Mamba 23 ch06 Same Song, Different Verse

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       same song:different verse
              by: aycee/tsm

  after months of hearing and seeing
 my name linked with the sorceress/bod
 "affair", (no pun intended) i've
 decided to present another set of
 facts. at this point i don't really
 expect to change anyone's mind, nor
 do i care! what i do know is that i've
 tried to stay out of it only to have
 my name dragged into it by sorceress
 and her groupies. she starts ragging
 on people, then when it gets too hot
 for her to handle, she drags my name
 back into it to try to get some of
 the heat off her.                  +
  for those who have been told that i
 started a war with her, and who want
 to believe i've been involved in this
 mess from the beginning - wrong!

  it started last jan/feb when bod
 started calling her board and voice.
 they talked voice for about a month,
 sometimes up to 6 hours at a time.
 then one day when he called the board,
 she broke into chat and told him that
 "someone" (a busy guy) called "the
 messenger" had logged onto her board
 and left f/b warning her that i had
 sent bod there to destroy her board,
 and that she couldn't trust him any
 more, then would drop chat, re-enter +
 chat, etc.  fact: i didn't even know
 at that time that bod called her board
 or her voice. also, skater is the one
 that asked bod to call there, not me!
 the first i heard of it was when bod
 called me that evening and told me
 what had gone on earlier that day. i
 guess he only told me then because she
 threatened to tell me "everything"
 unless he did. i won't go into what
 "everything" was, just say it wasn't
 all general conversation. supposedly
 after that, he quit calling her board.
 soon she sent skater to find out why
 bod wasn't calling anymore (strange,
 she claimed she couldn't trust him
 any longer, but he still had his    +
 acct. there with co-sys access). i
 was told that he told skater to delete
 his acct.?

  shortly after that, i began hearing
 that she is sitting on victims'
 conferences telling everyone on there
 that i am talking lies about her and
 am warring with her.  fact: bullshit!
 i hadn't said anything about her to
 anyone, she was a nothing, just a
 person who would sit on a phone for
 hours listening to (what she later
 described) "sick, perverted stories".
 i guess she never figured out that a
 phone has a button that will dis-
 connect another person if they are  +
 saying/doing something you don't want
 to hear. but to sit up to 6 hours
 listening, then complaining later
 about what you heard? come on!!

  then in april, sonny called me on
 his 3-way. he was on a victims'
 conference and said whoreceress was
 on, and wanted to talk to me. i told
 him that i was busy, but to add me
 for a few minutes. she started by
 wanting to know what my problem was,
 how dare i tell someone (bod) that
 he couldn't call her anymore. when i
 brought up the fact that she had told
 him about the f/b, that she couldn't
 trust him anymore, not to call her   +
 her again, she denied there was such
 a file. then she said that "everyone"
 was coming to her telling her that i
 was talking about her. i asked her to
 name just 1 person who had heard told
 her they had heard/seen me say any-
 thing about her so we could confront
 him. she says, "lots of people". i
 repeat, name just one. she says, well
 there are "too many to remember". me:
 well, just name one. she: "just
 handles". i finally said i had to go
 back to what i was doing, and that if
 she could come up with just one name
 to let me know and we could call him.
 she finally said peter had told her
 something.                          +
 after i told peter about it, he called
 her to find out what she was talking
 about. he also asked her to name just
 1 person and she named master kracker.
 the next day, sonny, master kracker
 and i called her. she was in chat with
 peter on the board at the same time.
 when she was asked why she said that
 master kracker had told her that i
 was talking about her, she said that
 peter had made a mistake. she typed
 that to him, he said there had been
 no mistake, she then said that the
 person she meant was "the mind slayer"
 fact: the mind slayer had been out of
 the scene for over a year at that
 time, plus the fact that i had      +
 never spoken to him either alone, or
 with anyone else on the line. she
 also told the three of us that it all
 started when she received the f/b
 that she denied getting when we were
 on the conference. i pointed out to
 her that if "a lot of people" were
 talking about a "war", that it was
 only because she would sit on all
 these conferences and talk about it.
 naturally people would hear it, and
 believe there was a war. what a war!
 dreamed up in her illiterate brain,
 and carried out with her being the
 only "warrior". at least it seemed to
 bring her the attention she craved.
  was this enough for her? no way! in
 august i take a 3 week holiday and am
 out of the country. while i'm gone
 bod starts calling her again, buffers
 2 e-mails that were left to me, takes
 them to her to prove that he can be
 trusted so she'll again have phone-
 sex with him. (read bod's files inclu-
 ding the chat file where she admits to
 having phone-sex).

  when i return from holidays, she logs
 onto my board leaving f/b accusing me
 of all sorts of crap. i find out she
 is again on conferences talking about
 me, accusing me of using people to pay
 my phone bill, of telling xxx that  +
 if he ever calls her board that i'll
 never have anything to do with him
 again. she even went so far as to
 post my e-mail that bod had taken to
 her in her subs, who knows why? i
 guess she figured she had sold her-
 self for it, so it might be useful.
 fact: i had a huge phonebill over a
 year ago which was not made by me, but
 which i am still paying on. i borrowed
 the money from 2 different people, for
 the original payment, and still pay it
 off on my own. also, it has been post-
 ed and written as fact that i told xxx
 not to call her board, etc. not true!
 and, no one has ever asked xxx or me
 if this was true.                   +
 rumour: aycee flirts with everyone on
        her board to keep them calling.
 fact  : more bullshit, just ask anyone
        that calls the board!

 rumour: aycee leaves sexy e-mail to
        users to keep them calling.
 fact  : same as above answer.

 rumour: aycee (while flirting) asks
        the caller to have his friends
        call the board.
 fact  : again, same as above! i do not
        break into chat with people who
        call. i ask no user to have
        another person call. i do not
        (unlike some sys-ops) leave   +
         my voice number in e-mail, nor
        do i chat a caller and ask them
        to call me voice.

 i'm sure when this issue of mamba is
 spread, ol' gangrene mouth will be
 screaming "lies, all lies" again. the
 difference this time, debbie, is that
 at least one person learned from his
 past mistakes and buffered and re-
 corded some conversations. i'm just
 wondering if you got larry to stand
 in the corner with a bag over his
 head and a camera in his hand?????????

                            das it!
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