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           * WORDS OF WISDOM *          
* again a wow part.... well, this time  
i'll talk about the injustice and some  
other things which are happening in the 
well, everybody knows that the charts   
are one hell of a corrupt thing but a   
lot of groups aren't doing anything     
about it!... a lot of groups still trust
on the charts to be correct or take the 
law into their own hands and fuck up    
the charts even more!...                
a well-known fact is that most of the   
megaswappers are writing to every mag   
and vote (without thinking) just to     
have their addy printed in that magazine
... also a lot of lamers are voting and 
they are surely the worst to have the   
knowledge of an objective vote. the so- 
called elite isn't bothering to vote as 
they don't see the point as they know   
that their group will be in whatever    
happens. a lot of those so-called elite 
groups don't deserve to be in the charts
while other (unknown?) groups have 10000
times more the right to be placed in the
charts. what can you do about it?       
1) drop the charts as a chapter         
make another kind of VOTESHEET....      
namely... a votesheet on which you can  
only vote for your own country's groups/
guys (girls) in the charts!....         
p.e. if you live in belgium you fill in 
that you live in belgium and you vote   
p.e. crackers: pwp/legend (and not doc/ 
legend or crush/bonzai)... ONLY BELGIANS
then!... or for crackergroups: legend,  
wow,tcom .....                          
most of the scene-guys will know what   
is going on in their country but not    
which group is the best in another      
country... i think this kind of vote-   
sheet would eventually give perhaps     
the same result (seen worldwide) but    
at least it will be HONEST and less     
CORRUPT. anyway, this way of voting     
has already been done by p.e. arrogance 
in his mag bild zeitung but it wasn't   
a replacement of the other charts but   
just an own opinion (probably) as his   
info was certainly NOT CORRECT. but     
at least it's a good try for a more     
justified chart-system.                 
also i want to point out for those      
many magazines who use a VOTER (or      
even a votesheet) in which some groups  
are already enlisted. this leads to     
corruptive actions and it's likely that 
only the very best (FRIENDS?) are in.   
this means that a lot of other groups   
are left out because they're not well-  
known or they're not good enough.       
to all who do this i advise you to      
either ENLIST ALL p.e. crackergroups    
or either NONE AT ALL... this is the    
most fair option and it will also make  
the less good groups happy as they're   
mostly the victim of all that friends-  
i know all this won't get through most  
of you (your thick brain-skulls) but    
i do hope you will listen to this as    
a lot of magazines are claiming to be   
objective but in reality they're not    
and that's really LAME.                 
* well, as a result of a lot of lame    
things happening in the scene i want    
to correct some things which weren't    
all the fair....                        
let's start with WILDCAT/ICS....        
this guy is said to be a recracker,     
a ripper,.... but is he really a        
recracker?... some of us know that      
when you've got an enemy the fight is   
not always fair and clean. this means   
that it's likely that an eneny of       
wildcat has tried to fool the world by  
recracking (in the name of wildcat) some
games. a lot of guys also believed with-
out checking it first... the explanation
of gabriel/the force.... a lot of guys  
joined the FAW .... but now wildcat     
has shown one thing that he's able to   
crack too as the first releases of ICS  
were certainly not RECRACKS (even       
gabriel has to admit this!)... ofcourse 
it's possible that wildcat did some     
nasty things p.e. by claiming it was    
him who made the iffl-enforcer...etc... 
but is a guy always judged by 1 action. 
everybody makes mistakes and i guess    
it's not right to make such a fuss      
about such things. most of us are       
adult persons and adults are meant to   
be talking about problems. the reason   
for starting this (faw) should be be-   
cause wildcat should have said something
about the isrealian section of the force
... if this is right then ofcourse it's 
not a fair thing to do this and then    
wildcat has to be punished but this is  
something between him and the force     
members. not between the world and      
wildcat. if it's like that, that wildcat
still thinks it's world war ii then     
it's better to put him in an insanity   
home.... but is it like this?...        
and why aren't WE (outsiders) our own   
business... this stuff makes the scene  
go down and becoming a mix of wars and  
troubles... why can't we live in peace? 
for all (most) of us this is a hobby    
(a big one or a small one) and NOBODY   
likes wars... so CUT THE CRAP and       
be FRIENDS.                             
this also is a fact with antichrist.    
a lot of guys are still making a fuss   
about it that he could be OMG ....      
but who are we to tell this or even     
to stick our noses into this... why     
can't he be 2 guys?... is it that bad?  
a lot of other dudez want to be in 2    
ofcourse this is not the main reason    
for all this 'HATRED' towards antichrist
... a lot of guys who made some games   
haven't been getting money for their    
games as omg (antichrist?) made sure    
that g*p had the 1st release... this    
meant also that the game-makers wouldn't
be getting any money. but i've heard    
that chromance did get some money for   
their game ... ofcourse not everyone    
was so lucky and again this is something
between the game-maker and omg...       
it's ofcourse not right what omg did    
as the work of months go down the drain 
just because omg decided to give g*p    
a 1st one. but perhaps this story has   
2 sides?... perhaps not?... but why     
are a lot of dudez playing the judges   
and convicting antichrist for everything
... this guy doesn't care a shit anyway.
.. but perhaps he'd listen to sense and 
listen to you when you'd approach him   
by acting like an adult.                
it's not by making a fake propaganda    
or writing notes in the name of anti-   
christ that you'll make antichrist go   
thinking about his acts. as action      
creates reaction... this old law was    
in the past active and will be active   
in the future but by doing all this     
a lot of dudez create a warry scene     
and if this shit keeps on NOBODY will   
be spared...                            
* well, after reading some cool mags    
i decided to give my opinion about      
their chapters/texts!...                
in brutal recall #007 there was an      
anonymous letter of a guy who probably  
disliked the u.s. scene a bit!...       
well, i've gotta say he was correct     
at some points but not at everything.   
modeming is a world apart!... i have    
always seen it as a final point. or     
as a beginning... i know some modem-    
traders and they've given me all the    
same toughts... modemtrading is the     
swapping of the elite, but a lot of     
those so-called elite is really         
arrogant and think they're simply       
the best ("a tina turner-complex!").    
anyhow, it's their good right but like  
the guy in br.recall i also think that  
it's quite UNFAIR to treat the groups   
who aren't represented on the boards    
as dirt!... to proof this i'll give     
an example. a lot of elite groups have  
invented a fake label under which they  
crack BAD (?) games from game on/dd/    
twice effect/.... also the u.s. dudez   
have those budget labels under which    
they import stuff from euro budget      
labels!... WHY? i don't see the point   
anymore as they make fun out of these   
labels but they still crack it. if they 
don't like the games then let them get  
their hands off. i read in shock that   
those discgames can't be counted as     
1st releases and perhaps they're right  
but since recently that was the only    
shit which groups could crack. nowa-    
days the games are improving again.     
(t2,turbo charge,...) but only a few    
can have the 1st ones and ofcourse      
legend is one of the few. but also this 
group has a budget label. altough they  
dislike german discgames. anywhow, it's 
stupid and a lot of wannabee elite      
groups invent such a label just to      
be part of the clan. this is just       
like the SHORT-INTRO-DISCUSSION. it     
makes the scene become lamer every      
day. the 64 scene is not going down     
because of too less games but of too    
much assholes and also those so-called  
elite dudez are part of this. a lot of  
modemtraders have an attitude problem   
and it's a closed world. i don't say    
that there aren't any good guys (girls) 
anymore but if you see what they do     
about the sorceress/bod/aycee-affaire.  
why do they make a fuss about that?     
is that the only thing they do?...      
still, as an outstander i won't judge   
the modem-scene too hard but i only     
want to show that ALSO americans are    
normal dudez but who have built up a    
reputation as modemtraders.             
to come back at those 1st releases i    
want to show out that a lot of euro     
groups crack from time to time faster   
then those elite groups, but because    
of no reliable modemtraders they fail   
to put their crack on the boards and    
even when they put it on a minor board  
it's not counted as a 1st release as    
it has to put on certain major boards.  
this was a problem with trc+tbi with    
some of their games and because of      
that VERDICT had a 1st one. this also   
happened with WOW as we had the 1st     
release of superkid in space... we      
cracked this game in april 1991...      
we didn't put it on the boards because  
of the reason given on the previous     
page and we also didn't know that it    
was a 1st one but then we saw (3 months 
later)... 20th june that dom put it     
on the boards as 1st release... what    
do you think we did?... we laughed      
about it as we tought that it was a     
joke but it wasn't... still, we don't   
care as it was only a budget and we     
are under-appreciated like so many      
groups. this was partly our problems    
but again this happened as we had the   
1st one of EURO BOSS aswell as SNOOKER  
MANAGER and THE MATCH... 3 budgets      
again!... well, we don't care anymore   
as we see that our work is appreciated  
we are no top 10 group and we admit     
this fair and square but the only thing 
we want is justice. you might think     
i'm talking to promote wow now but      
as you could see we're not the only     
group which is bad treatened p.e.       
also BABYGANG,DUNEX,...etc... are       
not treatened at its fullness!...       
the groups mentioned above are working  
their butts off to get themselves in    
the charts but they get almost no       
chances. why not? because the lame      
voters are to stupid and to dumb to     
make up an own opinion.                 
everybody knows that the charts are     
completed either by useless swappers    
(of which i'm one!) or by useless       
magazine-editors (= prof.cheaters,he    
matt!)... but i won't kid around at this
subject as nowadays the coders,gfx-     
artists,...etc.. certainly the beginning
ones are looking at the charts to see   
how their work is appreciated, but      
they are de-motivated by the fact that  
always the same dudez are in those      
charts... why can't we change the system
i've already given you a way to make the
charts much better by the COUNTRY-VOTE- 
SHEET... it's an idea!...               
well, enough mind-breaking about this   
subject so let's come to a conclusion.  
this little discussion (1 way) began    
with the u.s. scene and i hope a lot    
of those arrogant,self-centred pigs will
change a bit of their characteristics   
in order to bring new live to the 64    
scene. a lot of freaks are doubting     
about the suriving of the 64 and i      
think we don't have to think about      
it and live the day how it comes.       
produce, be active and crack,code,      
make gfx or music or just swap...       
HAVE FUN. fun... this is a word that    
those elite dudez don't know anymore.   
they always want to be the best and     
the fastest. ofcourse everybody wants   
to be number one for some time, but     
on the top is a lonely thing. you       
loose friends because you don't take    
enough time for them and the only thing 
you do is loosing grip of REAL LIFE.    
like many guys in this scene i take     
friendship as THE most important thing  
in life aswell as the scene. products   
are secondary. all who want to proof    
me the reverse can react on anything    
which was printed here. i'm responsible.
by the way, shock and mamba ARE pointed 
to much to the elite and even mamba     
goes a bit contradictional namely...    
their news,... are mostly about elite   
dudez/groups but on the other hand they 
put in addresses of LAME! dudes or      
just some asslicking friends as the     
mamba editors can choose the addresses  
they want to print...  either you print 
them all or you print none. dis-        
crimination sucks!... certainly when    
you're a mag.editor!                    
mamba is certainly not number one       
anymore!... corruption isn't also and   
shock is certainly the most stylish     
one but the text-amount is below sea-   
level and it's US-POINTED, but that     
was the intention of the magazine...    
i guess.                                
* i also hope that also the newcomers   
aswell as the old VETERANS will work    
together as all those ELITE CRAPHEADS   
think they're something... ofcourse     
some guys/groups (5*) can say they've   
made it and they can boast about it,    
but it are mostly those who never boast!
ofcourse you have some exceptions...    
(he goldfish... just kidding stijn)     
but i can really laugh and at the same  
time make me mad about all those WANNABE
elite... they're so stupid and do every-
thing for an elite group but don't want 
to support a new guy or new group!...   
LAME!... we in the wow have surely done 
some stupid things concerning recruting 
members as we've had so much skilled    
guys but also a lot of un-skilled guys! 
but we've always given them a change to 
become something!... this is what it    
is all about!... EVERY wow member whose 
been a while in the wow will be able to 
tell you that we are a close group!...  
we want to become something and at the  
meantime we don't want to lose our      
identity!... that's hard but we're      
WARRIORS in a WASTELAND...              
so be it... i'm off......               
press FIRE                              
                EINSTEIN: CHIEF-EDITOR 2
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