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            * INTERVIEWS *              
this time we received some interviews   
from WOW members and from some other    
coll scene dudes(thanx!). this is a chap
ter we didn't use in the previous issue 
of INTERNAL, anyway, we hope you'll en- 
joy reading them.                       
wank joy right, lean back and enjoy...  
the first interview is done by AZTEC of 
the WOW with GAZZA from HOTLINE.        
A: aztec                                
G: gazza                                
A: yo dude, ready for a cool interview? 
   ok, then tell us something about your
G: hello AZTEC and all the other readers
   of INTERNAL, like you said i'm GAZZA 
   from HTL, i'm 17 years young, i have 
   black hair'n'brown eyes. i'm 'bout   
   1.87 tall. a yeah, i also wear glas- 
A: when did you got yer 64, did you have
   any other computer before you bought 
   your 64?                             
G: i got my so-loved 64(ed: cooool!)    
   in '84-'85. haha, i had some lame ata
   ri consoles before, but COMMODORE 64 
   RULES! (ed: bet you're right!!)      
A: were you in other groups before you  
   joined HOTLINE?                      
G: i've been in TAT for 5(!) years, so  
   TAT is the oldest group exept TRIAD  
   who are also 5 years old(ed: did you 
   know i saw a HTL crack from '83!),   
   and then i was also a member of ROLE 
   for 'bout 3/4 year.                  
A: which function do you have in your   
G: AAh, i'm a cracker, swapper and i'm  
   also the co-editor of TAT's mag EMANU
   ELLE! soon also on modem and amiga   
A: ok, what's your favourite...         
  -car:     lotus                       
  -food:    lasagne                     
  -drink:   coke                        
  -group:   hotline                     
  -game:    man. utd. europa(lamiga)    
  -demo:    airdance 1-3/tat            
  -diskmag, emanuelle, brutal recall,   
            public scandal              
A: which group is in your opinion ruling
   the scene?                           
G: in CRACKING:                         
   SPEED: legend, ikari + talent, domina
          tors and censor               
   QUALITY: hotline! just check out     
   in CODING:                           
   bonzai and censor, but wait for air  
   dance 4 and megablast 7, they'll be  
A: who are your best friends in scene?  
G: hmm, tch/brutal, tom/pandora, trigger
   /pandora, mr.wax and chum/chromance, 
   da suckas in air design and the force
   rcs/i+t, dannie/a-team, marc and mega
   byte/depredators, action jacktion/trc
   c'n'c, rob and ayatollah/hotline, com
   mander/role, ex-m/arm, wildcat/ics,  
   alf/vanity, def jay/scn, YOU ofcourse
   and all my other friends...          
A: please give your overall opinion     
   about the scene, plus any last com-  
G: the scene is ok, but ther are still  
   too many lame mags around like SD's  
   mag. well, if anybody has an lamiga  
   (ed: the 'l' is placed by the editor 
   himself!)and would like to swap ze   
   latest wares, should contact me!     
   thanx for interviewing me!           
ED:you're welcome!                      
the second interview is like the first  
one done by AZTEC of WOW, this time with
NUMSKULL of NATO...                     
A: aztec                                
N: numskull                             
A: ready man? well here we go, please   
   tell the readers something about your
N: yo friends! i'm numskull of the      
   great group NATO. my real name is    
   eddie and i'm 16 years young, i'm a  
   guy with loooong hair and with a     
   beautiful girlfriend.(ed: please send
   her to the redaction, we'll try her  
   out, hehe...)                        
A: when did you get your 64? did you    
   had any computer before that?        
N: well, i got my very first 64 in '87. 
   at the time, i've got two of this ma-
   chine. i never had another system    
   and i robably nenver will.(ed, yes,  
   you won't!)                          
A: have you been in any other group be- 
   fore you joined NATO?                
N: yeah, my first group was SYNTAX which
   died half year ago. after that i joi-
   ned GOD. then together with talent i 
   formed my own group EXTREME, and now 
   i'm in NATO!                         
A: what is your function in NATO?       
N: i'm a cracker and i'm also a mail-   
   swopper. i have a modem too, but as  
   i don't get calling-cards very often 
   i call out very seldom. besides these
   things i try to compose some lame    
A: ok, here we go again, what's your    
  -car:    opel manta                   
  -food:   fast food                    
  -drink:  beer                         
  -group:  nato                         
  -game:   king's bounty                
  -demo:   tripper/nato                 
  -diskmag:gamers guide                 
A: which group in your opinion is ruling
   ze scene and why?                    
N: well, no one is really rulin' the sce
   ne because #1 releases and quality   
   cracks are not done always by the sa-
   me group. some cool crews are:       
   enigma, action, dominators, i+t,     
   x-ray, triad, legend, pandora, nato, 
   and more...                          
A: tell us who are your best friends in 
   the scene?                           
N: all nato-members, a-man/action,      
   tranziie/triad, rcs/ikari+talent,    
   chris/pandora, storyteller/acrise,   
   dean/afl'70, 3dk/dominators,...      
   and some guys in ze states: shadow/  
   excellence, nightwriter/mirage, col- 
   drake/excellence, dynamite,...       
A: what's your opinion about the        
   scene, plus any last comments?       
N: the scene is getting very lame and   
   boring as there are too many LAME    
   groups and some others with a too big
   mouth!!! they should die...          
A: euh, describe a lamer to us...       
N: guys who say or think they are cool  
   but in fact they aren't able to do   
   anything else than swappingor writing
   lame notes!                          
A: please give us the memberstatus of   
N: tiger, joker, parson, nemesis, roy,  
   chaos, crime, boss, talent, fat rat  
   and me(numskull). i do hope i didn't 
   forget anyone!                       
A: well, i'm outta questions, so thanx  
   for the interview...                 
N: you're welcome, thank you...         
the third interview was done by me      
(MATT) with BAZE/BRUTAL...              
M: matt                                 
B: baze                                 
M: hello baze, please introduce yourself
B: yep, my real name is thomas jergensen
   sen and i'm 19 years of age, i'm     
   about 175cm tall.                    
M: tell the readers in which groups you 
   have been before, and how long are ya
   in the scene?                        
B: i got my 64 way back in 1986. first i
   was in a group called POWER formed by
   some of the local lamers. i really   
   just enter the scene when i joined   
   ZYROX. but after one year i got tired
   of no productions. then on a dau i   
   got an offer to join BRUTAL.         
M: wod are yer functions in brutal and  
   why did ya actually joined'em?       
B: i'm one of the MEGASWAPPERS, right   
   now i have about 110 contacts and i  
   have plans to reach over 200 in 1993.
   i'm also one of the sub-editors from 
   our mag BRUTAL-RECALL. my main reason
   for joining brutal was that i was    
   told from a very good friend of mine 
   (RCS/ex i+t now brutal) that we      
   could make it big some day so i joi- 
M: ok, i heard brutal refused the coop  
   with JOY DIVISION?                   
B: yep, yer right! LTH, ex joy division 
   called me andasked for a coop but i  
   said i didn't know yet. si i called  
   the others and we decided that joy   
   division did not have any thing cool 
   to offer and that they only would ta-
   ke advance of our abilities and as i 
   found out that their crackers blade- 
   runner and neon judgement were the 2 
   guys omg/antichrist and scrap/g*p.   
   we just simply refused, that's all.  
M: like ya probably know, the most inter
   viewed people all say the same:'the  
   scene is gettin' lamer and lamer'.   
   well my question now: do you think   
   the same?                            
B: for me the scene is still COOOL becau
   se i have a lot of cooool contatcs   
   and many coool scene'n'nice friends. 
   but in a way the scene is slowing    
   down just look at the games which are
   out these days, no big and cool games
   as in the old days, that's really a  
M: now, what do ya think about the us-  
   scene, for many europeans, the us-sce
   ne is an unknown scene, well wod do  
   you think about it?                  
B: the us-scene is also a bit unknown to
   me but it must be really funny to    
   play around with a modem on all the  
   boards over there. i'm really a      
   rookie when it comes to the us-scene.
M: please show us the memberstatus from 
   brutal. say, howlong does brutal     
   exist now?                           
B: ok, here's the BRUTAL-memberstatus...
   tch: crack, code, gfx, swap, b-r,    
   slash: crack, code, gfx, swap, b-r   
   chris: megaswap, originals           
   rcs: megaswap, originals, modem, b-r 
   maniac: crack, swap, modem           
   iron boss: swap, modem               
   technoir: code, gfx                  
   raise: code, gfx                     
   bleze: code, gfx, swap               
   baze: megaswap, originals, b-r       
   (b-r stands for brutal-recall ofcour-
   merlin quit the scene 'cause his hou-
   se burned down to the ground. BRUTAL 
   have been alive for about 1 year and 
   about 3 months. PLEASE remember that 
   we have NO leader or HQ.!            
M: did a member of brutal ones has some 
   serious troubles with other groups   
   in the scene, and why?               
B: so far i don't think that any BRUTAL 
   guys have had troubles with anyone be
   cause all true BRUTAL'ers know how to
M: what's the succes behind BRUTAL      
B: the succes behind brutal recall might
   be that our mag is NOT an ordenary   
   mag and we are really putting a job  
   (ed: we too, man!) behind it. tch ca-
   me up the idea about making a really 
   outstanding mag and it took time to  
   decide how it should be like.        
M: ok, i'll name some countries and you 
   must say which are the best groups of
   that country, got it? here we go...  
B: denmark: dominators, x-factor, cosmic
   italy: f4cg                          
   holland: hotline                     
   belgium: legend                      
   germany: victims, pandora, enigma    
   uk: talent                           
   usa: mirage, tthe shaolin monastery  
   sweden: triad, flash inc., antic     
   finland: beyond force, origo         
M: if someone should attack brutal by   
   saying for example you're lame like  
   hell, brutal suxx,... how would you  
   react and what would you do?         
B: i'm not another LAMER who wants to   
   fight if a guy calls me or my group  
   lame. ofcourse, i will defend me and 
   my group but i will do it with my    
   mouth and not with my fists. in some 
   cases i might use power to force the 
   guy to stop his lame acting...       
M: now when we're talking about enemies,
   what do you think about the FEDERA-  
   TIONS AGAINST somebody?(faw, fae, fao
B: i really HATE wars! they sux shit!   
   if we want d'64 to be kicking in the 
   future we MUST pull our arses        
   together and help eachother!         
M: ok, let's stop talking about silly   
   wars, well, what's yer favourite...  
B: food: gorden bleu'                   
   drink: bozze, beers, pepsi           
   computer: c64(OFCOURSE)              
   car: ford scorpio 2.9                
   group: x-factor(hi 'bamsefar!)       
   game: necromancer                    
   demo: ice cream castle               
   discmag: corruption, explorer, mamba 
M: well, like in every interview, you   
   have now the opportunity to greet yer
   best friens.                         
B: thanx very much! okay, here we go... 
   ancient albums of PURE JAZZ to:      
   ALL brutal'ers, ecco/x-factor, ghost+
   yoko/cosmis, b-wyze/victims, mao/f4cg
   sp/x-ray, king/conic, spikes/dunex,  
   sham/light, morris/cross, aktie+brego
   /triad, curlin/vision, crab/laser,   
   mansell/cosmic, exalt/antic, sweetie/
   weird, jazzy d/chromance, m+c/afl,   
   slayer/origo, yaemon/depredators,    
   gerwin/fairlight, slaine/house d. and
   ALL my contacts. and a last thing    
   REMEMBER to VOTE for BRUTAL. call our
   board the highway +46 xxxxxxx.       
   contact me now and today, look in the
   addy corner for my address. okay,    
   thanx for all, god loves ya!...      
                               joy RIGHT
and at last a fourth short interview    
done by AZTEC of ze WOW with ANTICHRIST/
A: aztec                                
A: antichrist                           
A: hello dude, please tell us something 
   about yourself...                    
A: my name is frank, i'm 21 years old   
   and i love to read wrong news about  
A: when did ya get yer 64, and what were
   your compies before that?            
A: the c64 was my first computer. i got 
   it christmas 1985 i think... don't   
   remember, it's a while ago anyway.   
A: have you been in any other group befo
   re you joined g*p?                   
A: i built genesis*project more than 6  
   years ago together with TNT(now omg/ 
   amok) and OUNK(now thomas ackermann/ 
   amok). i have never been anywhere    
A: tell us your functions in g*p...     
A: humm, i spread our wares, crack some-
   times(notvery often though snacky and
   tyger are better...) and call the    
   boards ever once in a while.         
A: what's yer favourite...              
A: car: mercedes                        
   food: chinese+junk                   
   drink: coke, milk, whatever...       
   group: genesis                       
   game: jumping cubes, archon          
   demo: dutch breeze, wonderland viii  
   diskmag: propaganda                  
   music: sisters of mercy,simple minds,
          front 242(ed: another freak!),
          tears for fears, man go fish, 
          depeche mode                  
A: which group is in your opinion ruling
   the scene nowadays?                  
A: i don't know, i guess a compendum of 
   people like snacky, tyger, goblin,   
   deek, hje, bizzmo, scrap, ses, fgth, 
   zorlac, steamhammer and antichrist   
   would defenitely ruk! hey, wait a mi-
   nute... aren't all these guys in     
A: who are your friends in the scene?   
A: people i like and respect are:       
   jihad/action, derbyshire ram/domina- 
   tors, stephen hunt, roy/victims,     
   drake/victims, skater/censor, euzkera
   /science 451, neno/the force, gold-  
   rush/crest and all G*P members.      
A: overall opinion about the scene, plus
   any last comments?                   
A: have fun or look for another hobby!  
                               joy RIGHT
well, that's all for the interviews for 
this month. i you really want to be     
interviewed, just write us, or we'll    
write you(sounds exiting eh?).          
i hope you have enjoyed reading this    
chapter, press FIRE now to go to the    
main-menu! see ya in another chapter!   
 chief editor 1 (or simply call me MATT)

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