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           accounts of other Alpha Flight members)
           accounts of other Alpha Flight members)
Internet: SW0271^Uni-Essen.De          RRR
Internet:            RRR
-------    Maxey^Free.Org              MAX
-------            MAX
Best regards,
Best regards,
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F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++1/619/788-6615
DREAMPARK                                  ++x/xxx/xxx-xxxx
                               * Flash Inc. *
                               * Flash Inc. *
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XXXXXXX                        - Metal-Music
XXXXXXX                        - Metal-Music
Internet: Roland.Kletzing^RZ.Ruhr-Uni-Bochum.De
Line 2,946: Line 2,946:
Internet: SW0271^Uni-Essen.De
- legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
- legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64

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[edit] Editorial

                             * Editorial *
Another  six  weeks  are over and we can proudly in-
vite   you  to  another  issue  of  the  Relax  magazine
boasting  full  of  information  and  again published by
Bad Bytes Entertainment Software Europe (BBESE).

This  magazine  seems  to  become more popular issue
by  issue  after  all the positive reactions and critism
we  got  by  snail  mail,  on the boards or by Internet.
Nevertheless  it  seems  that the concurence can not
live with the situation getting an advanced competitor
so scene life goes a way we only saw in these endless
daily  soap  opera so far. It all started by a lot of un-
qualified  personal  attacks  against  an editor of this
publication  but  all these childish accusations did not
earned  any  resonance by the well informed sceners
these  days  due to the fact that everything has been
proven to be wrong. After the failed attacks it seems
that  this  magazine  is searching for another vicitim,
the Relax and we got accused, again in a very childish
way  without any kind of background, that we cheated
the  numbers  of issues. We still can not believe in how
low  people  can go by spreading false information via
these information medias we define as magazines. It is
not  very  professional  if  the  author  can  not care
about  the  content  of his magazine as he knows that
he  used it to spread personal propaganda and to in-
troduce personal ideas/fantasies to the readers who
use  to  believe  in  everything they read today. Just
for  the  record,  and for all who still have not learnt
that  the  RELAX  magazine is no Alpha Flight produc-
tion we present the release datas and publisher name
of all released issue so far. As we are now in a situa-
tion  where  we have to prove that these accusations
are again far away from being true here is the list of
all released Relax issues:

Issues                  Publisher             Spreaddate
Relax Magazine  1/Independent            November 1989
Relax Magazine  2/Independent            December 1989
Relax Magazine  3/Independent            January  1990
Relax Magazine  4/Independent            February 1990
Relax Magazine  5/Independent            March    1990
Relax Magazine  6/Independent            April    1990
Relax Magazine  7/Independent            November 1994
Relax Magazine  8/BBESE                  March    1995
Relax Magazine  9/BBESE                  April    1995
Relax Magazine 10/BBESE                  June     1995
Relax Magazine 11/BBESE                  August   1995

We use to check out the entire content and to we can
care about all texts we prepared for your entertain-
ment.  All  the  news  about  the  groups/persons you
will  find  in  here  have  been  supported  by qualified
sources, namely persons/spokesmen of the referen-
ced  group  and who else should be know better what
it going on there? However, we research a second or
even  a  third  time  you deliver reliable, professional
information  if  it is necessary instead of filling up the
memory  with  accusations, propaganda and personal
comments  to steer the audience into a direction we'd
like to see. We truely feel sorry for all magazines and
editors  disqualifying  themselves by going the way we
have  mentioned before and we feel sorry for the au-
dience  being manipulated there. If this is supposed to
be  the next generation we can not look to expectant
into the future.
Furthermore  we  have  seen  some  australian based
magazines complaining about a wrong news we printed
in  our  April  edition. For sure this was something we
always try to avoid but in this case that was not ment
to  either  attack  them  or their groups reputation in
any  way.  That  time  countless sceners packed their
bag to become an Onslaught member and after getting
this  information  from  a RELIABLE person being in a
steady  contact  with Onslaught there was no need to
check  it  in  our  opinion.  It  was ONE mistake in four
comeback  issues so we would like to see them calming
down  again.  When  we  dared to have a closer look in
in  the  actual  news chapters of their publications we
could  for sure name a lot of incorrect or edited, not
to say manipulated, news but we are not interested in
playing  childish  games  in  here  nor  we do intent to
waste memory for trifles like this one.
Our  intention still is to release an objective level but
but  you  can  be  sure  that we won't accept ruthless
and  brainless  attacks  against  this production any-
more.  Critism is always welcomed but we won't ignore
wary  offensives  in  the  future. Be sure that we will
keep our eyes and ears open.
Somewhere  we  read  that  we are not able to publish
this  magazine  monthly  and in irregular periods next
to  the  fact  that we rip our charts. People who read
the editorial released in the June edition already got
informed  about  the reasons to release the magazine
all  six  weeks,  what is in fact regular in our opinion.
Our  priority  is to release a strong news chapter as
information  is the keyword of this publication. Unfor-
tunately  the  activity of the CBM 64 is on a partly low
level  and  we  have  to work with the data supplied by
the  market.  In  the six weeks developement phase we
are  able  to collect news and releases in a time when
games  become  rare  and  certain other competitors
try  to  invent  news to fill up their chapters. Actually
there  is no magazine containing release charts what
is  going  to  be  released  at  a monthly basis and the
news  chapter contains the latest information confir-
med  in  various  reviews and can be called one of the
best and informative ones around. Quality needs some
more  time,  quantity  can  be  performed  within a few
hours.  We  do  not  copy  texts from books nor do we
convert  texts  from other systems to add some more
blocks to let the magazine look bigger.
When people scream that we rip our charts they show
their incompetence in a very impressing way. The re-
lease  charts are exclusively written by Marc and of-
course  Deff to guarantee fair release charts and to
avoid  any  kind  of  manipulation. The next charts are
the  board charts. This charts chapter is exclusively
printed  in the Relax Magazine so there is no possibi-
lity  left  to  rip them somewhere else. The mail charts
are  a  complilation  of  the charts of the concurence
magazines  being  spread  in  the  period between the
release of the revious and actual Relax Magazine and
of  the  incoming Relax votesheets. This system is the
best  system  in  our  eyes as it seems to be the most
fair  solution  around,  a  system  giving definately no
chances for any kind of manipulation.
Some  people still seem to have problems with the Re-
lax and try to compare it with The Pulse. Infact it was
our  idea to have a comeback with the Relax to fill the
gap  The Pulse left behind when Duke decided to reti-
re. But the Relax Magazine is an individual production
and  got  released  a  long  time before The Pulse ap-
peared  with  its very own style. After releasing four
issues  after  our  comeback we are pleased with the
progress we make from issue to issue and for all who
start  to  complain about our weak charts position we
can  only  add  that  even  The Pulse Magazine did not
take the charts by storm after a few issues only. The
magazine  attacking  us  permanently this way used to
release  about  40  issues to be noticed by the public
by attacking respected publications and to manipulate
the  masses  with questionable propaganda. The Pulse
used  to  be  the  leading magazine and is on the best
way  to return to its former class. We wish our friend
Duke  all the best in his mission and can't away to see
more  publications  of  its  class.  There are too many
low  budget  magazines  around  so it is a pleasure to
see  The  Pulse back on the market along with Propa-
ganda,  Vandalism  News and Domination doing a solid,
proper  and remarkable job these days. These maga-
zines  do  not  need  to  manipulate  their audience by
slagging down or ragging against their concurence to
manipulate  their  readers,  a  policy  we follow aswell
since  November  1994 starting with the comeback is-
sue. This magazine is definately no media for persons
who  usually  read  comic books or await to be enter-
tained  with  erotic  or  fantasy  stories.  Our  target
group is serious and awaits to be delivered with news
instead  of  useless  and  unimportant visions of per-
sons looking out for fame and attention otherwise we
can  not  explain the steady rising of this production
in  the  charts of all the various magazines.  We know
that  we  can not please all with this production but it
is  more important for us following our ideas, concept
and  intentions  to  improve  and update the magazine
edition  by  edition.  We  are  editing  this  magazine to
have  fun and to be pleased with the result and at the
day  we  lose  our motivation we are going to stop im-
midiately.  It is an hobby, a very exciting hobby and no
profession but fact is when we are starting over with
a  production  we use to do it as perfect as possible.
We guess this has to be continued in the next issues.

The  new  outfit seemed to have met the attention and
expectations from the public. A few persons reported
about  having  problems  with  the loading system. It is
one  of those few mysteries people will never learn to
know  as the magazine got tested on 5 different con-
figurations before it got spread and it worked fine on
all  primary  targets.  Nevertheless, starting with this
issue,  a  lot of changes occured to make reading the
Relax Magazine more enjoyable. The Ignorance/Afl in-
stalled   a  new  load/decrunch  system  to  avoid  the
above  mentioned  loader  problems  and to reduce to
the  total  amount of blocks once again, a very useful
improvement  due  to  the  fact that shorter text files
mean even shorter loading times as you used to know
it  from  the previous issue. Futhermore he gave a fi-
nal  touch to the coding so this outfit runs perfect on
both,  PAL and NTSC now, so both, Loading sprite and
the  music  runs  on an acceptable speed on american
machines,  too. As a special service we offer that you
can  load, run and read this magazine from your very
own  loading  partition,  that  means  you can load and
start  it  on  either  drive 8 or 9. Regards have to be
send  to  Scroll  for this indeed very usefull idea. Any
ideas to improve the outfit are always welcomed.
After  starting the mainfile you surely found out that
we  can  present  a  "new"  Relax  intro replacing the
old one. The intro will be updated an every new issue,
something  we  intent  to  do  with the magazine itself,
too.  Furthermore  we  would like to know if you would
prefer  to  get  a  music menu to give you an option to
load  in your favourite music out of a various number
of  tunes  we  prepared  for  you. Please add a short
reaction  about  your very own ideas on the backside
of our official votesheet spread by the following wor-
thy heroes:

                   SHUZE/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970

Here  we would like to thank them for their effort ma-
king  our  charts  more  interesting by spreading and
collecting  our  votesheets. We would like to see more
people  spreading  this sheet so if you are a (mega-)
swapper  and  interested  in spreading the votesheet
for  us please contact us using the snail mail address
you will find later in this chapter.

                   CREDITS for the July edition
PROGRAMMING                                  FUBEN/OXYRON
SOUNDTRACK                                  PRI/TIA/OXYRON
                                        ARNE/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
BITMAP GRAPHICS                                   RRR/OXYRON
CHARACTERSET                                          SKID ROW

                     Responsible EDITORS are
MAIN EDITOR                      MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                        MAX/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                                         RRR/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                                  DEFF/AVANTGARDE
CO-EDITOR                                       FUBEN/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                                      PRI/TIA/OXYRON

If  you have a closer look at the staff members you'll
find sure find out that the staff is consisting of both,
board  and  mail orientated persons. We always try to
cover  the  mail scene as good as possible but we are
still  in  the  need  of your kind cooperation. When you
are  filling  the  votesheets please do us a special fa-
vour and add all the news around your group and the
memberstatus to guarantee that you will find correct
news  about  your  group.  It  is  more hard to get the
hands  on  'legal'  news due to the lack of public rela-
tions  support  from  their  side  and we are for sure
not the first magazine who have figured that out.

                       * Co-editors wanted *
We  are  still interested in enlarging the staff when it
comes  up  to  the demo reviews. We already have two
excellent  editors  to cover the topic "coding" and we
are actually looking for a second editor to review the
soundtracks of demoes and another second editor to
review graphics. It is necessary to have for each to-
pic  two  different reviewers due  to  the fact that we
otherwise  could  not  take around 50% of the demoes
into  consideration  due  to  the  fact  that very often
musics  from  PRI  or graphics from RRR can be found
there. We are hardly looking for people who have hold
a  standart of speed and qualitiy due to the fact that
we  release  this  magazine all six weeks and we don't
accept delays. If you would be an advantage if we can
get  in  contact with you by modem or Internet. On the
other hand if you are very fast via snail-mail there is
no  need to own a modem and having Internet access.
All  people  who  think they can hold up our standarts
and  who  are  interested  in  working  with a qualified
staff  consisting of Scroll, PRI, Fuben and RRR do not
hesitate  to  contact  the  Relax  staff by subscribing
sample review(s).

Some more special thanks to make this edition become
reality   have  to  be  send  to  Intruder/Avantgarde,
Syco/Chromance, Styx/Alpha Flight, Druid/Agony and
AEG/Smash  Designs  for  news  and information sup-

              This months' content looks like this
The  EDITORIAL  presents the usual introduction text
next to some information about the magazine. GLOBAL
REPORT  is  the  place to look out for news all around
the  CBM 64 scene or scene related people. RELEASE
CHARTS  give  a  detailed  report  about all the games
and  previews  which  found  their  way  to  the  major
boards  worldwide.  The  BOARD  CHARTS  reflect  the
votes  and  opinion of the people being present at the
boards  while  the  MAIL CHARTS contains the results
of the votesheet spread within the last months. OPEN
LETTER won't become a regular part of this magazine
nor does it reflects the opinion of the Relax magazine
staff.  It is an open letter from Styx about the actual
accusations  around Alpha Flight 1970. The INTERVIEW
chapter found a very popular and famous victim again.
so  just  have  a  look  on it! In the DEMO REVIEWS the
responsible  staff  had  a  closer  look on the demoes
released  within the last few weeks.  Some ancient ta-
les can be found in BACK TO THE ROOTS mixed up with
actual  contexts.  Finally the ADVERTISEMENTS chap-
ter is a place to present all kind of adverts.

         How to contact the Relax Magazine staff?

E-mail: Holiday Inn Cambodia          ++X/XXX/XXX/XXXX
-----   Escapade                      ++XX/XXXX/XXXXXX
        The Pirate Island             ++XX/XXX/XXXXX
           (leave  your mail at Marc's accounts or at the
           accounts of other Alpha Flight members)

Internet:             RRR
-------             MAX

Best regards,


[edit] Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
Whatever  happens  in  the  scene,  be  sure  that our
staff   members   and  loyal  reporters  will  get  their
fingers on all information in order to guarantee a re-
liable  presentation in here. There is no need to print
ruthless  incriminations to fill up the chapter. We able
glad  to  present  a  news  chapter worth being read,
written  in an objective way in order to come up what
a  magazine  is  supposed  to stand for: delivering in-
formation.  This  service  seems to be something very
special  these  days  as we noticed that certain other
competitors  use  this  area  to  spread  their propa-
ganda.  We  can not accept this behaviour. Our inten-
tion  is to present text our dear readers can believe
in  so  we research a second and a third time to make
sure  that  we can care about the content of this and
all the other chapters of this magazine.

                        * Alpha Flight 1970 *
It  is  always very hard to define the right position of
the  flight standing all the time under various attacks
from  their  competitors.  Nevertheless  they  still  go
strong proving their power board- and mailwise, even
if  the  methods  can be partly defined as controver-

Chotaire,  who  is  known  as  hacker,  composer  and
sysop  of  The  Pirate Island, joined Alpha Flight after
having  some major differences with his former group
mates  in  Onslaught (& Hardcore). With Spider, a for-
mer  member  of  the  groups Lepsi Developments and
Fatum,  Afl enlarged their activities on the mail front.
After  some months of silence Mutant X got set on the
inactive  memberlist  and will appear again in the offi-
cial  status  when  he  gets  active again. Murphy, who
left  the  scene  and  went  out to become a techno DJ
some  months ago, finally returned to the flight to re-
install  his power as programmer, composer, NTSC fi-
xer and original supplier.
"The  Best"  is  a  new  magazine written by Ream and
Calypso  working  on  the  basis of magazines like the
legendary "Gamers Guide" from Triad or "Are We The
Best"  from  Chromance.  The  magazine is going to be
released independent like many other magazines to-

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Ancient  Mariner, Arne, Calypso, Chotaire. Ignorance,
Marc,  Max,  Murphy,  Pol Pot, Ream, Shuze, Skinhead,
Spider, Styx, Xenox and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE ESCAPADE                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
THE PIRATE ISLAND                   ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

                            * Avantgarde *
Avantgarde  had  all  in  all  a very silent period after
leading the release charts front for some months but
after  the notorious summer break things are suppo-
sed to go back to normal the last days.

Weasel, former member of groups like i.e Lotus, deci-
ded  to  become active again as cracker after having
passed  an  inactive  period.  He  was already spotted
calling  out again. Renegarde, a former member of the
the  group Excess, joined ther german group as ano-
ther cracker in the row of skilled crackers.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Chameleon,  Cyborg,  Decilon,  Deff,  Derbyshire Ram,
Eliminator,  Intruder,  Jack Alien, Jack Daniels, Rage,
Renegade, Suicide, Thorn, Tricom and Weasel

Avantgarde worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                             * Chromance *
Chromance  still uses to be one of the groups compe-
ting  with  the top cracking groups even if it got more
silent  around the group after Mr. Wax had to join the
hungarian army.

Spermbird,  a  swapper  of  the  group Excess, joined
the  hungarian  based  cracking group as first group
staying  in  Excess as second. More spreading power
is  expected  with  Zag, a polish mail trader and origi-
nal  supplier  followed  by  two  other  polish  original
suppliers  and mail traders called Bolee and Immortal.
Jinx left for the lately rebuilt Hitmen.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 21):
AMC,  Bolee, Griff, Homeboy, Immortal, Janee, Jaydee,
Jazzy  D,  Joyride,  Lion,  Mr.  Wax,  Rough,  Rug Rat,
Skull,  Spermbird,  Syco,  The  Unholy,  Will, X-Radical
and Zag

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
EDGE OF MIDNIGHT                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
HIGHWAY                               ++XX/XX-XXXXX

                * Fantastic 4 Cracking Group *
Some  months  ago  F4CG  was  ruling  the pal release
charts with an impressive amount of mainly polish ga-
mes.  Somehow  their  activity  slowed down a little bit
within  the last months what can be make people start
thinking  about a lack of interest from the polish sec-

Aristo,  a  programmer of the polish based group Sa-
mar, teamed up with F4CG these days, probably in or-
der to support their lately founded demo section.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 24):
Aristo,  Bitman,  Cerebus,  Deathlok,  Decoder,  Devil,
Draz  Fen 1, Goz, Hain, Idol, King, Maja, Morris, Motley,
Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy, Sneaper, Solar,
Spark, Total Chaos and Walker

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++x/xxx/xxx-xxxx

                              * Flash Inc. *
After  the successfull comebacks of ancient and well
known  demo  groups  like  Byterapers and Megastyle
Productions  Flash  Inc.  is  another  competitor to be
added to the list.

In  the  late eighties and early nineties Flash Inc pro-
ved  in  an  impressing  way  to  be  one of the leading
demo groups.  This  group was the home of people like
Unifier,  Creeper, Moon and Zodiac to name a few who
did  not  returned  to the rebuilt group. It will be very
interesting  to  see  if  they still can compete with the
top  these days. They already released a small come-
back  demo  in  which  Morpheus,  who seems to be the
main organiser these days, pointed out that their ma-
jor  interest  will  be  to  release smaller productions
but definately not mega-demoes due to the lack of in-
terest  from the programmers. At the moment they're
looking  out for interested people to join their forces.
so subscribe up to the end of the summer.

Current Flash Inc. memberstatus looks like (= 4):
Espilon, Lubber, Morpheus and The Spy.

                              * Hardcore *
People expected it from the very beginning. The coop
of  the newcommers just broke up after a few months
only. What is coming up now is still unknown.

Dr. Disk, who recently re-joined the scene and Atlan-
tis,  decided  to follow his former group member Rami-
rez  and  left  for  Hardcore. Leeway/ex-Afl joined in
as programmer.

Current Hardcore memberstatus looks like (= 11):
B-Wyze, Blockbuster, Carlos, Dr. Disk, Leeway, Rami-
rez, Rap, Shocker, Ticket, Volunteer and Zore.

                                * Hitmen *
Finally they are dead, back from the dawn of the dead
and surprise the scene with the Xth try to rebuilt the
old  group  named as HITMEN. This time a lot of poten-
tial  people  reunioned  their skills to prove that they
still can compete with the best these days.

With Peacemaker, Curlin and Vortex three familar fa-
ces  returned  to the scene as the used to be former
Alpha Flight members some months ago. Jihad is a man
who  does  not  need  to  be introduced but maybe for
the younger generation Jihad was a member of Action
Arcade  and Hitmen before the left into direction PC.
After  being  setted on the inactive list from the coop
Hardcore  and Onslaught Hi-Lite and Raze decided to
join  in  the lately rebuild group, too. Furthermore we
detected  Jinx/ex-Chromance,  Tyroon, Groepaz/ex-
Vision and Lawnmowerman/ex-The Phreakaz. Actually
they  share  The  Dungeon  along  with Success & The
Ruling Company and Demonix as their worldheadquar-
ter. Finally Tranzie/ex-Triad joined in.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 11):
Curlin, Groepaz, Hi-Lite, Jihad, Jinx, Lawnmoverman,
Peacemaker, Raze, Tranzie, Tyroon and Vortex

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                               ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                                * Motiv 8 *
Motiv 8 is a group always capable to deliver scandals,
and  rumours  to  entertain  the scene. Actually their
mission  seems  to  be releasing games no lamer label
would dare to release (self-productions?).

From  the  group  Talent,  which  seems  not to be the
most  active  group  around  these  days,  Greenfrog
came along to join the forces of Motiv 8. He is suppo-
sed  to be a programmer. Some rumours are cruising
through  the  scene  reporting  about  a  cooperation
demo  between  Padua and Motiv 8 aswell as that their
norwegian  member  TG-Acme  is  said to have left the
scene in silence but this rumours have not been con-
firmed yet.
Bird,  sysop  of  the european M8 headquarter called
Mount Olympus, left the group to join Pandora.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 15):
BinJinx,  Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie,  Greenfrog, Grego,
Ibanez,  Iceball,  Mason,  Merlin, Mizar, Natas, Psycho-
path, Stone and TG-Acme.

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
IN LIVING COLOUR                        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                                 * Noice *
The  swedish based demo group Noice had lately some
headlines  with  the  loss  of  many members leaving to
built  up  a  demo section for F4CG. But life goes on in
this still strong group.

A  lot  of  people thought that Noice seems to be dead
after  Decoder,  Devil, Draz, Goz and Total Chaos left
for  F4CG  but  fact is that they are still alive. Motion
has  left  them,  too.  Peace  decided  to return to his
former  group mates in Oxyron joining the PC section
of  the  german  crew.  Last  but  not least Motion got
booted  out  after  various discussing and arguments
with  Stasi.  Their  artist and composer related maga-
zine EUPHORIA won't be released and was declared to
be dead as long their won't appear another composer
to take over the jobs as editor.
With Pantaloon and Organic fresh blood in form of two
new coders refueled the decreased memberlist. A fa-
milar  face  returned  with  Heat  who  will restart his
swapping activities.

Current Noice memberstatus looks like (= 10):
Doxx,  Heat, Joyride, Liket, Mazy, Organic, Pantaloon,
Stasi, Swoffa and Zzap

Noice worldheadquarter(s)/board(s)
HIGHWAY                                           +XX/XX-XXXXX

                              * Onslaught *
The  rumour  was  already well spread when it became
reality.  The  cooperation  between the australian ba-
sed  group  Onslaught  and  the  german based group
Hardcore finally splitted up.

At  first  Chotaire  got kicked out of the group just a
few hours before he spread a note explaining that he
has left the group for different reasons. The second
victim of Onslaught's new member policy was SMD who
got kicked out, too. On the other had Hardsequencer
(ex-Dytec)  joined in as artist while Morbid joined the
german based music label BASS next to his acitivities
for  Onslaught  (Design).  Last  not not least Andre, a
former  member  of Antic and Oxyron, joined in as ar-
tist,  composer  and programmer. Together with a se-
cond,  scenewise  rather  unknown  person.  Both are
operating  under the handle ASV. From Hungary came
Cubehead  and Pete from Chaos to join the demo sec-
tion  of  the  australian based group. Finally Trouble,
former  member  of  Excess,  joined  in with his board
Deadzone  with the function as worldheadquarter for
Vandalism News and Onslaught.

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Andre,  Bizarre, Cubehead, Deekay, Doger, Doom, Gop
Grize,  Hardsequencer,  Heavyhead, Jayce, Jazzcat,
Jolz, KBS, L.A. Style, Marcus, Morbid, Morrisey, Pete,
Shades,  Sphere, Stake, The Last Hacker, The Twins,
Trouble and Vengeance

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
DEADZONE                                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX/XXXX

                              * Oxyron *
Once  again  the  official memberlist of this respected
demo  group  changed  but  still  keeps the balance of
seven  active  and  motivated  members. Releases are
planned  for  the  Saturne-Party  in  France and The
Party 1995. Just keep patient.

On  the latest Oxyron meeting Asmodis was set on the
inactive  memberlist,  that  means he is still an Oxyron
member  but he does not appear on the official status
as  long  as  he  gets  active  again. Some fresh blood
got  added  with  the  promising  composer Fanta, who
left Plush to serve the ruling german demo group but
he will remain in the music-label Bass, too.
Sadly  we  have  to report about Axis joining the ger-
man army and being happy in it. This will ofcourse de-
crease  his activitiy level on all systems like CBM 64,
Amiga and PC.

Current Oxyron memberstatus looks like (= 7):
Axis, Fanta, Fuben, Graham, PRI, RRR and TTS

                               * Pandora *
After  some  very silent months, not to say years, the
german  based  group  Pandora  returned to compete
with the board orientated cracking group.

Pandora  consists  of  the ashes Nemesis left behind.
Furthermore  they  recruited  a  lot  of  members and
boards such as Deviant with his board Final Genocide
and  Bird/ex-Motiv  8  with  Mount Olympus and finally
Moses/ex-Excess  with Sanitarium. Chotaire joined in
as  second  group to take over the organisation while
Weasel  joined  in as second group because he is still
interested in working as cracker.
Somehow  Protheus  and Xentor, both members of the
h/p  group Phreedom, disappeared from the member-

Current Pandora memberstatus looks like (= 11):
Amputator, Attraction, Bird, Chotaire, Deviant, Domino
Mephisto, Moses, Pete, Thage, Sky and Weasel

Pandora worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
FINAL GENOCIDE                          ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MOUNT OLYMPUS                           ++XX/XXXX-XXXX
SANITARIUM                              ++XX/XXX/XXXXXX

              * Success & The Ruling Company *
It  is that the fleet of the dutch cooperation seems to
be  in summer vacation. In the past few weeks most we
heard  from  them  was the act of a lunatic lamer for-
matting  the  SCS & TRC and Demonix worldheadquar-
ter  THE  DUNGEON.  Maybe they will become more ac-
tive in the next weeks?

Anyway  it  is  nice  to  see  The Dungeon being online
again after being formatted several times in the past
few  weeks.  According  to our sources it is now run-
ning  on a Cyborg modded version of C-Base and this
version  is  already  running  successfully on Dream-
park  since  months  and  said  to be absolutely back-
door free.
Some  movement  in the memberstatus was recognized
with  Techno/ex-Genesis  joining the cooperation and
enlarging their large polish section. He is said to be a
cracker and original supplier.

Current SCS & TRC memberstatus looks like (= 25):
Action   Jackson,  Alchemist,  Burglar,  Cavron,  CBA,
Credo,  Dannie,  Def  Beat,  Jity, JRC, Lord Crucifier,
Micron,   Moren,  Mystery,  Nightshade,  Replay,  RMC,
Sailor,  Sliver, Spectator, Splatterhead, Techno, Tita-
nic and Trax

SCS & TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
STATE OF THE ART                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
THE LOST EMPIRE                         ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

                  * Single News and Rumours *
   Demo Competition                 Intro Comeptition
   --------------                   --------------
   1. Love/Agony Design             Boom/Agony Design
   2. Scorpion/Vermes               Lame Intro/Samar
   3. Hallucynations/Albion         Intro 1/Lepsi Dev.
   Graphic Competition              Music Competition
   ----------------                 --------------
   1. Jester Kyd/Nipson             Moog/Agony Design
   2. Jester Kyd/Nipson             Cordiakus/Fatum
   3. Appacz/Albion                 Shogoon/Taboo

* A  certain  magazine  reported  that Reflex was the
   very  first  group  winning  the  competitions of two
   parties  in  a row with The Party IV and X-95. Fact
   is that Oxyron won the competition of THE PARTY II
   and  Data  Live  '93 two years ago. Just a small re-
   minder  to avoid any kind of manipulation and misun-
   derstandings!  We have to add that Padua did it as-
   well  winning  the  competitions of the Radwar Party
   V7 and of the Smash Design/TRSI Party in 1994.

* If you wonder where all the CBM 64 profiles went to
   just  read  the  following  lines  to be well informed.
   Bonzai PC consists of a lot well known CBM 64 pro-
   grammers,  composers  and  artists  such as Trap,
   Walt,  Mirage,  TDJ,  MCA,  Zyborg,  Metal and Unifier
   next  to  Bulldog/Spirit who renamed into Freshman
   and serves as modem trader.

* The  cracking group ACRISE is back in business af-
   ter being almost three years out of business. Mem-
   bers  are i.e. Bordeaux, Sentinel and Riddler just to
   name a few. Their task will be to present cracks, to
   release their old magazine EPISTULA, to create de-
   moes  and  musics  collections  next  to the plans to
   release a paper magazine, indeed ambitious plans.

* Black  Code Design is dead. All former members and
   Rayden/ex-Oppaz  Design  formed the CBM 64 sec-
   tion of the PC based group CHALICE.

Summer - Heat - Vacaction. Possible reasons for the
lack  of  activity  in the CBM 64 scene these days but
we  still were able to deliver an interesting global re-
port,  unfortunately  it  is  not  so  massive like in the
previous issue but this can not be our fault. We don't
need  to  invent news to fill up our chapters as this is
the  business  of  other competitors in their seek for
fame  and  glory.  We  just collect what is going on and
research, if neccessary, to present QUALITY instead
of  QUANTITY  and  are  miles  far  away  from being a
cheap  propaganda  medium  what is a special service
from us for you. Keep that always in mind.

Best regards,


[edit] Release Charts

  The Official Release Charts for the Relax Magazine

              Performed by the Masters of Law...

                             Deff and Marc

Before  the start over with general explainations for
these  release charts we want to introduce our very
own point system:

Fullprice Games     6. 1   -     8.0 points
Budget Games        4. 1   -     6.0 points
Low Budget          2. 1   -     4.0 points
PD/Shareware        1.0    -     2.0 points
Previews            0.0    -     1.0 points

One bonus point can be gained by releasing a 100% (!)
working PAL/NTSC version. When a second group got
involved with the NTSC fix the points will be shared.

Games  which  were  already PAL released have to be
fixed  within  6  months  after the official PAL release
otherwise no points will be given for the NTSC fix.

Minus points will be given for...
Re-releases               -7.0
No levelpacking           -0.5/  - 1.0
No trainer(s)             -0.5/  - 1.0
No translation           - 1.0/ -2.0

Unlike  most other magazines we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever  we  think  somebody  did something special
or  something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It  is  also  possible  to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The  following  boards have been taken in to conside-
ration whilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                      XXX-XXX-XXXX
-----------------                         ------------
Dream Park                                XXX-XXX-XXXX
---------                                 ------------
Down by Law                               XXX-XXX-XXXX
----------                                -------------
Dead Zone                                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------                                  ------------

And here we go...

                       * Accuracy (0.4 pts) *
For  the  first  time  some  previews  saw  the light of
this  group  called  MASTER  TETRIS  (0.3 pts), FLAG-
MANIA  (0.1  pts),  SHOOT  (0.0 pts)  and  SUPER BALL
(0.0 pts).

                    * Alpha Flight (13.1 pts) *
The  wares  invasion  started  with  the  fixed version
of  LEPPARD  (3.6  pts)  from CP Verlag, a fixfile was
necessary  so  we  will  give  minus 1 point, followed by
the   preview  of  COLONIAL  TRADER  (1.0  pts).  Then
they  uploaded  the  fixed  versions of CROSSES AND
CIRKLES (3.5pts) and HANGMAN (3.1pts).
Followed   by  SHA  JONGG  (4.2 pts),  PARTY  QUEST
(4.7  pts)  from  Magna  Media,  both games will get an
extra  point  because  of  the translation and doesn't
need  an  Ntsc  fix.  Then they re-released SLATER-
MAN  (-  7  pts) from Tim Soft, F4CG released the pal
version  some  months  ago, some days later they up-
loaded  the  fixed  version  of  SLATERMAN  (0.0 pts)
no  points  will  be  given  because  it  is  over the six
months limit!

                         * Atlantis (0.5 pts) *
They  released  the  following previews, STARSCAPER
(0.4 pts) and CF ADVENTURE (0.1pts).

                     * Avantgarde (22.0 pts) *
They  started  with  the  fixed  versions  of  CAPTURE
(4.1 pts)  from  Commodore Format, IKKUICHI (4.6 pts)
from  CP  Verlag.  Followed  by  the  previews of TWIN
BALLS  (0.4 pts) and CAPTURE 2 (0.4 pts). Then they
uploaded  GUESSER  (3.4  pts) the game doesn't need
an  Ntsc fix and the fixed versions of MYSTERY (4.8)
the  100%  fixed  version of ARTRIS (4.3 pts) both are
copyright   by   CP   verlag   and   the   long   awaited
WALKERZ  (7.0  pts) from Electric Boys. Last but not
they   re-released   RELAX  (- 7 pts),  SCS&TRC  re-
leased it 2 years ago!

                      * Chromance (0.6 pts) *
They    released   the   so-called   fixed   version   of
ABNORMAL  FACTOR  (3.4 pts)  but  they forgot to fix
the  scroller  in  the  upper border so only pal points
will  be  given,  followed  by  2  previews called VITRUS
(0.4  pts)  and LACED TILES (0.7 pts). Then they up-
loaded   the   fixed  version  of  TETRISACK  (3.1 pts)
from   Stratos   Software  minus  one  point  because
the  Highscore-Saver  doesn't  work,  followed  by  a
cool   tool   called   HARDTRACK  Composer  (0.0 pts)
from Inflexion.

                          * F4CG (6.4 pts) *
They  started  with  a preview called SAPER (0.4 pts)
followed  by the fixed version of MONSTRUM (3.9 pts)
and  the US sales version of LIONS OF THE UNIVERSE
(0.0  pts) no points will be given because the pal ver-
sion  got  released  2  years  ago!  And then they up-
loaded    DEADLY   CRYSTALS   (2.1    pts)  the  game
doesn't need an Ntsc fix.

                       * Fortress (0.0 pts) *
The   new   group   released   a  little  preview  called
S.P.I.X. (0.0 pts).

               * Hardcore+Onslaught (8.5 pts) *
They released the Public Domain game DANGER BALL2
(1.0   pts)  a  preview  called  TROOZE  (0.3  pts)  and
WARFLAME  (3.6  pts)  the game doesn't need an Ntsc
fix.  SILVA  POD  (3.5  pts)  got  fixed by TRSI but the
fix is not 100% so only pal points will  ge given!

                         * Hitmen (0.5 pts) *
The   fresh   rebuilt  crew  started  with  an  average
preview called CANNON CRAZE (0.5 pts).

                         * Motiv 8 (0.0 pts) *
They    uploaded    MATRIX    CROWN   (0.0   pts)   and
TEMPORAL  (0.0  pts)  both  games  are  made  with a
Game  Maker  so  no  points  will be given! Followed by
the   preview   of  MEAN  MINES  (0.0  pts),  MUS-ICE-
PLAYER  (0.0 pts)  a  little  tool  and  PRO SPEEDWAY
(0.0  pts)  no  points will be given because it is compi-
led Basic!

                        * Pandora (2.3 pts) *
The     fresh     rebuilt    crew   released   FOOTBALL
MANAGER  '95  (0.0  pts)  no  points  will be given be-
cause  it  is  complete  in  Basic. Followed by THORION
(0.0 pts)  no  points  will  ge  given because it is com-
piled  Basic.  Last  but  not  least  they  uploaded  the
preview  of  TANIS  (0.2  pts)  and  the pal version of
TILE REVENGE (2.1 pts).

                       * SCS+TRC (0.4 pts) *
During   the  summer  break  they  released  only  the
preview  of  FASTBALL  (0.4  pts)  from Softdisk Pu-
blishing  and  the  preview  of SHOPPING AG (0.0 pts)
no  points  will  be  given  because it is in german and
compiled basic.

Merged into a table it looks like:

       * The Official Release Charts August 1995 *

Rank             Group                    Points
01. (01)         Avantgarde               22.0
02. (02)         Alpha Flight 1970        13.1
03. (05)         Hardcore+Onslaught       7.9
04. (08)         Chromance                7.6
05. (04)         F4CG                     6.4
06. (./.)        Pandora                  2.3
07. (06)         Atlantis                 0.5
    (./.)        Hitmen                   
08. (./.)        Accuracy                 0.4
    (03)         SCS+TRC                  

         * The Official Fixing Charts August 1995 *

Rank          Group                     Releases
01. (01)      Avantgarde                5
02. (02)      Alpha Flight 1970         3
03. (03)      Chromance                 1
    (04)      F4CG                      

Thanks for their help to:

                         The Ignorance/AFL
                         and Jack Alien/AVT

See you in the next issue!

                       Yours Marc and Deff!!l

[edit] Board Charts

                      * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the time or possibility to fill votesheets.

One of the most asked questions is what kind of votes
will  be  taken  into consideration while counting these
charts.  The answer is very simple. At first there are
voting  booths  on THE ESCAPADE in good old Europe
and on THE EVIL ISLAND (actually down) in the United
States  of  America.  Furthermore  it is planned to in-
stall another booth on THE PIRATE ISLAND, a fine eu-
ropean  board. For sure it is possible to vote just by
sending  e-mail to Marc/Alpha Flight at an every elite
board worldwide.
On  the  other hand you are allowed to vote when you
are  on  Internet,  too.  Just mail your votes to RRR's
account and it will be taken into condiseration, too.

These  board  charts  are  the fastest moving charts
due  to the fact that there is no votesheet which tra-
vels  weeks or months to reach its destination. All the
votes were made between the previous and this issue
so  this  is some kind of mirror of the activity of cer-
tain established and new groups.

Here we go.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        109
02.    (2)      Byterapers                    93
03.    (6)      Reflex                        87
04.    (3)      Camelot                       82
05.    (4)      Fairlight                     64
06.    (5)      Censor Design                 53
07.    (/)      Agony Design                  38
08.    (8)      Triad                         30
09.    (7)      Elysium                       22
10.    (10)     Focus                         18

The  top  remains unchanged, Oxyron at the top follo-
wed  by  the Byterapers from Finland. Reflex did a big
step  ahead  up  to  three.  At  the  end  Antic left the
charts  and  got  replaced by Agony Design after re-
leasing their impressing designed Love trackmo. Next
in  the  row  of  parties  is  the  Assembly and a lot of
groups announced to release something there.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                    99
02.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers            87
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot               75
04.   (4)       Brush/Elysium                 69
05.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                     62
06.   (8)       Quiss/Reflex                  57
07.   (10)      Graham/Oxyron                 54
08.   (6)       Crossbow/Crest                48
09.   (9)       Glasnost/Camelot              33
10.   (/)       Druid/Agony Design            29

Nothing  new here at the top, too. TTS is still a step in
front  of Mr. Sex. Quiss and Graham are still mov ng in
direction  up  while  Crossbow  entered  the  elevator
into  direction down. Depeh moved down to eleven and
got replaced by Druid, who has shown his skills in va-
rious  trackmos,  tools  and games by now. He already
announced  some  more  productions.  Let's  see  and

                 * TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                           Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                      106
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight                    100
03.   (3)       Success & TRC                   92
04.   (4)       Chromance                       73
05.   (5)       F4CG                            70
06.   (6)       Hardcore & Onslaught            63
07.   (8)       Motiv 8                         42
08.   (7)       Fairlight                       37
09.   (9)       Talent                          30
10.   (10)      Excess                          18
Again  it  is  Avantgarde leading both, the mail and the
board  charts.  Curiously  Alpha  Flight  managed it to
depend  position  two  and is getting very close to the
leading  force Avantgarde. Why is it that Afl is ranked
so  high  in  the  board charts while they are falling in
the  mail  charts?  Just curious. There is nothing else
left  to  be  mentioned  as  here  is nothing new on the
other  spots except for the fact that the cooperation
of Hardcore and Onslaught won't be seen again in the
next issue.

                  * TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Avt                  105
02.   (2)       Burglar/Scs                     94
03.   (8)       Ignorance/Afl                   86
04.   (3)       Antitrack/F4CG                  78
05.   (6)       Kirby/Atlantis                  72
06.   (5)       Bacchus/Fairlight               67
07.   (7)       Moren/Scs                       63
08.   (4)       Skinhead/Afl                    49
09.   (9)       Powerplant/Legend               43
10.   (/)       Hain/F4CG                       26

Jack  Alien  and  Burglar  are still on the top but with
Ignorance  a  new  hunter  joined the top three. Skin-
head  lost  a lot of positions and felt down to eight. At
the end of the list Doc left the charts to be replaced
by Hain. It is surely time to see the old heroes disap-
pearing  when  they  have not been active for years.
We will miss you Doc!

                  * TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    89
02.   (2)       Electric/Extend                 82
03.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight                 76
04.   (5)       RRR/Oxyron                      64
05.   (4)       Scope/F4CG                      53
06.   (6)       Mirage/Focus                    50
07.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 47
08.   (5)       Rob/Camelot                     34
09.   (/)       Roder/Agony Design              28
10.   (10)      Biz Kid/Camelot                 12

Cruise  is once again the leader of the VIC manipulat-
ing  folks  with  Electric and Ogami behind him. Nothing
new here except for the fact that Roder entered and
Dragon  left the charts. Somehow is Creeper missing!
Does  the  modem scene not like his art? Just curious
as he is one of the best ones mailwise.

                  * TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  103
02.   (5)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               95
03.   (2)       Danko/Censor                    82
04.   (7)       Shogoon/Taboo                   79
05.   (3)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                72
06.   (6)       Jeff/Camelot                    69
07.   (4)       EVS/20CC                        55
08.   (10)      Red Devil/Fairlight             48
09.   (9)       Reyn Ouwehand                   30
10.   (8)       Arne/Alpha Flight               26

The  top  position  remains  unchanged  with PRI being
the  leader of the pack followed by Syndrom who clim-
bed  from five up to two. Shogoon climbed some places
and  his  work  for  Love  could be a good reason for
his success. At the end of the list Red Devil and Arne
changed  places  and  it  seems  that Arne will have to
fight very hard to defend his actual position. Lack of
interest  from  the voter's side or just a resonnance
based on Afl's genera

                    * TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                            Points
01.   (1)       Alpha Flight 1970                99
02.   (2)       Avantgarde                       87
03.   (3)       Success & TRC                    64
04.   (4)       Empire                           39
05.   (5)       Demonix                          26
06.   (/)       ./.                              ./.
07.   (/)       ./.                              ./.
08.   (/)       ./.                              ./.
09.   (/)       ./.                              ./.
10.   (/)       ./.                              ./.

Well,  well,  well.  Only  a  few  groups who were able to
gain  some  votes. Where are all the other groups like
i.e.  Chromance, Hardcore & Onslaught and F4CG just
to name a few. To edit this one was rather boring and
the  crown is that Demonix exactly got as much points
as  in  the  previous issue. Just curious. Come on and
vote more interesting.

                     * TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER *
Rank  Last      alias                             Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/Hitmen                 98
02.   (2)       CBA/Trc                           93
03.   (3)       Suicide/Avt                       86
04.   (4)       Pudwerx/ex-Avt                    75
05.   (5)       Booze/Empire                      72
06.   (7)       Jack Alien/Avt                    64
07.   (6)       Mercenary/Empire                  59
08.   (8)       Vizz/Empire                       53
09.   (/)       Ignorance/Afl                     49
10.   (10)      Sidekick/Demonix                  26

Still  on  the  top  is  a man who is rumoured to have a
comeback in the near future even if nothing has been
confirmed yet. CBA is waiting to take over the leading
position  with  a  strong  Suicide  in his neck. Actually
these charts are aswell very boring without remark-
able  changes  but  at  the end Ignorance entered the
charts  for the very first time as NTSC fixer and re-
moved  Count Zero is the land of nowhere, somewhere
between ten and twenty, what is no big deal due to the
Snes  interest  of  CZ.  Why is it that there are no big
fixes from americans anymore?

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even  think  about  starting  to complain. Just call the
boards  and  start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite  board THE ESCAPADE, on any other board
by  leaving  E-mail  to  Marc or on Internet by leaving
E-mail to RRR.

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

[edit] Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts. The charts are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail  charts  are what some people like to define mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
Relax votesheets:

Chit Chat 7/No Name                          MAY 1995
Contrast 2/Genlog                            MAY 1995
Domination 4/Indepedent                      MAY 1995
Mendip 8/Arcoss                              JUNE 1995
Metal Force 3/Airwolf Team                   JUNE 1995
The Pulse June Edition/Independent           JUNE 1995
Skyhigh 17/Camelot                           JUNE 1995
Rock'n Role 19/Role                          JULY 1995
The Pulse July Edition/Independent           JULY 1995
The Tribune 52/Angry                         JULY 1995

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        109
02.    (2)      Camelot                       90
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    85
04.    (4)      Fairlight                     66
05.    (8)      Crest                         47
06.    (5)      Censor Design                 46
07.    (7)      Antic                         45
08.    (9)      Reflex                        38
09.    (6)      Taboo                         37
10.    (10)     Agony                         16

Oxyron proved to be the worthy and well earned hol-
der of the top spot again followed by Camelot and the
finnish Byterapers. Crest climbed 3 places, please do
not  ask  us  why. Reflex aswell pressed the buttom in
the elevator in direction up.
Demanding groups taking over the top spot after ha-
ving  released one or two good demoes seems to be a
little bit overacted when people vote for demo groups
they  should keep in mind that a decent demo group is
the  home  of talented programmers, artists and com-
posers  and definately not the platform for single en-

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      98
02.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              83
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 76
04.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  64
05.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                       55
06.   (6)       Tron/Fairlight                  35
07.   (8)       Graham/Oxyron                   35
08.   (9)       Axis/Oxyron                     30
09.   (7)       Bob/Censor Design               21
10.   (/)       KM/Taboo                        14

TTS/Oxyron  is  still  the  king  of the programmers in
the  CBM  64 scene, a position he well deserves after
proving  his skills in both quality and quantity all over
the  years.  He is actually working on new routines so
keep patient. Nothing new up to the end of the top ten
where  KM,  who  specialised  himself  on programming
disk drive routines, took over the tenth position from
Druid  who  will surely return after people saw his in-
deed very brilliant designed LOVE-trackmo.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    109
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 99
03.   (4)       Chromance                     78
03.   (5)       F4CG                          78
05.   (3)       Alpha Flight                  76
06.   (6)       Excess                        38
07.   (8)       Dytec                         31
08.   (9)       Motiv 8                       21
09.   (10)      Hardcore & Onslaught          16      
10.   (7)       Fairlight                     13

Avantgarde  is  still  the worthy number one cracking
group with the dutch cooperation of Success and The
Ruling  Company in their neck. After the mass of false
insults,  accusations  and ruthless rumours being ini-
tiated  by the concurence Alpha Flight lost two places
and went down to five, being overtaken by Chromance
and  F4CG,  both groups having seen their glory days
some months ago.

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Avt                  90
02.   (2)       Burglar/Scs                     86
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       84
04.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              67
05.   (5)       Bacchus/Flt                     47
06.   (7)       CBA/TRC                         42
07.   (8)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     27
08.   (9)       Powerplant/Legend               23
09.   (6)       Skinhead/Afl                    18
10.   (10)      Ignorance/Afl                   17

The  triumvirate's  distance is getting closer and clo-
ser.  Jack  Alien mastered it again to become the lea-
der of the people who define themselves as so-called
crackers.  Burglar  and  Hain,  who is not very active
these  days, are waiting for their chance. Powerplant
is  the  one  of the last persons of the older genera-
tion  being  capable  to  crack real protections but is
what  we call inactive since ages. Ignorance, who pro-
ved  his  skills  in an impressive way, should be better

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Electric/Extend                 106
02.   (2)       Creeper/Antic                   104
03.   (3)       Cruise/Taboo                    81
04.   (5)       Joe/Wrath Design                76
05.   (4)       Ogami/Fairlight                 68
06.   (6)       Fazee/Taboo                     58
07.   (8)       RRR/Oxyron                      35
08.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 30
09.   (/)       Hein Design/Focus               13
10.   (9)       Roder/Agony Design              12

A  very  close  finishing  in  the artists' top ten, a list
with  a  steady  change at the top. Electric, his group
Extend  is  rumoured  to  be dead, was able to defend
the  first  position  followed, as usual, by Creeper. At
position  three  we  have  found Cruise who should be
much higher in our opinion.
At  the end of the list we can report that Hein Design
re-entered  the  charts while Biz-Kid has fallen down
to 12.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  107
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               102
03.   (5)       Jeff/Camelot/Czp                68
04.   (3)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                54
05.   (6)       Compod/Agony Design             51
06.   (7)       Shogoon/Taboo                   50
07.   (4)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             49
08.   (8)       Zyron/Antic/TR/Swe              45
09.   (9)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               32
10.   (10)      Red Devil/Fairlight             24

PRI  is  the most popular composer around at the mo-
ment  even  if  some uninformed persons have spread
the  rumour  about  a questionable unactivity from his
side.  Not  only  with  the tracks being released in the
Relax  but  aswell  with the musics being released with
the  notorious  Zakplayer  V4.4  he was able to prove
the  opposite  of  the  ruthless  gossip.  By  the  way,
around  six musics of the collection have been exclu-
sive  soundtracks  for  games so we would like to ex-
press  a BIG thank you to Syndrom for spreading the
tunes before they have been released with the games
PRI composed/arranged them for.
Jeff climbed some places while Drax lost some. A sign
of resonance out of his inactivity?

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Calypso/Amn/Afl                 86
01.   (3)       Intruder/Avt                    86
03.   (5)       Spermbird/<C>/Ex                70
04.   (4)       Splatterhead/Trc                61
05.   (2)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              59
06.   (8)       Sebaloz/KA/LD                   40
07.   (7)       Starlight/Xtc/Tpy               31
08.   (6)       Tabasco/Flt                     28
09.   (/)       Dr. Kaos/Agony/Rfx              24
10.   (10)      Styx/Afl                        11

The mail trader charts seem to be the fastest moving
charts in this magazine. Calypso managed it to defend
his  position but has to share it high the climbing spe-
cialist  Intruder.  Spermbird  was  voted  into  the top
three  and  Derbyshire  Ram,  who  should  be higher,
felt  down  to  five.  Dr.  Kaos entered the top ten for
the  first  time  while  Nightshade  got ranked down to
fourteen. Mail trading is a curious business.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (1)       Nitro                          101
02.   (2)       Skyhigh                        96
03.   (3)       Revealed                       52
04.   (9)       Vandalism News                 51
05.   (8)       Jamaica (+)                    44
06.   (7)       Domination                     36
07.   (5)       Ingenious Brain                (+)35
08.   (/)       Shout!                         28
09.   (/)       Insider                        27
10.   (6)       Reformation (+)                15

Nitro  was the magazine which earned the most points
this  issue  still  sending Skyhigh on position two. Still
on  three is Revealed, probably the best magazine lo-
cated in the top three.  Vandalism is getting more and
more  popular,  same  goes  for  Domination.  Somehow
Shout! managed it to enter the top ten. The result has
to be set into brackets since most magazines use ma-
thematical  formulars  to  push  it  up. Insider entered
the  top  ten,  too.  Propaganda and News Press have
left the charts and we send a final salute out to News
Press as we do not expect to see them returning and
being ranked onto a top ten position again.

Best regards,


[edit] Interview

                              * Interview *
This time we proudly present an interview with one of
the  most popular composers these days, PVCF of the
german  demo  group Reflex. The interview was held in
German,  recorded  on  tape  (low  quality)  and finally
translated by RRR.

* Hello  PVCF,  please introduce yourself as our rea-
   ders are interested in some personal information.

:) Hello. My name is Kai Walter, I'm 22 years old, 1,80 m
   tall,  wear short hair and have ugly-green eyes. I'm
   living  in  Dresden  and  this  city is the second big-
   gest city in the former German Democratic Republic.
   In  the  next  days  I'm starting to study and since 3
   months  I'm  a  musician  on  the PC, before of that I
   was  4  months  on the Amiga and four years on the
   CBM  64.  I am a member of Reflex only as Quiss and
   me  were  kicked  out of the game label Art Project
   Studios even if we really don't know why.

* How did you get your very exclusive handle?

:) To introduce it I have to explain that I am convinced
   adversary of cars. Here in Dresden exists a group
   of  radical  bikers  and  its name is P.V.C.F., it is the
   short form of four independent latin nomen, and of-
   course  I  am  a member of this organisation. When I
   started  with  my  computer activities I wrote on all
   labels and directories PVCF and so I used the name
   all over the years now and it became my handle.

* Your musics are mainly floating into direction tech-
   no-styled  and  because  of it a lot of persons have
   spread  the  rumour  that  you  and  the techno act
   Hardsequencer are one and the same person. What
   is  your  reply  to  it  and what kind of music do you
   like to listen to in general?

:) Infact  I know Hardsequencer personally but we are
   two  different persons. Fact is that Hardsequencer
   claims  to be Master of Samples but fact is that I am
   the  true  Master  of Samples what is no handle but
   more a title for using samples on the PC. Until now I
   have  not  released  a record (CD) but I am working
   on  a project together with Odysseus and KB as we
   already founded a label on the CBM 64 (Brainbeat).
   Meanwhile  I  am the only one left on the CBM 64 but
   that  is  because  Quiss programmed a new stunning
   soundroutine  beating  all  the  other  existing ones
   featuring excellent edit facilities. I still have a plen-
   ty  of  unreleased  tracks  on my disks and most of
   my  released  tunes  are  ancient yunk, partly being
   older than one year. To answer the second part of
   your  question  I like to listen to Techno and Trance
   in  general but I like Rap, Raggae, HipHop and Hard-
   core, too.

* What  kind  of computer hardware do you own to fill
   up all your flats and to compose your musics?

:) I  own 2 CBM 64, 1 CBM 128 (with an old SID. I believe
   I am capable to add a qualified judgement about both
   SID  chips,  the  old and the new one. The new one is
   much  more  advanced. Everybody who still owns an
   old  one  should  remove and replace it with the new
   one  - greetings to Mr. Sex), Action Replay V6, Ami-
   ga  500,  Amiga  1200,  486er PC with Gravis Ultra-
   sound  (=  soundcard)  and some keyboards (Kamai
   and Kork).

* To  continue  with  your  audial  work,  what  kind of
   software do you use to create your tracks?

:) I  made  my first experiences with the Soundmonitor
   when I realised that it was a soundeditor and not an
   one-filed  demo.  Later on I learnt to know Syndrom
   who  just typed the Music Assembler from the 64'er
   into  the  MSE  but  on my direct request he replied
   that  he  could not copy it due to the copyrigt laws.
   Just some time later the GMC got released, followed
   by the DMC 2.0 and 3.0 and I used them all to crea-
   te  some  tunes.  Finally  there was the DMC 4.0 and
   nowadays I own Quiss' new music-routine called Lsd
   a routine which is indeed an high end music-routine
   and the very best one around on this system.
   On the Amiga there is only one good editor, the Me-
   lontracker. I like its excellent outfit. All those Octa-
   meds or Octalizers suck in my opinion.
   My favourite choice on the PC is the Frametracker
   2.0 from Triton.

* What  was  the  motivation to become a composer in-
   stead of a programmer or an artist?

:) For  sure I have drawn some graphics like a weirdo
   in  the beginning, I was very proud of my basic pro-
   gramms  and  made  some  experience  in assembler
   before  I  started  over with composing. I found out
   that it was most cool activity on the computer in my
   opinion  and I will always continue doing this job.

* For what productions have you added a remarkable
   soundtrack so far?

:) On  the commercial sector I have done game sound-
   tracks  for  Nova  2,  Geometric  2 and Ace 2 (alias
   Centric).  In  the  scene  I  did  tunes for the Reflex
   trackmos  Cafe  Odd,  Access Denied and Radio Na-
   palm  next to musics for the Ingenious Brain and In-
   sider.  In  general I invest one up to four weeks for
   a decent piece of music.

* If you do not waste all of your expensive spare time
   in  front  of  the computer or creating musics, what
   else are you doing to enjoy your life?

:) I  really  love  to ride my awfully expensive mountain
   bike in order to make some exciting downhill races.
   By  the  way,  this  hobby is going to be shared with
   Cruise  and  Decoy, too. These days Private Solider
   and me have ridden our bikes to visit Quiss to have
   an amusing Reflex meeting and the distance we ride
   was 630 kilometers from Dresden to Munich. I don't
   like to visit discotheques or clubs very much. I sim-
   ply  prefer these underground parties but in gene-
   ral  I  have  to  add that I do not like to visit parties
   were often.

* Actually  we  are  involved with favourites. What are
   your favourite ....

Demo groups         Byterapers,  Oxyron,  Censor De-
                    sign and Reflex
Single coder        Quiss, Zodiac
Cracking groups     ./.
Single cracker      regards  to CBA and Nightshade, I
                    would love to see both falling down
                    from a skyscraper
Graphic artists     Cruise, Electric, Ogami and PVT
Music composers     Mixer, GeirTjelta, Jeroen Tel, PRI,
Swappers            ./.
Magazines           Domination, Relax, Skyhigh, Shout!

* We  all  know  that  Reflex is one of the leading demo
   groups  but imagine you have the possibility to form
   some kind of dream team? Who are the persons you
   would invite to join in?

Coder                   Manfred Trenz, Quiss and Mr. Sex
Artist                  Electric, Cruise
Composer                Jeroen Tel, Chris H"lsbeck

* Lately  there  have been some interesting computer
   parties  like the X-95, the Puke 4x4 or the Assem-
   bly  just  to name a few. Do you like these parties in
   general and what parties have you already visited?
   Are there plans to visit forthcoming parties?

:) Computer parties are excellent events and probab-
   ly  one  of the few best things the scene brought to
   us.  I  only  have  been  present at three parties so
   far,  to  be  more  precise  at  the  Datalife  93, The
   Party  III  and the Party IV. In the future I would like
   to  visit  the  Saturne  Party, The Party V and pro-
   bably  The  Tribute but it depends on the amount of
   releases  we will be able to finish and present. Fur-
   thermore  we  intend  to  work on the Amigasa, too,
   and we will be fore sure present at the parties of-
   fering a good prize money.

* As  usual  there are appearing good and bad things
   in  the  scene  life. Please inform us about your ex-
   periences. Is there something you really like/dislike
   and want to share it with us?

:) I  really dislike the pertinent critism and reactions,
   both  could  be  better  described  as raggings, to-
   wards  or  if  you  prefer against my group Reflex,
   it  is  rather  funny how some people want to get us
   down.  In former times the scene seemed to be much
   better  in  general  and  especially  in  my hometown
   Dresden.  Everything  was  more  enjoyable and the
   friendship  was  more important. All is drifting more
   into  direction competition in its negatvie sense and
   out  of  their  "success"  some people became very
   arrogant.  Within  the past two years things used to
   become  better  again and the quality of the demoes
   and  magazines  increased  a lot. Hopefully both will
   increase steady in the future, too.

* We already stole a lot of your expensive spare time
   now.  Is  there  anything you want to share with the
   scene  as  a  last  word  for this interview? Anyway
   you can place here your greetings if you would like
   to.  Thanks a lot for being patient for around 2 and
   an half hour by now and for answering all questions

:) I  would like to send out some personal greetings to
   Zyron, Red Devil (who seems to be a little bit inacti-
   ve at the moment), KB, Odysseus, Earthquake, Ano-
   nym,  ......  And  some  group greetings have to go to
   Nipson,  Charged,  Oxyron  and  Origo next to other
   groups I do not remember at the moment. Bye.

Be  sure  not  to  miss  the  next interview again pre-
senting a very interesting profile.

Best regards,


[edit] Back to the roots

                        * Back to the roots *
Due  to  the  fact  that  Max  was not able to finish his
usual  4  pages of text in a six weeks period I had the
pleasure  to  fill  up  the  gap this time. I just continue
where  Max stopped last time and just return to Venlo
and  the  very  unique  conflicts  which  are  for sure
worth to be mentioned, for what reason however.

Sys/Afl was the victim of a gas attack, that's how the
conflict  between  Sys  and  OMG  ended.  Before that
meeting took place Sys and Tom/Sodom (former Relax
editor and partly operating under Hooligan/Afl) had a
bet  where  Sys  was pretty sure about knocking out
OMG.  Surely,  if  you have read the last edition of the
BACK  TO  THE ROOTS serial, all of you know that OMG
used  gas  to  leave  the  party place and Sys lost his
bet  so he was the one to stand a box of beer for the
other  members  of the flight at the forthcoming Venlo
meeting. This is the start of this story.

Max,  Tom  (aka.  Hooligan)  and  Sys  were  extremely
drunken while Marc had to drive the car as usual and
so  he  did  not  drink  anything  alcoholic.  All of them
were  in  a  pretty good mood and had a decent party
outside  of the party room. As the Venlo meetings had
an excellent status and were well visited by the major
groups  that time ofcourse so other top groups have
shown  up  there, too. Paramount was one of them and
so  people like Sting, Scratcher, Dr. Death and Stain-
less  Steel  were  present.  The  cooperation between
Alpha  Flight  and  Paramount  broke  up some months
ago  and  because  of  the fact that many members of
both  groups  came  from Gelsenkirchen and its close
surrounding  there  was  a  big  rivalry between both
cracking  groups,  and the flames burned bigger than
ever before after the seperation of both groups.

Sting,  who  caused  a lot of conflicts and argumenta-
tions  between  both groups, just came along to greet
his  former  comrades.  Tom  welcomed him and put his
arm on Sting's shoulder in the way like friends do but
just  a few seconds later he had Sting's head in a so-
called headlock. I do not know if you know the location
in Venlo. At the place infront of the building there are
a  lot of trees protected by massive fences. But let's
return  to  the  situation. Tom had Sting in a headlock
and  smashed  Sting's  face  directly  against  such  a
fence.  The  result  was  that  Sting's  nose and fore-
head  were  bloody  and  people could see tears in his
eyes, what was quite natural when you keep in mind
the  pain  he  must  have had. The Paramount crew did
not  consist  of  cads who had to solve conflicts using
physically  force  to  show  questionable  strength so
the incident was finally over. Afl celebrated their big,
but questionable "victory".

Alpha  Flight fought a lot of battles like this in former
days  and I do not remember correctly if the next one
I  am  going  to  report  about  happened  at  the same
event  or on one of the following meetings. Neverthe-
less  somebody  from  Hitmen  just  said some more or
less  true  facts about Afl and stated some things Afl
members disliked. Sys asked this member of Hitmen to
get  out of the room to have a decent fight infront of
the  building.  Outside  both take off their jackets and
gave  them to loyal group members just to exchange a
lot  of  arguments.  After  getting a lot of verbal pun-
ches  Sys  finally  pointed  out  that  he  will knock his
opponent  out.  The  Hitmen  member became nervous,
asked Sys to forget the quarrel and invited him for a
beer.  Sys  agreed  and  this  time the end was indeed
peaceful.  It  is  possible  that  there still exists a re-
cording  of  this  happening as Dense, well known as a
member   of  Hysteric  and  RSI,  archieved  the  "dis-
cussion" with a camera.

If  you have read the previous lines for sure you got
the feeling that Sys maybe should have joined a mar-
tial  arts  team  instead  of  a computer group but all
these  stories  do  not reflect the real personality of
Sys. I learnt him to know as a very silent person and
all those sins from his youth should not be taken too
Even  Tom,  who  seemed  to be a brutal asshole, mor-
phed  completely  into  an  harmless raver and halved
his  weight  down  to  an  acceptable  limit  what  might
sound  rather  strange  to  people  who  learnt him to
know that time.

Compared with these incidents today's so-called wars
seem to be harmless discussions. Nevertheless peop-
le should keep in mind that the computer and the sce-
ne is nothing else but a fine hobby and an experience
you can share with a lot of people having similar inte-
rests.  It should not be a platform to sowing hate just
to get on a better position in the charts. It is parly a
big  shame  how  newcommers treat more experienced
persons  to become more 'powerful' in their quest for
fame and respect. These persons should keep in mind
that  they  did  not create the scene as the scene did
run  very well before they joined in one or two years
ago. These people seem to think that they are the new
prophets  and  that the scene should follow their dic-
tation.  There  are for sure things which could be im-
proved  but  that  is  a  decision  from all the persons
who  take  part in a scene which has created its very
very  own rules and its honorary code, rules and co-
des  which worked about ten years very well by now.
If  you  have  a  closer  look at the people complaining
about the system you will surely find out that most of
them  are  people  who  can  not stand the heat of the
(hard)  competition.  Why  is  it  that  cracking groups
who  don't  have fast original suppliers or the chance
the  call  out  for free to upload their versions at the
major boards complain about the first release system
these  days?  Why  is  it  that persons who completely
failed with their deeds and actions complain about the
elite  scene,  a  choosen circle of persons they would
love  to  be  a part of it? On the other hand it is very
funny to see how people who recently bought a modem
or  had  the chance to join an elite group react. They
think that they belong to the elite scene from the mo-
ment  they  bought the modem or joined the group but
it  seems  that  those persons did not understand the
entire system. The status elite is nothing you can buy
in  a  shop  or  you  get  when  you belong to a better
group,  it  is  more  like  an  award  you  earn for you
knowledge,  your  deeds and the personality you show
while  "wasting"  your expensive sparetime infront of
the CBM 64. This is something many newcommers seem
not  to  understand.  It is the ignorance of many per-
sons  just  looking  out  for fame and respect within a
very  short  time  and  those persons are not able to
understand that they can not realise something other
people invested some years for.
People  should think twice before they act and always
keep  in mind that the scene in an hobby, a very exci-
ting  hobby  but  nothing more than a hobby. Some will
for  sure  need some time to figure it out, hopefully it
will be soon. Just do a fine job in the scene, have fun
and make some friends. This is what makes the scene
go round, from the very beginning to the end. Fame is
just a factor next to it! On the other hand people are
always talking about friendship and this does mean no
negative  critism  is allowed! What kind of friendship is
it  when  you  can  not share your honest opinion with
your  "friends"?  It  seems  that people are only inte-
rested  in  hearing  hymns  of  praise  and everything
else  won't be accepted. Is it genuine friendship if you
have to tell fairy tales and lies to please your pals or
comrades as I think the word 'friend' can not be used
here.  Please  do me a special favour and think about
the previous lines as it seems that there is something
running into the wrong direction these days.

Surely I could continue some more hours like this but
the  title of the chapter gives the direct order to re-
port  about  the early and the golden days of the CBM
64  scene  and  definately  not  to discuss the actual
problems.  Hopefully  Max  will  be capable to finish his
work in time for the next issue.

Best regards,


[edit] Demo Reviews

                          * DEMO REVIEWS *
Welcome  to  the  demo  reviews.  It is the place where
you  can  find  professional  analysis  of  the  demoes
spread   within  the  period  of  the  previous  to  this
issue,  performed  by  people who know what they are
talking about unlike in other, not named magazines.

This  time  the  Demo  Reviews  where splitted into two
chapters due to the fact that the reviews are getting
longer  and longer. In the last issue we tried to shor-
ten  everything  as  good as possible but this it is im-
possible and we don't feel like cutting important parts
just  to fit into the memory limits. Furthermore we ad-
ded  the  popular introduction texts about the groups
(or  labels)  being responsible for the productions we
had our critical look on.

There have been released quite a lot of demoes this
summer and as we can not review them all in here we
decided  to  choose  "Love"  from Agony Design, "De-
sert Dots" from Smash Designs and last but not least
"Respect" from Fuse.
As  you  use  to  know from the previous issue Fuben
and  Scroll  have  checked  the  codework, RRR had a
closer  look  at  the  artwork  and  PRI  listened very
carefully  to the audial scores to make sure that you
can read specified and qualified reviews in here. Fu-
ben  "joined"  the  audial section as one of the tested
productions  contained  some  work  of  PRI so just to
avoid any kind of manipulation Fuben proved his skills
as  musician,  too,  as  he is not only composing on the
CBM  64  but  playing keyboard in real life so you can
be  sure  that  he is qualified in this sector aswell. To
avoid  this  kind  of  situation  we are searching for a
"second"  unit  in  the  sector MUSIC and ARTWORK as
this  principe  works  very  well in the area of CODING
(see:  Fuben  and  Scroll). When you are interested in
working  for the RELAX MAGAZINE and you are expe-
rienced  in your field of activity (artwork/music), you
are  able  to  present  competent critism, have an ac-
ceptable  English,  you  are  not  a  member of Oxyron
and  are  capable  to deliver your work in time do not
hesitate  to  contact RRR via snail mail or internet. Do
not  forget  to add a few review examples to give us a
short overview about your writing skills in both, lan-
guage and competence.

Just a short WHO DID WHAT just to let you know whom
to  blame if you do not agree with the written content
of the chapter(s).

                         Love/Agony Design
Technical critism:                              FUBEN/OXYRON
Visual critism:                                 RRR/OXYRON
Audial critism:                                 PRI/TIA/OXYRON

                   Desert Dots/Smash Designs
Visual critism:      RRR/OXYRON
Audial critism:      PRI/TIA/OXYRON & FUBEN/OXYRON

Technical critism:                              FUBEN/OXYRON
Visual critism:                                 RRR/OXYRON
Audial critism:                                 PRI/TIA/OXYRON

Here we go ...

                       * Love/Agony Design *
Agony  Design  productions  are  always  worth  to be
watched  as  they  mostly present trackmos and den-
tros  which  are  very  well  designed  and styled by a
person  with  a  great  ability  for  style  and  design:
Druid.  Next to him Agony is the home of very talented
composers  (Shogoon, Moog, Compod) and artists (i.e.
Roder,  Astaroth, Comanche, ...) so you can be always
sure   about  outstanding  designed  and  well  looking
productions when they wear the Agony Square label.

Love  is  a  double  sided trackmo coded by Druid and
Agony's  new  coder  Inco,  who  was  responsible  for
the mathematical routines.
After  having  started  the demo you may choose bet-
ween the trackmo and its note (like in Coma-Light 12).
Let's start with the note. This is exclusively coded by
Colabor/Vermes.  There  is  a Super Hi-Res Interlace
picture at left and some text written in 1x1 at right.

Now  to  the  actual demo: At the very beginning there
is  a  100%  precalculated  "Star Tunnel", zooming and
rotating.  All  down converted from the Amiga. It looks
great, but it's easy to convert down animations.
After  that  you can see a Hi-Res logo with a rotating
square  marking  the  Agony  sign,  followed  by  some
more  squares while loading there is another precal-
culated  animation:  79 frames of a voxel calculated in
SCENERY  on  Amiga.  It  is  surely possible to do it in
realtime  even not in the same speed. Next is a vector
is a vector tunnel made up of single lines (without any
hidden-lines).  The  animation  is  really broken, which
doesn't  give  you  the  real  zoom in feeling. Later on
some  gravity  dots  are falling down. The calculations
were  just  done for the vertical movement, so that is
nothing  hard  coded as you just need to pretable the
falling  down  movement.  Even that movement was not
physically/mathematically correct as the dots jumped
3  times  only,  too less rebounds as a real EXP-wave
never stops while the same gravity effect is used for
the next "part" - the polish flag.
The next part is a Twist Rotator over a Hi-Res pictu-
re  with  some additional sprites. Sorry, but this part
really looks ugly and the code isn't hard aswell. After
two  rather big scrollers containing some greetings a
a "simple" chessboard lightsourced zoomer came up.
This  effect might be the 534th of its kind in C64 his-
tory.  Sorry, but neither the idea is new nor the code
is  anything special, just look at Axis' version in Coma
Coma  Light  9  (1993)  with open sideborders. Next in
the  row  is  a  transforming  ball over a picture. This
ball  is  jumping  up  all  the time. After this, there is a
dot cyclone moving over the screen. Its code isn't too
hard  (normal vector rotation over the y-axis), but it
looks  nice.  Evenso there could be some more dots in
my  opinion. Now you have to flip the disk to enter the
grey part of the trackmo.
The  first real effect is a Sierpinsky triangle calcula-
ted  in  realtime.  The calculations are very slow in my
opinions  and also the routine is rather old now. Just
check  the ORIGO demo "Elysion" out. There are quite
fast calculations. Also in the old Bonzai demo Crackle
'n'Cocio.  But  I  just wonder why Druid used a recur-
sive  loop  to  calculate  his fractal though he did not
change the x-y values! You can also calculate such a
Sierpinsky  triangle by using the equalation (y-x) and
x=0  (logical  and) or just using the EOR-trick. I made
a  realtime  sierpinsky  triangle (animated) in Triiod II
calculated  in  max. 10 frames. The next effect is some
sort  of line-vector showing a sprial but it is a bit too
slow  in  my opinion and it also doesn't look that good.
After   a   down-converted  logo  animation  from  the
Amiga (looks great!) there is a so called Interference
Plasma in 2 colors. By the way, that part is definately
no worldfirst as you can see the same in Reflex' Cafe
Odd. Nothing spectacular, though! Then there is a Hi-
res  bitmap  picture  moving 2 screen in X-direction.
Later  on, there is a multicolor stencil over a picture
(easily  Eor-filled). Well, this reminds me to the hidden
part by Graham in Coma-Light 12. Following there is a
converted  Raytracing animation from the Amiga. While
showing  the  credits  there  are also digitalized Star
Wars animations until you finally reach the end pictu-

All  in all a very nice linked and designed trackmo with
much  action  and  fun.  Evenso  there is the negative
side,  which  is  the lack of hard code. I didn't see one
really  hard  coded  part in the demo. Therefore I will
just give a rating of 55%!

The  graphics  for this trackmo were drawn by Asta-
roth,  Comanche,  Digger,  Jetan, Roder and Skyle, all
members of Agony Design.

At  first  a nice style Agony logo in hires singlecolour
a  "simple"  presents  logo  followed to present finally
another hires singlecolour picture showing the trak-
kmo's  name  -  Love. This one is really cool in my opi-
nion.  Next  in  the  row  is another hires singlecolour
picture with a dragon as its motive and this one looks
just great. The first graphic using some more colours
is  an  Ifli  picture  drawn  by  Roder,  one of the best
artists  around. Here you can see an ancient warrior
probably  known  as  Conan  worldwide  next  to a fine
landscape and hostile stone age people. It is very de-
tailed  and he used a good colour palette. Another Ifli
picture shows a knight and his horse, both well drawn
and  designed.  Unfortunately there is too much light-
grey  in  the  background so it flickers like hell on my
configuration  but nevertheless it is a very good pic-
ture  indeed. With a Love logo we find one of the first
standart  logos  in  here,  4  colours  including back-
ground  but  nothing special, not in form not in filling,
at  all.  The Flip Disk (with K not C!) picture is again in
hires  singlecolour  format and divided into two parts
with  one  side  showing  a logo looking very similar to
some  I  have  seen  in  former Agony (or Chaos, their
former   name)  productions,  and  a  picture  showing
another dragon.
The  grey part starts with some excellent graphics, a
Love logo and a girl with nice hair in Ifli format. Looks
really  impressing.  Next in the row there is an Agony
logo  in  Koala  format showing next to well drawn and
designed  letters  a  very  nice eye on the left side. A
two  screens  big hires singlecolour picture moving in
X-direction  containing the usual chessboard (I like it,
aswell),  a tiger,  a  girl and a penguin next to various
other  stuff.  To  follow the hires singlecolour reign a
face  with  a  wired  eye  appears  altogether with the
obligatory   chessboard   shown  in  almost  an  every
hires  singlecolour artwork in this demo (when will the
people  stop ragging about me loving chessboards?).
Next  there  is another Koala format logo but this no-
thing  special  at  all  even if it looks quite interesting
and that is very important. At the end I found another
hires singlecolour picture, once again divided into 2
parts  or  areas containing a The End logo on the one
and  some  sort  of  castle  on  the  other  side of the
screen. The castle looks very cartoonish.

After  watching  this  impressing trackmo I had a look
at the demo Love by Virtual Dreams/Fairlight (Amiga)
where I have found a lot of sources for their design.
Nevertheless all the graphics next to the not mentio-
ned  sprites  and  charsets  give  the demo a special
touch  of  class  and  are  on a high standart. The Ifli
graphics are the most impressive ones in here so the
rating is 83%.

The soundtrack for Love was completely arranged by
Shogoon/Taboo/Agony Design.

In  five  different  tunes  he gives a good overview of
his  abilities. Powerful tracks alternate with light and
happy  ones,  sometimes  a little bit of techno, someti-
mes  jazz,  but  everything with a personal touch. The
second one features a nice cutoff/sync-effect and a
Jeff-related  bass.  The third one is superfunky, with
a  very  good theme and a cool rhythm part. The next
one   has   switched  bass-notes  and  a  very  spacy
B-part  and  at  last  the  end  tune  is a short sweet
shuffle  with a nice melody and good harmonical work.
Through  out  the soundtrack the soundquality is ex-

Shogoon  is  one  of the few composers with theoreti-
cal  knowledge  and  original  ideas  and since sound-
track  is  in  my opinion the best one since Tower Po-
wer (1993). Rating: 91%

                 Desert Dots by Smash Designs
Smash  Designs  is  well  known as a group putting al-
ways  a lot of effort into their demoes even if the re-
sults  seem  not to meet the taste of either the juries
of the audience that much. Fact is that the contribu-
tions  from  Smash  were not shown at the big screen
at The Party 1993 and The Party 1994 and this is su-
rely worth to be mentioned in here. The group is ger-
man based and even has a PC section.

The  demo  starts with a music appearing even before
the  decrunch  screen  is  removed, and a text saying
"in  the  year  1995  we  are  back". After a while, the
screen  fades  to  black,  a white line scrolls onto the
screen,   revealing   a  Smash  Designs  logo.  Then  a
"Presents"  logo  appears,  soon a landscape picture
is   presented,   with   the  credits.  The  credits  are
shown  on  the  top  of  the  screen with a large font,
with   the   chars  fading  in  a  special  way.  Not  too
advanced,  however.  By  the  way, the code was done
by  AEG  (he  did  45%),  Dasheele  (40%)  and  Tardox
(15%).  Then  a  full  screen  picture of the new-styled
C64  appears,  with a "Desert Dots" logo above and a
little picture of a desert between them both! Then the
whole  screen  fades  to  white, and the screen fades
into  black,  with  the  screen  divided into four bars,
which  one  after  another goes black. After that, the
music  changes, and another pictures appears, with a
logo  saying  "3D-world"  and  a landscape... Then the
vector  mayhem  starts.  A  vector cube with a Smash
logo  on the right side appears. Then the vector cube
consists of very blocky squares (char size!) and ECI
colours,  even  with  colour-cycling. It's an OK looking
effect, but really too blocky. Next out is a plasma-like
picture  manipulating  (again  in  char sized blocks). A
Smash  logo  (I think) is zoomed, teched and scrolled,
this  effect  is  also  full-screen.  However, there are
some  BUGS  on  the  lower two character lines of the
screen,  seems  like  they  left  some  sprite definition
data  there or some kind of data tables. Then, a tech-
no-show  starts,  with  different  signs  similar to the
signs  of the Zodiac, while the screen flashes in black
and  white...  Soon  a strange Smash logo appears, ei-
ther  it  is  me  or  the  A is really missing... Now some
balls  moving in sinus appears, with balls of fading co-
lours  following them. A pretty coll effect, by the way,
perhaps  the  screen was a bit too empty. Then, some
larger  balls  appear (with the size of expanded spri-
tes). There are eight of them and together they make
up a vector cube. Now a shade-bob routine appears,
this one with colour-cycling! I found this routine quite
good.  Now  a  circle colour-cycle routine follows, like
the one in "BlaBla/Censor", but this one scroll faster.
It  starts with just black and white, but soon more co-
lours  appear and they scroll in both directions. Then
this routine is combined with the previous plasma-like
picture  manipulator,  with  each routine shown every
second  frame... Looks both, cool and confusing. Then
a  picture  zoomer  and  rotator  comes up, again with
the  char resolution. This version is very blocky, and
compared  to similar routines in other demos, this one
isn't  very  good, even though it is full screen... Then,
another  Smash  logo,  followed  by  a  strange plasma
what  appears... This one is full screen, with char re-
solution  and ECI (which stands for Expanded Colours
with  Interlace).  Routines  like this were made back in
1990...  Then a cartoonish picture of a boar appears,
and  after  that,  the last part of the demo, consisting
of  a  Smash logo on the top of the screen, a scrolling
city  at  night beneath. Some text pages are shown on
the top of the graphics.

Well, this is a pretty standard trackmo, with usual ef-
fects   like  vector,  plasmas,  shadebobs  etc.  There
were also a lot of graphics appearing frequently. It is
very  polished,  all  in  all the demo looks quite great.
The  coding  isn't that advanced, however. The quality
of  the routines ranges from very good to quite bad.
This  is  the  first  demo I have seen from this group.
Let's  see  if  they will improve with their next demo...
I'll give the coding the rating of 45%.

The graphics of Desert Dots were drawn by AEG and
MVA,  both  Smash  Designs,  and all of them are in the
standart resolution (160x200 pixel).

The  first  logo  is a Smash Designs logo in Koala for-
mat.  Just  an  average piece of art followed by the in
my  opinion, the best piece of art in this demo, a Koala
fullscreen  picture  showing a nice boulder and an im-
pressing  sky,  fullscreen  ofcourse.  The next one is
the title picture with a Desert Dots logo where all the
letter  got  some  shadows  added  and a small desert
graphic  with  cactus  and lots of sands while you will
beneath  it  a  perspective correct (I hope so) drawn
new styled Commodore 64. Following you will find once
again  a fullscreen "3D-World" Koala picture offering
the  logo  and  some  mountains  and some clouds. The
row goes on with a 4-colours (including background)
holding  Smash  logo, not too good good in my opinion.
Graffity  arts  come up with the next fullscreen logo.
The A Scroll is missing could be the thing at the lower
end of the second S but I am not sure about it so this
letter is definately not fitting in a graffity styled logo.
so  the  rating  will decrease again. The next logo is a
weird  one  with  un-usual  outlines but an aceeptable
filling  (shading  effect)  I use to define as the typical
Andromeda (Amiga) logo filling in former days, atleast
it  remembers  me  back to it. A wild boar appears and
I  guess  Asterix & Obelix would have for sure arran-
ged a barbeque if they would have got their hands on
it.  In the last part we can find a logo which is hard to
define  as  the  style  could  be  either bent or tipped
what  could  be a hard question to be answered and I
guess  only  the artist himself is able to give the cor-
rect  answer.  At  the buttom of the screen there is a
moving  skyline  being some screens long. Unfortuna-
tely the artist forget to make sure that the beginning
and  the  end  of  the moving will continue in a perfect
harmony  and so even blind beggards are able to find
out where the graphics starts and where it ends. De-
tails  can  become  important  when people are looking
out for them.

In  general  all the graphics are made on a solid basis
with  nice  ideas  but  having a closer look at them did
not  make me personally happy. With some more effort
they could have been much better (i.e. skyline) so the
rating from me is exactly 59%.

The  second tune was ofcourse done by me, originally
used  in  Wrath's  Courtesy  of  Soviet  less  than one
year ago, so I'll restrict to the one by Emax while Fu-
ben  will  have  a closer look at my work. It's got ano-
ther  one  of  these  intros,  but  with  sharp,  cutting
sounds.  The  rest of the tune is techno-related, with
several  sound-effects.  But  he  doesn't  handle  the
hardstart  properly!  I  thought  this  belonged to the
past  by  now.  The  instruments are not what you can
call mind-blowing, and that passage with the sixteenth
bassdrum  really got on my nerves. The normal demo,
however,  is  spared  this  experience,  as the tune is
faded  out  before there. This one is only worth 55%,
even  if  it is a conversation of an Amiga-module made
by Jester/Sanity, and now to the second tune.

This  track  is  taken  from  the  Wrath  Design demo,
Courtesy  of  Soviet, but it fits very good to the demo
in  my opinion. This track called "Neeeaung!" (because
of  the  slides  in  the bass at the beginning) is surely
one  of PRI's better techno-tracks, though he's much
better  in  composing  jazzy  music  with his nice style
to   improvise  soly.  The  techno-track  contains  the
typical  PRI-instruments.  And  that  is  the special at
PRI's  musics  I  think. You always recognize his tunes
just from the instruments.
However,  the  techno-track  has  a  very fast speed
with  lots  of  action.  I  think  the  length of the track
is quite remarkable, too.
Allright,  to  get a bit detailed: the track starts with a
simple  bassline  and  a  filter,  which changes its fre-
quences  all  the  time.  After  the  "neeeaung"-motive
a   constant  base-drum  starts  hammering.  After  a
while  a  full  and  active  bass-groove  comes  up. At
that  time  the  constant base-drum changed to a full
rythm  with  base,  snare  and  Hi-Hat. All the time you
listen  to  the  opening and closing bassfilter, which is
very usual for these sort of techno.
The  special  of  the track is, that it doesn't have any
harmonies.  There  is  just the drum and the bassline,
which  still  doesn't  make  the  track boring at all be-
cause  of  all  those  variations  in  the tune. You can
compare  the  track  with  the techno-track in Coma-
Light 12, which was also composed by PRI.

Well,  I don't like Acid very much (I prefer ambient and
trance)  and  I  have  already listened to some better
tracks  on  C64,  but  still  I  think  that the track has
much  power  and  action,  which  fits  quite  good to a
trackmo. Rating: 73%

Please load in the second part of the demo reviews to
read the critism about Respect.

Best regards,

Scroll/Megastyle Productions

[edit] Demo Reviews 2

                    * Demo Reviews (Part 2) *
After  presenting  the  reviews of the demoes "Love"
and  "Desert  Dots"  in  the  first chapter here is the
last  review for this issue of a production called "Re-
spect", a demonstration not created by a demo group
but by a label we could define as some kind of working

Let's continue with the reviews ...

                          * Respect/Fuse *
When  you  have been heard from Fuse before you've
seen  this demo there is no need to wonder. Fuse is a
project  from various east german CBM 64 scene folk
mainly  coming  from Dresden so please note that this
is no new group to be voted for. Under the label Fuse
programmers, artists and composers from Reflex, TIA
Taboo,  Cosmic  Style,  Plush, Bass and Substance for
example  have shown what they are capable to do with
their contribution in what kind of form however.

This  demo  was  coded  by  Warp  8/Cosmic Style, The
Syndrom/TIA/Crest,     Happymaker/Reflex    &    Jan

A  trackmo  of  rather  high quality, pretty nicely de-
signed  and  linked.  Unfortunately  very often system
errors  caused  by  the  sensible loader occur. How-
ever, there are almost always fade in and out effects
for  coming and goining parts. Let's start with the in-
tro.  Nice  idea  to  display  the introduction-text in a
transforming  box.  Also  a fli picture got displayed in
the box.
After  the  intro there are some zooming balls moving
in  a  sine-movement. The balls are also lightsourced.
Nevertheless,  no  technical  hard  routine.  Next are
again  some  balls,  which  are  elastic  now.  They are
jumping  above  a  rasterline.  This part does not look
that  cool  than  the  part before, and the is not much
better!  I  think  these two parts are definately shown
shown  by far too long. After that you may read some
text while loading, informing the watcher about a hid-
den-part I have not found yet.
Some  text  and a logo follows. Then there is a Hi-Res
picture  with a loosy sprite-scroll on 1x1 remembering
the  watcher about all those old groups. By the way, I
am  sharing  my opinion with the authors of the demo.
Most  newcomers  doesn't  show  any  attention to the
dead  groups  from  that  times! Just take some older
demos  and  watch  them again. Most of them are much
cooler than the demos produced nowadays. However,
this  part got again shown too long! Another nice-to-
atch  part comes up. A fullscreen Hi-Res picture with
two little balls over the picture, which zooms the tex-
tures  under  themselves.  In  the left corner there is
also a nice Y-rotate animation of a little Hi-Res logo.
Well, those balls are looking ray-traced, but they are
not  of  course;  you  just  get the feeling as they are
so small. The idea of this part isn't new as Cult relea-
sed  a similar routine, just bigger and in multicolour in
in  their  recent demo called THE CULT. Next is a nice
picture,  which  gets  faded in with a RGB effect. Very
good  looking in my opinion. After that, a tunnel comes
up,  in  4  colors  running  in one frame. That tunnel is
made  up by some different coloured boxes. It doesn't
look  very  cool and is easy to code anyway. The next
part  shows  an  Hi-Res  logo with many old legendary
groupnames  like Bonzai, Beyond  Force, Dynamic Duo,
etc. over the logo you can see a Respect sprite logo.
After  a while an interlace picture is faded in showing
Freddy  Krueger. Then there is again a picture in Hi-
Res with some text besides it, written by using a pro-
portional  charset, which doesn't look realtime to me.
The  next  part  is  in my opinion the best in the whole
demo  featuring a split-scroller. There are 2 scroller,
the  one  scrolls up while the other one scrolls down.
Over  that  all  there  are  some "multiplexed" sprites
displaying  some  text.  This looks like a typical Crest
demo  part,  a  nice  routine  actually. After some time
time   there   is  a  rather  big  Respect  logo  walking
though  the side-boarders. Nice! Something is missing
in this trackmo?! Yes, it is the vector part. Some hid-
den-line vectors rotate all over the 3 axis. The vec-
tors  look  nice,  but they are a bit slow in my opinion
(compare them with the last part of The Masque/Oxy).
Finally  there  is  the  end-part  containing a "simple"
interlaced  upscroller  with  a 1x2 charset. I think the
charset is interlaced to get a higher resoloution.
All  in  all  a  nice  demo  with  some very long loading-
processes,   which   steals   much  action.  A  lack  of
rastertime  isn't a good excuse dear FUSE-coders!!!
I'll give a rating of 72% for the coding.

All the graphics I have detected in the trackmo of the
label Fuse were drawn by Earthquake, Felidae, Hogan,
Syndrom and Warp 8.

In  the  intro  there is a fli picture showing some sort
devilish  creature.  A  lot of colours, many of them did
not  fit  in  here  exactly,  were  used and all in all the
picture  is  not  too  accurate  drawn.  With a little bit
more effort it could be for sur much better. The next
target  is  a  bitmap logo presenting Respect. Just an
average piece of art not being attractive in any way.
Following I found a hires singlecolour picture. It looks
quite  interesting but I have no idea how to define the
shown   object.   Another  hires  singlecolour  picture
came  up  with an alien or whatever it might be else. It
looks nice but still it seems to be a simple unit. Fanta-
sy  art in fli format can be found aswell. The woman is
supposed to be a female bodybuilder, atleast it is how
she looks like. Girls looking like Arnold Schwarzeneg-
ger  are  not too attractive in my opinion. The dragon
and  the  background  are  quite nice. To the world of
simple  units  got  another Respect hires singlecolour
logo  added.  A  VERY simple unit indeed. The most im-
pressing  piece  of  art got presented by Warp 8 with
his  Freddy  Krueger Ifli picture. This one is for sure
handmade as I had the pleasure to see some parts of
the  development live at The Party IV! Well done! A ro-
bot  lady  called  Cybot  was  the next detectable art-
work.  Some  details have been added but anyway it is
not  to  impressive  in my opinion. Once again an hires
singlecolour  logo  which looks like being created with
a characterset on Amiga/PC and got converted later
on.  It  could  be  but  it  mustn't be, it simply looks like
have been used that technique.

In  general  the  graphics  are at an acceptable level
with a single exception - the excellent Freddy picture
from  Warp  8.  But as this picture was only a part of
the  artwork  I  have  to  rate  the entire graphics at

The soundtrack for this one falls into six tunes, done
by The Syndrom, Fanta and D-Tract. It varies in style
and quality.

Fanta,  who  indeed has improved quite a bit lately, did
the first tunes as well as a third one which was reali-
zed together with D-Tract.
First  we  get  to  hear one of those very fashionable
"Mysterious  Tension-Mount"  intros,  but nicely per-
formed. Not so nice, however, is the bass which is too
thin  and  the  drums  which  sound  too similar (snare
and  bass),  which  prevents  the tune from grooving.
The  second  one  does  groove quite a lot. It comes in
some jazzy 5-2-4-1 harmonics and contains a rather
Drax-orientated  solo  (a  tribute to him?). Syndrom's
first  one  really  rocks,  he even seems to simulate a
string-bass, which also plays a nice line. Also the me-
lodies  are good, but not loud enough! Really strange,
normally you have that when playing a tune, which was
composed on an old 64, on a new one (old and new SID
have  different  volume balances when FILTER is on),
but  I  always  use  an old one, so how come? Anyway,
Syndrom's  second one is well-balanced, very relaxed
and  a  nice  background-tune,  suitable for the demo
end.  D-Tract's tune stands out in the negative sense
sounding  much  like  a typical beginner's tune: boring
built-up  and  structure,  mindless jamming about four
always  repeated  chords. Besides, a C#  over a-minor
is  a real burner. Somebody who doesn't notice this in
his  own  tune can't be a real musician. Sorry for this
terminating  critism, but it really made by ears hurts.
The  coop-tune at last is marked by some neat ideas,
especially the question-answer-passage. The B-part
grooves  better,  but  letting the tune just start over
is a clumsy break.

Overall  this  soundtrack  is  okay,  with a spotline on
Fanta's second tune. I'll give it a rating of 65%.

If  it should be necessary we will expand the demo re-
views  as we are interested in enlarging our engage-
ment on the legal sector of the scene aswell. But this
depends  on  the  legal  scene  and their releases, be
sure  we  will  be  there  to  pick  up  everything what
seems  to  be  interesting  and what attracted the at-
tention of the critical audience.

Best regards from your favourite review team,

Scroll/Megastyle Productions

[edit] Open Letter

                            * Open Letters *
        Public Note from Marc of Alpha Flight 1970

Even if it doesn't come up to our usual business here
is a small comment from Marc/Afl concerning the edi-
torial  of  Vandalism  News 22, to be more precise the
part written by Bizarre:
Not only that you start to complain about one mistake
we  did  in  a  time  when almost everyone joined Ons-
laught,  now  you  start  to  complain about the slogan
used by our dutch section since ages, a long time be-
fore  Onslaught  and  the  cooperation Hardcore and
Onslaught got started. When you refer to happenings
that  occured  a long time before you can pretend to
be  a part of this scene you should better make sure
about  the  facts  you  deliver. The cooperation Alpha
Flight  and Paramount got active in 1990 and not four
years  ago  like you stated. Out of this experience we
are  able  to  quote  WE DON'T NEED NO CO-OP! If you
manipulate  your readers by pretending that this slo-
gan  got  created  to spend attention to Onslaught or
to  attack  Success & The Ruling Company you should
better  return  to  your  roots and copying the music
charts or reviewing CDs.
                                        MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970

                Public note by Alpha Flight 1970

With this text-file we in ALPHA FLIGHT want to react
to the various notes written about us and our
members in the past few months. We were getting
more and more sick and tired of it all, and so the
gossip about us in the July issue of The Pulse, in
former times known for its accurate News Journal,
made us deceide to use The Relax to get this note to
the public of the C64 scene.

Pulse editor Crossfire claims, quote: 'Mayhem
brought evidence to the scene, and there can be no
doubt. Investigation has shown, that Ream is
responsible for all the fuzz around Alpha Flight at
the moment.' unquote. Apparantly Crossfire knows
JACKSHIT about the whole situation, because if he
had been following the whole so-called affair, which
a good journalist definitely has got to do, he would
have noticed that Mayhem did NOT investigate
anything. The only thing they could come up with were
some wild accusations based on nothing. Accusations
and assumptions, this is not what normal people call
Another nice one from The Pulse, quote:
'Alpha Flight has not replied to Mayhem. atleast no
reaction which has been received by any of the
members of staff.' unquote.
Now this one IS funny. The Pulse worships and tries
to practise real-life journalism, which automatically
makes the editors of such a magazine would be
journalists. We in Alpha Flight always thought a
journalist had to go out in the field to report the
latest happenings. Crossfire however, thinks he
will RECEIVE the latest happenings from all groups.
Now where did the real-life journalism go to?
If he had been doing what he claims he is doing he
would have noticed that we in Alpha Flight already
released TWO notes concerning the Mayhem
situation. One to react on the first note written by
Mayhem and the second one written by Styx/AFL to
react on the stupidity of Met/Mayhem.

Now for the LAST time we will react to all the games
we released which caused some kind of fuzz.

Check the June issue of the Relax for this game.
In short: We've proven our innocense by providing
you with the original game, and a snap shot from a
page of Gamers Guide issue 17.

This problem was solved over THREE months ago!
Because it was mainly talked about on the boards,
we have proven to the board scene, by providing
them with the original game, we're totally innocent.
So Crossfire if you had been perceptive, you would
have known this matter was already dealt with over
three months ago.
The original preview can be requested at your
Alpha Flight dealer if you still want to see it though.

Read the notes written by us which will be spread
together with this issue for all the details.

We in Alpha Flight do not ask for a rectification,
we DEMAND one!

                      Get your facts straight



A pissed off Alpha Flight crew.

Call our boards Nation Wide for the latest around:
                         Holiday Inn Cambodia
                         The Pirate Island

[edit] Advertisements

                         * Advertisements *
Welcome  to  the  area  of  advertisements where you
get  the  chance  to  offer  the  rest  of the world the
possibility   to  either  contact  you  as  a  trader  or
just  to  place  a  request through us.
There  is  no need to fill a votesheet if you do not like
it,  just contact us with a paper (or disk) note and we
are  going to publish your address in here as long as
it is scene/computer related.
To  see  your  advertisement  here, contact the Relax
staff.   The   contact  addresses  already  have  been
printed in the Editorial so re-load that chapter, grap
a  pen  and  paper and do not hesitate to submit your
addresses and advertisements as soon as possible.

                        * Sharp/Accuracy *
XXXXX XXXXX                          - Hot C64 & PC swap
XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX.                    - Originals wanted
XXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX. XX               - Splash & Acy warez
XXXXX XXXXX/XXXXXXX                  

                      * Druid/Agony Design *

- NO ordinary swapping anymore!!!
- Urgently wanted: 1764 REU (256/512 KB)

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                        * Robocop/Atlantis *

                            * Avantgarde *
Avantgarde is searching for a fulltime graphician (all
kind of gfx). It doesn't matter from which country you
are  from.  Apply for membership by sending examples
of your work to:


                * Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde *

                     * Intruder/Avantgarde *

                          * Mike D./Chalice *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                 - For friendship
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              * Johnny Walker/Diamond Design *
I  am  searching for analog and digital Laserdisks as-
well as VHS tapes and CD-I's from all over the world,
furthermore  I  am searching for posters and sound-
tracks  (vinyl  only) but please keep in mind HORROR/
SPLATTER movies only!

                  * Wozio/Elysium/Chromance *
XXXXXXX XXXXX       -  Esm and <C> wares
XX. XXX X           -  Always and Astoria mag. HQ
XX-XXX XXXX X       -  Elite only!
XXXXXX              -  real hot orries
                    -  prefer fast swapping

                       * Red Devil/Fairlight *
XXXX XXXXXXX         - for music order
XXX, XXXXXXXX        - for music stuff swap
XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX    - for PC swap
XXXXXX               - cheat carefully!

                    * Grafee/Feniks/Accept *
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX                   - Feniks Hq
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Tel.: +XX/(X)XX/XXX-XXX             

                  * Sebaloz/Keen Acid/Lepsi *
Orlando Magic Fan Club             - MEGAswapping
X/X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX            - 100% reply
XXXXXXX XX/XX                      
XX-XXX XXXXXXXX                    

* Chash/Lepsi/Caution *                * Frank/Lepsi *
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* Ice/Lepsi *                               * Scare/Lepsi *
XXXXXXX XX/XX                          XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX. XX
XXXXXX                                 XXXXXXX

               * Scroll/Megastyle Productions *

Internet: Scroll^Nordnett.No

- for extremely fast oldie swap with many disks
- send a list with your first letter
- put on enough stamps or DIE!
- I want EVERYTHING, so contact me if you have some
   obscure warez
- 100% reply ofcourse

                    * Amputator/ex-Nemesis *
XXXXXX XXXX                         - 4 friendship
XXX XXXXX-XX                        - 4 Il(legal)
XXXXX XXXXXX                        - 100% reply

                            * Zzap/Noice *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                  - COOL but SLOW swap

   * Vengeance/Onslaught/Megastyle Productions *
XXXX'                           - Hcon & MSP releases
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                 - Vandalism News
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX               - 100% reply to euros
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                  

                          * Fuben/Oxyron *

- NO ordinary swapping anymore!!!
- contact with Programmers and Composers wanted

                            * RRR/Oxyron *


- legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
- (game-) graphics ---------
- CBM 64 hardware wanted!

                    * Scrapper/Oxyron (PC) *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX             -  PC swapping on both 3.5
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX          disks or streamer tapes
XXXXX XXXXXXXXX               (Qic 80)

                           * Funny/Replay *

                      * AEG/Smash Designs *
XXXXX' X"XXXX                  - for swapping, joining,
XX XXXXXXXXXX XXX              gfx and nice coder
Tel.: +XX/(X)XXXX-XXXXX        

      * Spectator/Success & The Ruling Company *
XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX                - Original & Tape swap

              ATTENTION! Note the new address!

    * Splatterhead/Success & The Ruling Company *

                           * Morris/Shape *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX       - MEGAswapping!

                         * Acidchild/Taboo *
XXXXXXX XXXX           - 4 legal swap
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX     - 4 covers, beermates, stamps
XXXXX XXXXXXX          - 4 swapping older demos+mags
XXXXXXX                - 4 acidtapes
                       - 4 friendship mainly

                   * Sailor/Taboo/SCS & TRC *
XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                       - latest Tbo/SCS&TRC
XXXXXXXXXXXX X                          warez

                     * Stash/Wrath Designs *

 If you are interested in swapping with a girl then try
XXXXX-XXXXX XXXX                         - 100% reply

            * Mac Guyver/ex-The Airwolf Team *
XXX XXXXXX                   - 4 swapping old'n new games
XXXXXXXXXXX                  or simply the latest stuff
XXXXX XXXXXXX                - also Flash 8 contacts are
XXXXXXX                      wanted

This  have  been  all addresses we have collected for
this issue and we hope that the amount will grow con-
tinously  per  issue. If you are interested in present-
ing  your advertisement here in this chapter and it is
scene  or  computer  related  do not hesitate to con-
tact  us.  Mail  and  E-mail  addresses can be found in
the editorial.

Best regards,


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