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please tell us your real name?
please tell us your real name?
- my name is BARD HARALD FOSSE.
- my name is XXXXXXXXXXX.
...and your age is?
...and your age is?

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      *  THE INTERVIEWS  ;;
      *                  ;;

this month we have an interview
with BHF of HOAXERS. i know he's
been interviewed before, but as
he's a cool guy i don't care!


please tell us your real name?
- my name is XXXXXXXXXXX.

...and your age is?
- i'm 19 years old.

what's your job in HOAXERS.
- i'm a coder, graphixer and a

in how many groups have you
been in, and what's their name?
- i've been in two groups named:

how many members are there in
- 9 members... ANXIETY, CRITE,
  SCORPIE, FH and H.

when did you buy your C64?
- first i bought one in 1986,
  and sold it but in 1988 i
  needed something to do so i
  bought a new one (just for
  playing games on, that's true)

when did you become FAMOUS?
- what a silly question!!

what's your future plans?
- i don't like planning my near

who are your BEST PALS in the
c64 scene?
- i have many, here are some:
  hbh/pd  suicide/wdl  hoaxers
  pd      traxion      invaders
  s451    flash        flt
     (well this never end?)

who is the best CODER, GRAPHIXER
- coder: KJER

how many hours per day do you
spend infront of your computer?

what do YOU think about THE
SCENE these days?
- lame and cool...

what do you like CRACKING?
- okey, since i like playing all
  those games.

what do you think about AMIGA?
- amiga is a GOOD one. too much
  read/write errors and guru's.

are your group gonna do a mag?
- i did a mag 1 and a half year
  ago, but i didn't spread it.
  gonna release 'HOMONEWS' 1st
  of september 1990!

which is your FAVOURITE disc
magazine in the scene?

and what do u like HOTSHOT then?
- good, but too much blinking.

in the scene?
- mannen med slurepikken og
  suger or frittstuingen (?)
  og co. (ok i understand!)

describe a lamer for me?
- a person which thinks that he
  is GOOD (the very BEST) and
  call everybody else lamers!

do u often goes to COPY PARDYS?
- Y E S !!

do you have any IDOLS in the
- YES!, suicide, zth, mr takpapp
terrax and bean.

do you wan't to change something
in the scene?
- cut all the lame RIPPS and all
  MAGS away! more parties!!

what are you doing in your
- drink, drink, fuck, drink,
  smoke and sleep!

do you have a girlfriend?

what is your favourite:
FOOD: bread and morotter & biff.
COUNTRY: spain!
MAGAZINE: madam x/teenage sex
GAME: i don't remember!
MUSIC: jean m. jarre, pink floyd
       it bytes, yello, maiden,
       ac/dc, led zepplin, inxs,
       nenneh cherry, anthrax,
       krokus, kreator, mozart,
       testament, mc hammer, u2,
       beethoven, vivaldi, a-ha,
       pogues, simle minds, bros
       slade, billy idol, creeps
       niggers with attitude,
       sex pistols, petshop boys
       queensryche and so one..
SPORT: sport?
ANIMAL: spiders

what makes you HAPPY/ANGRY?
- any things..

do you have any enemies?
- don't know.

what would you bring with you
on a DEZERT island?
- radio, batteries and 1000 half
  literos of BEER.

would you like to say anything
to the public?
- yes, HOAXERS are NOT DEAD!
  we are just doing other things
  than coding. but in the near
  future a megademo will appear
  in the scene!

this month 2ND interview is with
another cool dude. may i intro-
duce you to the worlds HALOA


please tell us your real name?
- ANDREA RAGGI. and don't you
  think i'm a girl, cause you'll
  get killed.

and your actual age is?
- 18 years.

what's your job in AD/TF?
- i'm a graphican(or i try to do
  it!) and a swapper.

in how many groups have you
been, and what's their name?
- i've just been in a little
  group called DEMONS, and then
  i joined THE FORCE and now i'm
  in this graphix group, but i'm
  still remain aa member of TF.

how many members are there in
AD/TF the moment?
- air design are three members,
  ZORIS and ME from THE FORCE &
  EXAT from tat and in the force
  i only know gi909, zoris,
  el diu, gabriel, ximox from
  ITALY and danny, nir p, guy s
  and ronny from ISRAEL.

who found the AIR DESIGN name?
- it was an idea of my brother,
  ZORIS, i liked it so we're
  here now.

when did you buy your COMMIE 64?
- in 1985, i think.

if you think real hard, what's
your plans for the future?
- to get married and to have a
  little house and... ooops!
  FORGET this!

which is your best friends in
the ENTIRE scene?
- ofcourse the guys in FLASH
  (morphy, crept, dexion, zodiac
  and the rest), price/MSI, all
  of TAT, goblin/LIGHT, oxigene/
  SHAPE, kronos/CRUSADE, steve/
  CRYPT, goldrush/CREST, trix/bz
  neno/RULER and ofcourse all in
  the force.

in your opinion who is the BEST
coder, graphixan & musican?
- coder: THA/BONZAI
  graph: ofcourse my bro, zoris,
         and FOX/BONZAI
      (a real bonzai fan!)

how many hours/day do you stare
on the tv, playing with the c64?
- some days 5-6 hours, others
  less than 1 hour.

what do you think about the
scene these days?
- a bit slowing down, come on

what's your opinion about crax?

what do you think about AMIGA?
- great to play with (lotus
  esprit, vroooom!)

are AD/TF gonna do a magazine?
- NO! hotshot is too good to be
  beaten up!         (he-he-he)

which is YOUR favourite disc-
magazine on the whole world?
- HOTSHOT! and after hotshot
  comes mamba and remark.

so what do you think about this
mag, hotshot, then?
- YUPPA! come on this way, pals!
  maybe there's too much moving
  things on da screen so it's a
  bit difficult to read.

if you think twice, which freak
is the BIGGEST asshole?
- WILDCAT of ICS, the lame lamer
  laming in italy.

please describe a lamer to us?
- he's 40 YEARS and he spends
  his time on computing without
  doing anything good, and he's
  always is short with a huge
  hat(wildcat's description).

do you often goes to these fame
copy parties?
- when i have the money,IT COSTS
  a hell of money to go on an
  scandinavian pardey from italy
  by plane, so i go only to a
  few pardies in the north, but
  i'm NOT missing anything in
  thf southern part of europe..

do you have any 'idols' or guys
that you look up to?
- hum! when i was a litte lamer
  i had EINSTEIN of UPFRONT as
  an idol, now i have no since
  he left the c64 scene!

do you want to change something
in the scene?
- YEAH, upfront come back to me!

what are you doing in your spare
time(beside computing).
- i spend my freetime with my
  SOCCER and volleyball and
  having fun with the nice girls
  in my school.

do you have a GIRLFRIEND?
- when i'm writing this, NO!
  but surley yes when you will
  read this (eh! eh!)

what's your favourite:
food      : PIZZA (staaaange!)
movie     : predator
country   : DENMARK
magazine  : HOTSHOT
game      : last ninja
musicgroup: alan parsons project
sport     : basket
animal    : hum... GIRLS!

what makes you MAD/ANGRY?
- mad:   school,lamers and no
  happy: no school, no lamers &
         alot of girls.

do you have any enemies?
- YES, wildcat of ics.

if you were alone, on a dezert
island, in the mediterranean
somewhere and you got THREE
things to carry with you. WHAT
would that be?
- 'it' by stephen king
  my girlfriend
  my c64

as a last word, would you like
to say something to the rest of
the FREAKS out there?
- do not go on amiga! go on doin
  cool demoes!
  vote for me (uh! uh! uh!)

    haloa baloa on you guys!
and thank you for the interviews
 hope to see you at horizon's !


       *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;
       *   *  *  ;*   *  ;
       *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;
       *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;
       *   *     ;   ;*  ;
       *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;
       *         ;       ;

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