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* again a new chapter for the cool      
internal!.... this time it's chief ed.2 
whose writing this shit!...             
forgive me all when i sound a bit dis-  
orientated but i'm feeling a tiny bit   
drunk. i only had 5 HOEGAARDEM and 1    
WHITE trapist and some dirty red wine!..
. shit i feel terrible!... still i've   
got to write this shit as it's so       
fucking important that the masses get   
their monthly sex stories!...           
i don't know if this chapter will stay  
the same and we'll always print those   
(dirty) stories... i guess not because  
they're just made on a lonely hot summer
day (night) and even worse by some      
perverts... i guess life's hard....     
anyway, nobody says you have to read    
this shit.... there are enough chapters 
which can forfill your appetit!....     
well, i guess i and brezjnev will now   
try to fill your filthy brains with some
self made stories!... i have to say i'd 
more of these but i lost some of them!  
(3) so only 1 story from me myself and i
... i hope you nevertheless will try to 
enjoy it a bit or will just switch over 
to the culturel detachement!....        
the stories which will be printed are:  
HOME ALONE (by y.e.)                    
for all those perverts outthere.... fuck
anyway, i guess this chapter will never 
be published so....                     
shit, i'm quite drunk.... but i enjoyed 
the liquid!...                          
i know this chapter could be again a    
dirty rip off but it ain't as we        
published these kind of stories back    
in the old days with ATROG ...          
if you don't believe it then order a    
copy of it!...                          
well, as it looks now i still have      
to fill 6 pages before starting with    
my one and only story....               
here are some usefull addresses for     
ordering the latest ....                
BREZJNEV/WOW:     (for the latest issue 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   of BIG BOOBS!)       
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (+64 swap!)           
EINSTEIN/WOW:     (for splendid ideas   
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sorry for all these commercial breaks...
* some porno films tips:                
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-i want a buttlight                     
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       and now a software               
7 july 1987, it all happened on a       
hot summer day!... a couple had a lot   
of domestic problems... he was a        
hard working bussiness man and she      
was a rich 'housewife'...               
she wanted more of her life then just   
playing the lovely wife...              
the man didn't care less about his wife 
and like every bussiness man he had an  
affaire with his secretary.             
when his wife got to hear this she      
was planning to get even!....           
she hired herself a black gardner,      
a butler, and some girls to dress her,  
wash her,...etc...                      
when her man left the house to go on    
a bussiness trip, she was thinking      
about relaxing....                      
it all begin in the morning,            
after a long hot night, she was bading  
in the sweat. her thin body was wet     
and while she undressed she became      
a bit horny. then her 2 servants came.  
the 2 young girls saw their mistress    
naked with firm , well-formed brests    
standing under the shower. after        
she came out, they had to rub her in    
and make her even more beautiful then   
she already was!....                    
lana was a girl of 22 years of age,     
she weigh about 50 kilos,had brests     
like maria whittaker and was about      
1.60 of height,black hair.petra,was 19  
about 1.80, 67 kilos and had brests     
like kim basinger and had blonde hair.  
the mistress was an woman of 30 with    
a body like madonna... she was already  
worn out a bit but still ready for      
action!.... the 2 girls rubbed her in   
and touched her brests gently...        
they also rubbed in her intimate place. 
while doing this the mistress demanded  
to be fucked. the 2 girls were very     
surprised but the mistress said,        
look down in the drawner. the 2 girls   
found huge fake-plastic-cocks...        
and a little cord with 5 little balls   
.... she said, play with it and         
let lana put it in petra's pussy....    
at first the 2 girls didn't like the    
idea but after saying they'd be given   
a big raise they'd do everything.       
lana took the little cord with 5        
plastic balls and shoved them 1 by      
1 into petra's cunt... she pushed down  
her love-lips aside so she could see    
the red clit and underground...         
she licked her vagina-juice and her     
clit!... then she pulled the little     
balls gently out of her pussy!....      
in the meanwhile the mistress had       
taken a fake dick with 2 ends....       
after petra and lana were ready she     
demanded petra to stick one end into    
her ass while she sticked the other     
half into hers!....                     
lana looked down at them and was        
licking her mistress'nippels!....       
they were so hard and rose ... she      
almost bit them off!....                
then she took 2 dildos and shoved       
them into the vagina of her mistress    
and petra... petra groaned and came...  
her mistress didn't but said they       
could go and do their normal jobs!...   
she dressed herself only with 1 dress.  
she was naked under it...               
she went outside and found the gardner  
... joe was his name...                 
he was in the greenhouse...             
she walked near him and when she        
walked over the air-warming-system, he  
could see her lovely body clearly...    
joe, a man of 24 had already a stiff    
one... she had noticed it and had       
demanded him to lay down on the ground. 
he obeyed and she pulled his pants down 
... also his slip and a big (27 cm)     
dick came out!... she was fucking horny 
and sat herself on him!... she felt     
awesome when the big cock came inside   
of her!... when he came, she waited     
some seconds and gave him a blowjob...  
after that he licked her vagina and     
her ass.... he shoved one of his tools  
into her tight ass and shoved his cock  
again into her pussy...                 
she didn't came but that would come     
when the buttler joined them!...        
he had come with a telephone call       
from her husband!... she took it in     
the greenhouse... (the call and the     
buttler). while the black gardner       
was fucking her in her ass the buttler  
was fucking her in her pussy!....       
while she was talking with her husband  
... he couldn't hear a thing as they    
had put on some music...                
she came when they both pushed their    
dicks as far as they could into her     
'oh....ohohohoho....yeah,dear husband   
.... fine you're coming ba....aaaaaagg  
ghhhhhhhh!.... what a nice feeling....  
...'  the man answered: 'what did you   
say, darling'... she said: 'fuck off    
buster, you're finished...'             
'i have my servants to please me now'   
.... he said: 'what the hell are you    
talking about'... she answered: '       
come home and found out'....            
he said: 'bye,bye darling till soon     
honny pon...,i'll be seeing you'        
  suppose that a (horny)eatable lady    
whispers in yer ear:"COULD YOU PLEASE   
HELP ME UNDRESSING ?????".what are ya   
gonna do ???easy. ya begin to work on   
yer checklist....                       
THE BRA.the locking could be a problem. 
for the lamers and fegs :it's mostly on 
da back but it could also be on da side,
or even in front....                    
with hookies or with da 'KNAK'-system:  
the only thing the redaction can say    
'bout that :PRACTICE a lingerie- 
shop(ed:this word exists !!!DUDES:we    
ain't interested in its existance!!)    
on an unsunny afternoon .               
after the bra THE PANTIE(S).hey ,we     
skipped the sockings???OFCOURS,lamo...  
(ed.and you who are such experienced    
  sexmaniacs...aahhhaahh,what a shame!!)
the sockings are stuck to the suspender-
belt and the suspenderbelt stays were   
it is..that 's why she put it on,stupid.
don't think like the most people,that   
the pantie only can be removed when the 
whole mess of sockings and suspenderbelt
is dismantled...                        
DA PANTIE(S).those one goes out.but very
slowly,by wich she stretches her legs.  
(ed.legs or SEX??) use two of your      
fingers and let the rest glide over her 
AT LAST:try to find a place in the bed- 
room(ed.hey,and what if ya do it in da  
kitchen or da toilet??)were ya can put  
the lingerie...beside the bed or on the 
nightlocker. it happens that da clothing
has to be searched in a hurry...        
searching costs time....and sometimes...
and now for da lame farmboys:           
take the front of her blouse plus her   
shirt under it.....with a rough strike  
ya pull da whole thing down...(ed.what  
about da bra???*pessengirls don't wear  
a bra(i mean real ones))                
and ya see da giant BIG BOOBS jumping a bit carefull with da...      
(ed.yeah...and give da poor girl five   
  bucks for da clothes ya have thorn up)
this is also recommanded for quickers!! 
- have a nice shearching in ya diction- 
                           OLD BREZNJEV 
ooooh yeee i tired ......been   
working too much i think....            
if ya have any sexproblems:             
        CALL 32/(0)xx/xxxxxxxx          
           and ask for YVES             
     my addy has already appeared....   
  the rain was pooring down when i      
was washing my car(ed.hey,LAMO-who WASH-
ES his CAR when its RAINING????).       
yep,that was yesterday...lots of things 
happened then ...!!                     
 as i was going for the soap(ed.-BAR??) 
- da wash-leather...                    
    suddenly this horny pussy was stand-
ing in front of me....she had these long
shaved legs and a wetshirt wich made her
tits look like giant MEATLOOFBALLZ(ed.  
what da heck is dad???)with two refresh-
ing onions on top of 'em ...(ed.what are
we eating today ,mum???meatballz with   
onions????)...while she was likin' her  
finger(ed.yours or hers???),she said:   
"WANNA TRY ME????"                      
she twisted her lips(ed.she did what??) 
and moved one leg over another.....     
"what could it hurt to take her for my  
own pleasure(ed.fucking EGOIST ....)",i 
thought to myself.                      
my hand slipped into her blouse....     
i took her melon in my hand and used it 
as a toy .... my other hand flooted into
her tight short dress....her pussy was  
already wet...i opened da buttons one by
one ....she was doing the same thing ...
only i wasn't wet....                   
ones she got hold of my WILLY,he became 
as hard as steel and she made him glide 
slowly into her cunt(ed.whats a cunt???)
well,at least that was what she thought 
...but i just stamped him in as hard    
and as deep as i could ... it was just  
like her eyes would fall out and as if  
she couldn't bread anymore..... i took  
her in my arms and kept stamping in her 
pussy wich was having a hard time right 
now....hehehe( he a pessen or what?
YEP,he is WHAT.)                        
i almost reeped her,but didn't ...she   
came last...but i didn't(ed.heyho,
mister fatneck)i pulled my trigger out  
and put it into her mouth wich was wide 
open ....finally it came .it seemed like
there were liters of it streaming into  
her mouth...WILLY hadn't dun this since 
decades .....she wasn't fast enough to  
swallow the whole lot was flooting
from her cheeks ....  after a while it  
had stopped...i put him back on his     
normal place(ed.whoes him??)..          
she looked totally DISORDERD ..         
i wanted to give her a kiss for the     
suffer she had to resist but her mouth  
smeeled like a three-day-rotten-egg.    
so i said..:"BEAT IT LADY"              
she went and ....never returned         
(ed.aaaaghh what a sad end..hehe!!)     
             NEW :                      
 our vmb is at number:32/xxx/xx.xx.xx   
  tell all ugly english words you       
  know....and all folks who speak dutch 
  tell all dutch ugly words...          
        the vmb calls itself:           
      "OTTENMANIA,THE REAL ONE"         
well,get ready for another of those     
DILDOO SEXSTORIES....                   
   it was already 8 o'clock....and she  
still hadn't arrived....what kept her   
so long???                              
at the end of the street stood a blond  
with a white furcoat...her tits made    
an outrages impression ....i couldn't   
be wrong ..this had to be her.          
i walked towards her and asked:"miss    
brown???"."YES",she answered with a     
broad smile....                         
well,the boss surely knows how and wich 
lady to pick for a secretary.."would you
please follow me ...",i said.we went to 
da chevi the boss hired for da occasion.
boy,did he slag on me 4 what would hap- 
pen to me if i had an accident...       
i walked around the car to open - opened
the door ,while showing my best sides - 
i started the car and drove off.        
we had been driving for 'bout ten       
minutes i think, when she suddenly      
pointed a gun at my ballz.she said:     
"I'M HUNGRY."."hey lady,we can stop     
right here and go to a restaurant ,if   
that is what you want...",i said fright-
said ....she took one ball in her hand -
turned it softly..well,that was enough  
for me to get an erection...            
she began to suck my dick like it hadn't
been sucked in decades .....and i think 
that this chevi had never drivin' diz   
fast ....not to mention what my boss    
would do if he saw me doing this...     
after i had come ....i looked at her    
face ... the spermpieces hung on her    
cheeks...."SAY...YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A    
HANKY,WOULD YOU???",she asked .....     
"yeah sure.over there in the locker.",i 
said ....she took two of 'em     
to clean her face...and one for the mess
i had made on my pents....              
i said to the lady:"..i think i'm gonna 
like you..."."LET'S GO TO MY PLACE.",she
she had a big flat in one of the most   
expensive hotels in i said to   
her:"so tell me,why you really came to  
the appointment ????"...                
she said:"ONE...I AIN'T MISS BROWN..-   
so i replied:"well,that is the least of 
my problems....i got a bigger one..."   
she:"YEAH .... WHAT ???"                
i laid my arms on her ass and began to  
kiss her in the neck...she turned and we
kissed...i took her up and asked mum-   
blinging:"wweeerezz da bedroom"....     
she stopped kissin' and said:"I PREFER  
well,i can tell ya one thing ..that sure
was the biggest kitchentable i have ever
seen...we undressed eachother ..i played
with her clitto as she wasn't finished  
with undressing me(ed.yeah ,i also have 
such difficult buttons)....mmmmmm... i  
liked her pussy ....she became as horney
as the wild thing....that was the sign  
me to fuck her ...with one tit in my    
mouth we both came ...aaagggghhh....    
after we had rested a while,she turned  
herself and showed me her pink flesh....
i stamped my dick in it...but what did  
she do!!!!she began to shit on my dick!!
hey ,no bother to me..she was the one   
who had to clean it up...she took my    
in her hand and swallowed the shit and  
sperm all trough....bbbaaahh.....then   
she laid me on the table and came sit-  
ting on my face with her pussy...       
she had put in a banana!!!and above all 
she began to pie!!!!on my face!!!!      
wwgwgggh!!!teeeccc!!!bbooom!!knots-bang! right one was still the best.
i had knocked the whore K.O(ed.O.K.??)  
i took my cloths and went lookin' for   
da real miss brown....                  
            THE END!!!!                 
hereby ,another chapter is ended...     
   probably a carreview                 
       next time...                     
      editors of this chapter:          
(GO FISH IN YOUR POOL ,ED.)             
       FIRE AWAY BOYZ!!!                

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