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             * FILM REVIEW *            
i told you last time that we won't do an
interview every issue, so we will change
the subject of this chapter almost every
this time we thought of making a film re
view, so EINSTEIN wistled on his fingers
result: two nice girls showed up and all
three of them went for a movie...       
next time we'll give you another inter- 
view made by EFFY/G.A.'S.               
yo film-fans !!                         
EINSTEIN is here with a short review of 
2 films i saw this month...             
let's begin with the first one, called: 
            -- HOME ALONE --            
THE STORY:                              
 an american family is going to paris   
 for x-mas, coz of a misunderstanding   
 one little boy is LEFT behind...       
 the boy thinks he has made his fami-   
 ly go away, but stay's COOL (euh ??)   
 his mother notices that her boy  was   
 left behind when they arrived in pa-   
 ris.  so she does everything she can   
 to get bach HOME.                      
 but you  all know that  everybody at   
 x-mas time needs... MONEY. so do two   
 crooks and they have chosen the home   
 of this family as 1 of their targets   
 they  think everybofy  is GONE , but   
 this turns out to be wrong...          
 lots of things happen, but all turns   
 out to a HAPPY ENDING (yaawn!)         
 i think the film has some FUNNY sce-   
 nes , but i didn't like it very much   
 because the room was filled with LIT-  
 TLE TORNADO'S (= children aged 8-12)   
 and as  you know they  can be a pain   
 in the ASS...                          
 anyway... i'd like to give this film   
 a rating of 65%.                       
 when you have little kids it's a fun-  
 ny movie... (but i haven't !!!!!!!!)   
the second film i saw was on valentine  
day and is titled:                      
 this film was much BETTER than home    
 alone. it has some great SCIENCE FIC-  
 TION effects and is well filmed...     
 the end sequence is not so original    
 and the content is rather simple.but   
 it's a film where you have to keep     
 your head STRAIGHT (difficult when     
 you're with two girls...) because the  
 film is sometimes too exagerated !!!   
 it makes me think of 'TOTAL RECALL',   
 the movie.                             
 overall, it's a nice, mysterious, RO-  
 MANTIC, BLOODY, movie and i'll give    
 it 80%.                                
 enjoy the rest of the mag,             
                        signed, einstein
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