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        * HISTORICAL BACKGROUND *       
hi people, welcome to another chapter of
this issue of internal. this time you've
choosed the historical background.      
i'm very glad some people have reacted  
on this chapter!                        
well, here are some stories from some   
famous or some un-famous guys. i think  
they're all worth reading...            
and here we go with the first one...    
the first sory was send to us by SES/GE-
NESIS PROJECT...                        
here's his scene-story...               
 yoho guys! i'm writing this text at    
school, in a break between 'religious ed
ucation' and 'german'. (well, the break 
is actually 2 hours, that's why i actual
ly have some time)                      
i guess i should start right at the be- 
i got my c128 together with a 1571 disk 
drive and a 1901 monitor on 16/05/'87.  
in '89 i bought a second 1571 floppy, in
late june '91 an amiga 500 and a ram    
expansion to 148.                       
my latest buy: a cassette player (data- 
sette) for my c128. i need this crap-   
thing for my actual converting-job. tho-
se nerds from the software-company actu-
ally want me to convert a 3-disks-amiga 
game with multiple-level-selection to a 
c64-tape! well, i don't care, but i don'
t want to know HOW LONG the loading time
on c64 in the end will be...            
 back to my early days... in the begin- 
ning i swapped with my friends in our   
village and a bit at school (as everyone
starts...). then, in summer '88, i met  
HUNTER/? at airport hannover at 2       
o'clock in the night (!). we both were  
waiting for some relatives to return    
from mallorca by plane... and the plane 
came 6 hours too late... that was my    
first contact and for circa 1 1/2 years 
my only one.                            
this HUNTER was really as lame as i was 
at that time, but he was in a group     
called TMT (i think). i was in no group 
at all then. after some time he joined  
FEAR. (built up by some future MANOWAR  
members) his stuff became hotter and    
better, so i got interested. finally i  
joined FEAR. at easter '90 i released my
first real demo-disk (a so called 'mega-
demo') with the significant name 'mega- 
parts'. it was a very big succes, so i  
immediately started coding on 'megaparts
2'. this one was even better... some big
groups like GENESIS PROJECT asked me to 
join. i told them i needed some time to 
clear up my mind. i didn't know whether 
to leave FEAR or to stay. one event inf-
luenced my final choice: the tv-show    
'high score' in the german wdr. we had  
send 'megaparts 2' to their big democom-
petition. one of their editors had even 
called me twice and had made some hints 
that our demo would be likely to win. so
we drove to cologne to the wdr-studio be
cause they had invited us to rhe show   
not as guests, but as spectators). we we
re really sad when we saw that CRAZY    
won... and we got really angry when we  
gor to know that the whole competition  
was a fake! CRAZY had a member in the   
wdr-team, so they cheated like hell. at 
that moment i knew that i wouldn't be   
able to go on with FEAR. outside the tv-
studios some guys from SCREAM and ORACLE
asked me if i wanted to earn money by   
coding. ofcourse i wanted and joined    
their codergroup SUNRISE. some days af- 
ter that, i wrote G*P that i wanted to  
join them. ofcourse they took me, as    
they had asked me to join. the first    
thing i did was 'best of megaparts 1+2',
containing the best parts of both ear-  
lier demos, but this time with G*P-logos
and musics from DEEK/VIBRANTS/G*P. we   
sent this demodisk to the famous paper- 
mag 'asm' and i got the 2nd price in    
their big democompetition, right after  
CREST on place 1. then i coded 'sprite- 
mania'. it contains the part '290 spri- 
tes' which made some people upset,      
others laugh. that was in february '91. 
i had already sent the single part '290 
sprites' to the papermag '64-er' in     
october '90! (to their sprite-competi-  
tion called 'sprite-inferno', where my  
part 'powertrain' won 300dm in their    
first issue, too) the annoying thing is:
although they promised me to publish    
my 290 sprites, and even asked me to    
write an article about it too, i haven't
got any money up to now. in their issue 
9/'91 (!!!) they publish a photo of my  
part and write that this part would also
be on their monthly service-disk (that  
they sell for 29.29dm per disk!). so i  
wrote a long letter to them complaining 
about all these facts. now let's see how
they react...                           
 some lamers say that my 290 sprites    
aren't real... and even the 64-er wrote 
that my 290 sprites would not be able to
move around as free as 'normal' 112-    
sprite-multiplexers. THAT'S NOT TRUE!   
normally, 112-sprite-multiplexers allow 
their sprites to move from x=0 to x=511,
but with a solid y-value. also each spri
te can look diffrent (=display a        
diffrent letter) and can have its own   
color. all these facts are also included
in my 290-multiplexer. therefore i can't
understand why some people say that the 
290 sprites are not real. i think they  
only envy me for being the first to     
split the 21 pixel large blocks into 290
sprites. the best thing is: my routine  
uses only 7 of the possible 8 sprittes  
(thatmeans 53269 contains $7f all time!)
 after 'spritemania', OMG managed to    
pesuade KINGSOFT that i am the right one
to convert the game 'pot-panic' from    
amiga to c64. this job took me about 2  
or 3 months. right now i'm converting   
the fabulous game 'hagar' from amiga to 
c64. i think this will be the first game
that is both available on c64 tape and  
amiga cdtv! (ofcourse also c64-disk and 
 now to SUNRISE: they also tried to get 
converting jobs for me. (in fact all    
they did was giving my address to       
SPITFIRE/ACTION.) unfortunately i was   
not avle to sign any contract with      
SPITFIRE... because he wanted me to have
a contract with him but not directly    
with the company... and in his contracts
he would get all rights while the coder 
would have only duties to fullfill. so  
i prefered KINGSOFT above SPITFIRE...   
but KINGSOFT is neither king nor soft, i
can tell you! let's change the subject..
i cannot tell that much about parties...
i have been to VENLO twice (in 1990),   
but one time i was there, the party was 
not! (we got the wrong date...) the     
second time, when the party was in fact 
there, it was quite cool. we had just   
released our 'megaparts 2' and it was   
very nice to see all these poeple enjoy-
ing my demo! then, in '1991, after CEBIT
'91 (on that saturday) i was at that    
amiga party with my dear friends in the 
i cannot remember the organisers of     
that party, but i was average, i think. 
(not the name of the organiser, but the 
party-rating). then we have had some    
private G*P-meetings with antichrist,   
scrap, hje and also omg (perfectly dres-
sed, whow!). yes, i think you want me to
tell you something about antichrist...  
(ed: yes we do!)                        
ofcourse you have to understand that i  
can not tell you much about his personal
ities because of police (ed: hmmm. i    
don't think any cop will read this!)... 
but he really is a nice guy and (as a   
real surprise to me) he looked quite    
diffrent from the usual images of swap- 
pers or coders... i'm not in the mood of
writing a whole article about antichrist
since he has given some interviews in   
diffrent diskmags yet.                  
 some other things: my best friends in  
the scene are (unranked): hje/g*p (he   
always calls for several hours...nice), 
tpn/fts (maybe you know some of his re- 
leases... a nice contact for quite a    
long time now...), antichrist/g*p (who  
else could supply me with new stuff?),  
scrap/g*p (although we don't talk that  
regulary...) and omg (helps me in the   
daily struggle against KINGSOFT).       
 i won't tell you anything about my     
personal favourite coding-groups. if i  
would do so, even more lamers would vote
for them... vote for G*P and especially 
for s.e.s/G*P insteed! (little bit of   
 some people ask me if i'm happy in a   
mainly crackergroup as G*P. let metell  
G*P is really a perfect allround-group. 
we have crackers (snacky, etc...),      
coders (s.e.s, fgth,...), graphicians   
(bizzmo, scrap, s.e.s,...), musicians   
(deek, hje,...), swappers (antichrist,  
steamhammer,...) and some quite useless 
members as well (hehe...). i think i'm  
happy in G*P... although i sometimes    
wish i was in IKARI+TALENT, pitty IKARI 
died, but hat's another story!...       
 G*P-stuff you should know in any case: 
best of megaparts i+ii, spritemania,    
also watch out for hagar!               
see you!                                
thanks...                          simon
ok, that's it about this cool story,    
wank the joy right to read another cool 
story done by DEMOWIZARD/WEIRD...       
yooo people! here comes my story...     
 everything began at christmas '87 when 
i decided to smash all my money in a    
cool c64! i was very happy to own now   
one of the famoust compies of that      
moment! i went much to my friend to get 
some games (like verybody does at the   
very beginning). lemme think... the     
coolest wares for me at that time were: 
'infernal runner', 'heart of africa',   
'silent service' and some more... but af
ter a short time i wanted more and more!
i also read the ACTUAL HAPPY COMPUTER   
(POWER PLAY) (ed: are we talking about  
ice-hockey?) and i saw some cool addies 
with cool games. that was the beginning 
of my illegal scene-adventure. i contac-
ted some dudes and i got after some time
more 'n' more cool stuff (especially    
games). i also saw all those cool intros
infront of those games, and then i had  
the idea: why not forming my own group  
too? so i formed the group called:      
VB AND CO. GMBH, but that wasn't a real 
crew as i was the only member in it...  
then another cool thing happend for me, 
WONDERMIKE had the idea to own a plk.   
we got also one and we were very proud  
of it! ok, i got more than 700 games in 
that time, much cool contacts and       
friends, and we formed also the group   
ISPC. but that again wasn't a real group
because we only were with three members.
we made also little ISPC paper-cards    
with the addresses on it, that was cool!
in that time i got the WOD-demomaker and
the demo-designer 3 from UNITED ARTISTS.
so i made demos with those two designers
and i really thought that everybody     
thought the people would think the demos
we self-maded (what a fucking shit, eh?)
but then, the fucken day came! what day 
ya might ask, well, listen...           
we were on holliday... my mother called 
our home to speak my brother (wh was    
home alone)..he told my mother the cops 
had visited our house and they wanted   
too see my c64 and all my disks!        
aaaargh, why a fucking shock! we stayed 
one more week on holliday and every day 
my mother slagged on me 'cause of those 
stinkheads of the cops! when we arrived 
at our home, i took my disc-boxes and we
gave them to some good friends! two days
later ze cops stood in my room, but tho-
se creeps luckily found nothing. they on
ly found an old list from a fucking     
asshole i was used to swap with. so we  
had much troubles with those dickheads  
and with the motherfucker FREIHERR VON  
GRAVENREUTH. finally  i had to pay 2000 
german marks for the shit! the biggest  
shit was that my father noticed that    
too! i was also very lucky, 'cause if   
the mezz would happens once again, i    
would have to sell my so loved c64! but 
i learned from of all this mezz and i de
cided to become legal. i formed DEMO IN-
NE BOYS... but that were only big names 
because i was again the only member in  
it! but then we started to get real cool
WONDERMIKE and i formed our real first  
GROUND). i got many contacts like drag- 
net of POISON, argos of DIGITECH, coke  
of TRL DESIGNS and many more. all in all
i got now a rral name, no illision this 
time... i made some demos in that time  
(also some with designers, but who cared
anyway?) and i got more and more cooler 
contacts, one of the best was also you  
(MATT of WOW) (ed: hmmmmmmmm...) some   
dudes from that time became really elite
now! for example my very good friend    
THE REAPER. (hi ralph, i hope you're a  
bit proud if ya read this). when i con- 
tacted him he was in MOP, later on he   
joined DOUBLE BUBBLE, then he also joi- 
ned the cool doods in GOD, TAT, EXTREME,
BOYZ and now he's in STORMFRONT. all    
this happend while i swapped with him   
and i think we both got a good name now!
 yep, i also made many issues of MAGIC- 
LOTU. all dudes who have the issues     
1-17 know what a lamer mag M-L was at   
the beginning and how cool M-L (i think)
is nowadays. but that's no more actually
because i joined the dudes in WEIRD some
weeks ago. but don't worry, i will con- 
tinue the work, only with a new mag-name
and a new menue. i don't wanna tell ya  
the new name here, but you (MATT) know  
the new name 'cause you gave me the tip,
thanks dude!                            
 ok, that's the right'n'full story. i   
hope you enjoyed reading it! maybe you  
wanna contact such a fucking cool guy   
like me? if you really want to, then go 
looking in the addresses-corner!        
bye bye'n'thanks for reading!     volker
yep, also this chapter has comed to an  
end. i hope you have enjoyed reading    
those two cool stories, but, yes, there'
s a 'but'... i want to see next month   
many more scene stories from i don't the
fuck care who, got it?                  
well, joy RIGHT now people, and go on   
reading ze fuck'n rezt!                 
tsjaaw!                             MATT
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