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* again the beginning of a new mix-     
  max-mix chapter!.... a chapter with   
  something new and something old!      
  a chapter with probably nothing       
  interesting but still fascinating!    
  i now want to review which letter     
  of the alfabet is used in CURRENT     
  groups the MOST and the MOST LITTLE.  
  perhaps this won't appeal to you      
  but some guys have for everything     
  something to nag about and to         
  critisize! anyway, it's cool to       
  know whether you are one of a kind    
  or one of millions!...                
  it's quite possible that i'll forget  
  some (important) names of current     
  groups!... this will come due to      
  lack of knowledge!....                
  but let's get this show on the road:  
  the letter a ... once a guy said all  
  LAME groups begin with the letter A.  
  the letter A has been chosen by       
  about 12 groups                       
  the letter B has been chosen by       
  about 5 groups!...                    
  p.e.babygang/beyond force/blackmail/  
  the letter C has been chosen by       
  about 17 groups!...                   
  the letter D has been chosen by       
  about 10 groups                       
  p.e. ddt/demonix/demotion/deathsector/
  the letter E has been chosen by       
  about 7 groups                        
  p.e. elite/enigma/empire/extend/...   
  the letter F has been chosen by       
  about 7 groups                        
  p.e. faces/f4cg/flt/fhi/fuel/focus... 
  the letter G has been chosen by       
  about 7 groups                        
  p.e. ga's/gax 777/genesis/genetic/... 
  the letter H has been chosen by       
  about 2 groups                        
  p.e. house designs/hysteric           
  the letter I has been chosen by       
  about 3 groups                        
  p.e. ics/ikari+talent/....            
  the letter J has been chosen by       
  about 1 group                         
  p.e. joy division                     
  the letter K has been chosen by       
  about 2 groups                        
  p.e. kicking/kreator                  
  the letter L has been chosen by       
  about 3 groups                        
  p.e. legend/light                     
  the letter M has been chosen by       
  about 7 groups                        
  p.e. manowar/mda/mdg/miracle/....     
  the letter N has been chosen by       
  about 3 groups                        
  p.e. noice/nec/nei/network            
  the letter O has been chosen by       
  about 2 groups                        
  p.e. origo/oregon                     
  the letter P has been chosen by       
  about 12 groups                       
  the letter Q has not been chosen!     
  the letter R has been chosen by       
  about 4 groups                        
  p.e. rebels/role/random...            
  the letter S has been chosen by       
  about 16 groups                       
  silicon ltd./spirit/stash/shades/...  
  the letter T has been chosen by       
  about 9 groups                        
  p.e.tat/tdu/the force/topaz beerline  
  the letter U has not been chosen      
  the letter V has been chosen by       
  about 4 groups                        
   the letter W has been chosen by      
   about 3 groups                       
   p.e. weird/wot/wow                   
   the letter X has been chosen by      
   about 5 groups                       
  the letter Y has not been chosen      
  the letter Z has been chosen by       
  about 1 group                         
  of course this crap doesn't mean      
  a thing but if it's put down in a     
  statistic then you can found out      
  quite a lot!....                      
  on the next page you'll find that     
  for all those who don't like this     
  there's a film review also!....       
  at page 52!                           
positions                      procent  
C-    q / u / y      (0)        0       
B-      j / z        (1)        0,719   
A-    h / k / o      (2)        1,438   
9-  i / l / n / w    (3)        2,158   
8-      r / v        (4)        2,877   
7-      b / x        (5)        3,597   
6-  e / f / g / m    (7)        5,035   
5-        t          (9)        6,474   
position                       procent  
4-    d             (10)        7,194   
3-  a / p           (12)        8,633   
2-    s             (15)       10,791   
1-    C             (18)       12,949   
 -the letters Q U Y are not used        
  enough and it would be quite unique   
  if you'd form a group of which the    
  beginning letter is one of these 3.   
 -the letter C instead is overused and  
  therefor not unique anymore!....      
 i hope these little test might help    
 all of you to find an original group-  
 name if you might ever form one!....   
 this test was based on some facts      
 but is not waterproof as not all       
 groups were taken in!....              
 there might be missing about 5/15      
 groups but that wouldn't change        
 the statistics very much.              
  we hope therefor you have learnt      
  a bit of this quite boring test.      
  we hope we'll be able to give you     
  more exiting tests in the following   
  but till now it's goodbye from        
  testlab number two.                   
* after this shocking conclusion it's   
  time again to tell you more about our 
  magazine and other aid! (aids??)      
  namely the VOTESHEET JOURNAL.         
  what the hell is that you may ask now!
  well, for some it's a whole roll of   
  toiletpaper but there are still a lot 
  of dudez who want to help the over-   
  populated crowd of magazine editors!  
   what is the votesheet journal now?   
   it's a little book of some votesheets
   with a little title page where some  
   hints stand+some blablabla of the    
   the original idea was done by        
   DYNAMIC DESIGN which is the legal!   
   part of the mighty w.o.w. foundation!
  this mag comes now under the          
  W.O.W. label, but DYNAMIC DESIGN      
  keeps existing!....                   
  one of the things we still do is      
  helping our fellow-scene guys!....    
  this time we try to collect some      
  votesheets, we copy them 50 times     
  each and then put them together into  
  1 little book and we spread them like 
  we give the following hints and       
  reasons for doing this like this:     
  1) if you sent this to your own       
     contacts you're sure to be voted   
     and this time not only in your     
     own but in SEVERAL other magazines 
     too. as it's quite logical that    
     the sheet-filler will fill in the  
     sheet 5,6,... times the SAME!      
   while if you only spread the vote-   
   sheet of your own mag it's likely    
   that the sheet-filler will only      
   vote for you 1 time and not in       
   the rest in magazines.               
   reasons can be:                      
   1) because he only fills it in       
   for your pleasure and hates filling  
   2) that he's a slimeball and only    
   votes for you because its your own   
   votesheet and he'll vote on another  
   way in another mag.                  
  2) the charts will look more uniform  
     when you use this system.          
  what do we expect now?                
  if you have an own mag and want your  
  votesheet spread like this then you   
  can sent it to one of the internal    
  editors and they will sent it to      
  the ones who spread the votesheet     
  journal!... if you want to spread the 
  votesheet journal then also write!... 
  we only ask 1 favour from you!        
  that you help us (internal editors+   
  crew) when we need a little favour!   
  we would also appreciate if we'd get  
  all issues of your magazine then be-  
  fore RELEASE DATE.                    
   the ones who are now in the V.J.     
   internal    votesheet                
   world news    "                      
   rock'n role   " + identity paper     
   soulnews      "                      
   total recall  "                      
   it's likely that a lot of mags will  
   follow and that's also the purpose!  
   we don't refuse any magazine-sheet   
   but of course it has to be some class
   otherwise it would be a waste of     
   paper and time!....                  
   the current spreader of this V.J.    
   is stl/w.o.w.!....                   
   so help is welcome!....              
  we know this is a quite expensive     
  thing so we hope everybody appreciates
  our work and will not throw away the  
  V.J. but will think twice and if you  
  understand this explanation then you  
  will fill them all in. it will be     
  good for everyone as also less famous 
  groups will have the chance to come   
  in the charts when they're voted like 
  this and they will come into the      
  charts of 5/10/... magazines.         
  of course there are always critics    
  but if it's constructive then we      
  accept it with a smile. otherwise     
  just go and suck a duck.              
  anyway, we hope you will react at     
  this little article.                  
  did you know that this is page 32     
  of this chapter?....                  
*  now again another competition:       
   we're working on a funny iq quiz     
   but it's a whole lotta of work and   
   it can be quite hard to be funny and 
   have a fine humour in your questions.
   of course there are guys in the      
   scene who would think a fart is      
   already funny but we're not all that 
   braindamaged and retarded.           
   but as we now yet lack of questions  
   we do another small competition.     
   we'll try to diverse things as       
   much as possible this time we've     
   chosen the material M U S I C for    
   the competition.                     
   well, the aim is to guess the group  
   who have sang this song. to make     
   it a bit more difficult we give NO   
  names of the song but only a few      
  words out of the song namely:         
  AIN'T NO SUGAR YOU IGNORE'            
  we give only 1 (but fucking BIG)      
  hint: it's a scandinavian group!      
  what are the prices:                  
  we won't promise a 1000 dollars       
  (again) but only a few simple price!  
  we are no millionairs so NO promises  
  we can't forfill either.              
  the 2 chief editors will put all      
  senders with the right answer into    
  1 bowl and we'll each pick out one    
   name/address. this guy will get      
   a TAPE with a copy of the concerning 
   soundtrack of that scandinavian group
   and probably another new soundtrack  
   of another group.                    
   we will be honest and we won't cheat 
   (unlike the charts...haha) because   
   we will print the 2 winners in the   
   next issue so you can always check   
   if they got the tape.                
   if you're not chosen then i can      
   only say: TRY THE NEXT TIME!         
   if you're not a music fan don't      
   dispair as next month there will     
   probably be another competition.     
   some rulez: you can send in as       
   many answers as you want!            
   (it's your money friends!....)       
  NO wow members can participate!       
  NO complaints or critics as if you    
  complain or say we are unfair or      
  cheat then you just don't have to     
  compete!... we're not all children    
  and some of us even try to be a bit   
  like adults too so....                
  anyway, i wish you good luck with     
  this small 'price-pot' competition!   
* and finally for all those hundred     
  of thousands film fanatics here is    
  an own opinion about 5 movies i       
  rent/saw some time ago!               
  those are:                            
  -dances with wolves                   
  |bat 21                               
  -pretty woman                         
  |the freshman                         
  -wild orchid                          
* yo dudez,... another review of a film 
  i saw some weeks ago.                 
  it was DANCES WITH WOLVES!....        
  the story: after some balance tricks  
  a soldier (whose leg was almost cut   
  off) becomes the new inhabitant of a  
  lonely fort (actually it's a little   
  ranch)... the place is surrounded by  
  some indian-tribes!... he comes in    
  contact with them and they're always  
  trying to steal his horse!...         
 also a wolf shows up!... what happens? 
 he rescues a young indian woman and    
 he becomes familair with the tribe     
 and the woman! (ed.SEX PISTOLS)        
 later on the tribe has to move for     
 the buffaloes to another place!...     
 but the soldier has forgotten his      
 journey and returns to his fort!...    
 he comes again in contact with his     
 OWN people (ed.soldiers) but they think
 that he's an indian,an ennemy!...      
 he escapes with help of fellow indians 
 .. the WOLF gets killed be4 this!...   
 and then it's practically over and you 
 don't get to see a fight .....         
 but the soldier and his indian wife    
 leave the camp ALONE!                  
 this story is build upon a true        
 horrible story and that's what makes   
 the movie so strong and good!...       
 it has a bit of horror,humor but most  
 of all a list of all sorts of human    
 caracteristics ... it's a LONG movie   
 with not so much action but it's       
 certainly not a boring movie!...       
 i don't think everybody will like this 
 but it's certainly worth to go and see 
 ... RATING: 85 (++) (with p.e. kevin   
 then i'll give you a small review of   
 BAT 21... an old movie but a good war  
 -vietnam movie!... it's about a high   
 officer who gets lost after his plane  
 crashes!... he's the only survivor!    
 he's very important and the leaders    
 want him back at any costs!...         
 another flyer tries to find him and    
 he has to keep in contact with him!    
 the officer is used to play golf and   
 uses GOLF-TERMS to show where he is    
 and where he wants to go... this all   
 has to be within a time-limit as the   
 bombers are going to BOMB the area!    
 he gets rescued .. of course!...       
 it's another view about the VIETNAM-   
 war!... it's not a bloody film but     
 it isn't a bad one!... it has some     
 nice scenes and if you can find him    
 in your VIDEO-SHOP you have to hire    
 him!... rating: 70 (+)                 
  the for the romantic types:           
  PRETTY WOMAN                          
  some actors: julia roberts/richard    
  this film begins with a high class    
  party down out in beverly hills       
  (wasn't that another film?).          
  edward lewis (richard gere) is bored  
  and rides out with a lotus of his     
  lawyer down to the suburbs.           
  he gets lost and comes out at         
  HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD. there he comes   
  in contact with VIVIAN (julia roberts)
  she is a hooker and even asks money   
  to show edward the road. they end up  
  in bed and edward whose a multi-      
  millionair asks vivian to stay for    
  6 days. he lives at a penthouse in a  
  classy hotel and when he's out vivian 
  can go and buy some new clothes!      
  she goes to rodeo drive but as she's  
  wearing some quite 'sexy' clothes     
  which belong to the hookerscene she   
  is asked to leave and she is shown    
  the door. she's upset but the manager 
  of the hotel becomes good friends with
  her. every member of the hotel knows  
  her after a while but when edward     
  tells his lawyer that she's a hooker, 
  vivian gets mad. as his lawyer wanted 
  something more of vivian then just a  
  good talk.                            
  she really fills dirty and upset.     
  edward doesn't really treat her as    
  a normal person altough he's quite    
  sweet to her. eventually vivian leaves
  and doesn't take her 3000 dollars she 
  got to stay with him for 6 days.      
  (it were more like 3 days)            
  he follows her and the film ends      
  with a KISS SCENE.                    
  the film is quite good but it's a     
  typically hollywood production as     
  when it comes to the point that they  
  are going to bed the screen turns     
  black. this doesn't mean it's bad but 
  that's a typical caracteristic.       
  the movie is strictly for romantics   
  and knights in shining armour.        
  (so no film for brezjnev'grandma sex')
  it's sometimes a real funny film!...  
  RATING: 65 PROCENT (-+)               
  now the FRESHMAN.                     
  some actors: mathew broderick,        
  marlon brando                         
  it's of course a GODFATHER-CLONE      
  but a real funny one!... a satiric    
  eye to the godfather trilogy.         
  the film begins when mathew broderick 
  comes to the big town to study.       
  everything gets stolen and when he    
  finally finds the one who stole his   
  goods, the goods are stolen.          
  he asks him what he has to do now     
  and the thief offers him a job.       
  then mathew broderick meets marlon    
  brando. he explains some stuff and    
  finally he gets 500 dollar for        
  delivering a package from time to     
  time. of course mathew b. smells      
  something fishy but accepts.          
   when he goes to the delivery room    
   to pick up his package it seems      
   that it's a komodo varan...          
   a reptile!... anyway, after a very   
   funny situation the komodo varan     
   is planned to be served for          
   350000 dollar/per person to vips     
   all over the world. of course the    
   cops are after m.b. and they         
   threaten him to put him in jail,     
   etc.... before all this mathew b.    
   life is completely disordered when   
   m. brando's daughter gets in love    
   with him and wants to marry him.     
   anyway, after a whole lot of things  
   m.brando and mathew b. go to para-   
   this is quite a funny movie and      
   has some quite original scetches.    
   the end is a bit forced into it      
   and it has of course a happy end.    
   after all the movie is edible and    
   more important SEE-ABLE.             
   RATING: 65  (-+)                     
   then a last movie for this time.     
   wild orchid with p.e. jacqueline     
   bisset/mickey o'rourke....           
   this movie has no real story and     
  is a 99 procent erotic movie.         
  it goes about a lawyer/accountant     
  emily, a beautiful woman , who        
  has to trade to buy a hotel,etc...    
  there's one guy who really attracts   
  her attention. (mickey o'rourke)      
  at the end they drive off with a      
  harley. (mickey o'rourke and emily!)  
  the movie doesn't contain a good      
  story but contains some real cool     
  erotical scenes. a soft porno.        
  this is NO film where you have to     
  be afraid to see a dick or whatever   
  only a few brests,... but it's really 
  good filmed. the sex scenes are wild  
  and hot as the woman actrices are     
  beautiful. but the film-story just    
  sucks. perhaps there's a lot of       
  symbolic toughts in this film but     
  i guess i didn't find any.            
  RATING:  5 for film story             
        75 for sex-scenes               
        40 overall!         (-)         
   well, i hope you know now a bit      
   more about these few films.          
   of course this is an own opinion     
   but if the film has a story then     
   you know a bit more about that which 
   is always handy.                     
   let's hope this chapter has (again)  
   enjoyed you as much as the others.   
   if not then do also let us know that 
   because we live in a FREE WORLD.     
   (at least for some of us it's a      
   fucking free world)                  
   well, off to the next chapter boys'n 
             signing off chief editor 2 

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