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          * NEWS AND RUMOURS *          
* ziggy/WOW left the scene.             
* a lot of dudes joined the belgian     
  W.O.W., those guys are: vincent/FRESH,
  hires/INTERNAL AFFAIRS, jake the snake
  the excorcist/??, elwood/ABYSS, bird- 
  man, rank01/AKRAK, rainman/ENERGY,    
  ispace/DUEL, mayday/DISONER, clive/?? 
* the excorcist changed his name into   
  THE OVERLORD.                         
* rumours say narc/LEGEND was kicked out
  tmbc is no member of legend, but helps
  his old crew once in a while.         
* dwarf joined MANOWAR after being in   
  TRISTAR fr some time.                 
* DAMIEN was kicked out of GENESIS-PRO- 
  JECT for lameness                     
* LUMBERJACK finally quitted the c-64.  
  he is working for AMOK on amiga now.  
* FREEZER and TDO of FEAR went to amiga,
  he published several SPRITE-WORLD-    
  RECORDS in the computermag "64'er"    
* TYPHOON did NOT join GENESIS after all
  as he wants to let all other members  
  of FUTURE TECHNOLOGICS join G*P aswell
* NINJA/G*P left and joined DOMINATORS. 
* dash, douglas and sid were kicked out 
  of F4CG.                              
* INCERIA will soon start a disk-mag    
  called 'PUCKBOX'. HAWK changed his    
  handle into TITUS                     
* TRANSCOM and X-RAY are in co-op.      
* a new english group has been founded  
  under the name of EWOKS.              
* ELWOOD/WOW was caught by both the cops
  and the post. therefor he will not    
  continue swapping.                    
* mmc/accuracy joined GIANTS.           
* raf and curlin of VISION and DERSE of 
  RUTHLESS joined HITMEN.               
* CREST kicked out HEATSEAKER and BONC, 
  LAWYER joined X-RAY.                  
* NOBODY was kicked out of F4CG, the    
  organistion of F4CG changed.          
* CENTAURI joined POWERS OF PAIN.       
* slasher/ROLE joined TURTLES.          
* brego left RUTHLESS to join BRONX.    
  MEPHISTO/bronx is back in the scene.  
* TRANS-X kicked some members, TNM      
  joined HISTERIC.                      
* PRI/DUPLEX and MYTH of TRANS-X joined 
* duplo and progo changed their name in-
  to STORMLORD and TURRICANE.           
* the outlaw left TGM and started a new 
  group called 'CONTROL' they are sear- 
  ching for more members. look in the   
  contact-corner for the adress         
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