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       * HISTORICAL BACKGROUND *        
this is an introduction to a NEW and    
probably quite interesting chapter!...  
to tell some more about it....          
in here we'll try to let 1 (or more)    
guys of a certain group (mostly the     
leader and/or x-leaders) tell the       
they'll be able to let free info which  
nobody knows and is NO secret to this   
fairly open SCENE....                   
anyway, to give a good example i'll be  
the first to set off a small story      
about the group i fell in love (i like) 
with about 2 years ago.                 
we're of course talking about WOW here. 
well, wow is 1 hell of a myth in our    
belgian scenery as in the beginning     
WOW contained members who are now       
quite ELITE/FAMOUS dudes!... a lot of   
then have forgotten the true religion   
of the wastelanders!....                
not only OLD legends have enjoyed/lived 
through the WOW EXPERIENCE. also a lot  
of NEW scene dudez were present and     
joined at our comeback... this comeback 
started off with so very little!...     
then those few joined: BRK-DIVINE-APOLLO
we started off when brk had his modem!  
we planted our first releases on the    
COOL us boards and BRK became quite     
famous and is now a wellknown phreaker  
and freak here down in belgium!         
(brk/LEGEND now)                        
but after these few glorious moments    
we set off to a DOWN period in our      
career!... we were down as we lost our  
original supplier. we had to settle for 
originals from GOLDFISH/LEGEND which    
were of course NO first releases!...    
we took in many members to save and     
to examine whether we still had the     
power to recrute members!...            
this trick payed off as even some old   
members rejoined!                       
of course we had to reduce our members  
as it became impossible to handle and   
a lot of them were INACTIVE. so we      
asked a few to leave... some even were  
kicked and from time to time some       
even LEFT our great forces of darkness. 
some of these dudez forgot that WOW     
played a roll in their scene-career and 
are now KIND OFF unthankfull for what   
they did (p.e. mayday!). but most of    
the guys who left, got a better offer   
from a better group (seems logic to me).
these guys prefered productivity before 
friendship and i admit it that that     
WOW was certainly INACTIVE. but that    
was the main reason for taking in so    
much members... to keep eventually only 
the active freaks!... but the patience  
of some was tested too hard and they    
were gone forever out of our lives!...  
still some are still supporting us and  
that's what counts!... (p.e. death-     
recently a few left the FLEET too...    
(or you can call it THE SINKING SHIP)   
topic and bullseye!... what i making    
me a bit sorrow is that topic and       
even bullseye aren't supporting and     
aren't even writting anymore to the     
old groupmembers!... this is quite a    
lame and UNFAIR attitude and i guess    
no-one of us have deserved this threat- 
ment!... but let's hope they'll for 1   
time won't sit on their money and get   
into contact again!... these 2 dudez    
are the living proof of the fact that   
WOW has played a roll in their career!  
even bullseye wanted to stay in wow but 
we refused as we're no group to walk    
in and out whenever feel like it!...    
(except stl affaire then!... but that   
was a bit different!)...                
anyway, after those tragic moments      
some of use have lived through only     
a few original members are left...      
chacke/hitch/ispace but those 3 are     
or freelance or fucking inactive!...    
the main reason for this is because     
they've been taken life too serious and 
taking COMPUTING as a real hobby!....   
the few original members of the come-   
back are: JONES-APOLLO-EINSTEIN         
we've been there from the comeback      
and i can assure you that life has been 
hard for us!... (at least for me!)...   
jones is a freelancer now and apollo    
only works on a part-time base!...      
i myself am still quite active and      
struggling to stay in the scene!...     
the WOW has since recently been taken   
in members again!... members with a     
certain quality and sometimes a certain 
celebrity .... we are now still fighting
to be recognized as a good competitor   
but the GLANCE of our begin months of   
our come-back is gone!...               
i admit in saying we aren't speedracers 
anymore but we NEVER finnish last either
as this glance has made place for 1     
other thing... 1 thing which is the     
MOST IMPORTANT THING in our scene!...   
namely: FRIENDSHIP!....                 
all current wow members have somewhat   
a good relationship with each other!... 
every member knows every member!...     
of course it's logical that p.e.        
a norwegian guy doesn't know all        
belgian guys but we try to act as       
friends and till now it's going all-    
of course this friendship sometimes     
doesn't go further then just WOW as     
now it seems that ANTICHRIST wants to   
make some fuss about something too!...  
if this is true i can only say:         
FUCK OFF as we have nothing against     
ya and we don't really care about you!  
you're no good as a swapper as for me   
practically ALL megaswappers suck!...   
anyway, NO-ONE will get through our     
close band we have with our members!... 
we have still a policy in wow:          
once a friend... a friend forever!...   
no matter what happens with a member    
we try to support them all the way!...  
this is certainly the fact with the     
overlord/wow!... he's been asked by     
XXXXXXXX to join a rebuilt group!...    
a rebuilt group with 100 PROCENT fine   
coders,crackers,etc... an outstanding   
group with cool members!... of course   
the overlord is taking this offer into  
serious account but at least he has the 
descenty to call when he has got an     
offer like this!... i've therefor ad-   
vised and said that for his CAREER it   
would be better as he has NO real       
partners in wow who can help him in     
coding!... we also have a problem with  
our graphicers.... the only dude whose  
able to draw some serious things is     
VINZZ .... he's not gotcha but he's     
not really bad!... we have some guys    
who are learning but it's quite hard    
to draw on a black/white monitor!...    
anyway, i said to the overlord that     
he deserves this XXXXXXX group as this  
group at least contains a good gfx-     
designer!... i can't offer him this     
as i've stopped searching for a         
graphicer!... but if anyone,anywhere    
whose able to DRAW really cool things   
and want to be linked to one hell of    
a coder then JOIN WOW.... this is the   
first thing we really need and i'm      
tired of searching so if you think      
this looks like begging then it sure    
is.... i say what i have to say!...     
if you're tired off DRAWING without     
noticing and your group DOESN'T need    
your gfx then join WOW!... every guy    
who does a good job is respected and    
this brings me to a next point!...      
some guys have been criticising on the  
new (improved?) WOW coz of several      
reasons!... one of them should be:      
there are too much UNKNOWN lamers in    
it!... i can only say this... every     
current WOW member stands for something 
somewhat in the group!... and even when 
it's only giving morale support we      
respect the guy!... we are NO group     
in which we kick EVERY member who only  
has 40 contacts or who isn't yet able   
to code!... we HELP the people!...      
we're having FUN and we only want a     
few recognition....                     
now we're getting some votes in several 
mags and whoever did this i thank you!  
if you think we're good then do vote    
for us!.... we will always try to help  
our friends/contacts!... if any of our  
contacts need a favour we'll be the     
first to try and helping them out!...   
but still we get some bad looks...      
anyway, i can only say: UP YOURS!...    
i'm almost sure we'll get comments on   
our latest recruts (trial members) but  
this last expression keeps active!...   
we only take members in when we think   
they can play a part in our DEVELOPMENT 
... most of the time those particular   
guys become friends too!.... this is    
sometimes a good but sometimes also a   
bad thing about WOW as it's hard to     
kick a friend!....                      
anyway, this sounds like a speech of    
the dying of WOW but it ain't as i'm    
more motivated then ever before....     
i was leader of these SCUMBAGS but      
gave over the torch too chacke!...      
i'm now doing my time as 2nd leader     
but i think i'm more concerned then ever
anyway, I will be the last to give      
faith up from now as we're showing      
we're ALIVE AND KICKING again!....      
perhaps for some this process is going  
to small but that's their problem!....  
we have the good attitude and we'll     
surely take advantage of this so let's  
hope all our small plans work out       
aswell and then we'll be SITTING on     
so be prepared!...                      
this was a short story about THE ONE    
AND ONLY WOW and this chapter is        
surely deeply subjective and i hope you 
will all forgive me for this but i had  
to tell you more about this group as    
we're not FOR NOTHING NUMBER TWO in     
belgium!.. and you have to admit...     
being number two after the number ONE   
in the world (LEGEND) is an HONOUR!...  
therefor we hold no hathret nor         
other feelings against legend or all    
other belgian groups!... we're there    
and we'll always be if everyone keeps   
up the spirit!....                      
this group has grown since our come-    
back and if we're not so active anymore 
we're surely as COOL!...                
we'll always try to favour our friends  
and contacts.... we'll always try to    
improve and extend our limits but       
perhaps we'll always FAIL as            
OUR FRIENDSHIP sits in the WAY.         
(am i a poet?...or what?... yes, i'm    
therefor i say to every WOW member      
and to all who are interested to JOIN!  
WOW will always be your NUMBER ONE!...  
therefor here is the memberstatus of    
the WOW:                                
birdman, vinzz                          
bono, apollo                            
joker, einstein                         
organiser, breznjev                     
cruel, bruno                            
stormlord, lenine                       
we also greet our friends and           
contacts who always have supported      
us and if you ever need a favour....    
thanx 4 reading this crap and next time 
your story could be in when you hurry   
up!... if you want to express your      
feelings or wamt to tell your groups'   
history then be free to write to:       
           internal HQ 1                
      or   internal HQ 2                
 p.s. GRAPHICERS join... we want you    
 for (us army) being like ASH'n DAVE    
 were in the old days!                  
                          signed ch.ed.2
      ANTWERPEN   WOW   MEETING         
  normally this is 100 procent wow      
bussiness but this time we have to re-  
veal some funny things which happened   
this time!...                           
as usual our belgian party of WOW went  
to antwerp to hold a meeting ....       
our proud leader wasn't present and this
was the FIRST time he wasn't present!   
but we forgive you dude!....            
anyway, we sat on a little terras and   
we spoke about interesting,annoying,    
things!... (100 procent classified info)
anyway, this time these rad dudez were  
present: geert'crackdisc'sorex,david'   
improving perfectionist'stl,david2'     
tony'theneumegaswapper'bono... and NO   
more... after seeing some lovely girls  
we got HUNGRY!...(he matt!)...          
but at this moment brz had already left 
us!... anyway, we moved our lazy asses  
towards a place where we could find some
cholesterol-fries and some puke-hamburg-
ers!... of course some assholes of our  
party didn't want to go to the QUICK so 
we went to a real flemmish fries-house  
... at least we thought it was a real   
flemmish eat-house!....(HAHA!)          
anyway,after walking some MILES. we     
arrived at our traditional eat-house    
but we all experienced 1 BIG SHOCK!     
the eat-house had a new owner or should 
i say OWNERES?.... wow, the cool boss   
was a fucking FAGOT... shit... only     
4 of us went inside as the two others   
didn't want to eat there!... but some   
of us were so hungry that we said per-  
haps the fries are edible?...           
anyway, the stupid gay asked us what    
we wanted and in the meanwhile a real   
stinking SMELL came into the eat-house! 
we thought it was the gay's breath or   
stl's stink-feet but it turned out to   
be another FAGOT who was inside at the  
back of the eat-house...(the gay's      
friend!)... anyway, i couldn't hold     
my laughter as matt was already doing   
real strange faces and saying the guy   
was a queer and that it stank,etc...    
i just was laughing....( you know 
why i'm so fat!... from laughing!)      
anyway, i ordered and so did vinzz'n    
slash!... slash'n vinzz of course felt  
only CLITTING!)                         
still, we ate and matt ate like a       
beast ( always!)...              
i didn't really enjoy the food and      
the pleasure was even higher when 2     
other GAYS came in!... 2 dirty          
marrocan guy!... they really looked     
funny!... and spoke with the familiar   
'S' tone!... anyway, i hurried up as    
fast as possible as i just had to       
laugh and my coke alnost came out       
through my nose but when the shop owners
'(girlgay)friend entered i couldn't stop
... it was mighty funny!.... i dropped  
the shit fries in the basket and left   
the joint!... we all left and all       
laughed infront of the house!...        
we later found out that in the          
eat-house there were hanging posters    
etc.... '....                           
well, the only thing we got wiser off   
is that we now know the meeting place   
of another BELGIAN group but still we   
will not likely return to this joint!   
still, whatever happened i'd loads of   
fun and this had been the most funniest 
meeting the WOW had ever had!...        
i know this shit doesn't interest you   
but i don't care NOW as this was so     
funny that i just had to tell you this! 
i also hope you won't think we're used  
to going like these sorts of joints as  
otherwise i wouldn't be telling you this
.... but if you do then i can only say..
* one last thing!...                    
WHY didn't someone reacted on the       
voting for ENGLISH/BELGIAN groups?      
are all english/belgian guys too lazy?  
(or to lame?)....                       
and secondly.... why didn't you send    
in the answer to the COMPETITION?       
the answer(s) were so EASY!.....        
anyway, it's your loss!... not          
well, it's possible that chief editor   
1 will write some more shit to fill     
this chapter so just wank ze joy right 2
check it out!...                        
i can only say... see you in another    
                   signed chief editor 2
yeah, and here's back from dope demand  
your all-loved chief-editor 1!          
thanks for giving me the word, chief-   
editor 2, but a fact is i really don't  
know what to say now, as i already wrote
tons (ahem) of texts in some other parts
of this cooooooool magazine.            
yeah, i really hope some hq.'s will     
react on this, namely that they can send
us a real groupstory about the history  
of their group. if lots of people should
send us some stories about that, i would
be very happy.                          
you may ask: why letting other people   
write for your own magazine, are you may
be too lazy to write something yourself?
i say: hell NO!!                        
we thought it was interesting to publish
some good stories, that's just all...   
see it as a kind of propaganda for your 
own group if you send us a story...     
anyway, if you really don't want that,  
then just ignore this idea and keep on  
playing the lame copyslave or something 
like that, it's your bussiness anyway...
well, i'll end right here, no, not becau
se of time-problems, but simply that i  
am outta inspiration...                 
next month, same internal-time, same    
internal place...                       
bye bye 'n' have a good night...        
press ze FIRE button...                 
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