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Reformation #3 FairLight


Reformation #3                  FairLight

	From our lives beginning on
	We are pushed in little forms
	No one asks us how we like to be
	They´re the ones to see

Salute to another issue of our mag. Well, what happend? TCC is 
over and therefore quite much happend nowadays. Read it in the
following chapters.

Well, it seems that more and more guys believe that Black Priest
makes this mag nearly alone but that is wrong (!) so we´ll print 
here our organisation, as Enduro thinks he got not enough fame!?
Hmm.. ok..

After Enduro and TG-ACME joined, they more and more made
the editor works. That means that they send Black Priest the most
text of this mag and Black Priest makes then the selection of 
which of the text will come in the final issue. So you can see we 
work side on side and that is the secret of that mag.

To show our work more exactly get this: 

Black Priest / FairLight

organisator, publisher of the mag, some editor works, main
interviewer, selects the outfit and design, chief and writer of
this mag

Enduro / FairLight

2nd organisator, editor, most text by him, spreader, scandanavian
party mover

TG-ACME / Epic

little editor works as he is quite busy at the time, spreader

In future we´ll also tell you who makes the chapter, this will look
like this:

Chapter		Done by

Editorial		Black Priest
News and Rumours	Enduro (most),TG-ACME,Black Priest
Charts			Enduro
Interviews		Black Priest
Secret Letters		mostly supplied by Enduro
Sundries		Enduro
Tests			tested by Black Priest supplied mostly
			by Enduro
Scene Records		Black Priest
Game Corner		Doc Holliday/Trance and Enduro
Future News		Black Priest

Contact Corner got kicked out of this mag now as you can read 
enough of them in all other (lamer) mags.

Official Spreader!

Well, we finally have now our own official spreader after some 
conferences with...


		... as he is at the moment the #1 spreader!
The Reformation               FairLight

Reactions - Feedback

After the 2nd issue we got some real constructiv critics.
Well, after all the "great mag, proffesional mag,..." there were
also some negativ critics like:

a) To few text...

	Hmm, yes it´s not that big filled but I guess you got a 
	wrong view because of the proportional charset as we 
	guess there is at least as much text as in Shock. Anyway
	as you see this time we have really much.

	Another point is that the News chapter has the highest 
	priority and so when we get some real hot news we release
	a issue also if we don´t have filled all chapters. Guess you 
	understand this.

b) Many scene records are wrong...

	Well, we aren´t gods so we can´t know all. Just help us and
	tell us the right records and we´ll print it. As more guys 
	who help us as faster we´ll have serious records.

c) Vote System with dead people

	Yes, we admit you are right but we guess that a Doc, 
	who is down at the moment, knows the cracking scene 
	better than a newcomer cracker. 

	Another thing is that we think about to change this
	charts system again. 

	1) To restart the normal charts (Pah how lame)
	2) To make normal charts where all known cracker may 
	    vote for crackers, all known musicians may vote for
	    musicians, and so on...

Time will show what happens...
The Reformation               FairLight

Headlines of this issue

- Exclusive interview with Airwolf/SUCCESS (now real!) and 

- Best TCC´93 party report

- All party demos got tested!

- The new Allround charts
The Reformation               FairLight

How to reach us???

For any supply for this mag reach us on these ways:

Through Board:

Sysop: Sledge

Through phone:

	++XX/XXXXX-XXXXX 		(Gerald)
	++XX/XXXXX-XXXXX 		(Roland)
	++XX/XXXXX-XXX 			(Tonny)
	++XX/XXXXX-XXXX 		(Martin)

Through mail:

The Reformation HQ
Black Priest / FairLight


Enduro / FairLight


Ayatollah / FairLight


TG-ACME / Epic


Airwolf / Genesis * Project

The Reformation               FairLight

Respect this...

This magazine is a 100% Fairlight production. For any official 
use you have to ask Black Priest first! 
The Reformation               FairLight

News & Rumours


Well, as always we mark 100% correct news with a ">" sign, just
to mentioned. 

This time TG-ACME made a great job of suppling me with some
real interesting news. So you see the Reformation news factory
works quite fine at the moment. Ha and also Enduro surprised me
with some more elite news, so we guess this time we have enough 
news for you. 

Btw, if you´ve or got hot news then post in on our board WAREZ
AQUARIUM under +XX/XXX-XXXXX in "Reformation" sub or mail
it to me (Black Priest).

In this chapter we can present:

Euro board news 				page 2
US board news 					page 3
European News A-F				page 4
European News G-M				page 5
European News N-Z				page 6
US News A-Z					page 7
Single News 					page 8
The Reformation               FairLight

Euro Board News and Rumours


Edwin v. Santen will open a new board soon. This one should be
an elite one, and it will be connected on 3 lines!

Endless Piracy

It´s the new TRC+SACRED EHQ. Sysop is Cavron.
Call it under: +XX/(X)XXXX-XXXX


The new board from Crossfire...

Aktie-modded C*Base
1200/2400 baud / 24 hrz
Sysop: Crossfire/EPIC

Illusion of Reality

Midnight Mover joined TRIAD after VISION died, so also his 
board is now under TRIAD flag.

The last Generation

Finally the first, at least I guess, finish board. Sysop: Hifi
Call it under: XXX-XX-XXX-XXXX

Warez a´la Carte

This is a new EPIC board with Cruel as Sysop and Crossfire and
Atmos/ILS as co-Sysop´s.
Call it under: +XX / XXXX - XXXX

The update Epic board status looks like this now.

Warez a´la carte 	EPIC EHQ		+XX/XXXX-XXXX

Dreamline has been dropped as EPIC board and is nnow only
a JAM board now.
The Reformation               FairLight

US Board News and Rumours

Kinetic Dreams

This US board was HQ for ILLUSION for a brief while, when 
TRIAD stopped in and made it their WHQ.

Virtual Reality

It´s the new TRC+ARMAGEDDON WHQ, the sysop is yet unknown
Call it under: XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Reformation               FairLight

European elite news A-M


>Creeper/FLASH INC. joined.


>Black Samurai (GFX) joined but behind lies a dirty story:

	At the christmas party in Denmark he renamed to "Jim" 
	and joined G*P! He was kicked after one day!
	Later on he took back his old handle and joined "WRATH 
	DESIGNS". Some days before TCC! But at the party he 
	wanted to join CAMELOT but was not accepted because he
	wasn´t "elite" enough. So he walked over to the NOICE gang
	and joined them! 2 minutes later he left them again and 
	joined CAMELOT!


Many guys asked about Megabyte, because it was very silent 
about him since ages. Well, we phoned him and know now what´s 

>At the moment he is still at the army which he joined in Oct.
1992. His army works will be ended quite soon now. While this 
period he quitted his scene works. He is not sure if he will return
in the scene after the army but he will finish his began GFX 
works because it would be a pitty if they would lose. 
Btw, he also promised me that the CREST demo WILL come (!) 
sooner or later! At last I should tell you that he is very sorry 
about his giga-delay.

Some guys were asking for Drax so we´ll tell you what´s up with 

>Drax is at the moment mostly working on PC and made only 
very few tunes on C64 now. His last you can hear in the new 
Crest demo called "Wild" by Maduplec.

>Syndrom/PADUA joined as musician.


Rumours says that after Wonderland 10, Bob will soon release his 
next demo, while in the disc-dir they wrote no more C64 demos?


>Janec decieded to take a break.


>Dutchman/DEVICE joined.

Rumours said that Merlin recracked some games.


>Ranger left for Noice/Amiga

>Ogami released his GFX-show called "Visual Orgasm" with 
pictures made in 1989-92!

>The promised demo wasn´t released at the TCC because lack of
time, but will be released later this summerfo sure!

>Mendrake joined because he promises of 1st releases but was 
kicked out again when he joined a 2nd group!

>Enduro will join the army the 14th of June which means that he
has to cut down his swapping capacity for a while now!

>Enduro also joined the FLT Amiga section and edit now his own 
mag called "Sentinel", coded by V.D./FLT

>Bacchus will move to Stockholm at the beginning of June!
The Reformation               FairLight

European elite news G-M


Seems that they will be soon raise their power as:

>Walker joined after some days in ACTIVE also Airwolf/SCS and
Aslive joined. Both have over 800 packages in their cars to spread
the soon coming G*P demo!

Genfrog joined them too.

Tyger is back!


>Sauron told us that Hero, Gene and some more ILS members 
were caught for illegal using of AT&T´s. The members were from
Oslo and Trondheim. They should now pay 25.000 ö to the 
norwegian telecompany!

He is also very uncertain about the future of ILS, and at least
he would stay VERY low for a long time, as he was very lucky
this time not to be caught!

>Tronic released his 1st issue of his movie mag called "The wide 


>HCL and Vodka/BOOZE DESIGNS joined at TCC!

>Yabba left for Paradize/AMIGA.


>A-Man/ARCADE joined.

>TDK is no member as he just is a fake by Airwolf/GP.

>Queen/PARADIZE joined. While Delta was kicked because of 

> Delta was kicked because 

> Shock will be released on paper from now on.

>Bionomix quitted.
The Reformation               FairLight

European News N-Z


>Pal/Offence joined.


>Venegeance/BODYCOUNT joined as OZ-former and original-

>Mr. Disc is back again.

>Shocker got swapping problems as his parents took his C64. 
(Bad results in school)

>Nighshade joined the army the 14th of May which means shorter
time for him to make mega-spreadings! Also Dannie will join the 
army at the middle of July!

>Lifestyle got booted.


>Chrysagon/ENIGMA joined...

	...and let ENIGMA die! He cracked "Mega Starforce" to 
	show that TALENT still rule! (Hmm..)


>Cavron,X-Radical,Rad,Curly Sue and Hellraiser are back in 

>They also got 2 new boards. 


>Thunder/HITMEN joined again as artist, but he´s also busy with
some projects so don´t await too much from him.

>Jerry stops to test for the Gamers Guide, he´ll only do the edit 
work from now on.


The group is dead...

...and all remaining members joined TRIAD.
The Reformation               FairLight

US News A-Z


>Scarface/ILLUSION (coder),TWC/RSI and Instant/RSI joined. 
While Zarham and Dr. Disc left.
The Reformation               FairLight


>ENIGMA is now 100% dead. The remaining members left for PC

Tyree/ARCADE is back to make a new group with Roy!

TBB quitted C64 and joined the PC scene.

>Paladin/COLLISION the great graphician has taken an one 
year break because of his civil services.

Also some more happend in COLLISION like:

	>Spectre got kicked and joined INTRUDERS
	>Oca/ASTRAL, a finish coder joined.
	>Flotsan, a finish musician joined too.


>Mr.Mouse quitted now totally as he sold his computer.
The Reformation               FairLight



Some facts:

- All types of groups have the change to enter the charts, not 
   only Demo or Crackergroups!

- All members in the groups on the charts are at least registrated
   in one counted magazine.

- Each point is count a member or a mag receives in the selected

- The charts were done by Enduro

Magz released this period were:

- A-Head #2
- Epistula #4
- Inmpulse #3
- Flashback #7
- Goldrush #4
- Genetic Dreams #17
- Newspress #9

(As you see there´re some changes of the selection but don´t blame
us, blame the editors which haven´t released their magazines 
under this period like: Clique,WOW,Oxyron,...)

But the charts give you a 100% fair view of the 20 strongest all-
round groups in the scene at the moment!)
The Reformation               FairLight

Mega Allround Top 20 Charts

1.LEGEND (Europe)

	Crackergroup			3938
	Demogroup			19
	Shock				3100
	Powerplant			2571
	XXX				1448
	Doc				1504
	Antitrack			1063
	Fletch				306
	A-Man				2237
	Junebug				8
				16194 Poi.

2.Crest (Germany)

	Demogroup			3081
	Crossbow			2778
	Maduplec			240
	Vision				325
	Bizzmo				730
	GBF				226
	Drax				2215
	Syndrom				1658
	Deek				645
	MSK				139
	Xayne				183
				12220 Poi

3.Flash Inc. (Sweden)

	Demogroup			3842
	Hotshot				1295
	Zodiac				2971
	Crept				285
	Zoris				28
	Moon				1442
				9863 Poi.

4.Oxyron (Germany)

	Demogroup			3302
	Addybook			1843
	Scene Observer			621
	Pravda				37
	Skyhigh				10
	TTS				2530
	Axis				196
	Graham				303
	Pri				308
	Dave				32
	Peace				32
	Andre (AS)			97
	RRR				55
	Kirk				103
	Amarok				50
				9519 Poi.

5.Censor (Sweden)

	Crackergroup			59
	Demogroup			2088
	Bob				896
	Danko				1815
	Dragon				1773
	Sensei				437
				7068 Poi.

6. Fairlight (Sweden)

	Crackergroup			341
	Demogroup			1161
	T.R.(ex-WN)			690
	Bacchus				121
	Enduro				31
	Tron				1106
	Oxidy				53
	Ogami				2763
	Sarge				132
	Red Devil			37
	Skumberg Inc.			1
				6436 Poi.

7. Illusion (Europe)

	Crackergroup			3009
	Immortal Flash			937
	Sauron				789
	Derbyshire Ram			960
	NME				147
	Fist				24
	Radar				21
	Richie				16
	Baze				280
				6183 Poi.

8. Light (Sweden)

	Demogroup			2740
	Smooth Criminal			301
	Flamingo			2355
	Goblin				162
	Bappalander			473
				6031 Poi.

9. Triad (Sweden)

	Crackergroup			1031
	Demogroup			2207
	Gamers Guide			163
	King Fisher			733
	JFK				296
	Alfatech			108
	TDM				440
	Thunder				357
	Incubus				507
	Arcon				35
				5877 Poi.

10. Success (Europe)

	Crackergroup			2773
	Burglar				1202
	Dannie				80
	Steel				307
	Chotaire			30
	Artix				34
	NSD				761
	Guzzler				103
				5390 Poi.

11. Camelot (Denmark)

	Demogroup			2006
	Glasnost			1777
	Cruzer				472
	Slammer				58
	Metal				528
	Jeff				148
	Wave				324
				5313 Poi.

12. Talent (Europe)

	Crackergroup			2325
	Bod				1418
	Chrysagon			1338
				5081 Poi.

13. Clique (Turkyie)

	Script				4838
	Flint				49
	Remix				117
				5004 Poi.

14. Blackmail (Holland)

	Demogroup			1779
	Hein Holt			2985
	Orc				118
				4882 Poi.

15. Antic (Sweden)

	Crackergroup			7
	Demogroup			560
	Explorer			557
	Depeh				154
	Creeper				2264
	Joe				297
	Zyron				329
	Andre (AS)			97
				4265 Poi.
The Reformation               FairLight

Mega Allround Top 20 Charts

16. Red Sector Inc.

	Crackergroup			2353
	Benson				716
	Double-T			178
	Count Zero			409
	Mr.President			170
	Anarchy				42
				3868 Poi.

17. Topaz (Finland)

	Demogroup			879
	Fresh and Sticky		51
	D´Arc				1452
	Scapegoat			81
	Death				520
	AMJ				132
	Amarok				50
	Calypso				365
				3530 Poi.

18. Offence (Germany)

	Demogroup			1072
	Slowpoke			124
	Yup				1427
	Red Wiz				532
				3155 Poi.

19. Psycics (Belgium)

	Jeroen Tel			2962
				2962 Poi.

20. WOW (Europe)

	Crackergroup			133
	Demogroup			18
	Internal			1994
	Nantco				144
				2289 Poi.
The Reformation               FairLight

Facts about the charts

- Out of the charts are:

	Enigma (dead)
	Brutal (1129)
	Dominators (2090)

- Dominators left the charts with just some points lower than
   WOW! Expect a hard fight till next time.

- Near the charts are:

	Epic (2006)
	Faces (1993)
	Extend (1951)

Climbing Groups			Why?

Crest				Budsdemo
				Syndrom (new)
Oxyron				Coma Light 10
Censor				Wonderland 10
Fairlight			Visual Orgasm
Light				Booze Des. joined
Triad				Exodus
				Thunder (new)
Success				1st releases
Talent				Chrysagon (new)
Antic				Lunacy 7
				Creeper (new)
RSI				1st releases
Topaz				Gravejard Blues 3

Falling Groups			Why?

Flash Inc.			Metal,Creeper (lost)
Illusion			Hero,Gene (busted)
Light				Yabba (lost Amiga)
Offence				Pal (lost)
The Reformation               FairLight

Allstar Team

Well, after all this work we´ll also relesase the All star team here


Crackers: 	Powerplant	       Coders:		Zodiac
		Doc 					TTS

Graphician: 	Ogami	       		Musicians:	Danko
		Creeper		   			Drax

Mag:		Script
The Reformation               FairLight

Game Corner

Games corner                                      

Yes, Welcome to another chapter in this mag and here you´ll find
everything about game-releases and other things! 

Let´s start with the planned gamelist:

	Name			Art

Arsenal FC Soccer Team		Soccer
Bugsy 3 the Revenge		Adventure
Chuck Rock 2			Jump´Run
Dream Team Basketball		Basketball
MTV the game			Jump´Run
Schwert und Magie 4		Adventure
Henry				Jump´Run
The Addams family 2		Jump´Run
Brides of Dracula		Action
Titus the fox			Jump´Run
Sturmtruppen			Adventure
Lemmings			Action
Superleague			Management
Space Max			Interaction
FC Liverpool Soccer		Soccer

News from the game-scene

- Well, as everybody  knows the legendary DEEDS is a Wildstyle 
   production and will release after the summer holidays I think 
   it will be a nice adventure!

- Rumours are saying that PARADIZE´re working on 
   CREATURES 3 but I think that is only a rumour!

- Did you know that CUBES MAGIC PREV was coded by Posdnugs
   of RSI and 1st released by RSI! Hmm.. lame in my eyes

- Well, Diablo/PADUA are searching for anyone who have some 
   connections to software firms because he can´t sell his game.
   It´s a kind of Arkanoid.

- TRANCE is working on some games like soccer in action, an 
   adventure some puzzle games and other stuff. So when you 
   wanna join TRANCE Games Inc. contact one of your TRANCE
   contacts and ask him for further informations!

- With SLEEPWALKER, OCEAN released maybe the last game
   for the C-64 !!! 

- The rumours about the end of ZEPPELIN on C64 are wrong! 
   They continue but make a little break and start after the 
   summer holidays with some new game-productions so wait and 

- After the big success POPEY 3 Alternative Software brings in
   the summr hollidays POPEY 4. It´S the same game play only new
   levels and graphics!

- In these days many companies will die but we see that they
   comes new companies from AUSTRALIA and the east-part of

- RAINBOW ARTS will start again on C64! They will start with 

- The game called DRIBBLINS was released as a full-price game, 
   some weeks ago, but the source code is from an old game called
   CHAMPIONSHIP EUUROPE. Hmm.. how strange! Let´s hope 
   that we not get a new plague with re-releases...

- Zodiac/FHI is busy with game coding, some releases real soon!

Ok, so far about the games in the coming days..

Doc Holliday/TRANCE Enduro/FairLight

The Reformation               FairLight



This time we can present you interviews with the following guys:

Page 2		Airwolf/SUCCESS

Page 3/4/5	Crossfire/EPIC

Airwolf/Success tells...

Yes, now we can present you the promised interview with 
Norman. Yes enjoy it.

TR = The Reformation
A = Airwolf / Success

TR: Salute Norman! First of all tell us some personal facts about 
      yourself please.

A: Ok man, I´m one of the big old guys on C-64, and you can see 
     some facts about me on the LIGHT party !!!!

TR: Well, nowadys quite much SUCCESS stuff is spreaded. So how
      would you describe the organistation in SUCCESS?

A: I think the organisation is not so bad but I have some 
     problems to get all SUCCESS warez fast, but now I go to some
     friends here in my city to get the warez from the modem!

TR: So have you known that Defjay/SCS quitted?

A: Defjay quitted?? I don´t know !? When some members (SCS) 
     send me some SCS warez and on the disc the note of the this
     SCS members I have not see that Defjay have quitted!

TR: OK, many guys says that you´re the megaswapper #1. What´s 
      your secret and how long does it need to get so famous as 

A: I think that you must send cool, you must send letters (hehe)
     and you must send not 1 sending in 1 month! I think that I´m
     a good megaswapper but I think myself that I´m not the best!

TR: Does you fear the post or cops with so many contacts?

A: This time I think no! My problems with the cops are over!

TR: Are there some interesting insider facts about SUCCESS?

A: No but "Sackers to the wall"!

TR: What´s up with the promised mag from you and L.A.Style?

A: Oh we have this time some problems, but I must spread fast,
     faster sendings to my contacts and LA Style had some
     problems with his board! The coding, GFX, music are ready,  
     but I hope we can release our first issue on the LIGHT party!

TR: What do you think about the coming SUPER NITENDO scene?

A: SUPER NES rules !!! S.NES is this time the best, like the GFX, 
     crack, Intros, demos, and next will come a magazine on S.NES 
     and SEGA!
     I think all guys on the (L)Amiga have a S.NES+copystation and
     I think that the SUPER NES will come to the C64 too!

TR: Well, as you are an infamous party mover, please tell us who
      must not be absent in an ultimate party?

A: Aslive, TBB, Idol, Baze, Surfer, Majesty, Street Tuff, Walker, 
     Chotaire, Double-T and the SUCCESS gang!

TR: Do you think the scene has a living "legend" which will be 
      known in 3996 too?

A: No !

TR: Some words about our new mag please.

A: I think when the new GFX come the mag is perfect. (You have
     my vote)

TR: Thanks for all these letters you typed for this interview!
      Keep improving your swapping activities aaaaand.... bye..... ..! .?

A: Thanks... I hope we can meet us on the Light party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interviewer was Black Priest

Crossfire/EPIC tells...

Well Guys, as again many rumours are spreaded about Crossfire 
he asked ous to interview him and so we gave him the chance to 
clear these rumours with this interview.
Besides I guess it´s a quite interresting interview!

TR = The Reformation
C = Crossfire / EPIC

TR: Salute Kim! First some personal facts please.

C: Well, my real name is, as you can read above, Kim Andersen.
    I´m 19 years old, 20 on 13/06, I´m 1.80m tall, weight is about  
    80kgs.,which is a bit too much, but I work out alot.. My daily 
    work is at a army-base 350km away from my home, I work 
    there as an "Konstabelf" which is abit like the american cor-
    poral I guess..

TR: What´s your opinion to co-op´s? Now some fanatics also did 
       triple ones.

C: Well, I guess a co-op is OK, aslong as people in it can go on  
    with it without disputes.. You all know , that we in EPIC were
    in co-op with DEVICE recently, I think it worked out pretty
    well, though it lasted for such a short time..
    back in my old "cool" group HOLOCAUST we were also in co-
    op with a group which was called FRESH for a brief moment,
    so I guess you say I have my experience with co-op´s..

    Still, I find triple co-op´s abit exacturated.. or am I wrong?

TR: Do you think that anyone can find an uncrackable pro-
       tection? "Toki" almost made it.

C: Hmm.. tricky question.. I truly don´t know.. I´ve never meet a 
    game I couldn´t handle if I just gave myself the time it needed,
    but then again I´ve never had any of the legendary "hard" ones
    like for instance "Toki" like you mentioned!

TR: Would it be exciting if you would join an absolute unknown 
      group, which you make to an elite one?

C: Hmm.. ask yourself the question, could I do it.. Hmm.. actually,
    the day EPIC was formed I swore to god it would be my last 
    group, so would I leave someday I would leave the scene 
    together with it.. it sounds like a fun idea, but naahh.. not for 
    me thanks anyway..

TR: OK, tell us your opinion to ...

      ... the reproaches of Jack Alien about your cracks.

C: Haha.. first of all, I have to say I´ve always had a hard time 
    taking that guy seriously.. I guess the whole reason he´s pissed 
    with me, was the fact that he got kicked out of IMAGE almost 
    a year ago.. I don´t know, also I don´t give a shit about the  
    things he rattles off, but I really don´t care about him, it seems
    the hardest attack he can make towards me is to write a anti-
    note.. Now, yoy gotta agree with me, that´s pretty weak, isn´t 

    Still, alot of people acts big in my face.. take for instance a guy
    called Oxidy/Fairlight.. Now, personally, I´ve got nothing  
    against this guy at all.. I spoke to him briefly in Aars with a 
    huge hangover while I was arguing with DMI/ACRISE, so I   
    said something to him, can´t exactly remember what, just to 
    get him off me till I was finished talking to DMI. Perhaps I was
    pretty rude, but I made several attempts getting in touch with
    him both under and after the party, and nothing happend, 
    until I called "Warez Aquarium" lately and saw a pretty nasty 
    comment about me..

    Then, finally  there is Satan/GP, who, according to himself, 
    owns the scene.. attacking me all the time, no reason, I hardly 
    know the guy, but in my eyes he is even too stupid to put 
    ordinary human-sense in the head off.. Heck, he finds it 
    amusing to call me up in the middle of the night and hang up 
    the phone, when I take it.. pretty childish, isn´t it? Who can 
    have the slightest bit of respect for such a guy!


Crossfire/EPIC tells ff.

    Infact, people who don´t like me, I don´t give a shit about..
    Indeed, why should I?

TR: ... the current modem scene?

C: Wowsers, I never regretted buying a modem.. I started out with
    a 1200-Bauders, but just got a 2400-Bauder the very day I´m
    giving this interview as a matter of fact!
    The modemscene is cool, after I started out here I can´t under-
    stand that I found the mail-scene so good before.. These days
    I couldn´t survive without a modem.. that´s one thing which is

    But talking about the modem-scene. I would like to make a 
    short advert, if you don´t mind..
    I´ve opend a board myelf now... It´s called "The gateway" and
    runs on Aktie-Modded C-Base.. only 5 days after I opened it,  
    nearly 20 had locked on, and about 85% of them are top-elite..
    so if you´re another one of this kind, please don´t hestigate to 

    The Gateway

    ask me or my two co-sysops Loyality/EPIC or Decade/EPIC 
    for access.. there´s a special sub for special friends of ours, so it
    is a shame to miss.. Call right now!!!

TR: ... the Super Nitendo scene?

C: Beats me.. haven´t tried it out yet.. I´ve simply been too busy.. 

TR: ... the difference between Amiga and C64 boards?

C: Hmm.. I never called any Amiga (or PC for that matter!) boards
    so I can´t tell.. But I find C64-boards cool, in europe, aswell as  
    in the states..

TR: ... the so called "Elite groups"?

C: Well, elite.. hard to answer, cause in my eyes there are only 
    very few elite-groups around.. -LEGEND- is elite with all their
    full -pricer- releases, infact I was glad to see them back.. 
    -ILLUSION- is cool as always.. -TALENT- is starting to get 
    back now, another great thing..  
    Hmm.. I don´t like the word and the whole elite-concept, but 
    some are for sure: Legend, Illusion, RSI, Chromance, Success,
    F4CG.. coming to think about it, I haven´t seen anything from  
    any other groups for quite a long time..

TR: ... your enemies?

C: Well, as I said before, when I think of my enemies, people like 
    Satan/GENESIS, Oxidy/FLT(?), Jerk Alien+Cunt Zero, I can´t 
    really get myself to dislike them, cause they all act like spoiled
    kids who, for the first time in their life, did not get their   

TR: ... our mag?

C: I was positively surprised when I saw the first issue of your 
    mag.. I think it´s very cool, nice and different outfit and so on,  
    only you should get more news, etc. But I know it´ll come in the
    near future..  
    (red.: Just read the Editorial and that will be cleared!)

TR: ... the HOLOCAUST times?

C: Haha, oh well.. everybody knows "Exory/Holocaust" don´t they?
    Well, I regret those times for sure, they sure as hell destroyed 
    alot of things for me when I returned to the scene 8 months 
    later! Still, I think the only reason who bothers to tell this 
    thing as a secret is Satan/GP. This jerk still haven´t realized
    that I told it to the scene myself over a half a year ago. (The 
    note "Exory´ here!")..


Crossfire/EPIC tells end

TR: Well, so much about your opinions. How was the troubles
       with Mason?

C: Hmm.. no trouble.. Well, he got booted from EPIC shortly after
    the birth because of reasons I´d rather not goo into now, but I 
    talk to him often, and as far as I know, we are good friends..
    Hard to tell, cause people backstabs each. Others daily, so who 

TR: How would you describe the organistation in EPIC?

C: We all work side by side.. The members are: Cruel and Clive 
    in Belgium, Merlin in Holland, Sonic in Germany, The Torch in
    Sweden, TG-ACME in Norway, here in Denmark we have 
    Decane,Flower,Jason,Marie and Loyalty, not to forget our 
    american member Dutchman who runs our WHQ "Power
    Surge - XXX XXX XXXX)..
    and finally ofcourse myself in DK! 

TR: Who are you original suppliers?

C: Alot of different people.. some I get from our members,  
    others I buy from Distribution Companies, etc.

TR: At last I give you the change for some words to the scene
       outside about your disputed cracks.

C: About the bugged cracks.. I never claimed to be perfect, so I  
    won´t deny the fact that I may have release some cracks that 
    bugs somewhere, I must admit I don´t always have the time to 
    do a 100% check, but I doubt it´s as many as Jerk Alien talked 
    about.. He just wanna make it look worse that it is..

TR: Ok, and finally, wanna say hello to any of your friends..

C: Yeah, all in EPIC, Lexi/LEGEND, Atmos/ILL, Tricket/DOM,
    Equinox/EMPIRE,Ice Breaker/DWI, Swan Song/DEMONIX, 
    and whoever else I´ve learnd to know pretty good since I 
    started calling out..

TR: OK, then.. let´s say "Thanks Kim" for your work..

C: Hey, you´re welcome any time, Gerald..
    (red.: Nice to hear that...)

Interviewer was Black Priest

Secret Letters

Find here...

Wizard of Taipan recracks? 				page 2
Pal/NTSC madness					page 3

Wizard of Taipan recracks?

Article by Dannie/Success I looked through my sendings I found a swapping offer by a 
guy called Wizard/Taipan. I looked through his disc and found a 
file called "Magic Fields+3/TP". You should know this game was 
Success first released and it was cracked and supplied by me. 
So I was interested to see their (Taipan´s) version.
After I saw the intro it was obvious, that this group is one of the
lowest, but let´s go on...

After I´ve preessed space I nearly felt off my chair... their trainer
menu looked exactly the same as the one I´m using!! Just 3 lines of
text were missing. Well, I examined the memory and there it 

The trainer menu was located at $7a00 (in my version of Magic 
Fields it´s placed at $5a00). I compared ´their´ trainer menu with 
the one I used in my version and guess what? Yep, it was exactly 
the same, byte after byte !!! (They only changed the hi-byte
of the text-adress!)
S those suckers just moved my trainer menu from $5a00 to $7a00
OK, I thought, let´s go on... if you see a cheat in my version, than
the hi-saver is also dis-abled (put $2c in $c261), and this can also
found in Taipan´s version.  

Next thing: My version offers a level-skip. Also Taipan´s version 
does this.

The only thing is that both routines are located on the same 
adress ($801d) and they look exactly the same !!!

So it´s really a fine recrack you fags in Taipan did. You guys really
must have nerves. You didn´t even change my trainer-menu, 
even the colours are the same !!!

In your (totally lame) intro you used a nice slogan: "MESS WITH 

I can only tell you: "Continue this way, and your slogan will come  
true, soon." (especially the 2nd part of it)!

If anyone wants to check both versions out, feel free to write to 
my adress.

PS. Hey you lamers in Taipan, I want a explanation for all that  
The Reformation               FairLight

Pal/NTSC madness

Article by Silver Surfer/Success

The reason why I wrote this, is that I´m fed up with the crazy  
situation in the scene these days!

As some of you may remember, I have been in the scene for 
almost 10 years now. But it seems that all people who are modem 
traders have lost their sences!

Back in the old days, a first release was a game which was re-
leased by a cracking group before anyone else!
(That´s why it´s called first release)
But that seems not longer to be the case! Nowadays a crack must 
be fixed to NTSC before it´s called a first release.
This seems rather strange to me! Why does a game need to be 
fixed for use is NTSC before we in europe may call it a first

Besides this there is an other problem. Fixing games seems to be 
harder and harder and many good fixers have left the scene...

That´s why we in SUCCESS have decided to go back to the old days
Whenever we crack a game and we are the first to release it, we 
call it first release. We put it on the US and euro boards and 
spread it by mail.

At the same time we give it to some US fixers to have it NTSC
fixed for the USA scene!

The Reformation               FairLight



Well TCC´93 is over so we have again pretty much Demos tested 

Wild/Crest					page 2
The long way/TEG				page 3
Visuality III/Visual R.				page 4
Totally Stoned 2/Booze D.			page 5
Gravejard Blues 3/Topaz				page 6
Coma Light 10/Oxyron				page 7
Wonderland X/Censor				page 8
Imse Vimse Get/Noice				page 9
Europe/Tough					page 10
Jerkland/Digital D.				page 11
The Reformation               FairLight

Wild / CREST (9) Rating 92%

This demo is probably the last which Maduplec made. All parts 
were quite old and Martin decieded to release all his all spread-
able codings together in this demo. 
It´s also the best demo with were released under the BUDS flag.

Guys who made this happend:




JTM/Visual Reality, Maduplec



Highlights of this demo:

	-nice but short sample by Drax and Maduplec

	-vector cubes (world´s 1st)

	-biggest tech tech ever made! (36x24 logo with 256 pixels,
	  joy controlled!)

	-full screen 1x1 DYCP with 3 various small samples in the 
	  back and over a swinging CREST hires logo. (world´s best)

	-some traditional chessboard plays, with some quite good 

	-some original parts in the famous Maduplec style.

	-nice shadow vectors.
The Reformation               FairLight

The long way/TEG (9) Rating 60%

TEG is a newcomer group and it means "The east group". Well, 
nnothing special at the moment from them.

Guys who made this happend:


Mc Byte


Private Soldier



Highlights of this demo:

	- nice digi musics

	- nice graphics too

	- charplasma
The Reformation               FairLight

Visuality III/VR (5) Rating 92%

This is the last demo of the Visuality serie, but the best so far 
from VISUAL REALITY. Also a part by Walt is here! Maybe he 
hasn´t quit the C64 totally as he claimed.

Guys who made this happend:


Walt, and more


JTM, Sanity



Highlights of this demo:

	-nice start

	-7colour raytracer (best so far!)

	-great GFX´s

	-6 screen hires X and Y mover (great!)

	-6 coulors filled vectors which update each 2nd frame and
	     glenz vectors which update each 3 frame so they are  
	     quite fast and smooth.

	-good designed

	-7 colour shadebobs by Walt (extern in the demo)
The Reformation               FairLight

Totally Stoned 2/BD (10) Rating 91%

This demo made the 2nd place at TCC´93 and it was a big 
surprise because it´s really good. 

Guys who made this happend:






Duck Larock,MSK,Drax,Mixer,O´Neill,Bappalander,HCL,A-Man

Highlights of this demo:

	-great GFX (Koala+AFLI)

	-$D011 strechers

	-filled and glenz vectors (realtime).
	  Besides this routine looks like the one by BX/Origo in 

	-great shadebobs

	-filled tranformed vectors
The Reformation               FairLight

Gravejard Blues 3/Topaz (8) Rat.86%

Again another one of the Gravejard Blues serie. Nothing shocking
but I was surprised about the good quality of the Death GFX´s!

Guys who made this happend:




D´Arc,Death (great!)



Highlights of this demo:

	-best $D011 strecher (rythm plasma) I´ve seen

	-40 pixel high special moving scroll.

	-moving 4-screen splitter

	-geometric plays with cycles and ellipses.
The Reformation               FairLight

Coma Light 10/Oxyron (9) Rat.93%

Well, after Coma Light 8+9 I was very interested in the 10th 
now. Well, this demo is again a vector mania, but not the best TTS
have done. Anyway you shouldn´t miss it.

Guys who made this happend:




Biz Kid,Kirk (great!)



Highlights of this demo:

	-zoomend pixelvector

	-"floating vector" Well,..

	-filled FLI (glenz) vector! 7 colour lightscourced.

	-207 doublesinus multicolour fullscreen shadebobs

	-vector projections on X+Y axes realtime (cool!)

	-realtime filled rubber vector

	-bitmap vector box!! (GREAT effect) realized with 6534 
	  multicoloured plots!
The Reformation               FairLight

Wonderland X/Censor (10) Rat. 93%

Well, this demo is finally the last of the Wonderland culture. It´s a
pitty but rumours said that Bob will release some other demos 
soon! Hmm.. time will show..

Guys who made this happend:




Dragon (great like always)



Highlights of this demo:

	-cool begin!

	-cool 8-bit samples

	-DYCP over FLI piccy mover

	-original parts (e.g. rotationg plot scroller)

	-7 screen mover! (with the both Eddies by Dragon)
The Reformation               FairLight

Imse Vimse Get/Noice (6) Rat. 90%

After the quite fine Goatland we awaited quite much from Noice
and the new demo got again a good standart.

Guys who made this happend:







Highlights of this demo:

	-transforming plot moves

	-vector plays (transforming)

The Reformation               FairLight

Europe/Tough (13) Rating. 70%

This demo was made for the 64´er demo compedition in W.O.C.

Guys who made this happend:







Highlights of this demo:

	-raster cycles

	-$d011 strechers (seems to get modern now)

	-250 multicoloured plots realtime starball

	-fullscreen plasma

	-nice menu part
The Reformation               FairLight

Jerkland/Digital D. (10) Rat. 55%

Guys who made this happend:


Father Dagon,Lloyd,Meatball,The Pretty one


Buddha,Father Dagon,Harkon/Shape,The Pretty one,Pal/PD


Shark,Bluez Muz/Shape,Father Dagon

Highlights of this demo:

	-filled vector squares

	-plot plays

	-vector mobs?

	-fractal plays

The Reformation               FairLight

Future News


Here you´ll find soon coming acts from:

Illusion, Crest, Triad, Visual Reality,
The Reformation               FairLight

European Future News


>Maduplec released his probably last demo called "Wild" (got 
tested in this issue) and joined the University so he has no time
and will not have some activity on C64!

>Also Megabyte don´t know exactly if he´ll return 100% after his 
army services!


>It is quite uncertain about the future of this group because all
this AT&T´s shit. Also Sauron is now soon finished with his army 
duty, but time will show if he will be cracking fulltime again!


>There next demo will be called "EXODUS" and will be released 
in summer, as they advised at TCC!


>Their next project a slideshow by RWO called "Amiga Saga II"
will be released in summer!
The Reformation               FairLight



The big TCC ´93 report				page 2
Facts about the party				page 3
Compo results					page 4
The Reformation               FairLight

The Computer Crossroad´93 report

Article again by our party reporter: Enduro/FAIRLIGHT so 
prepare on a interesting report!

Well, after the christmas party it was time to be present at a 
mega party again. This time at 29-31 May in Goeteborg, Sweden!

The party was held in one very big hall and there was space for 
over 3000 visitors but only 1700 showed up all in all (Amiga+C64+

Near the hall there was a big amusement park with many cool 
attractions (Hey got stuck Aaron!?) this was the real cool thing
about the party, not the party itself! Many discos and so on was
also in the neighourhood so no problems to enjoy ourselves, hehe!
But those who actually stayed at the party all time, can I under-
stand why they didn´t have the time of their life...

KYD/BALLE held their second concert and it was much better 
than the one in Aars! After that, there were some movies shown 
at the big screen, but most of them were very old! In opposite to 
Aars, you were allowed to sleep in the party hall, but for the 
youngest, there were also a special "sleep hall"! Also a cafeteria
was found with the hottest "Hackerburgers" around! (Nice sales-
girl too..)

The deadlines appeared on the second day and there were some
problems for ANTIC to hold them, but did manage it anyway, 
hmm! At 13.00 the GFX-compo was on and the piccies held a very
high standart!
Compeditors like Ogami,Joe,Creeper,Dragon,Electric,Death and 
the last years winner TMT were in! Great art from everyone!

Later the music-compo started, also here some cool musics, and 
Ed,Creeper and Joe shocked us with amazing digisounds!

The great event started at 21.00, the demo-compo! After rather  
low quality in Aars, this compo amazed even the PC+Amiga 
owners! Groups like Censor,Antic,Oxyron,Booze Design,Noice 
thrilled us all and great apploudes were heard all over the place!
(The FLT-demo called "Runemania" got the most,or?)

The last day was a standartday with the usual copying of discs and
so on.. At 15.00 the price celebration was held, and the funny 
thing was that Ed/Wrath Designs didn´t want to accept his victory
in the music-compo, but wanted to give his money to Pri/Oxyron
who didn´t place himself anywhere! Neither Pri wanted the money
so at last Ed took´em...
(strange world eh!?)

After the celebration, the party ended quite and peacefully...

Party-Rating (just TCC)					: 40%
Party-Rating (all in all)				: 80%
The Reformation               FairLight

More facts about the party

- There were about 150 C-64 guys which is the lowest score ever!
   Does this mean that the scene is nearly dead, or?

- In one of the attractions called "Flumeride" (A waterype roller-
   coaster), Aaron/FLT got stuck and two workers had to pull him
   out of there! He was too heavy because of all water, right 

- Creeper/Antic surprised us all, because he wasn´t ill this time, 
   but ANTIC kept the honour because Joe puked twice!

- An enormus guy showed up and everyone thought it was Air-
   wolf, but not! Right behind Airwolf came withat least 100  
   pounds lighter weight! Good work, Norman!

- Some Neonazis explained their ideas of a new Sweden, but were
   thrown outside till they changed their minds!

- Surfer/ACTIVE had a girlcompo with the masterhunter 
   Enduro (me) and thought he won after talked to a four years
   younger virgin! (Unfair play, I say) Surfer did also bribe some
   friends with pictures of his idol "Rosanne Barr" (Wonder why?)
   but that gave him a bad influence, hehe!
   The result isn´t yet ready because of all minus points scored by

- The coolest group at the party was "Fairlight-Amiga" because 
   with their nice temper, everyone sang "Halleluja". 

- The most scared guy was Black Samurai/CAMELOT after re-
   ceving a message with the words: "You´re mine!" (Mr.Mister 
   was it you??)

- Hmm, TDK/LEGEND and Jive/MANIAX should have went 
   with Airwolf´s car to the party but didn´t show up!

- Someone got his A1200 with equipment stolen, return it to the
   party team please!

- A funny thing is that Joe/ANTIC and Ed/WRATH are "Twins"!
   This is a historical moment, don´t you think? Congratulations 
   ruling twins!

Groups which showed up:

Active, Fairlight, Light, Booze Designs, Censor Design, Antic, Jam
Noice, Maniax, G*P, Twilight, Camelot, Oxyron, Extend, Topaz,
Trance, Deicide, Wrath Design, Flash, Crest, Illusion, Triad, RSI,
Digital Design, TEG, Rebels, Gothic, Xakk, Triangle, Sharks,
Hoaxers m.m.

                      --> for Compo Results
The Reformation               FairLight

Competition Results



2. Booze Design			Total Stoned 2		(Sweden)
3. Antic			Lunacy 7		(Sweden)


1. JOE				ANTIC			(Sweden)

2. Creeper			ANTIC			(Sweden)
3. Electric			EXTEND			(Finland)


1. ED				WRATH DESIGNS		(Sweden)

2. Ratpoison			Noice			(Sweden)
3. Fozzie			Gothic Design		(Sweden)

The Reformation               FairLight

Scene Records


Pioneers 				page 2
Perfectionists				page 3
Code smashers				page 4
The Reformation               FairLight


1st vector cubes

This was made by Maduplec in his quite new demo called "Wild".
He also was surprised that noone made this effect before as it was
shown on Amiga ages ago and he made the routine a year ago but 
now finally released!

1st vector projections

Made by TTS/Oxyron in Coma Light 10. 

1st bitmap vector box

Again made by TTS/Oxyron in Coma Light 10. To realize this 
effect TTS used 6534 multicolored plots. And of course all is 

1st filled rubber vectors

Done by Axis/Oxyron in Coma Light 10. Of course realtime too!
The Reformation               FairLight


Best 1x1 DYCP

Made by Maduplec in his demo "Wild". He realized a 1x1 fullscreen
D.Y.C.P. (also in all borders). Beside this you can also hear 3 small
samples and a swinging hires CREST logo behind it.
The Reformation               FairLight

Code Smashers

Biggest tech-tech

Made by Maduplec in "Wild". He made it with a 36x24 logo and 
256 pixels!

Most doublesinus multicolored shade

This was done by Axis/Oxy who made 207 of them. he used the 
fullscreen for that effect in Coma Light 10.
The Reformation               FairLight
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