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          * NEWS AND RUMOURS *          
* in venlo/januari, SCORPIE and KID/F4CG
  joined TRANSCOM                       
* NSD left SENSE to join STASH.         
  sense will make a coop demo with HOUSE
  DESIGN. expected release in april 1991
  (ex-TEEN/CHAOS) joined CHROMANCE.     
* RAINMAN/WOW has coded 2 games, he's   
  searching for a software company to   
  buy the games.                        
* the HORIZON party will take place in  
  varby-skolan, a suburb of stockholm.  
  the party starts march 29 and ends    
  on april 1th (no joke!)               
  if you wanna join this cool happening 
  you'll have to put down 80 swedish    
  crowns at the entrance.               
  for more info call the holy grail at  
  +46/87747817 (18.00-12.00 am)         
* brainkiller/LEGEND got busted by the  
  BRITISH TELECOM. he phreaked for      
  bf 120.000 in one week-end and was    
  told to pay a fine of bf 60.000. brain
  killer decided NOT to pay and wait... 
  he won't stop modem trading because of
  this, so don't panic...               
* a new group is born. they call them-  
  self SMARACT.                         
* CRUEL (ex-ENERGY) joined WOW.         
* ENERGY is looking for some new MEMBERS
  coders, crackers, swappers, drawers,  
  etc. (ed. why don't you start up a    
  group ??)                             
* buzzer left COLLISION to join FOXBAT. 
* JACK DANIELS and 3DK joined the best  
  group ever: G*P so now corruption will
  be under the G*P label and will get a 
  new outfit...                         
* MEGA POWER DESIGN is dead, beachtiger 
  and death stralker joined WOW, amarok 
  is still searching for a group.       
* BULLSHIT changed his name into TOPIC  
  and formed DEATH together with PREDA- 
  TOR (ex-PRZ) and BULLSEYE (ex-PYTHON) 
* CORONER/PIRATES was caught by the cops
  and the post office for cheating      
  stamps, ...                           
* merlin/CANNON decided it was better to
  be in 2 groups instead of one, so he  
  joined TRANS-X under the name AIRTEC. 
* there was a WOW-meeting held in 'DEN  
  BLOKKER' (antwerp) to discuss the pro-
  blem we had with our original supplier
  we sorted out some things and we      
  should be back in the CRACKER scene   
  in no time...                         
* glesc (ex-LEADER and CRACKER of S451) 
  stopped all computer activities.      
* POWERZONE was kicked out of AMOK.     
  make a new copy protection. it's cal- 
  led "neuro-protect! and it is said to 
  be the best protection ever.          
  FGTH/G*P coded a "cartridge tracer" ! 
  this little program cracks all car-   
  tridge games automatically. he also   
  coded a fast full-screen realtime vec-
  tor routine in a COOP demo with CREST.
* the war between GENESIS*PROJECT and   
  CRAZY is over... crazy is DEAD.       
  SMASHER joined f4cg, WEASEL joined    
  crest, TYCOON and GOTCHA joined talent
  PYLE and DEFF joined illusion, MAGIC  
  MAN is only on PC now and the rest of 
  the crazy members are GONE WITH THE   
* G*P warns WOW for a possible WAR...   
  VINCENT spread the word that OMG and  
  ANTICHRIST are one and the same person
  so either he apologized or we got a   
  war on our hands...                   
  so we called VINCENT and he said he   
  ain't afraid of them, but he will call
  OMG. he figured since he wasn't gonna 
  be in the scene for much longer (ARMY)
  he wouldn't start up a war against WOW
* ALCOHOLICS are looking for good CODERS
  and MUSICIANS (contact corner)        
* there's a rumour going around that    
  ACTION and X-RAY are in war...        
* JEFF SMART, the former editor of the  
  paper mag 'ILLEGAL' got his computer  
  back from the police. it's possible   
  that he will return !!                
* patrick joined SENSE and is still loo-
  king for a handle.                    
  LEAD/sense is coding a shoot'em up.   
* the game of chesoner/HOUSE is almost  
* ROLE kicked out TROOPY.               
* ROLE HQ is now MAX IMPACT:416-387-2583
* XOX/ACTION changed his handle again to
  AIRWOLF and joined PARAMOUNT.         
* TAT and WEIRD are in CRACKIN'CO-OP.   
* DOUGLAS/F4CG left the c64 scene be-   
  cause of army ( watch it!, duty calls 
  in the gulf !!)                       
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