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        * EDITORIAL BY EINSTEIN *       
yo, i'm back ! ... well, enjoyed the    
third issue ?..... i hope you have! any-
way, it's possible that you may have    
read rock'n'role 9 (is this possible??) 
and may have seen that they had reviewed
our mag ! well, this was THE SECOND IS- 
SUE which was AN INFO-FILE about wow !  
due to that it didn't have much text nor
much coding ! and that's just why they  
said it wasn't a cool mag (but it was NO
MAG) ... but anyway, good as we are we  
forgave cmr !   (he's a still a friend) 
i hope this issue will contain some shit
you've sent us over the few weeks !     
i want to thank you hereby !.... another
thing is that i want to give my opinion 
about 'BAD NEWS'. i have read it and al-
though it has a simple design'n'coding  
it's quite nice ! this is one of the few
magazines which make their mag funny to 
read ! it has some funny things in it   
and they are not really OBJECTIVE ...   
i have to admit that i thought it was   
one of the ONE MAN GANGS' inventions,   
but as i'm not informed about this i can
not say it for sure ! anyway, this isn't
a propaganda for bad news, but an edito-
rial (??) i've been given some (stupid) 
ideas to enlarge the sections in this   
mag but they're kinda UTOPIC (worthless)
anyway, the mag is still a one file mag 
and i hope you'll take this into account
when you give critics to this mag !.... 
a lot of magazines are multi-load and   
even then some of them  SUCK (no names).
well, i hope you enjoy this issue and   
will agree that this is a SIMPLE,PLAIN  
BUT COOL MAG and when you look down in  
your history books you may find some ar-
tists called : THE FLEMISH PRIMITIVES(?)
perhaps divine is one of their heirs ???
i hope you like this mag and will vote  
as fairly as possible for every group or
guy there is in the scene !! i know the 
system is corrupt but just try to do    
something against it! although i think  
the only guys who know what's really    
going on are the guys who are modem-    
freaks or megaswappers... the rest may  
know something but surely not all !!!!  
i hope you can find some empty blocks on
your disk to include our mag and hope   
you will enjoy those other magazines !..
many thanx 2 DIVINE /DYNAMIC DESIGN     
and a big aloha to all my friends in the
scene :  nico,kristof,vincent,mattieu,  
trick,gunther,sacha,chief i,raymondo,   
bernd,harald,dennis,raphael,eddy ....   
anyway, i'm typing this in a week full  
of exams and it's possible that i may   
have forgotten some quite important     
friends but i can just say : to all guys
who have been or still are in contact   
with me i wish the good luck in the fu- 
ture with their personal life aswell as 
their computer life !... one thing, fuck
all who went over to amiga coz the AMIGA
SCENE REALLY SUCKS ! (in comparison with
the 64!) ..... an editorial should not  
be so big so i'll just quit and let the 
real pro's do their work (he nico?) ....
get the next issue by sending us some   
cool news,articles,ideas,etc... to this 
POSTBOX 128  2500 LIER  BELGIUM  ....   
by the way, if this doesn't help to get 
more points for our text-output , then  
i don't know it anymore !.....  another 
thing you can press fire if you're tired
of reading a chapter ! then you will be 
transfered to the next chapter ! ...    
(are we good humans or what?) ....  this
was einstein/wow/dd ..... c-u in the    
next issue !.... (by the way, you can gi
ve critics to the fact that i'm writing 
this editorial too !.... i want to know 
where my real fans are !!)....  bye bye!
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