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          * NEWS AND RUMOURS *          
hi ho! welcome to another chapter of    
number 12.  thanks again to all the raw 
dudes who sent us their vote-and news   
papers with the many news  they included
again. thanks...                        
yep, this month a lot happened again... 
(is there ever a month that nothing     
happens in this scene? nope, i really   
don't think so...)                      
i have to say i'm really glad there are 
much things happening... because this   
proves the scene is still ALIVE and     
anyway, what kinda bullshit am i talking
well, wank yer funny stick RIGHT and    
enjoy reading the monthly news...       
* after cyborg left F4CG to join the    
  GUARDIAN ANGELS, he left the GA'S but 
  we don't know which group he joined   
* truse/HONOUR (australia) stopped swap-
  ping with euro's!!                    
* rawhead left ROLE, changed his handle 
  into yazoo again and build up his old 
  group GLOOM.                          
* phobia left ROLE and also quiited the 
  scene! (ed: let's go kill him! no     
  mercy for scene-leavers!!)            
now a little story from commander/ROLE  
i completely agree with the guy.        
he made again a ubelieveable lame step  
that little (eh: little is not the right
word, he langen?) child...              
go on reading folks...                  
 a time ago, ifinity (ed: i'll call him 
insanity, it fits better with his lame  
steps he made! isn't it dickhead?) and  
mega-industries planned to make a FAKE  
"propaganda #2". a little time before   
this, mega industries already made a g*p
directory with a fake terminator 2!     
later on, mega industries also wanted to
use the "rock 'n role"-disk for their   
mean jokes.                             
 where does this go to? nobody knows any
more what he has got on his disk, becau-
se it can be fake. mega industries even 
misused other guys (like me, commander) 
in the fake "propaganda #2"!!           
 i don't know if those guys like this   
all, but i don't like it. it has to stop
, those stund and mean jokes!! if you   
want to attack someone, then attack him 
personallyand not by misusing other     
guys! also those fake things, it only   
destroy the scene!                      
to mega industries: i want your apolo-  
gies in public, send these apologies to 
the following magazines...              
-ROCK 'N ROLE                           
-BRUTAL RECALL                          
 these apologies have to appear before  
end of december '91, or you never have  
to make my name dirty anymore because   
i will make sure that you will have     
difficult times!                        
 do i or you will regret of the lame    
step you made!                          
 to the whole scene: stop doing those   
fake things, let's have a cool 64-scene 
like in the old days...                 
               signed, COMMANDER of ROLE
thanks a lot cmr, for sending me this   
story! i hope the lamers see their      
faults now they made...                 
and to you insanity: thanks for the     
poor letter you wrote me under the label
it sounded like this:                   
'poor lamer, if i'll see you, i'll kill 
you. that means war from whole g*p with 
are you so braindead, man? anyway, i'll 
hope the scene will kick your ass, you  
dirty vermin, soon!                     
bet you wrote the same shit-letter to   
FLASH INC. too?...                      
anyway, let's cut this crap, and let's  
go further with the 'normal' news...    
* commander's/ROLE address changed      
  bonefantenstr. 18 bus 8               
  3500 hasselt                          
  so don't send anymore to the old addy 
  in hamont anymore!                    
* if you need an action-replay mk6 prof 
  then you should contact commander/ROLE
  the fair price is 3500bfr., 170dm.,   
  200 gulden, 96 am.dollar, 590
* new age rejoined TROPIC               
* royal of ACCURACY joined CONTRAST.    
* the torch, janso and jonsku are kicked
  outta ACCURACY.                       
* dr. acid/EXTEND has a board called    
  'one rial core'  +35 83552201         
* rumours that say that erotyc is not in
  DOMINATORS DESIGN are false.          
* amj and anvil of DEATHSECTOR also joi-
  ned DOMINATORS DESIGN.                
* thunder hawk (ex el-gato of BABYGANG) 
  left the scene.                       
* phantom/LOA renamed into django and   
  joined the rebuilt TROPIC.            
* 'testure' is again CENSOR DESIGN'S hq.
* razy/LEGEND is running LEGEND'S euro  
  hq. 'white house'                     
* INTRUDERS are a new group, formed by  
  some ex-EURASIA members: dr.pain and  
as we wrote in the last issue some      
mistakes about EXTREME, here come the   
right facts about them...               
* syndicate, b-wyze and god left VICTIMS and adolf followed. god and   
  b-wyze joined SUCCESS for about two   
  weeks, but they never did anything for
  SUCCESS and arrogance didn't do either
  it's a fact that the only SUCCESS     
  release at that time was the budget   
  game 'the match'! we never got any-   
  thing to spread, crack or to look at. 
  they left and formed EXTREME with syn-
  dicate, kopkilla and lawyer. while    
  that VICTIMS screwed up, the remaining
  SUCCESS members joined G*P. another   
  guy joined EXTREME aswell, the well-  
  known mega-codehead delta of DEATHSEC-
  members of EXTREME are...             
* SKID ROW was never in coop with TALENT
* SKID ROW died and most of the members 
  rejoined PANDORA                      
* stormbringer of AKRAK stopped his     
  c64-activities due to the lame school.
* the AKRAK memberstatus looks like this
  -mr.perfect (swapper, gfx, originals) 
  -skorpion (swapper, cracker, leader)  
  -loren (coder, gfx)                   
  -nobody (coder, cracker)              
  -slaughter (swapper, cracker, orig.)  
  -striker (coder, megaswapper, cracker)
  -dr.weirdo (coder, swapper)           
  -b-true (cracker, swapper, modem)     
* freeze/THE FORCE joined TRIUMWYRAT as 
  a musician.                           
* stephen/WDS joined THE FORCE as a     
* dotan is kicked outta CLIQUE because  
  he ripped graphics from viny/AIR DE-  
  SIGN and sent to rock'n'role #14,     
  claiming that he himself drew them. he
  got the kick ofcourse.                
* mr.slatanic/CLIQUE quitted CLIQUE and 
  the scene, buggy is kicked for lazy-  
  ness and spark is a new graphician    
  in CLIQUE.                            
* the whole hungarian section of THE    
  FORCE joined STELLA.                  
* THE CRACKER DUO are not gonna change  
  their groupname.                      
* captain tas and monique of STELLA are 
  in love. (ed: geeee, how cute...)     
* ACRISE is back. it was rebuilt by     
  mendrake (who left WOW) on 10/11/'91. 
* beetlejuice left CRUSH and joined     
  clive, igor, ans tesla of CRUSH also  
  (re-) joined ACRISE.                  
* redskin joined ACRISE.                
* ORGASMIC DESIGNS died, all members joi
  ned ACRISE. they are: dmi, eze, twynn,
  mouse (ed: mickey?), artex and light- 
* the ACRISE memberstatus looks like    
  -mendrake (leader, cracker, modem,    
             originals and mega-madness)
  -igor (coder, cracker)                
  -beetlejuice (coder, graphician)      
  -dmi (swapper)                        
  -redskin (coder)                      
  -tesla (graphician)                   
  -clive (megaswapper)                  
  -bordeaux (gfx, modem, swapper)       
  -static (swapper, graphician)         
  -imperator (swapper, modem)           
  -artex (coder)                        
  -lightnis (graphician, swapper)       
  -mouse (coder, graphician)            
  -twynn (coder, graphician, musician)  
* X-ZESS got a new member dizzy.        
* brainy and mike/ex-INCERIA formed a   
  new swappergroup called SKYNET. more  
  members are wanted.                   
* judge dredd and c.i.m/TOPAZ left TOPAZ
  and the scene.                        
* rumours are going on that ironfist/   
  ELECTRIC BOYZ (ex-ZENITH) ans some    
  other BOYZ members and one ex-ZENITH  
  guy would bring ZENITH back to the    
  ruling c64-scene on 01/01/'92...      
* after antitrack of LEGEND said the    
  hungarians are lame, TKC released     
  their demos 'mea culpa' and 'victory',
  and some quality cracks.              
* there's a new group in israel called  
  ICE KIDZ.                             
* rebel of TOPAZ opened his board called
  'freedom'  +xx xxx xxxxx              
* STORMFRONT died, all remaining members
  joined CYBERPUNX. they are...         
  -don promillo                         
  -des walker                           
  -the reaper                           
  -the bartman                          
* ernst joined COMPAGNIONS as a coder.  
* these dudes are kicked out of COMPAG- 
  NIONS: racer-x, cube, rambo, mr.radon,
  jimmy and turrican.                   
* the COMPAGNIONS memberstatus looks li-
  ke this:                              
  -the outlaw                           
* clairvoyant and greg of FACES formed a
  graphician-duo. greg makes the shapes,
  clv fills them) order your own free   
  quality logo from REAL-POINT design!  
* the 2nd demo from ORBS will be soon   
  released. the name is PLASMA-REMIX!   
* the graphic group MINDLIGHT DESIGNS   
  will soon release the slideshow:      
  'dreamland'. members are both in TRIAD
  and ORBS.                             
* TALENT is now only bod and xxx.       
* the bbs 'state of mind' (usa) became  
  a GUARDIAN ANGELS whq.!               
* secret power joined GUARDIAN ANGELS.  
* GLOOM renamed their magazine 'monthly 
  news' into 'pravda'.                  
* serge/ABYSS CONNECTION was asked by   
  yazoo of GLOOM to join, but he        
  refused the offer                     
* defjay/NATO joined PULSAR.            
* count and megabyte/DEPREDATORS will   
  soon release their game 'echohawk'!   
* the hungarian group WEIRD BYTES rena- 
  med into ASTRAL.                      
* hooper/WEIRD was again caught by the  
  cops, this time of stamp-cheating.    
  they found 40 sendings (!!) with      
  cheated stamps!!                      
* 'vandalism news' is now an OREGON     
* theres a lot of people claiming to be 
  in the now dead MYSTIC.  this is the  
  official memberstatus before MYSTIC   
  -sweet tooth                          
  -double mc                            
  -copy cat                             
* the fake witty/OREGON changed his     
  handle back nto the rat as the origi- 
  nal witty/OREGON is back in the scene!
  (read the interview to know more about
* vengeance/OREGON is aussie hq. for    
  script, he also became the aussie hq. 
  for INTERNAL!                         
* truse/HONOUR will leave the scene af- 
  ter christmas.                        
* devastar/ex-CHROME joined OREGON.     
* mc style/HONOUR asked to join AMAZON  
  but was re-fused.                     
* stigs/TDU is back in the scene and is 
  hq. odf TDU again.                    
* vengeance left AMAZON and joined      
* star went back to ANTIC after some    
  time in TPF, he wasn't worth it.      
* spencer is kicked outta MANIAX.       
* the real COCOON'ers changed their     
  groupname into LEGACY, after that,    
  they changed'em again an now they're  
  called VAGABONDS (ed: cool name!)     
* rough left CHROMANCE to join PADORA,  
  but after a few days he left to rejoin
  CHROMANCE 'coz he discovered that     
  PANDORA was too lame...               
* splatterhead/ex-RAGE  could have      
  joined EXOTIC DESIGNS, but his mom    
  read the letter he got from scummkid  
  and said: "no, 50 dollar each month   
  is too much for buying orignals"...   
  (ed: what? giving 50 dollar each month
   to EXOTIC DESIGNS? why the heck is   
   that good for, they only crack lame  
   budget games which they just get from
   other groups FOR FREE!!!!!)          
* EXOTIC DESIGNS released the very first
  issue of their mega-super-lame paper- 
  mag called 'coconut'. they think they'
  re really funny by slagging on some   
  cool people like commander/ROLE.      
* calt renamed into cyclone and left    
  SABIAN due to the lazyness of the     
* raistlin left G*P (you all knew this) 
  and joined XENTRIX (you knew this too)
  what ever else you hear is a lie, he  
  has left the scene for three months,  
  but will code a demo over christmas   
  holidays while not at university.     
* rumours say that 'gamers guide' will  
  stop after the 15th issue of it.      
  100* certain have a party in sweden in
  february next year.                   
* gene, derbyshire ram and rebel left   
  the DOMINATORS, while nme, the cure,  
  sonic and dmc were kicked out!        
now some fact about the SUCCESS and DOMI
NATORS party which will be held in papen
burg in germany...                      
the importantst facts for you:          
christmas party for the c64 and amiga   
13, 14 and 15th of december 1991        
papenburg/germany, europe's longest town
between groningen/netherlands and bremen
the party starts at 5pm.                
4 german marks                          
the party-place is a big hall, which can
held nearly 1200 people. this hall is   
included in the biggest sky-scraper in  
papenburg, called ems-center. in this   
scraper are many shops like disco, pub, 
pizzeria etc... if you won't stay anylon
ger in the hall, then you can go one    
floor higher to enter the disco or any- 
thing else. here's the address from the 
a few modem lines are present and one   
german television transmitter will show 
up to do a screen record about the      
computer scene.                         
you can sleep in your car, if you want, 
but we organized a cheap sleep place    
for the three nights. you can sleep in a
youth hostel, which is near by the party
place. if you want to reserve a bed,    
then write to this address:             
           or dial +xx/xxxx/xxxx        
for table reservations or further infor-
mations write to this addy:             
          or dial +xx/xxxx/xxxx         
every goup can code a demo for the demo-
competition. the best will get a nice   
price. start now with your work, dudes..
let's go further with more news         
* jesta (ex jester/NOVA) joined BATTERY.
* stigs/TDU is back in the scene!       
* a mega party is on january 10,11,12th 
  1992 at wollongong, nsw, australia.   
  contact TDU for info etc...           
* taze/ARRAY stopped swapping. merlin   
  took over his contacts.               
* memberstatus of ARRAY looks like this:
  -exult (leader, gfx, mega-swap)       
  -merlin (gfx, musician, swap)         
  -taze (gfx)                           
  -doc dope (original supplier, coder)  
  -six gun (cracker)                    
  -gangsta (cracker)                    
* ARRAY is searching  for members, look 
  in the addresses corner for the       
* rebel (ex-TOPAZ) started a new group  
  called GODS.                          
* 'freedom' is now a GODS whq.! call it 
  at +xx-xxx xxxxx between 8pm-7am      
* maze and amadeus of NOICE and ravage  
  of TRIAD left their group and joined  
  GODS. maze changed his handle into    
* jayce left PARADIZE and joined the    
  dudes in CHROMANCE.                   
* stephen/STELLA joined TRIUMWYRAT as a 
* FACES won the demo-competition on     
  "comfair '91" in hungary!             
* matrix and maxwell left GRAFFITY.     
* static left ACCURACY and joined CONT- 
  RAST, he'll start a new  disk mag cal-
  led 'euro-news'. (ed: bah, another    
  magazine, how's diz possible?)        
* baby joe and spc of ex-ATG joined     
  DOMINATORS. baby joe renamed into     
  guzzly adam and spc into pavarotti.   
* 'corruption 11' was finally released, 
  this time with again a new outfit,    
  let's see how long it'll be under the 
  DOMINATORS label.                     
* section and double jam/ex-VANITY both 
  left  the scene.                      
* the most of the YANKEES members joined
  PROJECT-X. they have now a whq.       
  together with DEADLINE (rebel mc, gene
  derbyshire ram,...). call it now:     
  908 747 1561. sysop is gene.          
* alf/ex-VANITY renamed into akira and  
  formed together with a dude called    
  chipsta a new elite group called PRO- 
  JECT-X. (french!) they should now be  
  in co-op with DEADLINE.               
* after deek and bizzmo of GENESIS PRO- 
  JECT joined CREST, tyger, snoopy and  
  maduplec of NATO also joined them.    
* ACRISE will release three demos in the
  near future...                        
  -one for the SILICON PARTY.           
  -an anti G*P demo.                    
  -and a demo for the demo-competition  
   that is held by the south-african    
   group TIME.                          
* DISCOVERY and BRUTAL are in a cracking
* HITMEN is back... it's rebuilt by     
  racoon and thunder of TRIAD.          
* curlin left TRIAD and is working a cop
* rick (ex-ENIGMA) joined ELITE. rumours
  say that ENIGMA is dead!              
* sting and conan of ELITE are spreading
  rumours on the boards that ACTION     
  should be dead, too.                  
now some WOW news...                    
* drakkar (ex-overlord/WOW) finally     
  found out that he was being fooled by 
  the dealer/VISION, so he rejoined us. 
* orgasm joined WOW as a very good      
* king pin joined WOW as a master graphi
* wax left REFLEX and joined WOW as a   
* maestro left the DEPREDATORS and join-
  ed, yep, the WOW. he's a swapper and  
  he's also our new original supplier.  
* testament/SNAP joined WOW too, he's   
  the new mega-spreader inside belgium. 
* el breznjev renamed into artfart,     
  'cause he's fed up of the fact nobody 
  could spell his name correct!         
* the audience left WOW and joined      
* vengeance/OREGON is the aussie hq. for
  INTERNAL. he's also the oz hq. from   
  SCRIPT. (ed: the two best magazines   
  in the scene? yeeeeeees!)             
* lenine/ex-F4CG joined WOW as a        
  cracker... what can we say... another 
  WOW victory against F4CG belgium?     
and here's a complete WOW memberstatus  
of december '91...                      
-bono (megaswapper)                     
-organiser (megaswapper, organiser, pr- 
            man, party-freak)           
-cruel (modemtrader, swapper)           
-stormlord (swapper, coder, votesheet-  
            spreader, pr, cracker.      
            original supplier)          
-tech (megaswapper)                     
-grapple (coder, swapper, party-freak)  
-sorex (cracker)                        
-unix (idle coder, lazy swapper, party- 
-joker (swapper, coder, little music,   
        originals, cracker, internal co-
-image (musician)                       
-matt (swapper, internal chief-editor 1)
-chacke (leader, lazy cracker, little   
-slash (swapper, cracker)               
-vinzz (gfx, cracker, coder, little     
        music, internal co-editor, swap-
-apollo (modemtrader, swapper, internal 
-einstein (second leader, swapper, pr-  
           man, gfx, internal chief edi-
           tor 2, little crack)         
-artfart (little  swapper, coder)       
-sleepwalker (coder)                    
-lenine (cracker)                       
-king pin (gfx, swapper)                
-testament (megaswapper, votesheet-     
-wax (coder)                            
-maestro (original-supplier, swapper)   
-orgasm (musician)                      
-drakkar (coder)                        
* EXOTIC DESIGNS released the first     
  issue of their papermag 'coconut',    
  they almost did nothing else than slag
  ging on commander of ROLE. trigger has
  gone too far this time, he'll see     
  what'll happen...                     
ah, and with this i finnish one of the  
last news pages for 1991! what can i    
say more? well, please keep on reading  
the rest of this magazine 'cause we all 
think this is cool, ain't it?           
anyway, read more crap from me, einstein
and the other foolies, but therefor ya  
have to press the FIRE button, dudie!   
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