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             news & rumours

  * chrysagon of x-ray quit the
    transcom and x-ray cooperation,
    according to chrysagon, transcom
    wasn't very active, further he said
    that lkj isn't very interested in
    the group anymore anyway.

  * the dominant one (tdo) left nec/nei
    and joined legend, his bbs second
    to none is now legend hq only.
    glasnost/legend renamed into

  * rocha left dominators.

  * thor/random got finally busted by
    the cops, a local loop-line was
    scanned; now he has to go to court.

  * scene-press, action's announced
    magazine, won't be released at all,
    as there's no time left for
    spitfire to do all the work.
    xox left manowar and rejoined

  * arrogance/x-ray got busted, the
    cops took some discs away, he keeps
    on producing 'bildzeitung'.

  * gotcha left talent as he is busy
    doing a lot of graphics for several
    games. (for the 2d-competition,
    starbyte, rainbow arts, ect)

  * some people released a fake 'bad
    news' at the last venlo-meeting,
    aiming to put genesis and omg down.
    the real bad news, by omg, is also
    made to slag on people.

  * the cure (x-crazy, dom, exodus,
    random) is back in the scene.

  * skandle joined random.

  * the cartridge of last ninja iii
    will be protected by markus
    wiederstein, according to him the
    game and protection were finished
    recently, further the game will be
    (almost?) uncrackable.

  * german po-boxes (postlagerkarten -
    plk) will be closed from the
    beginning of june '91.

  * badbatch was a new group consisting
    of hobbit, reset, kid, scorpie,
    sexton, krush and skywolf. however,
    kid and scorpie rejoined f4cg,
    hobbit rejoined transcom.
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