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better voting-sheets than cheating votes !!! it is already the 12th issue of our magazine and you still can't stay awayfrom it... make sure to participate in our little competition,just check out different things for detailed informations !!! now we are coming back to the usual part...greets, thanx and flowers to the voice (thanx for sending your awesome demo to us!!!) , crest (thanx for not sending your demo to us (mgm)), censor design, alpha flight, tf, trc, vibrants, bonzai, origo, padua, fairlight, richie and dean of illusion, extasy, class, hotline, f4cg, exodus, tsm, nec/nei, cosmos design, legend, crusade, dominators, titron, x-ray, paramount, ikari and talent (thanx for spreading mamba!), science 451, wot, reyn ouwehand, double density, wanted !!! later yuppies !!!

Chapter 01 - News and Rumours
Chapter 02 - The Interview
Chapter 03 - Reports
Chapter 04 - The Charts
Chapter 05 - Hits and Flops
Chapter 06 - Announces
Chapter 07 - A Little Comic
Chapter 08 - Different Things
Chapter 09 - Did You Know...

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