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           *RECORD BREAKER*             
again a new chapter comes to your very  
own room.... a chapter which is again   
an invention of the internal prodigy    
but we OWE all these facts and figures  
to only 1 book namely: THE GUINNESS BOOK
OF RECORDS!....                         
we've mainly print some INTERESTING and 
/or AMUSING records!... sometimes we'll 
even link it to the SCENE in order to   
make this all a bit more enjoyable!...  
if any of you is offended by this then  
i strongly advice you to go and complain
then get in contact with one of the 2   
internal hq's!... we'll notifie your    
complaint and we'll make sure it won't  
happen again!...                        
so let's get this SHOW on the ROAD....  
1) HUMAN PERFORMANCES:                  
a lot of people eat but these record-   
breakers have a special habit...        
WHO ATE THE MOST OF (in x-amount of     
patatoe chips: 30 sacks of 56,6 gram    
in 24 MIN. AND 33,6 SEC. (p.g.tully)    
(ed. or was it 33,5 sec?)               
1,13 kg in 27,19 sec. by p.dowdeswell   
17 pieces of each 128 gr. in 2 min. by  
dr.ronald l.alkana                      
(ed. now you all know from what all     
doctors/professor are NUTS and are going
1 lit. in 1,3 sec. by s.petrosino       
(ed. we didn't know ARROGANCE'S real    
name is steven petrosino....)           
3,35 metres with a thickness of 12 cm.  
in 89 hours by j.gwaltney               
egs: (hard-boiled)                      
14 in 58 sec. by p.dowdeswell           
(ed. he loves eggs!...)                 
eggs: (soft-boiled)                     
32 in 78 sec. by p.dowdeswell           
egss: (from the birth to the mouth)     
13 in 2,2 sec. by GUESS WHO....         
20+3/4 (100 gr.each in total 2,07 kg.   
of meat) with SANDWICHES in 30 min.     
by alan peterson                        
453 gr. (1lb) in 1 min.13 sec. by our   
old time favourite egglover:            
and another one by p.d. himself:        
1,135 lit. in 3,2 sec.                  
(ed. i bet i can do this faster!)       
you never believe it but it's not all   
... here is a list of several other     
records done by p.d.:                   
pan-cakes: (round=15,2 cm,buttered+jamme
62 in 6 min. and 58,5 sec.              
2,25 kg. (170 pieces) in 5 min and 34 se
40 in 17 min. and 53,9 sec.             
(ed. he has about 4 other records on his
name but i'll spare them for you!....)  
1,53 kg. in 50,04 sec. by tony dowdes-  
(ed. can you believe it!... also his    
brother eats like a snale... what a     
family is this?... i bet their mother   
had problems to make food every day!..) 
greatest omnivore:                      
m.lotito, known as monsieur mangetout,  
eats since 1959 metal and glass. in-    
ternists can't find any traces in his   
stomach. he has eaten since 1966:       
7 bikes, 1 supermarket-car (in 4,5 days)
, 7 television sets and 1 cessna (one   
little airplane!)...                    
greatest harem:                         
de biggest harem in the world is the    
winter harem of the great serai in the  
topkapi-palaces-complex in istanbul,    
turkeije, built in 1589 with 400 rooms. 
(ed. now we all know why all turks are  
so fertile!)                            
most eager cafe-visiter:                
stanley house from totterdown, bristol, 
england, has visited till 1 may 1982,   
3298 pubs with different names in great-
brittain. he used the public transport  
for it.                                 
(ed. this beats the belgian 'DE LIJN'   
fastest: american eagle in marriotts'   
great america in gurnee had on a        
horizontal piece a speed of: 106,73 km/ 
longest: the beast on kings' island in  
cincinnati, in ohio, vs. with a speed   
of 104,23 km/hour. this ride of 2,25    
km has 243,8 metres of tunnels and a    
rising of (all together) of 540 degrees.
(ed. let's kick it!)                    
highest alimentation:                   
2 261 000 dollar, payed by g.storer sr.,
74 years old, to his 73 years old wife  
dorothy, in miami, florida, on 29 oc-   
highest alimentation-claim!:            
sjeika dena alfassi (born in the        
land of the beers: BELGIUM), 23 years   
young, asked an alimentation-claim of   
3 milliard dollar. her husband sjeik    
mohammed al-fassi, belonging to the     
royal saodi-arabian family had to pay   
only 81 million dollar.                 
(ed. all women are the same)            
highest claim:                          
mr. i waltom bader (ed.from the walton  
family?) asked a claim of 675 BILLION   
DOLLAR towards general motors for       
spoiling the environment in 50 american 
biggest ambulances:                     
the alligator jumbulance mark vi,vii and
viii are 18 netres long and made by     
van hool in BELGIUM! they cost 176000   
pounds and they can transport 44 patient
s and doctors.                          
longest living cancer-patient:          
mrs. winona mildred melick born douglass
(on 22.oct.1876) from long beach,       
california. she's been operated 4 times 
for cancer. she died after a serious    
cold(amonia?), 67 days after her 105th  
birhtday! (1981)                        
longest 'WORKING' ghosts:               
ghosts are NOT immortal and seem,       
so says the gazetteer of british ghosts,
after 400 years that their activity is  
going backwards. the most remarkable    
exception should be the ghosts of roman 
soldiers, who are after 19 centuries    
still wandering around in the cellars of
treasurers'house,york minster.          
(ed. beats the game centurion,he?)      
andrew claims to have the only  
existing letter of a POLTERGEIST.       
the biggest primate is the mountain-    
gorilla , it is 1,75m. high and weighs  
195 kg.                                 
the heaviest gorilla was a mountain-    
gorilla, which weigh in 1943, 310 KG.   
and when he died he weigh 288 KG. and   
his brest was 198 cm. wide!             
fastest cars:                           
km/hours        -     name of car       
1019,4                thrust 2          
1001,473              blue flame        
690,909               bluebird          
673,516               goldenrod         
575,149               herda-knapp-milod.
1190,377              budweiser rocket  
these cars have each a different thrust 
or rocket-boost that's why the speeds   
are so different... but all of them     
are NUMBER 1 in their categorie.        
heaviest: 10,2 kg. (normal birth)       
          10,2 kg. (through the stomach)
this last one was born in 1982 and did  
weigh in 1983 already 24 kg. with a     
length of 56,5 cn.                      
there's 1 case known of a baby who lived
13 months and weigh 50,8 KG., 101 CM.   
LONG AND BREST OF 99CM.                 
* 9-year young boy weigh 154 KG. at his 
the lowest official birth-weight of a   
baby which stayed alive is: 238 GR.     
biggest funerals:                       
the funeral of c.n.annadurai, 1st       
minister of madras was visited by       
15 million people!                      
worst diseasters:                       
pandemie (1347-1351)                    
-- black death: the pest                
   amount of people: 75 000 000         
genocide (1311-1340)                    
-- taking out of the chineses peasants  
   by the mongoles                      
   amount of people:  35 000 000        
influenza (1918)                        
-- the whole world                      
   amount of people:  21 640 000        
famine (1969-1971)                      
-- north-china                          
   amount of people:  CA.20 000 000     
tornado (1970)                          
-- islands of ganges-delta,bangladesh   
   amount of people: 1 000 000          
(ed. i didn't know f4cg had a hitman    
like that)                              
then the figures go down and down to    
the figure of 3, but most of them are   
caused by one 1 thing:                  
HUMAN SOCIETY!....                      
this is a proof that ALL stupid         
politicians have caused all this mess   
and trouble and the little people       
(the poor,the disabled,the working      
class) have to live with it! they suffer
under the political stress and have to  
deal with ALL actions the politicians   
take. i say BAN all those atomic rockets
and waste-dump and LONG LIVE GREENPEACE!
lowest taxes:                           
in bahrein,brunei,kuwait and qatar there
hasn't to be payed tax! and also not    
on the britisch channel isles sark/     
tristan da cunha!                       
(ed. tax-free havens!)                  
highest taxes:                          
no, in norway the people had to pay 80  
procent but now ca.2000 inhabitants     
are paying more then 100 procent of     
their taxable incomes.                  
(ed. i don't get it, do you?)           
national wealth:                        
united arabian emirates! each in-       
habitant should have 30 070 DOLLAR      
based on the amount of inhabitants!     
and in bhutan they have about 80 DOLLAR 
based on the amount of inhabitants.     
the ussr has 5,05 million soldiers.     
the chinese republic has 3,988 mil.sol. 
the usa has 2,1365 million soldiers.    
belgium has 4000 soldiers?              
biggest marine-corps:                   
us-navy with 569 000 soldiers and       
194 600 marines amd a fleet of:         
14 airplane-ships, 26 battleships,      
90 submarines, 28 cruisers, 68 destroyer
s, 90 fregats and 65 amfibie-battleships
(ed. row,row a boat)                    
in australia (northern territory) they  
have calculated the alcohol-use at:     
236 lt. per person in 1 year.           
(ed. so australia is more then just the 
land of the notewriters!)               
most sorts of beer:                     
in BELGIUM: b.pieper imports ca.1200    
different marks and from those there    
are about 1000 of them in current use!  
credit-card collection:                 
the greatest credit-card coll. existed  
on 8 may 1984 of 1167 different exampl. 
put together by w.cavanagh from santa   
clara, california, usa! he keeps it     
in his wallet which is the biggest with 
a lenght of 76,2m. long, a weight of    
15,87 kg. and a value of over 1,25      
million dollar of credits!              
(ed. i bet EVERY MODEMFREAK loves to    
get his hands on this wallet!)          
most expensive one:                     
de 'GEM JEANS' is the most expensive    
jeans in the world. the nails and the   
little mark on the back-pocket are of   
18-karat gold and have a 0,10 karat     
natural coloured yellow diamant.        
the button is also a yellow diamant     
of 3,52 karat.                          
this jeans is made by:                  
design: tony bloemen (blues'n jeans)    
        staf demarelle'n daughters      
        rainbow (diamants)     
the jeans is worth: 216 086,25 dollar!  
size: 31!                               
(ed. the perfect present for your girl- 
well, this concludes our first series of
WORLD RECORDS!...                       
if there is anyone who claims or can    
can proof he can improve this record    
then try to tape it or write a letter   
to our usual address!....               
we hope you've enjoyed this fairly      
interesting shit and we'll hope you'll  
tell us how you think about this chapter
and the few other ones!....             
                               joy RIGHT
          *FILM REVIEW*                 
howdy country-boys'n'girls!...          
this time we have again a variety of    
choices... for everyone there's some-   
thing!... and if there's something you  
want to see in here then get off your   
lazy ass and take pen'n'paper or load   
one of those (aussie?) notewriters and  
begin typing/writing!....               
this time we begin with only 1 review   
of a film...                            
(with kevin kostner, sean connery,      
 ernest bourigine,...)                  
this is a good remake of the old version
... but has lost some of its charm!...  
still the makers have chosen for a NON- 
NAKED SCENE... no running maked woman   
in here!... but we have to picture this 
in the middle ages!...                  
the film has a quit amazing begin and   
a not so amazing end, although the end  
sequence is so mighty exaggerated it    
becomes almost a CONNECTION and it is as
the film contains some little funny     
things and does help you coming trough  
the time!... this film takes over 2     
hours and is NO real waste of time!.... 
i think it's not woth to get off your   
lazy ass and go and see him in the      
CINEMA but it wouldn't be a waste of    
money to rent him!...                   
this film has a bit of everything       
(action, adventure, romance,...) but so 
had the 1st version. so this movie isn't
really a CORKER, but a quit normal film.
RATING: 55/100                          
look out for TERMINATOR 2!              
the film will come out end september/   
begin october...                        
mighty cool soundtracks are made by     
GUNS'N'ROSES and are choosen by the     
warrior himself: ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER;  
the anti-hroof this film!               
                             FIRE please

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