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          * NEWS AND RUMOURS *          
welcome to yet another chapter of       
INTERNAL issue number eleven. quit a lot
news reached me this month. and therefor
i especially thank EINSTEIN for         
spreading the news-sheet, it was a real 
succes i have to say!                   
yep, many things hapened this month     
again, for example again a so called    
elite group dies: VICTIMS,anyway, if you
are curious which things happened this  
month, just go on reading this chapter, 
       wank yer funstick in port 2 RIGHT
let's start with a some aussie news that
has reached us this month...            
* trisonic/ex CHIQUE may return to the  
  scene, if he does he will join the    
  guys in HONOUR.                       
* HONOUR refected thes guys to join:    
  -opus/VIRUS (now CHROME)              
* HONOUR and BATTERY are in cracking    
* vengeance/ex-HONOUR, now AMAZON, got  
  offers to join ABYSS CONNECTION and   
  EXOTIC DESIGNS but he refused both of 
* ASGARD is looking for members.        
* MAD is dead, all members joined THE   
* ASGARD is alive, again!               
* mc style/ex QCF quit QCF and changed  
  his handle into the stoned exorcist   
  and is looking for a new group.       
* opus/VIRUS joined CHROME.             
* now some rumours say opus/CHROME and  
  dopeman/HONOUR are in war with        
* prc/ex TDU left the scene. (ed: shame 
  on you!)                              
* madhacker/ex-IKON VISUAL is back in   
  the scene and joined NATO.            
* witch doctor/AMAZON will also proba-  
  bly join NATO.                        
* devastar/CHROME/HONOUR is now the     
  hq. of CHROME.                        
* charra/TDU died from a drug-overdose! 
* after vengeance joined HONOUR, he     
  left them again in order to join      
 quite a lot of AUSSIE-news, eh? maybe  
 there'll follow some more, we'll all   
 see but let's first go further with    
 the other news...                      
* rumours say that thomas heinrich/XAP  
  had to draw some graphics for the     
  game 'rings of medusa 2' as gotcha    
  was too lazy (lame) to do it?         
* the reaper joined THE BOYZ, as well as
  terminator, capone, scandal, ice-mc,  
  infinity+ozzymandias. but then the    
  reaper left them in order to join     
* grim reaper/NEC/NEI got busted by the 
  fbi for at-t cash hacking! he's in    
  jail! all NEC/NEI members stopped     
  calling out for a while...            
* the whole FLASH INC crew is in war    
  with GENESIS PROJECT according to     
* chorus/TRIAD quitted the scene as he  
  wants to drink beer with his friends  
* sodom/AKRAK was caught by the cops    
  and stopped his computer-activities.  
* gash left AKRAK and joined COCOON.    
* stormbringer/AKRAK stopped his c-64   
  activities because of lame school.    
* anzac/AKRAK takes a break because of  
  problems with the cops.               
* babyface/CLIQUE is back in the scene. 
* tead/CLIQUE changed his handle into   
* after dacay was kicked out of DYNAX,  
  he joined TRIUMWYRAT and he changed   
  his handle in amorce, one week later  
  he left the guys in TRIUMWYRAT and    
  joined STELLA.                        
* STELLA has some new members:          
  amorce, gremlin and wildfire.         
* denim left STELLA.                    
* lansline left THE FORCE to join FACES.
* flood/FAIRLIGHT have raised his euro- 
  hq. again! FAIRLIGHT got a new board  
  in holland runned by duvel/FAIRLIGHT. 
* per/ABYSS CONNECTION is now working   
  for two mags, bitmania and adviser.   
  he's the owner of the bitmania and    
  writes the music-corner texts in the  
  adviser but not in the 1st issue as   
  cruise/ABYSS CONNECTION didn't got the
  text in time.                         
* bitmania will get a new outfit.       
* ABYSS CONNECTION sold the game zack to
  UNITED SOFTWARE.                      
* per is the new leader of ABYSS CONNEC-
  TION, cruise is the 2nd one.          
* rumours say that yaemon/DEPREDATORS   
  will leave the scene, and sell his 64!
  but he already joined the amiga-sec-  
  tion of COLLISION.                    
* (f)lobster from EXOTIC DESIGNS was    
  caught by both the cops and the post. 
  he stpped swapping for about 95*.     
* some new dudes joined EXOTIC DESIGNS: 
  -strike zone                          
  -scumm kid                            
* EXOTIC DESIGNS is looking for good    
  crackers and musicians.               
* EXOTIC DESIGNS is not the old group   
  EXOTIC! (ed:yep, that's right, i've   
  also been in da REAL EXOTIC!) it's    
  only a new group formed by (f)lobster 
  and trigger(ex f(r)eezy/hitmen)...    
* rumours say that our hero's lobster   
  and trigger of EXOTIC DESIGNS were    
  putted 1 night in jail because of     
  stealing some diskbox and cartridges  
  in a local compy-shop... this time the
  guys were catched.                    
* lobster/EXOTIC DESIGNS had a fight    
  with a local postman, when he saw the 
  postman broke all his packs (ed:      
  hahahahaaaaa!) that lobster wanted to 
  spread.because of cheated stamps he   
  came angry!                           
* riddler and spencer both left LOST    
  SOULS DESIGN and joined MANIAX        
* LOST SOULS DESIGN is dead now.        
* FLASH has released their latest demo  
  THE LEGACY 2 a he is looking fucking  
* static left MYSTIC to join JAM, but   
  then he left them to join ORBS.       
* b-wyze, lawyer, syndicate, copkiller, 
  logan, coldrake and god left SUCCES   
  and joined EXTREME                    
* grab/LASER INC. changed his handle    
  into flower.                          
* the post in denmark are hunting down  
  all stamp-cheaters, so beware...      
* jayce left PARADIZE and joined the    
  guys in CHROMANCE.                    
* the game crasher was not coded by     
  infocommie/BONZAI but was coded by    
  zyborg/ex ATRIX.                      
* exulans/CONIC is also a member of     
* sid/HOTLINE rejoined F4CG, while kid  
  left them, he's a freelancer now.     
here are some meberstatus...            
-dealer (better known as curlin)        
-midnight mover                         
-drakkar (ex overlord/WOW)              
-tasty and head are the two newest      
 members of STELLA.                     
-fat rat                                
-iron dragon                            
* THE FORCE has a new main-cracker      
  called stephen.                       
* elektor left CONIC and joined CYBER-  
* CYBERPUNX will soon release a new     
* freeze/THE FORCE joined TRIUMWYRAT as 
  a musician.                           
* another musician joined TRIUMWYRAT,   
  aswell, but he has no handle, yet.    
* splatterhead left RAGE and is         
  groupless now.                        
* brush/TAT didn't quit the scene, he is
  still active, he's working on a game  
  together with mc-t-fly/TAT. mc-t-fly  
  will do the coding and some graphics  
  while brush is going to make the music
  for it. the game will be finished     
  around christmas and a preview is     
  comming up in two months. if you want 
  to buy the first release you should   
  contact mc-t-fly.                     
* ACCES is a new group built up by      
  candl/COMPAGNIONS and crypt/COMPAG-   
  NIONS. also a female coder, graphicer 
  , cracker joined. her handle is       
  mistress. they also own a mag (ed:    
  ah, another one, quite original eh?)  
  called CANDLE LIGHT which was a mag   
  from mistress' old group, THE KILLERS.
* DI-ART is not dead! they are working  
  on dutch breeze, the most delayed demo
  ever! some guys say it's already fini-
  shed, but not yet released.           
* trash, vodka and hil are kicked out of
  ANTIC because of some different rea-  
  sons. later on they formed BOOZE DE-  
  SIGNS. then trident left ANTIC and    
  joined the guys in BOOZE DESIGNS.     
* ETERNITY is a new swedish group with  
  members from different groups. at the 
  moment, the memberstatus is unknown.  
* creeper left DEATHSECTOR and joined   
  FLASH INC. as a graphician, modemtra- 
  der and a swapper.                    
* VICTIMS are dead...            , god, adolf and b-wyze left   
  them and syndicate was kicked out.    
  so later the first 4 mentioned guys   
  joined SUCCES but later on they left  
  them again to join EXTREME.           
  then a coop between G*P and VICTIMS   
  was planned, but it ended very fast   
  as the remaining 6 members of VICTIMS 
  joined GENESIS PROJECT.               
* dirty-c left ZONE 45 and joined ANTIC.
  rainman joined ANTIC aswell and shany 
  also joined them.                     
* exalt of ANTIC has put up a new board 
  called 'wares station'.               
* star did not leave ANTIC as he joined 
  both groups now.                      
* the cool SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS finished  
  the musics for 2 games by simulmondo  
  and one by artgame. the game that will
  be sold to simulmondo is coded by     
  gi 909/THE FORCE with graphics from   
  zagor+zoris/THE FORCE.                
* EURASIA will join COLLISION soon,     
  either as a subgroup or 100*.         
* bono's cousin will join the WOW soon. 
  bono is the new megaswapper inside    
  belgium and tech is the one outside   
* chacke is back in bussiness and will  
  kick ass again soon.                  
* all freelance-members are now offi-   
  cially FREELANCERS, so they're no real
  part of WOW anymore. they'll ofcourse 
  get the opportunity to rejoin immedia-
  tely when they return full-time.      
* apollo/WOW didn't pass his year at    
  university but jones did.             
* cruel/WOW has finally got his modem   
  and he will call out soon when he'll  
  get some at.t's.                      
* vinzz' compie broke down but he'll    
  soon buy another one, that's the      
  main reason why there's no CRACK      
  SYNOPSIS this month. vinzz offers his 
  apologizes to all the guys who sent   
  him disks with their latest cracks,   
  but don't worry, next month, the CS   
  will be published again.              
* bruno will soon begin coding full time
* 'operation southern breeze' (which was
  the mission of the belgian marines in 
  the gulf) is officialy closed and WOW 
  has managed to finnish off the demo   
* aztec left WOW and also quitted the   
  scene! (ed:shame on you, andrew! any- 
  way, we'll miss you...)               
* breznjev will go to the hospital for  
  dental surgery. (ed:ghahahaaaa...)    
* WOW is still looking for an american  
  import partner. (a loyal one...)      
* WOW had the first releases of these   
  games lately: the match, snooker mana-
  ger and euroboss. the first 2 ones    
  were put on a board by apollo and the 
  other one was eurospread... but accor-
  ding to mamba some other dickheads    
  should have had the first ones. anyway
  who cares?... it were only some       
  budgets, so...                        
* humanoid 'left' WOW after a lot of    
  pressure, he renamed into headhunter  
  and joined F4CG.                      
* birdman is kicked out of WOW.         
* beetlejuice and mendrake joined WOW,  
  some MEGA-MADNESS became a WOW magazi-
* lenine/F4CG also joined WOW.          
* knuffel of LORE OF ARTS changed his   
  handle into the audience and joined   
  WOW too, as a graphician.             
* rock'n'role will have a new outfit.   
* it seems ice-t/ROLE is a real good    
  cracker as he was also one of the guys
  who managed to crack lethal zone.     
* goldfish/LEGEN is going to university 
  he likes to play with knives and      
  studies LAWS.                         
* brainkiller/LEGEND didin't pass his   
  year at university and is now going to
  college and studies informatics.      
* SKID ROW (the c64 clone of the amiga  
  SKID ROW is now in coop with TALENT.  
  most of the SKID ROW members are x-   
  PANDORA members.                      
* cyborg left F4CG and joined the raw   
  guys in THE GUARDIAN ANGELS.          
* also tornado left F4CG and quitted the
  scene too, he gave his contacts to    
  headhunter/F4CG (ed:salu, tommeke!)   
* it seems F4CG belgium is loosing their
  members hard!!                        
* airtec left DECADE as DECADE didn't   
  released much the last few months.    
* ORION weas rebuilt by:                
  bumbtebee, bambam, burytar, junebug   
  and snarf of ex-POWERS OF PAIN, also  
  sabier of STASH joined them.          
* dr.wildlowe/ex-OVERKILL is back in the
  scene, he joined WRATH DESIGN.        
* again a new group is born: STORMFRONT.
  the group was built up by some ex-    
  HOUSE DESIGNS, X-RATED,... members.   
  bomb/ex-ACRISE and the reaper/ex-     
  ELECTRIC BOYZ joined'em aswell.       
* highlander left COMPAGNIONS as he was 
  caught by the cops for stamp-cheating.
  later on he joined HYSTERIC+INSIDERS. 
* ACCURACY has a finnish section now as 
  jonsku and janso joined them.         
* 'violation', the THE DIGITAL UNDER-   
  GROUND papermag is almost released.   
* CLIQUE is looking for a new usa-crew  
  which can import the ntsc fixed ver-  
  sion of 'script' to the usa. they drop
  ped I-HOP. the fixing now will be done
  by walking stress/CLIQUE.             
well, we're outta news now...           
i hope you have enjoyed reading the     
latest gossip that happened the last    
please keep sending the news and keep   
using the news-sheet!                   
see you!!                               
                              press FIRE
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