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* back again!... with a new EDITORIAL!  
gosh, i like this!... i really enjoy    
typing this shit every month!...        
anyway, i missed some issues but i'm    
back full time with this kind of work   
also with my swapping job!....          
of course this is einstein/W.O.W.!      
i hope you have survived the shock      
of this multi-filed version!...         
i know this version isn't PERFECT but   
we need some time to adjust things and  
we'll be sitting on roses!....          
* have you already seen the chapters in 
this magazine!... not so many as in     
brutal recall (which is my favourite!)  
but not bad,he?                         
anyway, we expect of course some bad    
and some good reactions but there are   
always EASY and DIFFICULT people!...    
some say we're again a rip off the      
gamers guide!... i just say we're not!  
if we would only put in cracks then we  
would be a rip off!....(like the many   
but we present a variety of chapters!   
and we present the cracks on another    
way then p.e. gamers guide!...          
there is said that many elite groups    
don't like the gamers guide but i       
think this is all CRAP. the guide is    
not bad but sometimes they just can't   
please every guy in the world!....      
of course having such a mag is bound    
to have some problems!...               
the only thing i have against those     
kind of magazines is that they give     
to much time to lame groups to release  
their (JEWEL) version!.... another      
thing is that a lot (most) of groups    
are using really LAME intros!....       
and that's because it makes the crack   
a bit shorter!... this is a result of   
all those crackermags!...               
in this magazine we take this into      
account and we really take almost       
everything into account!...             
so if you think that you should use a   
cool 'NORMAL' intro then do it coz      
perhaps you won't be first in gamers    
guide but at least you'll show you      
have some style and that you don't      
follow the fashion!....                 
i think the intro is part of the game.  
keep on cracking that's the most        
important thing!...                     
* i hope you will find what you want    
in this magazine!.... if everything     
works out fine you'll now be given      
some board numbers/scene reviews/       
film reviews/news/addresses/......      
just the usual chapters!...             
of course we're working hard on some    
original chapters!.... and really       
we're trying hard but being original    
has never been our speciality!...       
we'll keep on improving this magazine!  
* as i told you last month i tell it    
again!... we need a graphic designer    
fucking soon!.... if you are any good   
and want to become a member of a 100    
procent FRIEND-GROUP then do this!      
you'd be given a warm welcome and       
all member would respect based on       
your caracter and skills!....           
anyway, i admit we don't pretend to     
be AWARD winners and for many we        
aren't but at least we have a group     
of friends. we will NEVER turn a        
fellow member our back. of course       
if someone does a stupid thing we       
give him what he deserves but if you    
always act normal (normal is about      
the same as CRAZY in your standards)    
then everything is quite ok!....        
it's not up to me to convince all       
of you what we're made off but i        
personally think we have proven to      
be a good group.                        
we'll continue on doing what we         
believe is good for us and we'll        
never die if we keep on preaching       
the religion of the wow.                
i now sound like a jehova witness       
so i guess i'll quit here!...           
but to the world this last thing!       
if you find ever a need for friend-     
ship/productivity in 1 group then       
try to join us.                         
* we also want to show that we don't    
only help insiders!... we want to       
help EVERYONE. so if we have some-      
thing that you want or if you may       
ever need something then don't          
hesitate to ask one of the wow members  
* as some of you might have seen we     
now also spread the NEWSHEET which      
is the news-version of a votesheet!     
a lot of you hate votesheets and i      
couldn't agree more as they're          
annoying things and it sets you up      
to do a subjective deed!...             
votesheets suck!... the chartsystem     
sucks. but i won't tell my opinion      
in public!.. but the newsheet is        
completely pointed to you!....          
if you want to tell news about your     
group or want to write something then   
do it on this paper!.... use your       
creativity and inspiration!...          
by doing this you help us and your      
group comes again in the publicity!     
so we don't mind that member y of       
group x joined group z but if you       
find it important enough to let know    
this to everyone then write this to     
* another day in paradize phil collins  
sang and he was damned right.           
this is a paradize for all you freaks   
outthere who ain't got a magazine yet.  
(those 2,3 guys in new zealand...)      
why? well, because you help us by       
sending in whatever you may find        
interesting. we can always need help.   
running a magazine is a FULL-time job   
and needs more then 1 brain after the   
therefor we always appreciate if        
someone sends in a disc/letter/sheet..  
. even when you're unknown you can      
find shelter in this magazine. we       
are no EAL (elite ass lickers) nor the  
LPT (lamer promotion team). so we will  
never exclude an article or address     
because it's from guy x or group z...   
we are at that point strictly           
objective. far from some other mags     
who don't do this. (lame... a mag is    
there for the people by the people      
not by a lousy editor!)...              
anyway, some of the things which are    
printed in this magazine are a HOAX     
and mainly a joke about some persons.   
we can be held responsible for these    
(sometimes bad) jokes and if someone    
is offended then we will apologize!...  
but everybody has to take some hits     
from time to time too. everybody        
has to know that these jokes have       
NO intention to hurt somebody but       
are based on expressions or whatever    
happened in the past with guy x or      
group z.                                
* this magazine will probably contain   
the basic chapters like: charts/news/   
.... but we'll try to diverse them      
as much as we can. we will work on      
NEW chapters but it takes a whole lot   
of work and secondly it's hard to be    
this brings me to the very few          
beginning of magazines. omg always      
said all other magazines are rip offs   
from his SEX'N CRIME and it's probably  
like that but what he didn't see was    
that it's possible that some other      
dudes may have had the same idea.       
that's what happened with the cracker-  
mags too. now the funny thing happened  
with me too. i found a new chapter      
called: Words Of Wisdom ....            
as the first letter of each word        
represents the letters of w.o.w.!       
but then chief editor 1 said it         
already existed in the mag of xentrix   
(impact)... so NO wow yet!...           
* as i'm used to write this editorials  
all by myself i am not so selfish this  
time (it's probably the weather!) and   
letting chief editor 1 alias called     
write some precious words too.          
after these few words of wisdom.        
* i've noticed that when a swapper      
wants to have his/her address put in    
they always write: -no name on enveloppe
and elite only (prefered)...            
let me tell you this... a lot of guys/  
girls are abusing the last sentence a   
bit too much!... why? well if you look  
at the address corner you'll find for   
89 procent this lame sentence!...       
not by the REAL elite but by a lot of   
LAMERS too!.... i guess it's quite hard 
for a non-elite swapper to say: elite   
only... but still they do this!... so   
i think EVERYONE has to stop this fool- 
ishness, because everybody wants only   
elite contacts!... it's only when you're
in a cool group or when your personality
is cool enough you'll get elite contacts
... that's the way it was and that's the
way it'll always be!...                 
anyway, to all those so-called elite    
swappers... i say: SWAPPING IS NO ART   
.. even i do this as a living (well...  
as a job then!)... i took this because  
it was the most easiest and that time   
the best job you can ever have!...      
you meet a lot of different amigos, some
amigas and some amigays ... but most of 
the time you're enjoying oneself!....   
therefor i say to all megaswappers/     
elite or non-elite swappers....         
when someone contacts you and he can    
show you warez of about 1/2 weeks then  
take him in!... no matter what his      
group is!... this will make the vicious 
circle go around again and will make    
many happy faces!... i think if you are 
taking the effort to have your addy     
printed in a magazine you have to res-  
pond to (almost) every writing... if you
don't then you're nothing less then a   
scumbag and a thief...                  
this is my opinion and again i can be   
wrong but i guess the current elite     
swappers are nothing but talk and mis-  
use the PURPOSE of the contact-corners! 
words are up to you chief editor 1 .... 
yo everybody, after a month of hard     
working on this mag, INTERNAL hits the  
streets again...                        
it's matt of ze mighty WOW who's hitting
the keys. MIGHTY wow? oh, don't take    
this too hard, i only write this just   
because i start every note on disk with 
this phrase too!                        
i hope all you guys enjoyed reading     
internal #09. i have to say it is a plea
sure to be an editor of this mag, it's  
really funny to be editor of this mag,  
but it's sometimes hard working too!    
(he einstein...)                        
i said last isssue that this issue      
can/will be improved a bit every month, 
but this issue is not improved yet just 
of the fact that the overlord's monitor 
broke down, and as the computerfirm     
who'll fix his monitor is too lazy, he  
couldn't improve INTERNAL yet.          
improved or not, i still thinks this    
outfit looks quit good enough.          
i also hope everybody liked reading the 
BELGIAN and the ENGLISH scene reports   
written by einstein and aztec. i thought
they were very cool, so maybe you'll al-
ready guessed it what i'll ask right now
, well, if there's a guy outta here and 
he knows a lot of the scene in his coun 
try, then please don't hesitate to send 
a cool scene report and be sure we'll   
print it out in our next issue...       
another thing now, einstein spoke about 
those short intro's the crackers mostly 
use, i completely agree with einstein.  
if you really want to be high in a      
cracker chart(like the crack-synopsis in
this mag) then you really can use cool  
intro's. it doesn't mean if you have a  
long version of your crack that you'll  
be on the last place! use trainers, man,
try to stick in some dox, put the intro 
apart from the game on disk, anyway, ma-
ke work of your cracks. anyway, anybody 
may have his own opinion about those    
short intro's, but a fact is that it's  
real fashion these days to fix a short  
intro in front of yer cracked game, any-
way, do what you think what's the best  
, enjoy cracking and stay forever on the
64, that's the most important thing!    
let me hereby say thanx to all the guys 
who filled in their votesheet(again!),  
the guys who supplied us with loadsa    
news, in other words, thanx for every-  
thing that could make this mag bigger'n'
cooler, thanx...                        
and about this mag, it'll probably come 
out every last week of the month. no,   
this is no VENLO-release anymore, just  
because of the fact that some VENLO-mee-
tings are hold to0 close between each-  
other. sometimes there are only 3 weeks 
between two meetings and that's a too   
short period to work this mag out!      
another reason why this isn't a VENLO re
lease anymore is that there are already 
too many mags released in VENLO.        
ok, i'll stop right here typing this    
text, but i don't think we have bored   
you by writing this text, 'cause there  
there was a lot of information you had  
to know about INTERNAL, well, see ya    
around in INTERNAL!                     
and ofcourse at very last some creditz: 
co-editors........AZTEC, BREZNJEV, VINZZ
two musics.......................TIM/MDA
            pluck yer stick'n'press FIRE

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