Internal 11 - Chemical Warfare

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   hi there ! welcome to a new chapter  
here you'll find hints to get even if   
you've been wronged by someone in some  
way.just LAY BACK,read this text AND    
ENJOY, or if you really want vengeance  
follow these instructions to the letter.
       press FIRE...                    
CHEMICAL WARFARE will not only contain  
- as the name might insinuate - tips to 
strike by means of i'm a   
chemist,some formulae for nice effects  
will be included,but all kind of        
PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE will be found here
you'll learn how to wage war against    
your target with a nasty touch.         
you'll learn how to STRIKE ANONYMOUSLY  
with MINIMAL RISK AND COST and then sit 
back and wait for the fun to begin,when 
frustration has forced you to strike    
if once you took revenge in a way that  
you think will fit in this chapter,mail 
it to the vengeance hq and it'll be     
published in the next issue ! ok,here we
go. hope you'll enjoy this stuff !      
                 see ya,  APOLLO/WOW    
           * PHOTOGRAPHY *              
try to access your mark's camera and a  
bunch of pictures of something he doesnt
like,e.g. pornopictures.first use your  
own camera to copy the pornopix onto a  
roll of 35mm color film.then rewind just
enough film into the cardridge that it  
still loox new and unused.              
then if your mark's camera is loaded,   
replace his blank film with the one you 
have just shot,or put your porno-exposed
roll back into the box,seal it and put  
it with the mark's film supply to be    
used later.                             
the idea is to create a double exposed  
film that will add interesting results  
to the shots ! 35mm films give great    
superimposition photos,so the mark will 
get his own classic shots (of a wedding)
and the raunchy porn shots will be      
superimposed on this !                  
               * DOGS *                 
don't kill me,but i'm someone who HATES 
most's what to do when the  
neighbours' dogs dump on your lawn :    
feed (at night) the mark's dog cheap    
the dog starting to make it bark
just tease it,throw at it,or use        
infra or ultrasone whistles.also normal 
whistles will work.just let the dog bark
till the owner deceides to take the dog 
into the house.                         
surely you cal figure out the rest of   
this yourself.just hope the mark allows 
the dog to sleep in the same room as he 
or she.                                 
        * NITROGEN TRIIODINE *          
this stuff is real fun and dangerous    
only if you get carried away with volume
or's the formula for this cool 
explosive :                             
   combine 1 part of pure solid iodine  
   (cristals) with 20 cubic cms of      
   concentrated ammoniumhydroxide,nh4oh.
   do this SLOWLY and carefully...      
   allow a brownish-red precipitate to  
   form,filter it throug paper,and wash 
   it with alcohol,then water.i used    
   methanol,but i guess any other type  
   of alcohol will do...                
this stuff is VERY UNSTABLE so handle it
with care ! just throw it down somewere 
and you'll get a pretty cool x-plosion. 
 ok one more formula for an easy to make
         * PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE *          
here's what you need :                  
 - a 10 cm square of styrofoam          
 - 1/2 part oil                         
 - 1 part gasoline                      
melt the styrofoam,being careful not to 
let it get too hot or near a flame.use  
the 'au bain marie' cooking technique.. 
let it COOL to a thick viscosity.then   
mix the tree ingredients together in the
following order : styrofoam-oil-fuel.   
mix it in a deep pot and KEEP THIS      
let the mixture cool to about 25 degrees
 celsius (298k),then you can give it any
shape you want.use a fuse or electrical 
activator for detonation.               
VINNY/REBELS (amiga) gave me the        
following idea :                        
cut open the lower side of an electrical
lamp and remove the glass. between the  
 electrodes there is a small wire made  
out of tungsten (w,wolfraam).remove this
then fill up the glass with the warm    
liquid an put the electrodes back in it.
let it cool down,so that the plastic    
will work as a kind of glue.            
then replace a lamp out of your mark's  
living room by the lamp you were working
on.the idea is that when the mark turns 
on the light,he'll get more illumination
than he wished...                       
i've never tryed this,but i think it    
can't be any problem.30 volts must be   
enough,so maybe you can connect your    
smart bomb to your mark's phone,and give
him a call...   have fun !              
           * HIGHWAY RADAR *            
one of the first times i went out by car
i was caught by the cops for driving a  
bit too fast,and some weeks later a got 
a nice little picture of the rear of my 
dad's car... it wasn't that expensive,  
but i got into some problems with my    
for people who are allways in a hurry   
here some tips to avoid being shot by a 
radar gun.most so called DETECTORS are  
useless bullshit.modern radars turn the 
radar on/off so fast that your lame     
detector might not even give one beep.  
the gulf war teached us that you're     
better of JAMMING radar than detecting  
it.(or you should dispose of ALARM-BOMBS
(Air Launched Anti Radar Missiles...)   
HOW TO JAM - the principle :            
most police radar units have an         
electronic device known as a radio      
frequency interference indicator (rfi)  
that blanks out the radar gun's speed   
display window whenever there's ANY type
of electromagnetic voltage interference.
this is to protect the unit's sensitive 
electronix from,when the rfi 
kicks on,the unit will not display      
any reading !                           
simply keying the microphone on your    
mobile cb in the proximity of a radar   
gun will kick on the rfi and render the 
gun useless coz it causes interference. 
the distance is about 400m unless you   
use those illegal cb boosters.          
so when you're in an area with radar,   
find an open channel on your cb,then    
tape down the transmit button on the    
mike.btw,radar jamming is VERY ILLEGAL  
in most european countries !!           
ok here we go for the last one for this 
i have nothing against people who smome 
(altough i don't like girls with a      
cigarette in their hand or mouth...),but
here's a tip for people out there who   
don't like those human smudgepots who   
pollute the rest of us with their       
shit-stinky smoke.                      
nip off the head of a STRIKE-ANYWHERE   
match and neatly plant it in your mark's
cigarette,cigar or pipe.the top of an   
ordinary match will also work,but strike
anywhere-matches contain more phosfor   
and the sulphur is more concentrated,   
wich causes more irritating smoke...    
i once had the idea on larger scale,but 
i haven't figured out yet how to hide a 
STICK OF DYNAMITE in those somewhat     
limited locations...                    
so,that was all for now.if you have any 
remarks,questions,stories or ideas for  
this chapter,feel free to write to the  
VENGEANCE HQ at :                       
                  look on the last page!
also for cool swap and pc virus exchange
have fun this month,and to all ennemies 
of our readers:better WATCH YOUR BACK   
when you go out !     see ya, APOLLO/WOW
yep, matt of the WOW on the keys now... 
i hope you all enjoyed reading this     
chapter by apollo/WOW. anyway, i liked  
it very much, and if my parents keep on 
yelling at me, i think i'll use one of  
those systems... eh...                  
no, i hope you don't think this part is 
ripped (the idea) from SMOOTH CRIMINAL  
because they also have a part in their  
mag where they tell about explosives    
and so on...                            
no, apollo called me one time and he    
asked me if he could make a chapter     
about explosives. ofcourse i directly   
agreed and i hope he'll make more of tho
se cool chapters in the future!         
yeah, he's a real CHEMAICAL-FREAK!!     
anyway, i think he did a good job       
making this chapters, i hope i'll hear  
some reactions on this chapter!         
another thing now...                    
i hope you all enjoyed reading (in the  
last issue) CHURCH-NEWS, and this part  
was made by our porno-gigant (ed:eh?)   
EL BREZNJEV. (ed: i didn't know the     
sovjets were sooo cruel!!)              
no, i didn't hear any reaction yet on   
this chapter. anyway, as breznjev/WOW   
sucked too much his dick (or was it     
striking, ehm...) he had to go to the   
hospital for three days as his dick     
was,... yeah you know...                
now something else about INTERNAL.      
it seems that you, dear reader, really  
enjoy reading this magazine! hmm, i'm   
very pleasured you know, because we     
really spent much of our free time on   
making INTERNAL, but i won't bother you 
anylonger with that story, 'cause i     
already told everything in another chap-
ter. (check out the EDITORIAL)          
well, i'm off now because the 2nd half  
of germany-wales will start in a few    
minutes and damn, i just see on the     
screen germany leads with 3-0, bah!!    
anyway, for all guys who didn't know    
this yet...                             
              BELGIUM RULES!!!          
                               joy RIGHT
and as promised, here is APOLLO's       
         NO handle on eveloppe!         
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