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            MIX MANIA                   
howdy country-boys'n girls!...          
this time we have again a variety of    
choices.... for everyone there's some-  
thing!... and if there's something you  
want to see in here then get off your   
lazy ass and take pen and paper or load 
one of those (aussie?) notewriters and  
begin typing/writing!....               
this time we begin with only 1 review   
of a film....                           
(with kevin kostner,sean connery,       
ernest bourigine,....)                  
this is a good remake of the old version
... but has lost some of its charm!...  
still the makers have chosen for a NON- 
NAKED SCENE... no running naked woman   
in here!... but we have to picture this 
in the middle ages!....                 
the film has a quite amazing begin and  
a not so amazing end, although the end  
sequence is so mighty exaggerated it    
becomes almost a COMEDIAN! and it is as 
the film contains some little funny     
things and does help you coming through 
the time!... this film takes over 2     
hours and is NO real waste of time!.... 
i think it's not worth to get off your  
lazy ass and go and see him in the      
CINEMA but it wouldn't be a waste of    
money to rent him!...                   
this film has a bit of everything       
(action,adventure,romance,....) but so  
had the 1ST version. so this movie is   
no real SMASHER, but a normal film!...  
RATING: 70/100                          
* NAKED GUN 2+1/2                       
well, this time we meet lt.frank drebin 
again... he gets involved with a lot of 
intrigues,corrupt state-officials,      
falling 1st ladies,e.o. bullshit.       
this film is full of action abit of     
sex (with priscilla presley) and a whole
lotta humour!... the main clue is that  
some gangsters kid(?)nap dr.meinheim    
whose an energy-specialist.             
this film has ofcourse no real DEEP     
story as it's a 100 procent laugh-gas   
film!... it contains quite a lot of     
classic jokes but filmed and played     
quite good by leslie nielsen (frank)    
my opinion about this film is:          
or you like the film a lot or you hate  
it and think it's too simple!...        
a lot of persons i talked too think     
the first movie (naked gun 1) was       
better ... others haven't seen NUMBER   
1 (i'm one of them) and think this      
film is one hell of a good comic!...    
others say it's useless!...             
RATING: 95/100                          
* CHOICE OF LOVE                        
this film is about the story of a guy   
who has cancer. he searches a young,    
attractive girl with nurse experience!  
(julia roberts). julia roberts needs    
money and goes up to his house (estate).
she gets hired and after a while she    
falls in love with him... etc...        
this film is a definate 'CRY' film and  
if you have a girlfriend who really     
impersonates herself with the characters
then you'll need more then 1 hanker-    
chiefs... this is a movie with good     
performances from the actors aswell     
as the actrices. a movie with a strong  
and sentimental story!... a real        
romantic film and a real good one in    
its class!...                           
RATING: 80/100                          
* now some oldies....                   
this movie is about a scientist who     
wants to invent skin-tissue...          
he gets up to the point when the skin-  
tissue is only able to stay on the      
body when it's used in the dark. at     
this point his girl gets involved in    
a corrupt thing at her work! she has    
a memo of some kind of secret project.  
she reveals to the corrupt guy that     
she hasn't got it with her and there-   
for the guy sents r.durant (a gangster) 
up to her boyfriends' lab. durant       
kills his assistent and almost kills    
her boyfriend as his lab is blown up.   
they all think he's dead but he ain't   
and he returns to his lab in which he   
makes some masks to revenge himself!    
this movie is quite good but NOT        
OUTSTANDING.... it contains some great  
shoot scenes and some other interesting 
this is a film you can miss but it's    
good pass-time...                       
RATING: 60/100                          
* KICKBOXER II                          
this is the sequel of a very good first 
film with j.c.van damme (a BELGIAN).    
this time another guy (in the film he   
plays the brother of kurt sloan (j.c.   
van damme)). he teaches kickboxing in   
a gym and when his best pupil leaves    
him the story starts... he gets in-     
volved with several things and leads    
him to the murderer of his brother....  
eventually good wins above the bad ones.
this is a modern 'GOOD VS BAD' story!   
this film is not so good as the first   
one as it contains less good hard       
action scenes. also the actors are not  
so well-built. also a good pass-time    
and again one you can miss!             
RATING: 50/100                          
* ROCKY V                               
the final chapter... this time rocky    
looses all his money after his battle   
with drago (russian in rocky iv)....    
he returns to his old neighbourhood...  
he also meets a guy who wants to go and 
learn the trade and wants rocky as a    
trainer!... this guy becomes more im-   
portant for rocky then his son and      
it tears him apart when he sees that    
tommy 'THE MACHINE' gunn. (his pupil)   
gets taken away but duke (a black sport-
promotor...a very rich corrupt guy!)    
... t.gunn becomes champion of the world
and as dukes' intention has always been 
to get rocky into the ring again he     
demands tommy to annoy rocky... so tommy
does this and he challenges him to a    
this is again a good and bad story and  
ofcourse this time it's the good ones   
who win it all (THE WINNERS TAKES IT ALL
good for all of us that this is the last
rocky as this is certainly the badest   
one!... rocky iv was MUCH better!       
this one you can surely miss but for    
all rocky fans it's a good end to end   
an era....                              
RATING: 40/100                          
* BACKDRAFT                             
this movie is about a fire department   
somewhere in america... a little kid    
can come with his dad (kurt russell)    
to a fire. it's an easy one they say    
and that's why he can come with....     
he goes with and when they think the    
fire is down a gas explosion follows    
and the little kids'dad dies!...        
20 years later that little kid joins    
his brother (also kurt russell) in that 
same department!... also axe (an old    
mate of their dad) is in that dep. then 
the real story begins and the killing   
starts. the rest you gotta see for      
this film has a very good story and     
is filmed the same. backdraft is surely 
the best film being released lately.    
i haven't told you much about the movie 
as that would spoil the film too much!  
the film contains comic scenes,horror   
scenes,thriller scenes.... a great      
RATING: 95/100                          
now some oldies coming up...            
* K9               ARACHNOPHOBIA        
  GHOSTBUSTERS 2                        
  SEA OF LOVE                           
  DELTA FORCE 2                         
k9... this film is about a crazy cop    
who is a bit like sledgehammer... he    
doesn't like partners but has to work   
together with a dog... he finds a       
similar dog (jerry lee). this dog helps 
him to bust a drugdealer!...            
the story isn't so special as it's a    
comic but quite a good one!... it       
contains some good scenes and the film  
is a good tip for a rent-off!...        
this film will make you laugh coz it    
is from time to time very funny!...     
it's perhaps not a top 10 film but      
surely one to see!....                  
RATING: 65/100                          
ghostbuster 2... they're back and       
stronger then ever!.... the film starts 
with a mother (the ex-girlfriend of     
peter venkman) who goes walking with    
her little baby... the baby with the    
carrier begins to role and when the     
mother runs after it,it goes faster     
and faster until it stops before almost 
being ran down by a truck!... then she  
asks her friends (the ghostbusters)     
to help her out and find what the       
cause is!... the cause will be found    
right in the museum where she's         
working!... the story ends happily.     
this film is NOT as good as the 1st     
and surely one to miss as only a few    
scenes are worth to see!...             
ofcourse a spooky one but it surely     
failed as a comical film.               
RATING: 40/100                          
sea of love... 2 murders are commited!  
2 murders which are similar to each     
other!... that's why 2 policmen work    
together to solve this case!...         
the real film begins when the 2 police- 
men come after the fact that it's all   
caused by some adverts from guys who    
are searching for a girl and who use    
a little rime to attract them. the 2    
policemen are convinced it's a girl     
and they do the same!...                
the film is quite good made as it       
contains everything a good police/      
action film takes but only the action   
is missing a bit... you could say it's  
a modern thriller/police movie!...      
it has a nice clue but after all it's   
not a brilliant film!...                
still it's worth to see..(even when it  
is only for the girl...haha)(yes, i     
know i'm a sexist).                     
RATING: 60/100                          
delta force 2...                        
the story continues!... 2 army guys     
have to find some federal agents who    
are held hostage in san carlos... the   
country of a drugbaron... they have     
to fight against some hard winds but    
ofcourse some survive!... the hero      
(chuckie norris) wins the battle!..     
a damned shit movie if you compare      
it with the first!... it contains       
some (not so much) action scenes and    
again this is a HOLLYWOOD FLOP...       
RATING: 30/100                          
arachnophobia... the name tells it all! 
this movie is about spiders!... it      
all begins with an expedition in south  
america... the photographer dies as     
a result of a spider-bite!... but the   
other expedition members don't know     
that... and they also don't know that   
a spider is being transported back to   
home base (usa)....                     
the corps is sucked empty and the       
spider climbs out of the coffin...      
the spider runs down a barn. the        
spider multiplies and becomes a cocoon. 
the spiders begin to kill...            
it's a thrilling story as spiders are   
mostly NOT WANTED by the people...      
the film itself contains some bizarre   
moments and altough they said it's      
a funny movie... i can say it's not     
so funny... but it's a good film and    
one to see!... it's worth to hire.      
RATING: 70/100                          
well, as i'm no real FILM EXPERT i      
will now let the master of vhs swapping 
GRAPPLE/WOW take the keys to guide you  
through some REAL new releases!...      
be prepared because he's deadly.....    
* TERMINATOR II (by einstein)           
the story begins with a view of a battle
field in the year 2048. space machines  
are flying through the dark sky and     
ground-troops namely t1000 are killing  
the humans!...                          
sarah connor (linda hamilton) explains  
her story!... and then the real story   
begins with the coming of 2 terminators!
1 good one (the old model: arnold       
schwarzenegger = terminator 1) whose    
the protector of john connor and 1      
bad guy (the t1000)... ofcourse this    
is a classical confrontation the good   
and the bad or was it the beauty and    
the beast?... anyhow, the result is     
a clash of fights,explosions,gunfights,.
... really EXTRA-ORIDINAIRY....         
this film is said to be one of the most 
expensive ones and god i believe it as  
trucks, buildings, cars, helis,....etc. 
explode frequently!...                  
this film is one NOT to miss!.. a really
smasher!... anyhow, it's full of action 
NO romance but hardcore action and      
perhaps a sad end!... which makes it    
almost impossible for a THIRD terninator
... so i guess this was the FINAL SEQUEL
RATING: 95/100                          
well, that was the mix mania of this    
month. we could have named this chapter 
film-reviews, but as we won't review    
every month  some films, we just called 
this chapter mix-mania...               
well, we hope you have enjoyed reading  
this, press FIRE now to go to the main- 
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