Internal 12 - Chemical Warfare

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          * CHEMICAL WARFARE *          
 hi there !                             
welcome to the part of internal which   
contains the lowest amount of mistakes  
against the english language !          
i'm back with some tips for you to      
strike back when you want revenge.      
 let's start with how to take revenge   
against a BANK, when they wronged ya.   
 you run a 15 percent chance of being   
ripped off by a money access machine !  
that's a nice thought for your bank,as  
it cuts their overhead expenses,but what
does it do for you ? WHO CARES ?        
the bank's employees do not respond     
sympathetic.they treat you as if you're 
too dumb to use their lame machines !   
 so,what you've to do is to try to zap  
the machine before the machine zaps you!
(get aids,before aids gets you...)      
HOW TO ZAP: the basic tool is a STUN GUN
i just purchased one in germany,when i  
visited the amiga expo in koln,together 
with BRAINKILLER/legend and VINNY/rebels
 and we tested our brand new toy on the 
expo.we found out that it gives a nice  
effect on monitors (ask microprose...   
hehe !) and on tv cameras !             
the rest of the kit includes liquid     
copper to touch up circuit boards,a tiny
brush and a plastic (declined) bankcard.
paint copper on the surface of the blank
card to form a careful that the 
line groups not touch each the 
same on the other side of the card and  
make sure that the contact points from  
each side meet at the same points and at
the edge of the card.                   
next carefully connect the gun's        
electrodes to the points at the edge of 
the now have a zapper that will
bite the bank machine before it bites   
you or another victim !                 
in most countries this weapon is very   
illegal,so proceed with care.if ya dunno
where to find'em,i was able to find a   
weapon store with my poor german.the    
place is called 'kettner' in the hohe   
strasse in koln.i forgot the number,but 
it's close to a mac donalds.the owner is
a very cool guy and speaks english      
when i asked for a 'stun-gun' he tought 
that i was talking about a sten gun !!  
ya know,the wwii resistance machine gun!
guess he only delivers this to his very 
close contacts...                       
STINK BOMBS have been a favourite tool  
for many people in many poses for long  
periods of time.                        
to create such a MAXIMUM NAUSEATER,mix  
powdered hydrogen sulfide (h2s) with    
vinegar (ch3cooh) and let it dry to a   
next,carefully remove some of the       
gunpowder from a firecracker or a bullet
and replace it by the paste.            
50/50 is a nice ratio.                  
when detonated,the loud explosion is    
followed by a major cloud of awful smoke
that would bring major tears to a       
noseless corpse !                       
you got to experiment a bit to get the  
proper mixture of sulfide to vinegar.   
but, be careful, h2s is pretty poisoned.
one of the CHEAPEST SMELLY BOMBS is a   
common potato ! (unless in some eastern 
block countries,where this kind of food 
has a hell lot of value...)             
take a large potato,bang it and bruise  
it around a bit,then hide it somewhere  
in your target's environment,           
e.g. a desk drawer,a file cabinet,under 
a bed,in a storage box,...              
give the potato four or five weex,      
especially a large,bruised one,and it'll
smell very,very much and very awful !   
sure you can use more than one potato ! 
 in the previous issue i allready told  
ya how you can use the rf energy of cb  
radios to jam radar guns.               
 you can also use this energy to fool   
automobiles that use COMPUTERIZED fuel- 
METERING SYSTEMS.                       
get a linear amplifier for you cb       
radio,even though it is illegal to hook 
one up to a cb... gosh, it seems        
that allmost nothing in this chapter is 
legal !                                 
anyway, this cool unit is designed to   
amplify two-way radio signals far beyond
their normal output.                    
for example,maximum power on a cb is 4w.
some linear amplifs run as high as      
400 watts !!                            
now, drive close (but NOT TOO CLOSE) to 
your target's vehicle with your cb - la 
hooked up and on.KEY YOUR MIKE !        
the enourmous and excessive rf energy   
from the souped-up cb will oversaturate 
the vehicle's fuel-metering computer and
stall the engine.                       
be careful not to cause a major accident
here is another formula,this time to    
make the so called GREEK FIRE           
it is probably more exciting and perhaps
even more dangerous than greek soap,eh  
sailor ?                                
 here is the formula :                  
 1 part live sulphur                    
 2 parts charcoal of willow             
 6 parts potassium nitrate (kno3)       
 grind each element into a fine powder  
and mix.pour this mixture into a        
container with a wick or a fuse.        
light and will carry the flame  
wherever it strikes.hmmm,sort of like   
the oat bran of napalm ?                
yep XMAS is getting closer these days.  
i figured since everyone else has taken 
the christ out of chri$tmas that i will,
too.while a christmas card is an        
economical substitute for a real present
it can be a wonderful weapon.           
it might be amusing to send christmas   
cards to various people in your mark's  
the style,the tone and message of the   
card would,of course,be a matter of     
local and personal option,as would the  
specific's fraught with   
true mischief !                         
a fun way to deal with snooty,pushy     
shops and/or their clerks who pressure  
you during the holiday buying season.   
just buy allmost everything they suggest
even going into extravagant upgrades in 
gift selection.put all of this on       
plastic (le plastique c'est fantastique)
so the snooty clerk/mark gets 'credit'  
for the sale.                           
for the next two days,calmly do your    
real shopping,then late on the 3rd day, 
calmly return your purchases to the     
snooty/pushy store for credit,saying    
' after the very intense sales pressure 
from xxxx (* mark's name) wore off, i   
found i really didn't need any of this. 
SO SORRY...'                            
for the last stunt of this issue,       
you'll need a TWO-LINE CONFERENCE call  
telephone.try to conference your mark   
with the same nasty bully.              
use line one to get the mark,while on   
the other phone,punch up the bully on   
line two.when both lines are ringing,   
punch in the conference button and the  
fun starts.                             
another twist is to call the bully and  
say: 'one moment please,for the chief of
police' then switch to line two,call the
mark and press the conference button.   
another suggestion is to conference two 
sweeties,especially if they happen to be
married to other folks.                 
a tape recording would be good here,    
especially if you wanted to send copies 
of the conversation to interested third 
parties such as family,employers.       
once i conferenced an abortion clinic   
with a prissy pro-life weasel.          
i suggest to try to get two business or 
political competitors together,or       
the variations of this one are AS       
and now some handy tricks, send to us   
by GREENFROG/CYBERPUNX...               
how to make a NITRO-HIGH-EXPLOSIVE?...  
 to receive a very effective dynamite   
you must nitrate a mixture of 80 parts  
of glycerin and 20 parts of sugar. then 
you must purify the compound by washing 
it first in water then in 40c warm, 2*  
sodium-solution and finally in o,2*     
sodium solution. now you must gelatinize
93 parts of this substance with 7 parts 
of gun-cotton.  have fun folks!...      
1.  you must cobine 70* kaliumperchlorat
   with 30* of yellow blutlaugensalz.   
   inflame it with a fuse.              
2.  combine 100g of naphtalene with 750g
   potassium chlorate and 150g of copper
1.  simple incendiary bomb.             
   fill up a bottle with benzine and put
   a rag into the bottle-opening. now   
   light the rag and throw the bottle   
   away. very handy when you have troub-
   le with the cops on a street!        
owkay, APOLLO back here...              
 that was all for this issue. if you    
know anything that could be published   
inhere, then don't, i repeat, don't hesi
tate to send them to me and! please     
send it not to the internal redaction   
(matt or einstein) but send it right    
over to my place, ok?                   
                        joy RIGHT sucka!
here's my address...                    
apollo/WOW         (no handle please!)  
bye, see you in next issue!!        FIRE
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