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              * INTERVIEW *             
 we won't do an interview every issue,  
 coz not many guys like it that much.   
 but to have something in this issue,   
 we filled up the empty space with an   
 this interview was taken by vinzz/wow  
 the interviewee is THOMAS/DIGITAL M.   
 T=thomas/digital marketing             
V:hi there!!                            
V:tell us something about yourself that 
  can help us to get to know something  
  more about you.                       
T:i'm 22 years old, BLOND and BROWNEYED.
  i started programming in 1982 on an   
  APPLE in school, so i got in touch    
  with that drug, you people call:      
V:when did you buy your first computer? 
T:it was a C64, i bought it in 1985     
V:have you been in any groups? tell us  
  something about that!                 
T:yeah, i have been in quite some lame  
  groups with NO great name and success 
  i code DEMOS, nothing really special  
  or intersting. but nowadays, i have   
  quite good connections to many scene  
V:which was the greatest party you ever 
  went to ?                             
T:i prefer a GOOD CONVERSATION than ta- 
  king part in demo-competitions or co- 
  pying disks all night long, so it     
  doesn't matter where i go to...       
V:if i should meet you somewhere, how   
  should i know it's YOU ??             
T:a good question... i don't think there
  is something special about me, i'm    
  just AN ORDINARY GUY.                 
V:you are a coder in DIGITAL EXCESS,    
  what games or programs did you made ? 
T:i coded some tools for MAGIC DISK, the
  demo demon for DIGITAL MARKETING, logo
  and sarakon for STARBYTE and double   
  sphere ande tube madness for DOUBLE   
V:what's the difference between DIGITAL 
T:digital excess is a programming team, 
  that was founded by arndt heitkamp    
  (artist) and me. and digital marketing
  is the company i'm working for.       
V:what do you think about cracking ?    
  have you done that before ?           
T:i don't mind crackers, i even DON'T   
  MIND snacky/g*p for cracking LOGO. we 
  met on radwar V and talked a lot.     
  HE'S A COOL DUDE.                     
V:do you have a girlfriend at the moment
T:yes, i'm proud to say that we are to- 
  gether since SEPTEMBER 1985 that means
  over 5 YEARS !!                       
V:what kind of hardware do you have ?   
T:i own a good old C64 and an AMIGA 500.
V:what do you hate most of all ?        
T:not being PAID in time or not being   
  paid at all for your WORK. it's a mat-
  ter with these software-companies.    
V:can you tell me how many members digi-
  tal excess has ?                      
T:DIGITAL EXCESS has got 4 members:     
    andreas erhard (amiga)              
    thorsten leoytha (amiga)            
    arndt heitkamp (amiga/c64)          
    and me ofcousre !!                  
V:are you in need of any other members ?
T:NO, i think we are complete right now.
V:what are your future plans ?          
T:i'm trying hard to program ASSEMBLER  
  on amiga, but i will still do some    
  stuff on the c64, because it means    
V:that's about all, thanx for the inter-
  view and if you want give a last word.
  AND OUT THE SCENE.                    
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