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             * EDITORIAL *              
i'm the overlord and as you can see i   
gave this mag a new outfit and a new    
system : it was already announced in    
issue #06 that the mag will have a      
multiloader and finally here it is .    
there have changed a few things con-    
cerning the steering of this mag,so     
here are the instructions : (joy right) 
* in the main menu : joy up and down,   
                     fire to load (easy)
* in the chapters  : joy right - next   
                     page .             
                     joy left - previous
                     page   .           
                     joy up - set page .
                     fire - back to the 
                     main menu .        
                     joy down - blinking
                     on/off .           
ok,there shouldn't be any questions     
about the steering anymore.             
if you find any bug in the code or      
anything concerning the coding,tell it  
DIRECTLY to me and don't send it to the 
redaction first,because then i would    
read it in the following issue for the  
first time and afterwards i could remove
the bug or whatever it is . that would  
be a loss of at least one month . if i'm
informed directly,the error can be fixed
till the next issue . (of course you can
send it to the redaction and to me at   
the same time,if you want)              
so here's my address :                  
xxxxxxxxxxxx            (PLEASE DON'T    
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         CONTACT ME FOR  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx          SWAPPING !!!!)  
tel : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  
ok,i hope you like the new style and    
will enjoy reading the mag .            
bye ...                                 
                THE OVERLORD/WOW        
* yes, after those wise words of the    
overlord. here's EINSTEIN /WOW ....     
after missing one editorial i'm back    
in action!... sorry folks but i guess   
you were happy to miss my bullshit for  
1 month!... well, again and again       
sentimental thoughts arise when i'm     
writing this!... the return of JONES    
just makes me want to go back to the    
old days!.... but good songs don't last 
long because he's already out again!    
i guess this isn't a surprise this      
multi-loaded version of internal but    
the purpose was mainly to have more     
TEXT. now it'll be possible to fill the 
whole mag for hours of reading pleasure!
anyway, still our main idea is to       
produce a mag FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE    
PEOPLE. that makes it easy because i    
think to much magazines are already to  
competitive!... i think every mag has   
it's good points and every mag has it's 
we're hoping of enlarging this mag by   
introducing some more (new) chapters    
with a cool main idea but which has     
to be worked out first by: matt,        
vinzz, aztec and myself!...(e.o.)       
* now some lyrics... many have tried    
to beat us, many have tried to defeat   
us... even some have tried to kill us   
but we're not giving in!... we're       
still there and if it depends on me     
we'll always be!... even some of our    
most loyal members have thought about   
leaving... even some did but luckily    
for us there's more between heaven      
and earth then 'BEING FAMOUS'...        
being famous doesn't mean you're a cool 
guy!... it only means you've had luck   
to be in a cool group or that you have  
some skills!...                         
anyway, most of those so-called elite   
have forgotten what they were in the    
beginning of their 'scene life'...      
1 BIG LAMER... (and sometimes more then 
1).... the skill here is to get out of  
this lameness and become a NORMAL guy!  
some of us managed, some of us didn't!  
that's the only difference between a    
lamer and a 'cool' guy.                 
i guess a lot of elite dudez have got   
a very big mouth and are mostly a lot   
of talk but you can never forget your   
roots. actually i think i was more      
happier when i was starting on this     
machine. everything was new, i was      
happy when i got some new stuff,some    
new contacts,etc.... now i don't care   
anymore about new stuff but i still     
care about my contacts!... i still      
think swapping is 1 of the coolest      
things you can do in this scene!....    
it's also nice to neet some friends     
from time to time too!.... that's       
what makes the world go round.          
i hope you guys will keep sending in    
your news (and others) coz we need you  
to fill this MASSIVE mag!               
with new chapters coming up,we're going 
to the top!... (???)                    
* this month a lot has happened again!  
i've said it before and i'll say it     
again: people come and people go but    
i hope they'll never forget that wow    
has played a role in their scene-career!
a lot of guys have forgotten this but   
i guess some of you still support us    
all the way!... this are the true       
believers of the wow religion!...       
those are the guys who deserve to live  
and to enjoy life!... the rest is mere  
dust. well, i hope this will make clear 
what our group has to offer you or      
doesn't has to offer you!....           
* i hereby want to say hello and 1      
big THANK YOU to all who has and still  
supports this magazine! also a big      
cheerio to all our contacts/friends!    
* don't judge this mag too hard!...     
it isn't so different from the 1        
file version but the main idea was      
just to create more space for text!     
this could only be created by making    
a multi filed magazine!... anyway,      
we still think that a mag can be        
readable and enjoyable even when it's   
not ALL that SPECIAL!                   
* there's a possibility that this       
magazine will be released under the     
WOW LABEL but nothing is sure yet!      
but as expansion fell out of the air    
we now have no wow magazine anymore!    
as this mag has absolutely              
NO COMPETITIVE PURPOSE i guess we'll    
leave things like they're now!...       
uncomplicated,simple and always handy   
to use!(ed.sounds like my mothers'purse)
* greets will follow in another chapter!
... we've got now enough space to make  
sure EVERYBODY is greeted....           
again thanx 4 working with us!...       
we hope you'll spread our votesheets    
like we do for you!.... we've created   
a new thing called: the votesheet       
journal!.... what's that?               
well, the main idea is to make the      
system a bit less corrupt!...           
if you want to know more then you can   
write to me (einstein) or to stormlord  
whose handling the spreading!...        
it's a good idea but only if it's done  
right!... just find out more!....       
* wow is now:   image,aztec,vinzz,matt, 
apollo,the overlord,cruel,tech,birdman, 
* try to give a small impression about  
the mag and some tips because if you    
can criticize a mag you can do that     
on 2 different ways!....on a positive   
way and on a negative way!....          
* one last hint from the man himself    
if you vote then vote for the ones you  
think/know whose the best!....          
if you don't know a single thing about  
it then DON'T VOTE because that only    
makes the system more corrupt!...       
if some (famous) guys want to change    
something about the charts then don't   
blackmail your little contacts but try  
to let nature go its own way and if you 
are really that good you'll be rewarded 
one day!.... (i hope this is the right  
* guess i've bored you enough for this  
month!... so i'll be going now but      
hopefully not for long!                 
* one last thing: wow needs 1 (or more) 
very good gfx-designer(s). if you're in-
terested then contact me(einstein!)     
examples of work wanted) also coders/   
musicians/crackers/etc... are welcome!  
* wow is also looking for some more     
  partners in crime!....                
  we want to do a cooperation and       
  we want to go exclusive with an       
  american group!... for all whose      
  interested contact:                   
  (einstein/wow) - ives brabant         
* greets go out to everyone who         
  supports and who deserves to be       
* a note to every swapper outthere:     
  contact cruel/stl/aztec or grapple'n  
  i-man and tech for a megaswap!        
  contact einstein for joining/         
* the wow crew signs off in august of   
  the year 1991!                        
* some news you have to know about wow  
  namely: einstein resigned of being    
  LEADER, while CHACKE returned to his  
  old function!... EINSTEIN is now      
  chacke's COUNSILOR.                   
             signing off chief editor 2!
and here's back after quitting the      
scene for a damn whole fucking month:   
MATT of WOW.                            
yeah, i'm finally back in town! after my
parents stole my computer a month ago, i
finally got him back, so i have been    
outta scene for one month insteed of two
months. but i can tell you, one month   
was long, too long...                   
what more? yep, i really hope you enjoy 
reading this mag in its new outfit. we  
are not the ones that will change the   
outfit every 4-5 issues, there only will
be regulary some improvements, but that 
doesn't mean a whole new outfit, we all 
think this a cool outfit and it really  
is i suppose.                           
i won't waste your time any longer by   
writing this but at last i want to thank
everybody(and there are lots! it still  
surprises me!) who helped us supplying  
with news, votes etc... keep on doing   
the great job!                          
my addy for everything about internal   
and elite swap (illegal prefered!)      
and at very last fast some credits      
chief editors..............EINSTEIN+MATT
coding......................THE OVERLORD
                              press fire

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