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             *INTERNAL #007*            
big charset........................VINZZ
       some instructions first...       
-joy #2 left/right      :page control   
-joy #2 fire            :next chapter   
-space                  :print magazine 

 back by dope demand here's EINSTEIN    
 with another editorial!... another     
 month has passed and here's another    
 fine issue of INTERNAL : THE NEXT      
 GENERATION ... last month much happened
 in W.O.W. but also in the fucking scene
 ... many changes took place ....       
 as divine quit the 64 this nice mag is 
 in the young hands of MATT (and vinzz) 
 as divine is (was) a bit older he made 
 less mistakes concerning the ENGLISH   
 but if some of you want i can always   
 check the internal text first be4 re-  
 leasing it!... anyway, i guess that's  
 not so fucking important!... what's    
 important is that WOW will stop for    
 quite a while (1-2 months) as EXAM time
 is knocking on the door!.... of course 
 we'll KICK ass again in the SUMMER-    
 VACATION with a FULL but GOOD team     
 with some veterans (he JONES?).        
 if all you guys are wondering what the 
 exact memberstatus is i'll give it here
 : brezjnev,matt,vinzz,percy,cruel,     
 .. well, we now have a bit of an       
 ibm section which was built by divine  
 and apollo!... we will only take in    
 members which are able to do their job 
 really good as we're still testing some
 of our newer members .... this means if
 they're too lazy they'll be kicked!    
 sorry but LIFE'S HARD. if you've luck  
 you'll see our 3 years demo be4 stop-  
 ping for a while!... it's possible that
 some freaks will keep on but i'll      
 probably stop as i NEED much time for  
 school and i didn't do very well at the
 first half of the school-year and that'
 s why i need to study DAMNED HARD!     
 i hope my contacts will understand this
 .... anyway, i don't want this to turn 
 into a WOW-promotion i'll tell some    
 other stuff.... well, did you hear     
 about the legend---illusion and the    
 legend---f4cg war ?? .... well, i did! 
 it seems that thunder struck again in  
 the evil places of a swimming bowl!... 
 called: GOLFDISHS'PLACE... oh sorry    
 GOLDFISHS'PALACE!.... anyway, i hope   
 the best win and the loosers will be   
 kicked down under! (to our aussie      
 well, some domestic problems everywhere
 but still THE STRONGEST SURVIVE like   
 the NATURE-LAW says!....               
 what about a clean but cool vote for   
 internal: t.n.g. in some other mags?   
 i saw some mags lately where about 25  
 magazines where listed... 25 and       
 internal wasn't in!... why not? is this
 really as bad as SE...'s breath?...    
 i hope you'll try to set your brains   
 ready to vote for our mag!... it's     
 simple but it's not BAD and that's a   
 word i often use when i see some of    
 the latest issues of ...............   
 ( fill in the name of your own mag... 
 for all those LOYAL members here's a   
 BIG (as einstein!) MAC: sacha,nico,    
 david,vincent(2 times!),mathieu,yves,  
 percy,patrick(2 times!),H.,romeo,      
 harald,angelo,steven,tasker....and to  
 the forgotten ones!...(SORRY but i'm a 
 bit sick and have a headache!)         
 also a big greet to all our contacts'n'
 readers all over the WORLD!            
 as MATT needs the other space for more 
 interesting stuff i'll quit here!....  
 signing off  EINSTEIN/WOW....  C-U!  
         * NEWS AND RUMOURS *           
* some fucking lame rumours say that apo
  llo and vincent of WOW are the same   
  persons! W-R-O-N-G! apollo's real name
  is vincent, while vincent's real name 
  is thorsten!!                         
* erotyc, alf and artcop left WOW to    
  join DUPLEX.                          
* vincent and elwood/WOW left the scene,
  but vincent will maybe come back after
  he returns from the army              
* scum is kicked out of WOW.            
* also turrican is kicked out of WOW for
* the sadontar joined WOW but is still  
  in SPIRIT too.                        
* romeo joined WOW but is also still in 
  another group: SILENCE.               
* grapple/RUTHLESS joined WOW.          
* RUTHLESS are dead, some members joined
  WOW, and other members joined HITMEN. 
* maniac, iron boss and techno of THE   
  FREAKS joined BRUTAL.                 
* nsd left STASH and joined HITMEN.     
* ghost(ex CRUSADE) joined HITMEN.      
* dmc/HOUSE DESIGN,lead/SENSE and corki/
  SENSE are caught by the dutch post for
  using fake stamps.                    
* junebug whoiusmd to be a coder of PO- 
  WERS OF PAIN is now making real cool  
  music also for POWERS OF PAIN!        
* sam/BEYOND FORCE stopped all swapping 
* crapman/SILENCE changed his handle in-
  to overlord (ed:better change that na-
  me if you don't want to get troubles  
  with the overlord/WOW!!)              
* antrax/STASH changed his name into    
* it seems that booze/EXTASY and sensei/
  FUSION are the same guy!              
* wildstyle ex PARAMOUNT) is kicked out 
  of BRUTAL b'cause of lazyness.        
* highlander/TRANS-X, myth/ex TRANS-X   
  and stone/DEPREDATORS are one and the 
  same guy!                             
* BLOODS claimed in their mag THE BLOODY
  SCENE that they had some first relea- 
  ses and that BAD TASTE recracked them.
* a rumour said that ILLUSION is dying! 
  all norway and english members quitted
* mr. disk,jayce, partyman, aztec, dusty
  and rundmc joined TRISTAR.            
* the prophet left BRONX and joined     
  GENESIS PROJECT.                      
* OREGON will soon release a mag called 
* SECURITY has two new members; cato/   
  DUPLEX and ransystem/?.               
* trix/BONZAI is not kicked out of BON- 
  ZAI like some mags said.              
* whitelion of OMEGA left, changed his  
  handle into master race and joined    
  CENSOR DESIGN.                        
* also methabol left OMEGA and joined   
  the guys in CENSOR DESIGN.            
* sodapop left DEPREDATORS and joined   
  FLASH INC.                            
* FLASH INC. have now 2 boards:         
  PARADIZE (world hq.) +46-31-561030    
  DIGITAL FANTASY (us hq.) 817-237-3269 
* jeroen tel is in hospital, he crashed 
  with his go-car! (ed: does he play    
  with go-cars? hmmm...)                
* gizmo of SABIAN joined CHROMANCE.     
* after THE BLOODS GANG are recracking  
  like hell, recracked A-TEAM+ARMY also 
  a lot of games!!  (ed:laaaaame)       
* sys/AFL 1970 asked pubi/TRIUMWYRAT to 
  join but pubi refused.                
* the spy left AFL and joined FLASH INC.
  before they make their comeback!      
* some guys wrote that henry/RUTHLESS   
  joined AUDIAL ARTS, but that's not    
  true, b'cause he can't make music!    
* rodney and francois prijt/AUDIAL ARTSd
  are going to release a diskmag. iw  ! 
  will contain only subjecws bbout music
  . soon more news about that.          
* a rumour said that GENESIS PROJECT    
  declared a war against CENSOR DESIGN! 
* BELGIUM lost the footballmatch against
  the suckers of LAMANY with 1-0! it was
  a fucking poor match...               
* greflex build up an own group called  
* newart/SILICON changed his name into  
  the master due to several problems... 
* murdock/ex A-TEAM joined SILICON      
* legend/ex ANTIC joined SILICON as a   
  swapper and modemtrader, he will soon 
  open a bbs.                           
* predator/DEPREDATORS changed his han- 
  dle into earthshaker.                 
* enigma/XENTRIX and chris joined ROLE. 
* mendrake/ROLE is slagging on AKRAK! a 
  thing that he better can stop because 
  if NOT, then he will be in real trou- 
* the cure was kicked out of AKRAK and  
  joined MANOWAR.                       
* chrome will release a diskmag called  
* ALLMANIA is born!(ed: yipie(?)) the   
  members are the trooper, the duplica- 
  tor, dare devil, dj and verone. they  
  need coders and graphers, look in the 
  addresses corner for the addys.       
* RADIUS was rebuilt by pete, chris,    
  rick and scott.                       
* jim/RADIUS joined COMPAGNIONS.        
* is in jail, not because
  he stole some cartridges, but because 
  he stole 5 amigas(!!) later he was    
  kicked out by bob of CENSOR.          
* INCERIA got two new members: mike and 
* cleric was kicked out of TRIAD.       
* EMANUELLE, the mag from THE ANCIENT   
  TEMPLE will be released every month 1 
  week after VENLO, b'cause there are   
  already too many mags released there. 
* babyface/ex BRONX joined also X-RATED 
  as a coder, swapper and musician.     
* delight, def-jef and ranger are kicked
  out of X-RATED because of lazyness!   
* X-RATED will open a bbs in the summer-
  holliday called THE DRUCKS STATION.   
* AKRAK will open a board in denmark.   
* hazor/BEYOND FORCE smells even worse  
  than last year.(ed: haha! that's a    
  cool one!)                            
* mac/SILICON went on LAMIGA.(ed:laaame)
* saurman joined ECLIPSE(usa).          
* greg/? joined SECURE.                 
* duke/IKARI joined the DOMINATORS.     
* dusty left STASH and joined GENESIS   
* puh'n'axel left STASH and formed a le-
  gal handle called QUALITY, you can or-
  der cool intro's from them.           
* snowman/TIGRES stopped all swapping-  

              *THE CHARTS*              
welcome to another chapter of this maga-
zine: THE CHARTS! many votings this time
thanx for it and keep sending them! a   
new chart is included inhere: the single
crackers! almost nobody voted for them, 
so please start voting for them too!    
            CRACKING GROUPS             
01.(01)  IKARI+TALENT         712 pts   
02.(03)  LEGEND               623 pts.  
03.(02)  GENESIS PROJECT      529 pts.  
04.(04)  dominators           481 pts.  
05.(05)  illusion             447 pts.  
06.(10)  action               185 pts.  
07.(06)  f4cg                 184 pts.  
08.(08)  hitmen               182 pts.  
09.(11)  censor               179 pts.  
10.(09)  x-ray                127 pts.  
11.(13)  extasy               111 pts.  
12.(12)  triad                 97 pts.  
13.(14)  bonzai                59 pts.  
14.(25)  x-rated               43 pts.  
15.(15)  fairlight             41 pts.  
16.(--)  brutal                39 pts.  
17.(16)  manowar               35 pts.  
18.(18)  transcom              24 pts.  
  .(18)  depredators           24 pts.  
20.(--)  hotline               23 pts.  
* 20 groups reached the limit of 20 pts.
* G*P and LEGEND switched their places. 
* action is climbing to the top? we'll  
  see next issue!                       
* there are only 2 new entries in the   
  top 20! BRUTAL and HOTLINE!           
* X-RATED is doing very well, they clim-
  bed from place 25 to place 14!        
* TRANSCOM deserve better!              
               DEMO GROUPS              
01.(01)  CREST                701 pts.  
02.(02)  BONZAI               567 pts.  
03.(04)  FLASH INC.           402 pts.  
04.(03)  horizon              297 pts.  
05.(05)  triad                247 pts.  
06.(07)  cosmos designs       214 pts.  
07.(08)  light                211 pts.  
08.(11)  padua                182 pts.  
09.(10)  genesis project      180 pts.  
10.(12)  megastyle inc.       177 pts.  
11.(13)  origo                174 pts.  
12.(09)  censor               146 pts.  
13.(--)  beyond force          99 pts.  
14.(06)  blackmail             96 pts.  
15.(19)  panoramic designs     76 pts.  
16.(15)  paradize              50 pts.  
17.(14)  mda                   49 pts.  
18.(16)  deathsector           36 pts.  
19.(17)  the voice             34 pts.  
20.(20)  house design          29 pts.  
21.(22)  powers of pain        28 pts.  
22.(--)  sunrise               27 pts.  
* FLASH INC. and HORIZON switched their 
* PADUA is doing well, while BLACKMAIL  
  and CENSOR are falling down!          
* finally BEYOND FORCE get what they    
  deserve, they entered the charts but  
  they are still too low!               
  deserves a much higher place!         
* BONZAI released almost nothing, but   
  they still are on the second place!  
             SINGLE CODERS              
01.(01)  CROSSBOW/CREST       655 pts.  
02.(02)  KJER/HORIZON         490 pts.  
03.(05)  ZODIAC/FLASH INC.    358 pts.  
04.(04)  flamingo/light       226 pts.  
05.(03)  ses/sunrise          217 pts.  
06.(07)  mc sprite/cosmos d.  206 pts.  
07.(10)  scroll/msi           123 pts.  
08.(09)  maduplec/buds/nato   102 pts.  
09.(--)  sam/beyond force      88 pts.  
10.(06)  walt/bonzai           75 pts.  
11.(08)  trap/bonzai           61 pts.  
12.(--)  bob/censor            52 pts.  
13.(--)  unifier/flash inc.    50 pts.  
   (--)  tha/x-ample           50 pts.  
15.(--)  vision/crest          38 pts.  
16.(--)  ano/padua             37 pts.  
   (11)  colorful/origo        37 pts.  
18.(--)  fgth/genesis project  36 pts.  
19.(--)  lubber/padua          21 pts.  
20.(--)  mr.cursor             20 pts.  
* CROSSBOW is still ruling the charts,  
  is there a magazine where he isn't on 
  the first place?...                   
* ZODIAC did a great job this time, he  
  jumped from place 5 to 3!             
* many new entry's this time, SAM did   
  the best entry this month, but CLF is 
  falling dawn very fast!               
01.(01)  GOTCHA/BYTERIDERS    626 pts.  
02.(02)  BIZZMO/G*P           485 pts.  
03.(03)  DIART/BLACKMAIL      322 pts.  
04.(06)  gbf design/crest     262 pts.  
05.(05)  redstar/logic        229 pts.  
06.(07)  scrap/g*p            164 pts.  
07.(04)  hein design/bml      144 pts.  
08.(--)  the sarge/fairlight  139 pts.  
09.(09)  fox/dominators       138 pts.  
10.(--)  dragon/censor         76 pts.  
11.(--)  chorus/triad          65 pts,  
12.(--)  pernod/horizon        50 pts.  
13.(10)  red wiz/shape         46 pts.  
14.(--)  sparkler/msi          33 pts.  
15.(--)  crept/flash inc.      32 pts.  
16.(--)  the hobbit/transcom   25 pts.  
17.(--)  orc/blackmail         24 pts.  
18.(--)  tpa/x-ample           21 pts.  
19.(--)  electric/extend       20 pts.  
   (--)  the goblin/light      20 pts.  
* GOTCHA is still unbeatable!           
* GBF DESIGN is doing a great job this  
  month, but THE HOBBIT deserves a much 
  higher place!                         
* what did FOX this month to reach the  
  9th place?                            
* THE SARGE is the highest newcomer!    
01.(01)  MAMBA                616 pts.  
02.(02)  CORRUPTION           486 pts.  
03.(03)  ROCK 'N ROLE         331 pts.  
04.(06)  hotshot              280 pts.  
05.(05)  remark               258 pts.  
06.(04)  bild zeitung         218 pts.  
07.(10)  gamers guide         171 pts.  
08.(--)  brutal recall        156 pts.  
09.(07)  immortal flash       132 pts.  
10.(--)  megamadness           80 pts.  
11.(09)  script                79 pts.  
12.(--)  vinews                67 pts.  
13.(--)  worldnews             61 pts.  
14.(--)  smooth criminal       60 pts.  
15.(--)  lethal news           51 pts.  
16.(08)  badnews               45 pts.  
17.(--)  soulnews              44 pts.  
18.(--)  monthly news          38 pts.  
19.(--)  emanuelle             30 pts.  
* MAMBA and CORRUPTION are still ruling!
* HOTSHOT is attacking the top 3.       
* cool GAMERS GUIDE moved from place 10 
  to place 7.                           
* many new entry's this time, cool BRU- 
  TAL RECALL is the highest one!        
* BADNEWS lost many places!             
* this will be the first and last time  
  that MEGAMADNESS is in the charts, be-
  cause they won't release it anymore!  
01.(01)  JCH/VIBRANTS         621 pts.  
02.(02)  DRAX/VIBRANTS        483 pts.  
03.(03)  JEROEN TEL           394 pts.  
04.(06)  reyn ouwehand        288 pts.  
05.(04)  link/vibrants        231 pts.  
06.(05)  metal/bonzai         210 pts.  
07.(08)  a-man/action         170 pts.  
08.(07)  deek/g*p             151 pts.  
09.(09)  edwin v.santen/20cc  142 pts.  
10.(10)  laxity/vibrants      138 pt-.  
11.(12)  charles deenen/mon   111 pts.  
12.(11)  tim follin            69 pts.  
13.(--)  francois prijt/a.a.   47 pts.  
14.(14)  griff/chromance     ! 44 pts.  
15.(--)  dungeon master/triad  41 pts.  
16.(--)  markus schneider      39 pts.  
17.(13)  moon/flash inc.       33 pts.  
18.(--)  xayne/crest           26 pts.  
19.(--)  thomas detert         25 pts.  
   (--)  j.bjerregaard/mon     25 pts.  
   (--)  prosonix              25 pts.  
22.(--)  jesper olsen/amok     20 pts.! 
* JCH is like always still the ruling   
* many new entry's this month, FRANCOIS 
  PRIJT is the highest one!             
* MOON lost many places!                
* some VIBRANTERS are loosing places to 
  (better-other) composers.             
  THE DUNGEON MASTER deserves higher    
            SINGLE CRACKERS             
01.(--)  POWERPLANT/LEGEND     98 pts.  
02.(--)  SNACKY/G*P            65 pts.  
03.(--)  ANTITRACK/LEGEND      54 pts.  
04.(--)  bod/ikari+talent      34 pts.  
05.(--)  mao/f4cg              25 pts.  
06.(--)  goblin/g*p            22 pts.  
07.(--)  doc/ikari+talent      21 pts.  
* not much guys reached the limit of 20 
  points, that's because of too less    
  votings for them, so don't hesitate   
  to start voting for them!             
* POWERPLANT rules, but what did SNACKY 
  to deserve the 2nd place?             

              * INTERVIEW *             
welcome to another interview done by the
one and only HUMANOID/WOW with TORNADO/ 
F4CG... enjoy it!...                    
H:hi there...                           
T:hello HUMANOID!                       
H:you are in F4CG now, tell us something
  about that group.                     
T:well let's say, it is the coolest     
  group j ever been, and there are a lot
  of cool guys in it.                   
H:why did you went to F4CG?             
T:i went to F4CG b'cause my previous    
  group was going a bit downhill, and i 
  got the opportunity to join F4CG.     
H:when did you join them?               
T:well, i think it was a few weeks ago, 
  it was on a sunday.                   
H:in which group(s) have ya been before?
H:did you have many friends in WOW?     
T:in the beginning yes, but now just a  
  few inthere...                        
H:tell me something about yourself!     
T:i'm 17 years old, i have sexy blue    
  eyes, brown hair and i'm 1.65 meters  
  long(ed: long? ahum...)               
H:when did you enter the ruling 64-scene
T:i think i made my entry in the scene  
  around easter '90,..                  
H:what are your JOBS in F4CG?           
T:my jobs are swapping, little gfx and  
  i'm also learning how to code and how 
  to crack!                             
H:i heard you ever cracked a game, is   
  that the truth or is it simply a ru-  
T:well, yes, i ones cracked a game! it  
  was SKATING-USA ,it was very easy to  
  crack this crap, but pitty enough, it 
  was never good spread around!         
H:so you already know how to crack?     
T:yes, a bit, but i don't know how to   
  train yet! i hope somebody will teach 
  me in the future!(ed let MAO come over
  from ITALY! haha...)                  
H:what are your hobbys beside computing?
T:beside? hmm, mountain climbing,       
  chicken shooting with my gun, i'm also
  found of your group!                  
H:how many contacts do you have at the  
T:i think it will be around 40-50...    
H:what is your favourite food, mate?    
T:spaghetti(ed: aaaagh!), pizza and real
  BELGIAN food like frites!!            
H:what is the best belgian group(beside 
  the scene)                            
T:FRONT 242(ed: yeah!!!) BELGIUM rules! 
H:what do you think about the 64-SCENE? 
T:quit cool, only too many lame groups! 
H:are you planning to buy the fucking   
  LAMIGA?'ed: if yes, you're dead!)     
T:NO WAY!!!(ed: good choice!)           
H:do you go to copypartysand what do you
  think about them?                     
T:i go to VENLO each month when i CAN.  
  yeah, i like partys very much, anyway,
  who doesn't?                          
H:okay, which group do you think is the 
  best in the entire scene?             
T:F4CG(ed: i heard him telling this too 
  when he was still in WOW!). no, se-   
  rious i think it is ACTION,I+T,G*P... 
H:do ya have futureplans and which ones?
T:well, i would like to be a good coder 
  and a cool cracker!                   
H:at last in this interview you're free 
  to greet your best friends in the     
T:well, just some hello's to: SCORPIE,  
  chacke and you! (HUMANOID)/WOW, JACK  
  and to many other dudes in the scene!!
H:okay, thanks for this interview!      
T:yep, your welcome!                    
          * CONTACT ADDRESSES *         
          CONTACT THE WOW-ELITE         
loadsa addys this time! i hope you have 
found where you're looking for!   -MATT-

               * THE END *              
this is already the end of INTERNAL 007!
i hope you have enjoyed reading this mag
and also keep voting, keep sending your 
latest news etc... please don't forget  
to vote for the SINGLE CRACKERS!! thanx 
ok, see ya in another issue!!           
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