I  was  really  looking  forward  to meet him again. The
last  time  he  visited  us at our hometown, he and RRR
almost  beated  up  a  drunk farmer, at a party where
we have been to. Anyway, Peacey really looked dark,
I can only say, but quite cool.

We  didn't  hesitate  with  the  warming up, when Tyron
and  me  opened  the  first  can  of  beer allready. We
took  the  3 o'clock  train  to  the  city  and  I  had  to
exchange  some  more  money.  Due  to  the  fact that
it  was  a  bank-holiday,  I  had  to  do  this  at a place
where  they  rip  off  tourist's money with their crazy
charges...  and  they  really  fooled  me,  too. I had the
worst  course  I  have ever heard of... I got less than
100  dutch  guildens  for 100 german marks. Usually it
should  be vice versa, because you get more guildens
for  marks...  but  I  didn't  care  anyway,  because we
were  on  the  way  to  party!  At ca. 4 pm, we entered
the  MR.  COCOS  and  I  really  wondered  that  it was
totally  empty.  I  guess  only  20  people  were in this
kind  of  pub, bar and disco-mixture. The place looked
quite  dark  and  there  were  signatures from people
all  over  the  walls.  It  had  a touch of dirtyness, but
really  a  cool  place  to  party  I thought. All the days
before CBA promised it would be crowded at 5 pm for
the  Happy  Hour,  I  always  doubted  that, because I
couldn't  imagine  that  normal  people  start  partying
in  the  afternoon allready. But I got tought something
better,  because  during  the  next  half  an hour, the
place filled up and was totally crowded at 5 pm!

CBA  introduced  us  quickly  to  some girls, he knows
so   we  were  pleased  very  soon!  The  Happy  Hour
started   with  a  loud  bell  of  aring  and  everybody
invaded   the  bar  to  order.  This  damn  blond  bitch
with  the  pushed  up  tits  in  her  tired  shirt (hehe!)
ordered   the   first   round   of  beer...  so  we  were
supplied  for  the  next  10 minutes,  before I ordered
the  next one. I really love Happy Hours, because you
get two for one price... something like TWO IN ONE ;-)
It  was  really  funny  and  we  had  our  fun.  A  lot of
people  promised  to come to that bar, but didn't show
up...   just   like   always.  Moren  was  there  with  his
lovely   (Never  fool  this  girl,  Sixten,  or  I  will  take
her! ;-))   But   most   of   the  swedes  didn't  arrive,
because  they  couldn't  find  their  hotel anymore, we
were  told  later.  Really  sad was, that we missed Bob
and  Alfatech/Censor,  they  entered  later but didn't
find  us  unfortunately.  The  next  day  Alfatech  told
us  that  he  picked  up  a  girl  there and fucked with
her  the  whole  night.  Funny  was the way he started
to  talk  to  her... He  just  said  "You  look so pretty,
can   I  kiss  you?"  and  some  minutes  later  he  was
sitting  on  her  bike  going  home  to  her.  She really
must   have   been   addicted   to  him,  because  after
licking  her  pussy  he  said  he  disliked her long hair
and  she  immediately  shaved  her  pussy! Hehe! What
a  woman!  I  really  tried  my  best the whole weekend
and  talked  to  so  many  chicks,  but  all  I  got was a
phone  number  and  some  kisses... no fuck at all. And
Alfatech  just  did  it  with this single sentence! Hehe!
That must be his beard! ;-)

Later   on   at   the   bar   Count  Zero/Success  and
Greenfrog/Talent   arrived.   They   were  so  stoned
that   they   didn't   want   to  stay  there,  they  even
weren't   able   to   find   a   sleeping-place,   so  they
slept  in  their  car. Later they told us that the police
knocked  at  the  car  windows  and  told  them  it was
illegal   to  sleep  in  the  car.  So  they  had  to  drive
somewhere else, to continue with their sleep!

We  left  the  MR.  COCOS  at  about  12  o'clock totally
fucked.  And  after  a  small snack at MC DONALDs we
took  the  last train. Back home we continued to drink
beer,  enjoined  some older party photos and listened
to  some  wicked  music,  because Peacemaker's music
taste  goes  more  into  the  independant,  dark  wave
direction.... Terrible! ;-)

The  zenith  of the night was reached when Tyron was
brushing  his  teeth.  For  some  reason he wanted to
move  the  tap into another direction. But his attempt
was unsuccessfull, because he broke the tap!
Suddenly  all  the  water  was  poring  into the air and
Tyron  started  to  laugh extremely loud. CBA went to
the   bathroom,   too,   but  couldn't  laugh  about  the
situation  at  all.  He  was  talking dutch again just like
the  day  before!  "De  Waterkraan... de Waterkraan!"
(I   know   I  spelled  it  wrong,  but  I  hate  this  weird
language  anyway! :-))  They hold their fingers on the
hole  and  tried  to  close  it  with  a  rag... after some
minutes  they  noticed  that it would have been better
to  turn  off  the  water....  heheh!  Idiots! ;). The whole
situation  was  so  stupid  and funny, just like a scene
in  a  bad  sketch  from  Mr. Bean...  We  really became
laugh-flashes  and  had  to laugh the whole night, still
when  we  were  laying  in  the  sleeping-bags...  I  can
just  advise  you.... Break some taps instead of taking
drugs...  the  effect  will  be  better! Peacemaker also
cracked  a  joke  when he told us, he was a right-side
sleeping  and  started to complain about the couch he
was  sleeping  on....  10  minutes  later  after  we were
fooling  him,  he  noticed  how  unlogical  this  was and
just   turned  around  where  he  could  sleep  on  the
right  side,  without  falling  from the couch.... You see
all   were   extremely   fucked   and   stupid   at   this
evening! ;)

The  next  morning  we  had  to  hurry  up  with taking
showers  and  all  the  stuff,  because  we  wanted  to
be present from the first second of the party!
Tyron  chauffeured  us  to  the  party  and  we  were
allready partying on the way to Utrecht!

We   arrived   just  in  time,  some  minutes  before  12
o'clock.   There   were   allready  a  lot  of  PC  nerds
waiting  to  run  into  the  party  place.  A  lot  of PCs
stood  at  the  entrance  and  we were hoping it would
start   to   rain...   Unfortunately   it   didn't   and  the
computers were brought into the place safely.

We  entered  exactly  at  12  o'clock  and  said hello to
Moren/SCS   who   was   sitting   at  the  door,  taking
the  30  guildens  entrance  fee.  And  again I had this
flashback   (just  like  last  year)  that  I  would  have
seen  Jim  Morisson.. ;)  We  entered  the  party place
and   Nightshade   showed   us   the  room,  that  they
had  reserved  for  the  C-64s...  Not  a  big one, but
we  64  freaks  are  there  for  partying  and not for
computing  anyway!  After  we  grabbed  a beer at the
bar,  we  decided  to  do  a  small  location-check  and
went  to  the other PC-rooms. And we couldn't believe
it,  but just 30 minutes after the doors were opened,
there  were allready so many PC-kids sitting in front
of  their  Windows  and  Microsoft  infected machines,
playing Doom, Doom II or any other stupid games.

                       ... TO BE CONTINUED ...

Please make sure to load in part 2 of this story, too,
since  Max  already  reached the subject and the title
of this chapter, the party itself.

[edit] Party Radar 2

At the end of part I Max already reached the party,
so there is no longer introduction text needed. Just
let him continue ...

Those  PC-Kiddies  were  really a pain in the ass, but
they  were  the  ideal  person  to  fool. Nowadays you
have  to  invite  PC  guys, too, to finance the project.
The  terrible  thing  about  them is, that they still take
all  the  things  so serious. In my opinion the computer
are  just an alibi to meet up with people and to party.
I  don't  want  to  stick  in front of the computer when
I  meet  my  friends  from  foreign  countries. The time
that passes is too rare for such a crap!

Whatever,  we  had  to  fool  these  kiddies, so Peacey,
Tyron  and  me  went  arround  through the different
rooms   again.   The   party  place  was  cool  again.  A
small kindergarten with different rooms and a second
etage,   so   there  was  plenty  place  for  the  dudes
and   their   computers.   I  was  really  impressed  by
all  the  big  machines.  A  lot  of  dudes  had big loud-
speakers again and there was big noise everywhere.
The  organizers  also  hired good Bose loudspeakers
and  played  good music all the time, so that the party
feeling  came  up  quickly.  The  bar  in  the  place was
quite  good  and  they  had  everything  to  drink from
water,  cola,  coffee,  beer and whatever. They had it
opened  the  whole  night,  so we were able to buy our
beer  with no time delay! Just one sad thing was, that
you  couldn't  buy  food  at  that bar. For this reason
they  hired  a  snack-car  that  stood  in front of the
party  place.  You  were  able to buy chips, frikandels
and  all  the  stuff  you  need  for  a  healthy and long
life!    ;)   The   snack-bar   was   a   good   idea,   but
unfortunately it wasn't open the whole night. It closed
during  the  night  and  was opened at 9 o'clock in the
morning,  so  that  a  lot  of  dudes were really pissed
and  hungry  between  this  time. This is really a thing
that they have to improve for the next party.

But  back  to  the  main  events...Peacey,Tyron and me
went  around  to  fool  some people. We went to almost
every  PC-teenie  and  asked for PORNO.GIFS... It was
really  funny  to  see  their  faces,  when they under-
stood   that  and  got  red  faces.  Almost  everybody
denied  to have porno pictures, so we went on an on.
Finally  we  found a 15 year old boy who said, he would
have  3  or  5  pictures... I was really surprised when
the gif-directory scrolled for about 2 pages!
Finally  we  had our gifs. We were standing in front of
that  computer  with  4  guys  (incl.  the  owner of the
pc)  and  started  with  the  gifs.  With  every  picture
we  three  guys were screaming and shouting louder,
so  that  a  lot of people became curious about what's
so   special.   Maybe  they  thought  we  were  amazed
by  a  new  demo  or  game.  Soon  there  were like 20
people  around  the  computer  laughing,  because  we
allready talked to most of them (because of the gifs!).
You    should    have    seen    the    colour    of    the
PC-teenie's face...deeply red. Suddenly he turned off
the   computer   and   pretended   he  would  have  to
continue   coding   his   demo....   Hahahah!  Too  funny
these  shy  dudes,  collecting  porno.gifs  and denying
they would ever had one....

Later  Harlequin/SCS  (PC) was performing his dutch
rap-lyrics  on  the  stage.  It was quite cool allthough
I  didn't understand a single word of that damn pirate
language.  Just  some 64 freaks were jumping around,
and  the  PC-nerds of course just sitting or standing
in front of their machines.

After  this, we went back to the main important thing.
Drinking beer and partying with the 64 sceners.

The following dudes were present:

ALPHA FLIGHT:  Max,  Marc,  Ignorance,  Styx,  Ream,
Danzig, Shuze, Rayden, Chotaire

FOCUS: TDJ, Mirage, Jeroen Tel

WOW: Einstein, Azzarro, Sorex, Bud, Bundy, Stormlord

F4CG: Motley, Jucke, Solar, Newscopy, Sixx, Scorpie

AVANTGARDE:  Weasel,  Intruder,  Jack  Alien,  Cupid,

CENSOR: Bob, Alfatech, Geggin

TRIAD: King Fisher, Mr. Ammo

ONSLAUGHT: Heavy Head, Donar, Ramirez, Shocker



TALENT: Greenfrog

CHROMANCE: Zar, Syco, Mc Byte

OXYRON (Amiga): No-XS

HEATWAVE: Youth, Bas-B

CREST: Syndrom, Deekay

DIGITAL EXCESS: Thomas Koncina, Bjoern Odendahl

HITMEN:  Peacemaker,  Tyron, Groepaz, Curlin, Jihad,
Tranziie, Sabotage, Luke, Vortex, Raze

ANGRY: Nastyness Inc


REFLEX: Happymaker

XENON:    Oxbow,    Carmen,   Slam,   Dylotic,   Sammy,
Megabrain, Crazy Bird


X-LARGE: Zambo

ex-TABOO: Acidchild

PANDORA: Mephisto

SUCCESS & TRC:  Action Jackson, Moren, CBA, Night-

shade, Burglar, Trax, Bacillus, Allitaice, Splatterhead
Spectator, Count Zero, Arrogance

I  know I might have missed up the one or other name,
but  please  don't  be  pissed!  It was you guys writing
down  your  handles  on  the  paper.  And most of you
have  a  lousy  handwriting! ;)  Also  sorry  if I forgot
somebody, I know I did for sure!

All  in all it was quite funny this evening, but we didn't
want to stay at the party place for the whole night,so
a  couple  of  us guys decided to go out to the city of
Utrecht  to  party  somewhere  else. If I rember right
we  were  about  20  person  (me, Bob, Alfatech, CBA,
Moren, Mr.Ammo, King Fisher, Raze and his girlfriend,
Greenfrog, Count Zero ...
and  some  other dudes I couldn't notice anymore, due
to  my  alcohol  level... ;)  We  went  to  a  bus stop and
took  the  next  bus towards the city. Walking through
the  streets,  we  kept  asking every good chick for a
place  to  go  to...  First  we  went  to a big pub, where
we   could  sit  down  an  drink  a bit.  But  that  place
was  really  boring  I  have  to  admit.  We ordered big
beers  and  partied as good as it was possible in that
damn  place.  The  room  was  quite crowded and a lot
of  people  were  standing,  but  though  there was no
real  party  going  on.  Moren  and  me  talked  to  two
chicks,  but only the bad one seemed to be interested
so  we  went  back to the others immediately. Alfatech
was  laying  on  the  table, sleeping allready. Maybe he
was  dreaming of the girl, he picked up a day before..
hehe!  After  an  hour  we  decided  to  leave again to
take  a  snack  at  Mc  Donalds (I can't hear this name
anymore)  and  ended at a House-disco called TIVOLI.
This  place  was  bad, too. It seemed to me as if all the
people   would  be  on EXTACY.  And  it  was  like  this
I  guess...  But  allthough  we  really  had  our fun and
danced our asses off...

I  tried  to  talk  to  some  girls again, but wasn't very
lucky.   My   first  talk  was  interupted  by  the  girl's
boyfriend,  so I immediately turned around to another
one.  But  that  girl  was touching her finger always in
a  very strange way... I allready thought she would be
so  horny,  but  then  I  noticed  her  ring  around the
finger.  She  told  me  that she was freshly married...
and   again   I   turned   away,   but   this  time  to  the
dancefloor.... hehe! Was really not my night this time!

The  DJ  was  really  playing a lousy music, no gabba,
no  trance,  but  something  between  these  styles.  I
really  hated  him  for  it....  But  the  worst  thing was
that  the  club  closed  at  4  o'clock  allready,  so  we
left  and  took  some  taxis  back  to the party place,
the  EINSTEIN  HUIS. Most of the people were allready
sleeping  and we were lucky that we didn't stay at the
party place for all the night.

More  and  more  I also got tired, but I won against my
tireness...  I  changed  my behaviour and stopped with
the  beer  and switched over to coffee. So I was quite
fit   very   soon.   At  8  o'clock  they  had  the  music
competition  and  we  were really enjoying most of the
zax.  CBA  and  me  were  dancing around through the
party  place,  when  they  played  METAL's  music. The
other   dudes,   hardly  awake,  really  seemed  to  be
surprised   that   we   were  so  fit.  We  fooling  some
PC-kids again by dancing around was pretty

At nine o'clock, the snack-car opened and everybody
ran towards it...arghh I had a healthy breakfast again
and   ordered   FRITES   with  a  brown  sauce,  called
something  like  PENADA...  Argggh  it tasted like shit.
I  didn't  know  that  PENADA  comes from peanut, else
I  wouldn't  have  bought  that  shit. I directly gave my
frites   away   to  Moren,  because  he  had  the  same
some  minutes  ago...  He  really  seemed  to  love that
brown  sauce...  Whatever I ordered another one, but
this  time  with  RED/WHITE  (ketchup  and mayonaise)
and was feeling better again.

At 11 o'clock I was feeling very down, tired... I was only
sitting  in  couch  corner  and  watching the 64-demo
competition.  There  were  some quite cool demos, but
it was clear that Crest would win, because their demo
really  had  a  better  niveau than all the other ones.
You  can  really  see  that  these  dudes  know  their

These were the rankings:

 1.) Crest (of course!)
2.) Hitmen (really nice demo for a cracking group)

3.) Chalice  (last demo from Rayden for this group, as
                he joined AFL before the party)

4.) Cosine

5.) Animals

After   the   demo   competition   most   of   us   dudes
prepared  the  things  at got ready. We stood outside
for  half  an  hour,  chatted  a bit and took some more
photos, before we said good bye to eachother

I  drove back home together with Marc, Ignorance and
Rayden/AFL.  After  some minutes on the dutch high-
way  I  felt  asleep  and  woke up in front of my home,
where Marc let me out.

All  in  all the party was a big Success (!)... They were
really  a  lot  of  far  foreign people, that you haven't
seen  for  a long time. We 64 sceners really had a big
party  and  showed those PC guys what the 64-scene
spirit   is   about:   "HAVING  FUN!"  nothing  more.  No
business,   no   laming  in  front  of  computers...  just
having pure fun!

You  can  be  sure  to  meet  me at the next big party
again,   because   we   have  to  keep  up  this  spirit.
The  next  X-party  is planed to be a big event again,
with  a lot of changes to get the next party even bet-
ter.  The  things I heard from them really sounded in-
teresting, so I am looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

I  have  to  say  thanks  to  CBA,  Nightshade  and Tim
expecially  for  letting  me  stay at there place! It was
really  cool  with  you  guys  and  I  am sure we gonna
repeat  this  very  soon!  Whether  in  Germany  or at
MR. Cocos again! ;)

Also  a  special ;)  to the AFLers who understood our
MAX/AFL joke! Hehe!

Greetings  to  all the dudes I have been together with
at this long weekend!  You know who you are!

Thanks  for  reading  all  the stuff, I hope you liked it
a bit. You see, what's really important to me and what
is less...
See you soon on a party!

Max/Alpha Flight 1970


At  last some explaining words from me to set an inci-
dent Max reported about into the right light.

The  farmer  who  was  NEARLY  beaten  up by either
Peacemaker  or  me  has  been  definately looking for
trouble,  but  after  having  been ragged down he left
the location and ran home... to mummy.
He never came back and asked for the job I have of-
fered him, to cut the grass infront of my house. Just
curious! ;)

Best regards,


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