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       hello -- wow -- freaks           
yes, again we did it!... the cool       
internal is back for the twelfth        
time in HISTORY... we're back and       
stronger then ever containing some      
great chapters again!...                
anyhow, i will not repeat it but every  
time we succeed in bringing you a       
variety of things and that's what it's  
all about. a lot of magazines succeed   
in this and that's why they end so      
high but what bothers me is that some   
magazines are STILL over-rated!...      
like corruption and even mamba!...      
mamba is certainly not made for every   
person as they exclude persons from     
the contact-corner are far too much     
u.s. orientated and are mainly for      
the so-called (LAME!) elite!...         
corruption is one of the beginning mags 
and one of the public's favorite but    
why voting for it as the original       
corruption is dead and burried?...      
the new top-magazines are BIG magazines 
and even when shock isn't one of them   
it's surely the most trendy one. brutal 
recall is doing good bussiness as BRUTAL
is one of those groups that just can't  
fail and even altough they have a bit   
too much members nowadays they proof    
that a SELF-MADE group can still rule   
the scene!... (good job tch'n slash!)   
also rock'n role and some other big     
magazines are doing okay!... the main   
thing is to be original and almost      
every magazine has its specialities!... 
mamba must have it from its cool comics 
, br.recall from it number of chapters, 
rock'n role from its special chapters,..
. and internal from its text!... anyhow 
every mag has it + point and NO-MAGAZINE
has yet tried it to make 1 ULTIMATE MAG 
... perhaps its an idea for a japanese  
group as they're masters of copying     
things... (monkeys?)                    
* again a lot of things happened in the 
w.*.w.... i know i mustn't misuse this  
chapter too much by misleading the      
readers!... and therefor promoting wow  
but we can't hide away that this is a   
WOW magazine. it's the proof and exist- 
ing of a FIVE YEARS OLD group!....      
well, in the previous issue of internal 
(number 11) you could read that not     
AND BEETLEJUICE were supposed to be     
joining... but ofcourse mendrake decided
something else!...                      
mendrake didn't want to leave CRUSH as  
he said it was a misunderstanding!...   
but what happened later on?... mendrake 
said that SECTION D was talking a lot   
of nonsense so he left and 'JOINED' wow!
but as we didn't want him back as we    
don't agree with his methods and when   
we were going to tell that we didn't    
want him back he had already 'LEFT'     
to REBUILD ACRISE... (is he mad????)    
anyhow, we gained some belgians and     
some foreigners so we're heading to     
be one of the biggest groups again!...  
still, every member does what he's      
supposed to do so we aren't complaining!
* what i was wondering about is the     
fact that now that we have a multi-     
filed version of INTERNAL we get more   
and more positive reactions... why?     
-- almost all magazines are multi-filed 
and we tried to do something a bit more 
original and sticking to the 1 file!... 
as that gave some text-amount problems  
we later on changed it but we had NEVER 
counted on the support of so many voters
as our mag is still FOR THE PEOPLE, BY  
THE PEOPLE. we will NEVER exclude news, 
address, or story from an infamous nor  
from a famous guy!... (or girl!)...     
we know that we are from time to time   
NOT objective but can we talk about     
friendship without being SUBJECTIVE?    
i guess not,he?...                      
well, i hope all readers will start     
voting 4 the real rulers in this scene! 
not only for magazines but also for     
the real ACTIVE graphicers,coders,      
it's good to vote for old legends like  
antitrack,snacky,tim follin,matt gray,  
etc... but they belong in the chart:    
OLD TIME FAVORITES and the charts which 
are printed in all magazines are nowa-  
days charts!... so STOP doing this!...  
open your eyes and vote for the most    
active and the best guys/groups in the  
nowadays scene!...                      
and by the way, why not giving a change 
to the less famous guys/groups to be    
in the charts?... i think gotcha,       
bizzmo or zodiac,flamingo,etc... really 
know now that they are ONE OF THE BEST. 
they don't care anymore about the charts
as they know they are -- ALWAYS -- in   
them!... and i also think it's quite    
stupid to vote for a famous group when  
they released p.e. a demo after 10      
months and then they suddenly appear    
in the democharts!... 1 demo doesn't    
make them THE BEST DEMOGROUP! ...       
ofcourse it can make them the best      
demogroup of the month but that's       
something entirely different!...        
we have to judge a group based on       
a period of time not by an action!...   
i hope i was able to bring some         
sense into some of you voters as the    
time has come to STOP all that in-      
* have you checked out our improvements 
--.... i think they're ALLRIGHT... don't
ya agree folks?... anyway, i guess we   
finally managed to give the people what 
they want... a little FLAIR... this     
magazine has still the -- SIMPLE-LOOK --
but we like it!... and we hope you like 
it aswell!... but remember: DON'T VOTE  
FOR IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!... we will 
never say thank you to an asslicker who 
thinks he'll be treated as a king be-   
cause he voted (once) for us!...        
we TREAT every INTERNAL reader as a     
king as they've chosen internal above   
all those others...                     
* for your information THE WOW looks    
AUDIENCE*LENYN*  and  some more         
* well, i guess the time has come to    
read some other chapters before closing 
down the curtains!... but before we do  
this we say hello to those many internal
(WOW) supporters... i hereby say:       
WE LOVE YOU FOLKS!                      
and i give the keys to the best chief   
editor you can have: eins...sorry       
MATT, better knows as CHIEF EDITOR 1 ***
hiep hiep hoy! MATT here...             
aaargh, still no new outfit like i promi
sed for the first time four issues ago! 
still no guy shavitt tunes like i promi-
sed ya four issues ago, still no little 
improvements like i promised you, yes,  
four months ago, what more?             
 let me explain why. there was a new    
outfit, there are new tunes, etc... but 
when i saw the new outfit, yeah, it     
looked quit cool. but now you have to   
know the main reason why i wanted a new 
outfit. now we only can maximum put nine
chapters in INTERNAL. the main reason   
for a new coding was making possible we 
could as many chapters as we wanted in  
this magazine. but our coder forgot     
improving this, so that's why we still  
have the old outfit. it doesn't look    
that cool, but don't say it's ugly, 'cos
it isn't...                             
and why did we not include no new tunes.
well, we wanted to use the new tunes for
the new outfit, so 'normally' they'll be
used next issue, that means -yes, i know
you know what i'm going to say- yeah, a 
new outfit folks! applaus!              
when the new outfit is ready, then you' 
ll ofcourse see some new chapters.      
vinzz, bono and some others are quite   
hard working on some new and original   
chapters! i'm not going to say a thing  
of it now, just make sure to get the    
next issue, got it?                     
 ah! expect issue 13 at the begin of    
february (the 1st). yep, the spread-date
of this issue is 21-12'91 but the relea-
se date is 01-01-'92 (bye the way, mery 
x-mas and happy newyear to ya all! i ho-
pe 1992 will be a fucking cool scene-   
year!! i really do!                     
some people are saying the end of the   
c64 is near. but my opinion is the scene
will not die in the first five years,   
because too many so called lamers are en
tering the scene. and please, don't     
judge too hard about them, everybody was
ones a lamer, just when he entered this 
cool scene, ain't it?                   
anyhow, i think EINSTEIN has already    
tols enough to ya, so i think i'll      
leave ya right here...                  
enjoy reading INTERNAL #12! enjoy cool  
chapters like historical background,    
mega-charts (they're superb!) and the   
other cool rest of this cool magazine.  
keep on voting for this mag, i think    
it's worth a vote, dontyathinksotoo?    
but before leaving, first the credz..   
chief-editors.............MATT, EINSTEIN
co-editors.................JOKER, APOLLO
special thanks to:                      
more for spreading the votesheets!! FIRE
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