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           *NEWS AND RUMOURS*           
lean back and enjoy reading all the     
things that happened the last month in  
this weird scene...                     
thanx to everybody who helped us collec-
ting all the news and rumours.          
               joy right                
*  arrogance finally got his modem and  
   started calling out. but then sting  
   of ENIGMA hacked his and sky's pass- 
   word and wrote shit about LEGEND in  
   their name on the boards. but at the 
   end he was discovered and he called  
   up maniac and he told him he would be
   anthrax/LEGEND, he did the same thing
   by telling mr.brownstone/BUDBRAIN he 
   would be narc/LEGEND. but he was dis 
   covered by his lame steps again and  
   is finally banned from '2nd to none',
   the LEGEND hq.                       
*  due to some misunderstandings, pando-
   ra gave their release of 'second     
   world' to EMPIRE instead of NEI. EMPI
   RE released a bugged fix of it and   
   horizon/NEC/NEI  gave them one more  
   day to release a working version, but
   they failed, so CHINA SYNDROM relea- 
   sed the bugged part of it.           
*  roger/ex PARAMOUNT is back and joined
   pandora, but he wanted to take dwarf/
   ex HOLOCAUST with him. as pandora re-
   fused, he left. but two days later he
   rejoined without dwarf.              
*  steel and jack alien left akrak and  
   joined ALPHA FLIGHT.                 
*  striker left CREATION and joined the 
   forces of akrak as a coder, so the   
   the mag DYNASTY is now an akrak pro- 
*  anzac/akrak changed his handle into  
*  akrak has an euro hq. board called   
   SATELITE together with PROXYON.      
*  medrake of ACRISE apologised to sodom
   of akrak for his stupid agressions to
              ALPHA FLIGHT              
*  afl coded a game and gave it to spit-
   fire/ACTION, who wanted to sell it   
   for them. atleats he gave the origi- 
   nal to GOLDEN DISK, but as he couldn'
   t first release that game anymore, he
   didn't pay the alpha flight guys out.
*  stormlord and tasker were both kicked
   stormlord rejoined after paying for  
   his mistakes, but tasker culdn't re  
   join(ed: sorry roel, nothing perso   
*  topic left wow in order to join f4cg,
   bullseye also left, but he joined    
*  image/ex DYNAMIX(usa) joined wow.    
*  aztec/ex cabana, ex tristar, ex cli- 
   que joined the legions of wow.       
*  tech left CONTRAST, and guess what he
   did, he joined ofcourse.             
*  slash/ROLE did the same, he joined.. 
*  wow school results are:              
  -chacke, vinzz and overlord passed.   
  -humanoid failed.                     
  -cruel, stormlord, einstein and jones 
   have to do some exams again.         
  -i(matt) have two tasks, therefor my  
   lame parents stole my 64 for two who-
   le fucking months, but after one long
   month they decide(after i forced them
   !) to give my machine back... i win  
*  jones, chacke humanoid and sorex are 
   front 242 freaks.                    
*  breznjev has a blue karate belt and  
   he likes grandma-sex!                
*  role has a new cracker: ice-t.       
*  the outlaw/CONTROL and commander     
   crashed against a tree in the forest 
   after stopping for a fucking animal  
   who ran over the road.               
   (ed: omg having suicide thoughts?)   
   (ed: what were you doing in the fo-  
*  commander has some problems with     
   feezy/ex DECADE, ex HITMEN(?) who    
   claims now that he's a member of CO- 
*  chrome and BATTERY were going to go  
   into co-op, but due to a few reasons 
   (ed: reason for treason?)they didn't.
*  razor left chrome and joined THE     
*  WANTED is a new all australian mag   
   coded by battery. battery needs a    
   couple of graphicians.               
*  bad inc. returns to the scene after  
   short absence due to repairs.        
             BEYOND FORCE               
*  beyond force won the demo-competition
   aswell as the grafix-competition at  
   the latest (b)... party in finland.  
*  due to stings lameness, he's using   
   his fake label for all
   his comments on the boards as he     
   seems to be afraid to write them un- 
   der his real handle.                 
*  ninja/DOMINATORS joined ENIGMA.      
*  on the last venlo-meeting powerplant 
   and goldfish showed up and wanted to 
   beat up spitfire and parson. parson, 
   the guy with the big mouth and the   
   small skills, was afraid and spitfire
   didn't care, so no fight, maybe next 
*  the rumours about exodus having a co-
   meback are wrong. murdoc/NEC/NEI who 
   knows the ex-exodus members quite    
   well, already doubt this rumour.     
*  hysteric claimed to have the #1 relea
   se from 'operation mercur', but in-  
   fact, PANDORA released it one day    
   before hysteric and TSM even fixed   
   it, so...                            
*  jihad gave his modem to crisp and    
   started coding a game. it isn't sure 
   yet when he'll start calling out     
*  it can be that infinity will have    
   some great troubles(ed: ghahaaah!)   
   with some body-buileders from the    
   GUARDIAN ANGELS!                     
           IKARI AND TALENT             
*  take your chance and join i+t now!   
   they are searching for swappers,     
   crackers,... you can also call the   
   leader at: 00/4542907917(fletch)     
*  rcs and razy are kicked out because  
   of their lameness.                   
*  roy/VICTIMS joined ikari and tmb/    
   VICTIMS joined talent.               
*  radiation bought a 286 vga pc, 1 meg 
   on board, 40 mega hard drive and 1.2 
   meg floppy. he is now looking for    
   pc contacts.                         
*  crystal and darkie/NOVA joined time. 
*  phantom joined time.                 
            SPHERICAL DESIGN            
*  piontec changed his name into pussy- 
*  track 18 left spherical design.      
*  as tlt/ex spherical design makes a   
   break, the new sd. hq. is hold by pus
   syrider and hawke of sd.             
*  the papermag C+V BOTE renamed into   
*  madmix left AKRAK and joined clique  
   and changed his handle into the joker
*  powerdrome and al bundy/THE LOST     
   SOULS joined clique.                 
*  the joker was caught by the post offi
   ce by cheating stamps.               
*  jazzy d was busted by the cops, so he
   changed his address.                 
*  gizzmo left chromance and rebuilt    
*  jinx/ex CRAZY joined chromance.      
*  tom left chromance and joined DEPRE- 
   DATORS, but then left again and joi- 
   ned HOTLINE.                         
              SINGLE NEWS               
*  dusty left STASH and joined GENESIS. 
*  CENTAURI is dead.                    
*  fox is not in CONIC, nor he is a mem-
   ber of BONZAI, he is just drawing for
   these groups.                        
*  dirty c was kicked out of SCIENCE 451
   later he joined ZONE 45.             
*  cop/ENERGY and jason/ORBS started a  
   gfx team called mindlight design.    
*  daz and isuzu from ENERGY joined TLS.
*  voyager/ACCURACY changed his handle  
   to royal.                            
*  the prophet left GENESIS and joined  
   the guys in X-FACTOR.                
*  a new demo 'n' cracker group is born:
some DID YOU KNOW'S now...              
-did you know that AIRWOLF of ACTION    
 only is 19 years young? everybody who  
 saw him ones won't believe this, i know
-did you know that ACRISE already got a 
 us-import partner? they call themself  
 EXTREME and are a mix of canadian and  
 us people.                             
-did you know if BIRDMAN of WOW read a  
 note on his disk, and if in the note   
 stands: piss on the bar man, then he   
 really do that?(ed: do you really belie
 ve that?)                              
-did you know when VINZZ visited EIN-   
 STEIN of WOW, he walked over EINSTEIN's
 silly dog, he didn't wanted to talk    
 dutch anymore.(he spoke dialect, that's
 a kind of horrible chinese!) and last  
 but not least he smashed with his head 
 against a candelabrum?(ed: i really    
 think it was funny there!)             
-did you know, when EINSTEIN is watching
 tv, or he is computing or whatsoever,  
 he always drink milk?(ed: he ives, is  
 that for having muscles or what? hehe.)
-did you know that FAIRLIGHT(ed: delight
 of eternal might?) is almost releasing 
 nothing the last few months? or have   
 they just a 'break'?                   
-did you know that INFINITY of X-RATED  
 is a lamer? that if he won't apologie  
 himself against THE GUARDIAN ANGELS    
 that he will get some niiiice troubles?
-did you know that ELITE isn't dead,    
 that they are even searching for mem-  
 bers to join 'em?                      
-did you know that the south-african    
 people put fries in their sandwiches?  
-did you know that i think that you     
 think these 'did you know's' are boring
 and did you know i don't care about    
-did you know that WOLFGANG C. FLACH of 
 BAD TASTE is OMG ? but did you also    
 know that this is getting confused?    
 well, the guy who can answer the follo-
 wing things will get 1000us dollars    
 from me...                             
1- who is ANTICHRIST ?                  
2- who is OMG ?                         
3- who is WOLFGANG C. FLACH ?           
4- who is BONECRUSHING BILL ?           
-did you know that i think there's nobo-
 smart enough to answer this?           
-did you know that there is no one      
 single groupname in the scene that     
 starts with the letter 'u'?(ed: check  
 diz out!)                              
-did you know that GRAPPLE of WOW 'only'
 has 6 c64's and that he just broke     
 his last one?(ed: ghahahahahahaaaa!)   
-did you know that bono is our new mem- 
 ber and that he is fucken cooooool...  
-did you know that all the WOW members  
 are friends of eachothers? (ed: eh, eh 
 he... did i say something?)            
-did you know that i'm thinking which   
 lie-euh, i mean did you know- i can    
 write down now?                        
-did you know that there are still 41   
 pages left and did you know i think i  
 won't fill them up with all did you    
-did you also know that i'm getting     
 bored of the words 'did you know'?     
-did you know that DENNIS THE THIRSTY   
 MILKMAN of FUEL is holding a competi-  
 tion with ALF of ROLE to get the       
 shortest version of that megasuperbcool
 game CRASHER(ed: eh?) and that the re- 
 sult of the comp will be announced in a
 few weeks?                             
-did you know that WARRIOR pf KREATOR   
 joined the rulers i n SNAP?(ed: ayeah! 
 snap!, snap, what's that?)        
-did you know that ANGIE of THE COOL    
 GUARDIAN ANGELS is over 40 years now?  
-did you know that i'll let VINZZ of WOW
 now on the keys to say thanks to COMMAN
 DER of ROLE for the action replay cart-
 ridge? go on VINZZ: thanks CMR!        
-did you know that BULLSEYE of PARADIZE 
 still thinks that he's in WOW and that 
 he also think he's still chief-editor  
 (2) of this mag? did you know that i   
 know that BULLSEYE is wrong like hell? 
-did you also know that TRIAD stole our 
 idea to make a GAMERS GUIDE?(ed: hehe  
 please don't believe this this is just 
 a lie!)                                
-did you know i have already ten full pa
 ges of did you know's? aaaah! again did
 you knows! i puke on those words!!!    
-did you know that the charts of this   
 mag are simply cheated like hell? euh, 
 or were they cheated like aids? gee, i 
 really can't remember it!              
-did you know that MENDRAKE of ACRISE   
 ones said in his cool mag(ed: ahum!)   
 that this is one of the lame mags?     
-did you know that i can't laugh with   
-did you know that the RTT is LAAAAAME! 
 why? haha, those who lives in belgium  
 know's why!                            
-did you know i'll stop here with those 
 stupid did you know's and that i'll con
 tinue with some news?                  
                          wank joy right
*  bomb/ex X-RATED joined acrise.       
*  jive was kicked out of acrise.       
*  bordeaux/OVERKILL joined acrise. OVER
   KILL is dead now.                    
*  poet was kicked out of acrise, he's  
   now only a X-RATED member.           
*  x-modem left CROSS and joined also   
*  the war between airwolf/ACTION and   
   acrise is over. they both will soon  
   release an anti-BRONX demo.(ed: why?)
*  call the acrise phone-boxes...       
   germany: +49-(0)-2202-7456 (carsten) 
   holland: +31-(0)-40-541100 (tim)     
* stopped swapping becau
   se he's on the boards now, he gave   
   all his contacts to flacon.          
*  no news anymore!                     
                              press FIRE

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