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garfield news issue 3      december 1990
garfield news issue 3      december 1990
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                 the end
                 the end

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garfield news issue 3      december 1990

   hello dudes!

   the three members of the old sample
boys are proud to be here again with the
third issue of garfield news.we hope you
will enjoy it,but why did  we  use the
word -old-?because from now on the three
members of the sample boys are going to
work for the benefits of 'dualis'. yes
we:falcon,donald and viper  joined  to
   in the second issue of  our  mag, we
announced you to send your stuff  and
comic texts to falcon,but we received
few than we expected.why?our purpose is
to produce an excellent mag by the help
of yours.besides these we also want to
thank the cool people who send news and
some more stuff to us.credits for this
  text:falcon and viper
  1x1 char-set:unknown

send all your articles,reactions,votes,
news and  addies to:

     garfield news
     alifuat vural
     gazi mustafa kemal
     bulvari no:17/8


news news news news news news news news

  -dj of trc joined paradize.

  -beat/abase joined atrix.

  -akrak declared to be  in coop with
those italian lamers of ics,but  it  is
not true.

  -gabriel & ximox of the force moved
house & started studying at university.
exat,zagor and zoris built up a graphic
label called air design.but exat left
the force and joined tat.the force will
release something even better than the
famous vector victory.

  -verbatim (cracker),peu (mag editor),
mix (swapper) and komir (swapper) joined
gax 777.gax 777 is in coop with ruler.

  -unix left quintex and joined to wow.

  -tdu (australia) have recrited a new
member.his name is west coast assain
(wca).the member status is now: 8-ball,
stickman,slash,iceman,dan,slimer,the big
hacker and wca.

  -kagan demir/chaos  will  change  his
name into babyface.cenkhan was kicked
out from chaos.

  -elwood left abyss and joined wow.

  -jack daniels left atg and joined to
paramount.from now on corruption will be
published with paramount label.

  -mistery left lazer and joined to

  -vision seems to be dead after

  -accuracy will release their first
megademo on amiga as soon as possible.
code by ace,muzax from locust and gfx
from beast of acy.


charts charts charts charts charts chart

   cracking group   points  last month

   --------------   ------  ----------
   1-genesis project  28        2
   2-ikari & talent   26        1
   3-dominators       25        3
   4-paramount        22        5
   5-illusion         21        4
   6-legend           18        7
   7-f4cg             15        6
   8-censor           14        9
   9-crazy            12        8
  10-action            9        10

   demo group     points   last month
   ------------   ------   ----------
   1-bonzai         24         1
   2-horizon        23         7
   3-crest          22         3
   4-flash inc.     19         2
   5-origo          11         5
   6-blackmail      12         6
   7-megastyle      10         9
   8-triad           9         -
   9-the wanted      7         8
   10-censor design  5         4

  best single cracker  best single coder
  ------------------   -----------------
  1-snacky/gp          1-krej/horizon
  2-jade/dom           2-zodiac/flash
  3-bod/i+t            3-trap/bonzai
  4-dogfriend/dom      4-scrol/megastyle
  5-sauron/illusion    5-crossbow/crest

  best graphican       music groups
  --------------       ------------
  1-bizzmo/gp          1-vibrants
  2-gotcha/crazy       2-20cc
  3-di art/blackmail   3-mon

  best magazines       best melodies
  --------------       -------------
  1-corruption         1-deep purple
  2-mamba              2-madonna
  3-rock'n role        3-depeche mode
  4-sex'n'crime        4-iron maiden
  5-immortal flash     5-jethro tull


interview interview interview interview

   this month we have 3 interviews. all
of the interviews were done by falcon.
the first interview is with usid/trans-x
lets start it.


-:hello usid!what is your real name and
please tell us about yourself.

+:hi outta there.i'm mainly  a  swapper
but i also crack sum gamez  and i am
editing the addy real name is
timo,i'm 1.75 m tall and my weight is 64
kg.i've brown coloured eyes  and  brown
hair.i'm listening to hip hop all time.

-:what is your favourite drink , food ,
music,cracking group,demo group,magazine
and game?

+:my favourite:
   drink:beer,jeneva etc.
   food:nearly all but no pizza and stuf
like it.
   music:hip hop and synthesizer sounds
   cracking group:dominators,fairlight,
   demo group:i nearly hate all de demos
coz they're all the time the same.
   game:wings of fury,snowstrike,katakis
and armelyte.

-:do you have a girlfriend?

+:no,but i'm looking for her all time!

-:describe a lamer.

+:a lamer is  a  gay whois  shitting
like omg and who steals discs.he  is  a
lamer if he sends months old stuff.

-:do you have enemies?

+:no,and i hope i will get no enemies in
the future!but if some guys in the scene
will give my private addy or telephone
number to the cops they'll be my enemies
forever!!              u

-:who are your best friends?

+:my best friends are:the  neffs  of
scream,whisp of syntax,angie/guardian
angels and the rest of trans-x.

-:please send some greetings.

+:sum greetings...ok,lets greet: scream
(the neffs),mpd (deathstralker),hysteric
 (etos and flash),guardian angels(angie)
syntax (whisp),neon (mechanic), sparx
(techno),x-factor (steve),role (slammer)
trust,planar,myxin,the warriors, bronx
(remix),abyss (cyclon) and chaos (kagan)
these are only my personal greets and
ofcoz in no order.

-:do you have other hobbies beside com-

+:yo,beside computing i go with some
friends into discos,etc,i read sum s-f
books and i am always looking for a new
girl.(he he!!).but my compy takes all of
mt time.

-:what is your opinion about 'l'amigas?

+:lamigas exist  only  because  of the
thousands of game players.this machine
is only a game machine! they should be
forbidden forall!

-:tell us your future plans?

+:my future plans?hmm if i am able  to
crack timex protection and if i can code
something i'll stop and go over to the
world of pc's!!

-:last thing to say?

+:thanx for the interview, have  many
reactions for your magazine and keep on
sending.and to all:don't forget to send
something for the addy burger and vote
for trans-x!

-:thanks a lot.

  here is our next interview with the
new member of bronx.his name is truse.


-:hello truse!what is your real name?

+:my real name is gary waite.

-:give us some information about you.

+:i'm 15 years old,been on the scene for
acouple of months,i have blond hair,blue
eyes,i like to play soccer, go  to  the
beach,go out with my girlfriend.

-:do you have enemies?

+:no,wars are stupid,peace rulez.

-:tell your best food,drink,music,demo
group,cracking  group,maagazine?

+:food:m'cdonalds,pizza,hamburgers etc.
  music:hip hop,house & rap
  cracking group:genesis project
  demo group:the best are bonzai.
and sex'n'crime.

-:do you have a girlfried?

+:yes i do.her name is kelly. we  have
been going out for a fair while, she  is
in hawai.

-:what are your future plans?

+:i plan to become  australia's  best
swapper,i plan to learn code to improve
my graffix.

-:last thing to say?

+:hi to all of my contacts expect more
and cooler stuff from me. if  you wanna
swap and if you think you are good enuff
write to me.also thanx for the interview

-:thank you.

  our last interview will be with the



-:hello manx!what is your real name?

+:hello!my real name is raphael nevens.

-:tell us about yourself.

+:i'm 15 years old,i have blue eyes,1.80
m tall and i have blond hairs.

-:what is your favourite drink,food,game
music,cracking group,demo group,magazine
please tell.

+:drink:coke and lemonate.
  food:pizza and sweets.
  game:dr.kingdom,giana  sisters  and
  cracking group:dom,i+t and illusion.
  demo group:flash inc,bonzai,crest and

-:do you have a girlfriend?

+:no,i haven't got the time for looking
after girls in this time because of the
swapping.but now my drive is not working
so i can look after them and the time is

-:how long are you in the scene?

+:i think it was on february this year.
i was in a little group with some cool
contax.and then i've phoned  with  the
leader from f4cg,so i've joined f4cg on
august this year.

-:who are your best friends?

+:my best friends are jumpie/f4cg,curse
of ruthless,dworf/holocaust,major/x-ray,
of the force,mmc,acy and steve/crypt.

-:send some greetings.

+:some greets to my friends:destino of
domino/paramount,bill and dense/ruthless
sicco/paradize,strylier/sharks + tnt,
floyd/atg,oxigene/ff,techno/destiny and

-:what are your future plans?

+:may be,i will start to crack anything
in the future.

-:last thing to say?

+:ok,thanks for the interview,bye!



contact contact contact contact contact

   falcon/dualis        boss/dualis
   alifuat vural        koray ozcan
   **** ******* *****   ******* ********
   ******* *******      ***** ********
   *******/******       turkey

   i wanna buy a 1581 disc drive. also
for hip hop,house and elite swap on 64:
   *** **** *******
   **** *******
   ******   (+** ** ***** -ervind-)         8-ball/tdu
   ufuk metin        * ****** ****
   **** ******       ******* ***** ****
   *********         australia
   ***** *********
   istanbul turkey

   ***** ****** ******
   * **** *****

   gabriel & ximox of the force
   *** ******* ***
   ***** *****

   coolface mag
   *** ******* ***
   ***** ***** *** *****
   ** ******


sex-stories sex-stories sex-stories sex-

  this month we have a story which was
written by donald.viper had no time for
writing a story because of school. so
fasten your belts.

once a day i took the phone.and i called
my girlfriend.we spoke about  2  hours.
when i want to finish speaking i said:
"what we will do on saturday?".she said:
"i don't know".i asked her:"may i come
to your home?".she said:"why  not ?".
consequently i finished the speaking.

  it was saturday.i went her house and
knocked at the door.she opened it and
said:"welcome my darling!".i entered in.
i said:"you are so beatiful today." she
answered:"i'm ready for you.but you must
wait for me until i call my mother." i
said "o.k. while you are calling her i
will take a shower.".by the way i went
to the bathroom.while  i  was taking  a
shower she came in.she said:"why are you
taking it alone?".i said:"if you want to
join me you can come.".she took off her
dresses.and then  we  took the  shower
together.while we were taking it i was
kissing her.after the shower i held her
hand.i asked:"why don't we  go to  you
bed.".she said nothing.she took  me  to
her room.she was breathing fastly  and
she was too excited.she said:"hold me".
i did.i touched her legs first. i was
trembling.and i put my hand on her pussy
she was moaning.first of all she became
bewildered.but she was accustomed to my
hand slowly.we started became
enjoyable.while we were doing them the
tape recorder was playing "stand up for
love" of michael bolton.she started to
sing it.but when i put my cock  in  her
pussy she screamed.i made a hole in her
pussy.afterwards,i started action.i was
playing in her pussy with  my  cock. i
understood while i was coming.

  i said:"it is coming.ooohhhh..mmmhhh..
..aaahh".i took back my dick from hole.
i asked her:"do you want to masturbate
for me?".she answered "why not ? but i
don't know how i can do it.can you teach
it to me?".i said "o.k." and i explained
it to her.she soaped her hands and begun
to masterbate.i was moaning this time.
i reached to orgasm one minute later.
afterwards we started kissing again.half
hour later she took my dick to her mug.
she sucked my dick  like swallowing  i
reached to orgasm twice.while these were
going on she orgasmed 4 times.

  i was tired.i laid on her bed.she was
also hour later  we  started
fucking again.but it was more enjoyable
than the first.there was an acheon my
cock but we didn't stop.when we couldn't
breath normally we break it.we took on
our jeans and shirts.but we didn't want
to finish it.thus i opened her jean and
skirt's buttons and brassiere.i began to
rubbing her pussy and chests repeatedly.
we were fucking over and over again.when
she began friction i went out of one's
mind.but i was too tired and  slept  in
muson.we wake up by the was
wrong number.i kissed her and said:" it
is late and i must go".she said:"o.k.but
can we try it last time".i accepted but
mine didn't was too tired.i said
that i had an idea.i went to kitchen and
i took empty cola bottle.i said:"can i
help you with this?".when i got positive
answer i began fucking her by that cola that time mine was activing.
she put into her mug again.but this time
nothing came out.there was bloody things
i said:"we must cut this here.".she said
"let's go to our shop we can  stay  with
my mother.".i said "o.k."and  we left
their home toward their unnice shop.



                the end
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