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              INTERNAL #001             
         coding:  DIVINE/UNICESS        
          logo:  VINCENT/FRESH          
              music:  ????              
 so, here it is: the FIRST issue of our 
new inf0-file. this file is ment to give
only correct news bout our group UNICESS
  if you have any critics on this file  
                write to:               
              INTERNAL RED.             
  as the title already suggested i will 
 give you the latest news about UNICESS 
in this column. remember this is correct
 so all you guys with mags can get info 
 from here...                           
* brainkiller rejoined WOW. (yes, he    
  joined UNICESS for a while!)          
* yoga (EX-YANKEES) joined UNICESS      
  he's a grafix-man + bit of a coder.   
* we in UNICESS are talking about going 
  into cooperation, several groups have 
  already made an offer, but nothing is 
  decided yet.                          
              - RELEASES -              
now, i'll tell you guys what we've been 
up to in UNICESS.                       
* i (divine) have been busy coding lots 
  of things like:                       
  - madness v4: this is a very cool     
    writer (i know, i made it, hehe!)   
  - unicess coder: just a simple one!   
  - internal: this 'thing'...           
  - intro's: i coded 3 intro's for { }. 
* einstein made a collection of useful  
  writers called: THE ULTIMATE WRITERS  
  (the menu was coded by divine)        
* exor has been enjoying the good wea-  
  ther in ITALY for one week (lucky guy)
* exory has been busy cracking & coding.
* we also made a first release in belg.!
 i don't know what the rest has been up 
  to, but i'm sure had fun too. i think 
    there using their time on our mag   
in future you can expect some more uti- 
  lities from me (DIVINE). i will first 
make a logo displayer coz einstein asked
me too. i think it'll be useful for YOGA
              - MESSAGES -              
in this section, some members will give 
out hello's (or fuckings?) to others:   
* raistlin/g*p:                 (divine)
  hello man, endemic is very cool, but  
  you made one big mistake. when you we-
  re reviewing mags (under which ATROG) 
  you put my adress as hq for atrog.    
  i don't know where you saw the adress 
  but i'm definitively not responsible  
  for ATROG (jones is!).                
  ofcourse no hard feelings about this! 
* zyborg/atrix     (all ex-atrix-bd'ers)
  yo dickhead, you're really the lamest 
  person we ever met! more coming...    
* roger/wwe                     (divine)
  howdy roger, ALWAYS nice sendings from
  you, we'll meet again in VENLO/april! 
* the king/manowar              (divine)
  the same goes for you, always COOL and
  fast. in venlo..                
* elwood/time                   (divine)
  thanx for the cool originals you send 
  me & for ranking me #1...             
* to all my contacts          (einstein)
  well, i will drop some of my contacts 
  and the most of them know why ...     
  they are FUCKING LAZY! so i don't need
  them .... only the best senders and   
  friends will stay a contact others not
  of course that doesn't mean that you  
  can't contact me but you must have two
  quality's: you must be 1) fast and you
  must send 2) hot ... just simple , but
  if you can't handle this well then you
  would better fuck up because i've no  
  time to lose on such SUCKERS !!       
  I also wanna thank sum of my contacts 
  who ranked (me) us high ! but i must  
  tell you: STAY OBJECTIVE! i know that 
  is hard but i want it like that, even 
  if that maybe means that i won't be in
  your next ranks !! of course when i   
  send like i always send i MUST be in  
  your rans (ha ha ha) ... also to all  
  who read this: VOTE FOR UNICESS, if   
  you think we deserve a place in those 
  (lamer ??) charts !!                  
* gravestone/full force           (exor)
  yes, i know you're dead, but you might
  read this; it was a great time swap-  
  ping with you. good luck in future!   
* sucker/crazy                    (exor)
  hope to hear from you soon. venlo?    
* hok/action                            
  where are those cool ACTION games?    
* to all my contacts              (exor)
  sorry for my mega-delay, but i was on 
  holiday in italy as you might have    
  read a few pages ago. so forgive me!  
  now i'm 100* back in action!          
* wow                           (divine)
  hi chache, ispace, brk & jones...     
  i hope you can get WOW back on top li-
  ke in the old days...                 
              - CRAP TALK -             
if a member likes to fill up some memory
with crap-talk, we'll put in down here !
maybe someone likes to tell us the mea- 
ning of life ???                        
or maybe better... what's the meaning of
having a computer... i think einstein   
can't wait to say some serious words (?)
first i must thank a cool friend of mine
who has given me the idea to speak about
this... THANX GUNTHER (name & group stay
SECRET INFORMATION) ...                 
well , let's begin .. this is pretty ser
ious part in internal : why do we have a
computer ? what's it like to be on the  
top ??  what's the meaning of (life) com
puting ??? ...                          
well , perhaps you will agree with my   
opinion about those questions !!        
answers :    it's a hobby , it's great  
fun , it gives you a kick and swapping  
and meeting friends it just awesome !!  
ok,that's right but is it all worth it  
p.e.  all the GREAT (big) GROUPS have to
do a lot t stay at the top :            
they must have lots of money : because  
they have to pay around 750 dm.(300 dol 
lar) for originals only ! + phone-ut al-
so huge (because they have to phone to  
now you perhaps say: ever heard of phone
phreaking , well a lot of famous guys   
don't phonephreak and therefor they have
pay lots of money for their modem (tele-
phone), but also for STAMPS , DISCS, etc
 .... but the most important thing is : 
u get really strezzed !! why ?? because 
you always wanna be nr.1 !!...that's why
a lot of famous groups almost stopped   
(like HOTLINE) . i have a pretty good   
feeling how it must be like to be in the
top 5 of the world ! i don't know if i  
would like to be in a group which stands
in the top 5 ... why ?? coz now , i'm in
a group , which is good , but of course 
we all know that we aren't as good as   
IKARI+TALENT and that's because we have 
not so much money to put in .... we're  
just POOR (?) teenagers !! but if you   
think we deserve to be in the charts    
then vote for us !! ...... I hope you   
liked this little craptalk and will vote
for us !! (UNICESS is the name!)        
            - MEMBERSTATUS -            
here's the actual memberstatus, next ti-
    me i'll also give you their jobs.   
DENMARK: image, hungry hero, mzk, gator 
         invisible man, warrior, yazz,  
         mason, exory.                  
GERMANY: only 1 guy: 2cool              
BELGIUM: exor, einstein, yoga, divine.  
 maybe we'll have some more members next
  time, you'll just have to wait & look 
  out for the next issue of 'internal'! 
              - RANKINGS -              
yeah!, here are the long awaited ranks  
from us. i will give you the rankings i 
got, if other members like to put'em in 
here too, just send them to me!         
only the belgian division gave me their 
list so don't expect rankings from the  
german or danish division...            
now let's start the lists...            
               * DIVINE *               
       1) ROGER       / WWE             
       2) the king    / manowar         
       3) elwood      / time            
       4) indy        / tera            
       5) p.r.i.      / duplex+oracle   
       6) necromancer / x-factor        
       7) jones       / wow             
       8) motley      / royalty         
       9) bms         / century         
       10)ghostrider  / duplex+oracle   
     the rest of you guys will just     
      have to send a bit faster or      
              * EINSTEIN *              
        1) PUNISHER   / CENTURY         
        2) oxygen     / browbeat        
        3) collector  / the force       
        4) ronin      / dunex           
        5) the king   / manowar         
        6) aacon      / the brave       
        7) shakin'    / stash           
        8) mephisto   / the zombie boys 
        9) aggressor  / fts/amok        
        10) vincent   / fresh           
                * EXOR *                
        1) ANTICHRIST / G*P             
        2) spiderman  / x-factor        
        3) sucker     / crazy           
        4) new spirit / x-rated         
        5) jones      / wow             
          - DIFFERENT THINGS -          
zyborg, pay attention coz now i'll tell 
the true story about the formal belgian 
division of atrix and not your LIES !!! 
you all know that some members of this  
groups were: divine (me) - einstein -   
exor - brainkiller - apollo and some    
weeks before we split up some guys of   
FBR joined us too. i know ZYBORG has    
been spreading LIES about ax-bd, he told
lots of guys that the belgian division  
of ATRIX was kicked. but that's totally 
INCORRECT. here's the true story:       
i (DIVINE) got an offer from ORION and  
i was really interested, but i didn't   
want to leave my friends in AX-BD but   
after some time i did leave them because
the danish division of atrix almost made
no cracks and the organisation was very 
bad. after some time the other members  
decided to join orion too (except for   
appolo: he was on holidays...)          
then we heard that ORION was rebuilded  
without permission of the original mem- 
bers and so again all belgian members   
left. note that we don't have any trou- 
bles with the original orioners, they   
agreed that we couldn't have known about
all this shit...                        
so after all this, brainkiller, jones   
and apollo joined WOW, a bit later ein- 
stein joined them too. then i wrote to  
all my contacts that i was looking for a
new group. i got many offers like:      
and ofcourse UNICESS, the group i joined
together with exor. now you probalby ask
yourself why did i join unicess, and not
a more famous group. well, i had to make
a decision before VENLO, and the offer  
of tera wasn't all that good for me, coz
they only wanted 1 member more in europe
and i think it's sad to be in a foreign 
group all by yourself...                
so... 1 week later einstein left WOW and
joined UNICESS too.that's the TRUE story
about all these belgian ex-atrix members
and don't believe anything of that da-  
nish sucker who calls himself zyborg. he
PRETENDED that we did nothing at all in 
atrix (look who's talking!). well, i    
must say that i left you guys coz YOU   
didn't do a thing, now that we left, you
got more active (i know) but that's only
coz otherwise you would be DEAD already.
and that's your DESTINY. you actually   
told lots of people that the belgian di-
vision was kicked... HA HA HA HA !!     
i must say you have a sense of humor... 
and now you made a demo attacking all of
us with again telling those lies, and   
you even have the guts to tell that you 
don't wanna start a war with us. but    
watch it, coz that's what you're gonna  
get.and if you wanna write anything more
than please inform yourself a bit better
coz in your demo, you attacked the WOW, 
because you THINK all of us joined them.
but in fact only 3 guys joined them...  
divine, exor & einstein joined UNICESS. 
if ya want to explain why you're telling
all these lies, then write me a letter. 
until then, you'll be my biggest enemy !
             c.ya, dickhead!            
so you now reached the end of this first
issue of internal. press '+' to restart!
      in #2              

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