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             * EDITORIAL *              
again a new editorial for your pleasure 
and delight given to you by chief editor
2 and number 1!...                      
we're proud to give you again a new     
issue full of new and old things!....   
there's no stopping us from inventing   
new things but we respect the old       
traditional values and that's why we're 
still on the air. we thank hereby the   
loyal senders of news,stories,....      
your work is appreciated!... we hope    
our work is also appreciated. anyway,   
this is issue ELEVEN and we're still    
busy. this has proven that a lot of     
people enjoy this magazine! we've always
made this magazine in the interest of   
the people and we've sworn to stop after
the fifth issue when YOU didn't like    
this mag. we've seen you like this      
magazine as you're voting for it!...    
we've always tried to broadcast a policy
in which we've tried to let the people  
descide whether this nag comes in the   
charts or not. this mag has never had   
any competitive character as we're the  
first to say the CHARTS are corrupted,  
but we admit we felt quite appreciated  
when seeing our old 1 file internal     
brandishing in the charts!... we hope   
you like the multi-filed aswell!...     
we did like the 1 file mag, but because 
of text-amount problems we switched over
to multi-file!... some mags reviewed the
1-file mag with a lot of other multi-   
file magazines and we weren't all that  
pleased as we have no competitive aim,  
but still they gave us bad points on    
several things. i can only say it's dumb
to compare a multi-file with a 1 file   
mag! anyway, let's go on with some nicer
of course this month had it's ups'n down
s but most of the groups survived...    
again people sacrefice and give blood   
and tears to keep this scene alive and  
i think everyone has to work with as    
ALIVE? but also the laws are making it  
harder and harder for us to keep on     
continuing our usual stuff.             
some weeks ago we saw on belgian tv     
(vtm) an info-prg. in which they reveal-
ed for the FIRST time some facts about  
the existing of: CRACKING and ABUSE of  
FREE (11) LINES.... there was even an   
ex-cracker who claimed the cracker gave 
bribes to employees of software firms   
to get FIRST releases... i think that   
guy sat too long before his little 64   
.... anyway, it's all in the gutter here
in belgium and we'll suffer the same    
laws as in our neighboring countries!   
our law is at many point NOT accurate   
but with things like this we'll soon    
and then it'll be GAME OVER for a lot   
of scene guys. well, let's all enjoy    
the time we've still to enjoy and       
let's make love instead of war...       
this is a message to all guys who want  
to play the PARTY-BREAKERS:' shut the   
fuck up and stop all this foolnishness  
most of the guys in the scene only want 
to have a good time and a lot of fun... 
if you're getting bored then just quit  
and don't act like a fool '....         
* i really wonder how much pages this   
issue will have as we're always surprise
d about the HUGE amount of pages!...    
* another thing which has amazed me was 
the NON-response on our little music-   
competition... still the solution is so 
very easy! it's just the big l....lose! 
well, i'm happy to see we've been able  
to release this mag again. so they're   
still a lot of guys out-there who sup-  
port us. cool!                          
* in these little editorials i always   
get off the road to talk a bit about    
the current wow as this is STILL a      
100 procent WOW RELEASE... anyway,      
with hip-hop and house in my ears i'll  
refill your bits and pieces with some   
wow sentimentality.... with a new       
organiser on the fleet, leavings of     
some members and even some KICKS we     
set off to our next generation.... a    
generation which may well lead to the   
end of an era... the end of the c64     
era but let's LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIGHT  
OF LIFE and let's take each day how it  
comes.... yes, WOW will finally make    
everyone go flat on his mouth when you  
will see us rising again!... we have    
made it once and we'll make it again!   
after times of desolutions and illusions
there's a time for facing reality and   
this time has come!... NO more ORIGINALS
SWAP.... of course you'll be able to buy
them from the one and only .... just try
it!... but first let's proof it!... so  
watch out. our vast team exists now of  
some fierce and some less fierce warrior
s but we'll make it all happen and when 
we have reached our goal we'll KICK ASS 
once again and we'll bring our brothers 
in arms up to the sky and will only deal
with the ones who've always BACKED us UP
.... BELGIUM has always been the country
of the RULING LEGEND(S) (especially     
LEGEND) but most of the scene-guys      
are short-sighted and miss a sequel     
to the ever ruling ones.... a silver-   
medalist has always been WOW and every- 
one who can proof me likeways may dis-  
cuss this with me!...  but i can assure 
you that being second in a little       
country like belgium isn't so HARD!...  
as the competition sucks. you can call  
me pretentious and maybe i'm but we're  
BEEN WAITING FOR!....                   
we've now everything we want... some    
good original suppliers,some crackers,  
few coders,gfx-artist(s),musician(s),...
and some lousy swappers ....(p.e. me,my-
self and i...) some can say this just   
ain't enough but just wait and see..... 
* after this WOW promotion i'll cut the 
crap and start to talk about some other 
* after a shocking summer holiday we    
released INTERNAL 10 with great pleasure
... a fine issue if you asked me... but 
i was so damned pissed off as i had to  
wait 3 weeks for it!... i had NO spread-
disc and i wanted to release some wow   
shit again!... so i got some shit.. some
german shit!... (game on shit)...luckily
they were well-trained and A-CLASS      
versions, but i was expecting the hot   
internal 10 but some kind of a lamer-   
editor had to kiss kiss at the movies   
and had (so he says) no time enough...  
i want to make a bet with you CHIEF     
EDITOR 1 ... i can get the charts ready 
10 times faster as you!... anyway, of   
course ch.ed.1 does everything manual as
you can see... we have probably the     
largest crackercharts... (40-60 groups?)
i didn't even know that some of those   
groups could (still) crack...(haha)...  
anyway, i forgave him for 1 time but at 
that moment i was so fucking depressed..
. i'm such an internal fanatic... (i'll 
kill all antis...) well, a funny (lame!)
thing happened with PROPAGANDA .. there 
were released 3 versions (or more)...   
surely 1 was made by some nutcases and 1
by antichrist (ed.what's the difference?
)... anyway, we have nothing personal   
against antichrist and if something we  
write should be a little offence against
antichrist then it's just for joking as 
he has never done anything to hurt us!  
we still think that a magazine CAN'T be 
used for PERSONAL WARFARE.... so we will
always try to ban lame remarks like xxxx
xxx is lame or.... if we still do it    
then it'll be probably the fault of     
chief editor 1...(haha...sorry matt!)   
anyway, we hope you'll enjoy this issue 
and if my water is clean enough there   
will be some IMPROVEMENTS with this     
issue (yeah!)...                        
* almost nobody reacted on the country  
votes in issue NINE.... pretty lame,but 
i'll shock you all with a new votesheet 
quite soon!... so just sit and wait...  
also await the news-sheet which is for  
most of the people easier to fill in    
then all those (LAME?) votesheets...    
i personally had to fill in 20000 brutal
recall votesheets or chris and baze     
wouldn't swap with me anylonger... (HELP
ME GOD,COZ THEY'RE BRUTAL).             
* by the way, i proposed to kick the    
charts last time as i (personally) think
charts are LANE.. but ch.ed.1 (he's back
and more cruel then ever...) said he's  
playing it more fair as he almost prints
every crackergroup as you only have to  
have few points to get in the charts!...
anyway, who agrees at this?... you'll   
be able to give your vote on the next   
NEW votesheet of INTERNAL.....          
* here's some more news about some      
belgian scene-freaks.... (not important 
but WHO CAREZ... nobody reads this shit 
anyway...haha) here's a small list of   
who passed his year or not:             
brk/legend FAILED at university and     
will do informatics in some kind of     
college! apollo/wow FAILED too at       
university and will do his year again.  
(tough luck,he guys!)                   
stl/wow FAILED too...(ed.what a bunch   
of failures..haha).                     
cruel/wow got lucky and PASSED (ed.i    
bet they had mercy because he looks like
the hunchback of notre dame.....(flauwe,
he?)). einstein/wow PASSED (ofcourse... 
with an iq of 204...hum?)...            
cyborg and scorpie/f4cg got both a modem
divine/wow got a modem on ibm...        
vincent/wow is now still in the GERMAN  
ARMY and almost got into a fight with   
30 BELGIANS....(ed.fighting world war ii
vinzz/wow should be in the army but is  
a deserter...( says mendrake...haha
it's time for something else....        
* after the holidays it's time to get   
BUSY again and a lot of groups have     
already done this but due to some       
technicalities and problems WOW hasn't  
been releasing so much lately!... with  
sorrow in our hearts we say goodbye to  
another brave warrior who have left the 
camp of destruction to seek and find    
a REAL life... (goodbye ANDREW)         
anyway, we fight on as we've been       
strenghten by low,high and medium       
blows from several sides. now a lot     
of members are showing their best       
sides but have several different pro-   
blems...  we also trying to set up a    
better ORIGINAL SERVICE which will      
give us first releases (99procent)      
but this isn't a one-day project and    
a minute takes an hour and a week a     
month but the REWARD will be high and   
will give us a place in the HISTORY     
books of the 64 SCENE.                  
you should think this is all one big    
boast up and maybe it is but wow has    
still some old wow members and even     
when they're sometimes a pain in the    
ass they can give the group some moral  
support!... we appreciate this all and  
that's why we're still alive. WOW will  
not die when a member leaves. wow will  
die when EVERYONE gives up FAITH.       
if we now succeed in our schemes... then
all WOW members will be able to say:    
WE'VE MADE IT ON OUR OWN... some ex-    
members will ofcourse say: it's because 
of us that they made it... i can only   
say... real warriors are the ones who   
kept supporting us in good times and in 
bad times!... all the REST are nothing  
but a bunch of loosers and assholes!    
wow members 'r now:                     
vinzz-joker-matt-b'n b-slash-bono-      
chacke and hitch/ispace/vincent/jones   
and at the mo' no more!....             
it's possible that some scandinavian    
dudez will join aswel as some more      
belgian ones!... we're loosing and      
gaining new and old forces but it all   
comes down to one thing: FRIENDSHIP.    
* another thing: some of you might      
have seen the previous issue of internal
... it contained quite a lot of faults  
concerning the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and     
therefor the whole internal crew says   
SORRY ... this thing won't happen again 
as i'll try to debug all chapters!...   
another thing is that the charts may    
look rather strange to you all but chief
editor 1 thinks that he helps small     
groups by letting them enter from the   
time they get 1 point!... i got a       
reaction against this from patriot/byg  
which he named a lot of groups which    
were inactive... he named a lot of      
groups who are still quite active but   
he made a point with it!... ofcourse    
this reaction was caused by the fact    
that BABYGANG wasn't in the charts!...  
therefor i say: VOTE FOR THEM ....      
(ed. isn't this a subjective thing?...  
well, if you really want to help a      
group then you have to do it by saying  
it right on and not by voting coz the   
charts SUCK (ed.this is only my opinion!
* greetings go out to NO-ONE except the 
ones we KNOW AND RESPECT....            
* let's give the keys to chief editor   
yep yep yep...                          
it's ze matt of the WOW himself who's   
back in yet another one of those lame   
editorials from einstein. (eh...)       
ah, so einstein aplogised about those   
spellingmistakes that were made in the  
previous issue. good work einstein,     
but as i was fed up with time-pressure  
i think it's a bit logic to explain...  
i really can't understand why some      
people (and especially einstein) claim  
that there are too many groups in the   
the ones who'll claim are ofcourse the  
guys who aren't in the charts, but can  
i help it nobody's voting for ya?       
anyway, as einstein got some bad react- 
ions about this, i had some good ones!  
they really liked it seeing there are   
so many groups inthere.                 
well, everybody may have his own opinion
, i still think it's not a bad idea at  
all. but ofcourse if there'll come too  
many bad reactions, i change the system,
don't worry. but don't claim if you     
aren't in the charts, that's not my     
another thing now...                    
einstein said INTERNAL will be fixed a  
bit in this issue, hmm, i don't know    
if he's right...                        
i don't think there'll sumthing change  
about the coding, but maybe vinzz will  
put some other graphics in it (logo     
above). but anyway, we'll all see. this 
outfit ain't so bad he, or?...          
we (especially me) have some problems   
about the release date of this magazine,
sometimes it's the 3rd week, or the     
4th week and like last issue it was the 
first day of the month, and i must say i
don't think it's such a bad idea to     
release it in that period, because      
nothing much is spread then, so the most
megaswappers will be glad if they have  
something new then, as the venlo-stuff  
at that time is mostly 1 or 2 weeks old.
anyway, i'm glad to see we have more and
more good reactions on this mag since   
we use a multi-filed system!            
but i'm very honest and i say that      
einstein'n'me have very much work with  
editing this mag. we both spent very    
much of our free time in this mag!      
anyway, einstein'n'i have a little      
problem... c-64 freaking is not anylon- 
ger a hobby, it's a fucking passion!    
and this passion already showed its     
danger!! einstein'n'me passed our year  
in school with many many problems!      
bah, but i don't care it's a passion,   
beacause i still like computing and i'm 
sure this never'll change!!             
yeah vinzz! it's YOU who said many      
years ago that it would be cool if i al-
so would buy a 64! so i could ask my    
friends for games and then we would have
many fun with playing them!             
i still know my favourite games were    
'frantic freddie', 'hard hat mack' and  
'fire ant', not knowing i would enter   
this scene some day!                    
but don't think i'm mad now! no!! i only
can say: THANKS VINZZ, for giving me the
advise to buy that cool machine...      
was cool to enter the scene together    
with you!...                            
he, this sounds like a goodbye letter,  
nono, don't think that! we either       
aren't planning to leave this scene yet,
hell no!!                               
i'm also very glad to see the NEWS-SHEET
from einstein was a very good idea to   
spread around, because of that this     
month we have many more news than in the
last issue!                             
ok, i think you heard enough crap in    
this editorial, so let's go over to the 
here we go...                           
chief-editors.............MATT, EINSTEIN
two musics.......................TIM/MDA
yes, you saw it right (and ofcourse ya  
already heard it, there are two new     
musics, both composed by GUY SHAVITT of 
the SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS! they're very    
cool, yeah, GUY is really on of the     
best composers, man!                    
anyway, go on reading this mag and enjoy
it like hell!! bye! press FIRE...       
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