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         *W(ORDS) O(F) W(ISDOM)*        
again it's chief editor 2 who rises and 
kicks off with this new chapter!....    
i know this title has been chosen by    
another magazine but i don't care very  
much as it's the content which counts   
not the title. anyway, let's begin...   
this chapter will mainly be about       
what this scene and what this whole     
life is all about!... a bit psyco-      
logical and spooky but perhaps also a   
bit interesting!...                     
why are we in the scene?... because     
we want to have fun... want to run out  
of the REAL world for a change?...      
want to be respected?... want to be     
the number 1 or just have a lot of      
friends?... these few questions are some
of the main reasons for being in this   
scene!... practically all of us enjoy   
being in the scene and most of them     
have several reasons for it... some     
of us are in the scene for the MONEY    
others are here to make TROUBLE but     
most of us are here to MAKE FRIENDS.    
this last reason is probably the only   
reason why i'm still in it. as this     
little hobby has cost me a lot of       
money, a lot of nerve-breaking,         
problems at home and in school, etc...  
just the usual shit!... but what keeps  
me going is the exitement of sometimes  
being the better one... the sadness     
when someone leaves the scene or when   
everything goes wrong,etc...            
this little things follow each other up 
in real life and in the scene life!...  
uppers and downers...                   
but i'm wondering about some guys who   
are now TERRORISING some belgian guys   
and pretending to be guy x of group z   
which is then a famous group/guy...     
they try to imitate them and shouting   
and yelling: lamer,dork,etc...          
calling just to pretend to be cool...   
calling and when someone picks up       
they lay down the receiver....          
all this is STUPID and more sadder for  
them COWARDLESS. i'd like to know who   
is calling p.e. me up as i'd probably   
would kick his ass but i don't and      
perhaps it's better for them....        
but has this any sense at all?...       
why are you doing all this shit?...     
i don't get it as i personally have     
no REAL ennemies and if i've ever had   
some i'd made peace with them....       
my only reason for still being in this  
god damned scene is that i've a few     
close friends... i'm not in for the     
games, nor for being the best ,etc...   
this is a call out to EVERY fool who    
has already done this... if you do it   
then try to call your nearest NUT-      
HOME and they'll know what to do with   
guys like you... and if you're that     
hopeless COMMIT SUICIDE.                
if you can't do this then why bothering 
calling p.e. me as it's no use... i     
don't get exited and i won't obey to    
fools who are even to afraid to tell    
their own names... just stop this       
foolnishness. anyway, if all this is    
pretended to be a big joke then i have  
to say your humour sucks...             
these little mindgames have been        
playing since the beginning of this     
summer and some other belgian dudez     
have been confrontated with this game...
still, a lot of them are fed up with    
this... i can only say: it's lame and   
i hope these guys will be caught soon!  
* i can only say that these dudez give  
a bad name to the scene because we all  
have been too stupid to let all these   
fake-cool guys into this scene!...      
it's not the game-shortage which will   
kill the scene!... it are the guys!...  
by the way, if anyone knows who did     
this (the calling) be sure to inform    
one of the wow/role/control/f4cg/...    
       S C R A M B L E D   E G G S      
now some jokes,mysteries,greets,.....   
* a tourist asks the waiter in a        
restaurant: 'does it often rain here?'  
the waiter answers: 'i don't know,      
my colleague serves this table'         
(p.s. no INTERNAL crew members made     
 thisjokes up!... it was originally pub-
lished by a german and dutch company    
perhaps that explains it a bit!)        
* 2 nuts are sitting in front of a      
wash-machine. the one nut say: '        
what a worthless program,he?'           
* a good husband is kind,smart,handsome 
,... and mostly married to another.     
* in the whole world we have pick-      
pocketers, except in the east.          
* a new guard in county jail is being   
interviewed by the warden: 'can you     
deal with difficult prisoners too'      
'sure i can' answeres the guard :'      
all who doesn't behave themselves, flies
out of her'                             
* people who have stolen 5000 dollars   
are small thieves.                      
people who have stolen 500000 dollars   
are big thieves.                        
people who have stolen 50000000 dollars 
are a gorvernment.                      
* 'where are you going for your holliday
?'"to greenland" "on a seal-hunt" 'and i
s your wife going too? "no, she will go 
to paris .... on a fur-hunt"g           
(ed. this must have been a dutch joke!) 
* an actrice is asked after the most    
beautiful period of her life.           
she answered: "that was the begin of    
my film-career" "then i only had to     
shut up"                                
* "renate, haven't i said when you're   
eating you mustn't wiggle with your     
feet?" "don't you have ears?" 'yes,     
but how do you expect i wiggle with     
my ears?' (ed.another dutch one...)     
* stefan is praying to get a computer   
for x-mas... on the end he's yelling    
so hard that his mother asks ... 'why   
are you yelling so hard... santa claus  
isn't deff'... he answers: "he isn't    
but our grandma in the room nextdoor is"
* a guy is thrown out for the third     
time out of a pub. a man comes by and   
helps him up. he asks: 'why are you     
still going into the pub again?'        
he answers "what else must i do, it's   
my pub"                                 
* jasper is an imitator. on a party     
he makes a bet with everyone in the     
room and says he'll give 100 dollar     
to the person who can name him an       
animal he can't imitate... one of       
the other guests gets those 100 dollar  
why? well, because he named this animal 
'sardine in a can'...                   
* michelle goes into a bookstore and    
asks the salesman the book: 'how to     
catch men'... he answers: "aren't you   
a bit young for this book" she says     
it's not for me but for my fathers'     
birthday....whose a cop"                
 "eddy, have you been given the plants  
water?" 'no' answers eddy :' the dog    
had already done this '                 
(ed. another one bites the dutch...     
* breakfast in a hotel. the guest       
says to the waiter 'what a nice         
patern this butter has' the waiter      
answers: "yes, i think so too!... i've  
done this with my comb"                 
* witt wants to play something   
for her guests and says at the end:     
"that was 'fur elise'". asks one of     
her guests: " and now play something    
 for us too.                            
* "my wife can wish whatever she wants  
at her birthday" says nick. 'what are   
you generous' says his friend 'what     
did she wish this year?' nick answers:  
"a car ... which she already wants for  
12 years"                               
* 'i'm going on trip tomorrow' says     
nick's wife... she asks: 'can i do      
something more for you?' nick answers   
"no, that's enough"                     
* "where are you coming from?" asks     
hans' teacher... hans answers 'our      
house burnt down' ... the teacher       
replies: "but yesterday you were too    
late too".. hans answers: 'yes, then    
we stashed the car'                     
* a guy asks the director of a theater  
'there has fallen a spectator from the  
balcony. what must we do now' the       
director answers: "he must pay first"   
* 'but elwin' yells a young woman to    
her husband 'you've taken the wrong baby
"quiet" repeats the husband "this is    
a much nicer baby-carriage"             
* the young mother is proud to present  
her first meal for her parents in law.  
her mother in law asks: "which stuffing 
did you use?"... the daughter answers   
'which stuffing... the chicken wasn't   
* "mum" whose the guy who comes in      
every morning, drinks 2 cups of coffee, 
groans and does his favourite sport     
in the evening?" his mum answers: 'but  
boy... that's your father'              
* hello cop . i want to ask you         
something namely : can you say: asshole 
to a police-man? of course not! that    
would be an offense. well, then can     
i say to asshole, police-man? well,if   
you find that funny, okay by me...      
well, then goodbye ... police-man...    
* can i have a pack of food for my dog  
asks a woman to the salesman of a pet-  
shop...  i've got something new ...     
dogfood with the smell of a postman...  
(ed. no comment)                        
* a guy goes to a hooker in paris and   
she has no eye-browns anymore... he     
asks her what happened and she answers  
'c'etait rasee'... then she take off    
her t-shirt and she has no hair under   
her arms.... he asks: 'rasee?...'she    
responds: 'non, epilee'... then she     
takes off her slip and when he sees     
that her pussy isn't covered with hair  
he asks... 'epilee? (=shaved)'.... "non,
usee (=used!)"....                      
* and now some (ruth rendell?) mysteries
to be solved!.....                      
1) moreno was wonded .... it was        
storming and the food-supply of         
kiako and moreno, who was an art-       
painter , was lost under the snow.      
it was freezing like hell outside       
for several days. but they found a      
hut. the hut was in bad shape and       
even some windows were broken!...       
they tried to stuff it as good as       
possible...they tried to survive but    
moreno felt he was dying... moreno      
 asked for pen and some ink... kiako    
 found in a closet some stuff...        
 while drawing he died!...              
 of course the prizes of his art rised  
 since the art-collectors heard that    
 moreno was dead....                    
 the last painting was worth over 25000 
 dollar... why wouldn't you buy this    
because the painting is never made      
by moreno! when it was freezing several 
days long and some windows of the hut   
were broken then the ink would have     
been frozen too... so it's impossible   
that moreno has drawn this painting     
* now some did you knows                
did you know that                       
matt of wow is a real wow fan and       
when someone says something negative    
about internal he attacks immediately   
stl of wow was caught by the post       
again for stamp cheating                
 matt of wow actually escaped from      
 the state-prison because he became     
 nuts in there (ed. he is nuts!)        
 quasimodo of wow is a rich guy         
 LEGEND is actually the BUDGET GROUP    
 of WOW                                 
 IKARI is dead now                      
LEGEND is nunber 1 in the WORLD         
CONTROL is the budget group of ROLE     
these did you knows are mostly untrue   
WOW needs a gfx designer                
(ed. someone like GOTCHA)               
WOW is (and always will be) number two  
in belgium                              
/WOW in his family (ed. einstein knows  
the niece of goldfish)                  
KID /F4CG won a carpet (scorpie?) and 2 
freezers (adf and mao???) in a game show
the guys in f4cg will not like this     
belgian scene guys are troubled by      
some assholes who call them up to say   
shit about them (and themselves)... LAME
manx/x-F4CG was kicked out!             
if any of the belgian scene guys get    
a call like this then tell the          
un-identified (flying objects) to call  
this number: (+32) (0)xx xxxxxx (raphael
)... (*this is manx'nunber)             
manx says he's INNOCENT                 
EFFY+TBG /GA'S are nuts when they're    
driving (racing?)                       
EFFY+TBG /GA'S are crashing from time   
to time                                 
INFINITY /X-RATED wrote a note against  
anti(scheiss)crist /GENESIS             
TRANSCOM have a new cracker called:     
HYBISCH ... he's a close friend of the  
retired: ZOD /WOW                       
internal has been multi-filed           
mendrake /ACRISE thinks that vinzz      
/WOW joined the army and left WOW       
some members of legend will be kick     
ed as they'll be replaced by DOC/FLETC  
H/RAZY AND EXCELL                       
chief editor 1 will be da 1 who will    
end this chapter                        
CHIEF EDITOR 2 will sign off after      
2 more mysteries                        
vinzz/wow raped einsteins'dog when      
he visited him                          
* now let's continue with some more     
once upon a time.... chris nicholson, a 
dentist , was making preperations to    
examine his patient, dora van walen.    
when suddenly the door opened silently. 
a hand with a gun in it appeared.       
2 shots ... mrs. van walen was dead.    
"we have a suspect" said inspector      
winter 1 hour later on the police       
station towards detective goochem       
"the liftboy took a few minutes before  
a gun was fired off up to the 5th floor"
dentist c.nicholsons' office in on the  
fifth floor. if we can trust the        
sketches then it could be a.lbino.      
lbino is out on bail... we've arrested  
him... then they interrogated him:      
'ever heard of chris nicholson?' asked  
the inspector                           
"no, why?"                              
'dora van walen was killed in the office
of c.nicholson'                         
"i've slept the whole afternoon"        
'the liftboy says he saw a man who      
looked like you and a bit later a       
crime was commited'                     
"i'm not the guy"... "thousands of      
thousand men look like me"              
"i haven't been near a dentist since    
i'm out of jail" "i bet that, that      
nicholson dude has never seen me  
what can you proof?"                    
'enough' said detective goochem 'enough 
to put you back behind bars again.      
a.lbino said he'd never heard of        
c.nicholson but he knew it was:         
1) A MAN                                
2) A DENTIST                            
* well, if you want to see these        
small riddles back then ask for them    
and i'll make sure the next issue will  
contain some of these mysteries again.  
enjoy now the good part this chapter    
by reading some of the 100 uncut pure   
bullshit by CHIEF EDITOR 1              
               lights out               
yep, and here's back by dope demand,    
the chief-editor 1 himself!             
i hope you have enjoyed reading those   
cewl jokes from einstein. anyway, if    
you didin't, i don't care, 'cause they  
really amused me...                     
well, you're lucky einstein! you didn't 
fail for yer redo exam! aaah i hate you 
man! and i hoped sooo much you would    
fail! yeah, that sucker has now vacation
'till 7 october! and i am already in    
that shit school from the very begim of 
september! aaarh, hate it...            
hello to ORGANISER! that's our new mem- 
ber. he's in WOW now to organise a bit  
and a bit there. the organisation in wow
was almost 100*, but now with that guy  
in wow, the organisation will be more   
than 100*. i just wanted to say hello   
and i also wanted to say it's cool ya   
joined belgium's nr. 2.                 
the WOW t-shirts were a mega-succes,    
people! wedidn't know so many guys would
buy a t-shirt. and because of the fact  
we're out of t-shirts now, i decided    
to contact shogun/x-ray again and i     
asked him to draw another wow t-shirt,  
if ya want one, just write to einstein  
and he will arrange everything...       
the t-shirt only costs...               
400 bfr, 20hfl, 18 german marks,        
13 us dollars and 7 ponds. so if ya want
to order a t-shirt from wow you really  
have to be fast. i don't say this right 
know to sell more of them, it's simply  
the truth, you just have to be fucking  
we only made one size of the t-shirt,   
that's easier for everybody, we decide  
to make x-tra large t-shirts, so every  
fat-small guy can wear one, simply eh?  
it's a damn pitty the EUROPEAN COMPUTER 
ENTERTAINMENT SHOW has been cancelled,  
really a pitty. because i really wanted 
to have a report from this mega-computer
the show would be held on september 6-8 
and would be placed in england.         
no, there were no c64's present, shame  
about it! but i think the party would   
be cool! anyway, he's just cancelled,   
i hope they'll find a new date!         
they would also send the show out on    
radio and television,,anyway, if they   
find a date for it(and i'm not 100*     
sure about that) i really'd like to     
have a big report about this mega-      
well, did ya know this planet is full   
of FRONT 242 freaks?                    
apollo, humanoid, sorex, chacke/wow,    
antichrist/g*p just to name some of'em..
what's actually good about this mu6?    
okay, i won't bother ya anylonger so    
press FIRE to go back to ze main menu...

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