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welcome in this chapter again.all the   
interviews were done by BULLSEYE.       
the first interview was made with RCS of
IKARI+TALENT.here we go again !!!       
 + = BULLSEYE                           
 - = RCS                                
+ yoho rcs                              
- hey my friend                         
+ when did you join IKARI+TALENT        
- i joined them for about 2 and a half  
  months ago.                           
+ tell us something about yourself.     
- well my real name is rudie jensen.    
  i have blond hair and i'm 1.69 meter  
  tall (or small !?!?) and i was born on
  18-11-1973.i live in a small town just
  outside COPENHAGEN called BALLERUP.   
+ in which groups have you been before ?
- first i was in THE FREAKS,but after 1 
  year i joined DANIAX,then i met zyborg
  and joined ATRIX (the good old times..
  ahhh !!! after alomst 1 year i joined 
  BONZAI,but 7 months later i and trix  
  joined IKARI+TALENT !!                
+ what's your favourite food ?          
- food...well i really likes burgers    
  (right TCH !!) and i also like pizza  
+ and what's your favourite drink ?     
- well i like TUBORG (danish beer) and  
  also COCA COLA and PEPSI.             
+ have you got a girlie ?               
- i hate these questions..well haven't  
  girlfriend like now.shhhitttt !!!     
+ what are your future plans ?          
- well i would like to become the no.1  
  swapper and i'm really working hard   
  for it.                               
+ what are your jobs in IKARI+TALENT    
- i only swap but anyway that's what i  
+ are you going to copy-parties.        
- yes copy-parties rulez !! only lamers 
  don't like copy-parties coz they get  
  beated up !!                          
+ who's the biggest lamer in the scene ?
- ohhh...hmmm....yes !!!                
+ have you got enemies ?                
- enemies !!! is this fucking war ???   
  i will say it lie thiz.be friends and 
  don't make war !!!                    
+ what do ya think about the scene ?    
- well it's oke but back in the good old
  time it was really cool ! anyway there
  are to many lamers these days.        
+ have you got other hobbies besides    
  computing ?                           
- yes i like to fix with electronic and 
  i really like to play football.       
+ when did you enter the scene ?        
- fuck,i can't remember !!              
+ which music do you like ?             
- i like rap,hip-hop and a little techno
  but acid sux !                        
+ do you want to greet some one ?       
- ok,you asked fot it.all the BRUTAL    
  members,all in DUNEX (cool to play    
  football eh ???),ofcoz all members of 
  the DOMINATORS,TRIX/CONIC and some of 
  the local dudes  !!                   
+ thanx for this cool interview         
- your welcome,anything for an pale.    
surprise,surprise!topic just found a    
cool victim for an another interview!   
who is it???well,it's SASCHA of a new   
cool group called TRINITY!!!!           
+ = topic, - = sascha!                  
+ yo sascha!                            
- yo dude !                             
+ well,an easy question for you.what are
  your jobs in TRINITY???               
- hmmm,normaly i swapp and do the paper-
  mag BULLET PROOF.also i suply our 2   
  crackers CEVIN and THE FREELANCER with
  originals.also i will improve my      
  skills in modemtrading.also i organize
  TRINITY a bit.that's all...           
+ wow!really active,isn't he???         
  because of that...another simple to   
  answer question!                      
  what groups have you've been in befor 
  the ultimate cool one you're now in?? 
- shit question...but i will answer so  
  good i can !my 1st steps i took in    
  DUPLEX then i joined TERA,ORION,holo- 
  caust(a deep point in my computer live
  ,wueeerg),RUTHLESS and after HITMEN i 
  joined the upcummers in TRINITY !     
+ stop crapping and answer this one...  
  how does your favorite girly look     
- i think so like INGE/OREGON,but i     
  think she must be tall,blue eyes,long 
  blond or black hair and thin !        
+ didn't you forget something??how 'bout
  the most important thing:the boobs!   
- i think that's not so important,but   
  she must have a right character !     
+ aaaah!so you are more the knight in   
  shining armour type of dude!(romantic,
- yes,i think you're right !            
+ great!i like to be right!anyway,here  
  comes another question for you!       
  what are your favorite crackers.demo  
  and swapper groups???                 
- crackers:I+T,LEGEND and at the moment 
           ACTION is really kickin ass !
  coders:BONZAI and CREST               
  swappers:F4CG and i think also we've  
           very fast and cool swappers !
+ and than ofcourse the single dudez!   
- s. cracker:DOC and POWERPLANT         
  s. coder:ZODIAC and CROSSBOW          
  gfx:GOTCHA and GBF                    
  music:LINK and A-MAN                  
+ and now a very lame one:who are your  
  best scene pals?(low quality,i know!) 
- ENIGMA/frank+pyle,ACTION/spt+jihad+   
  topic,VERDICT/nightshade...fuck you   
  it's 5 am in the morning...           
+ o.k.!since you're tired i'll wrap it  
  up now!i hope i didn't take too much  
  of your time!thanx for answering,dude!
- no problem pal,good night !           
boah,the night is still young so we've  
got another interview for ya!(yeeeaah!) 
BULLSEYE will take over now to give you 
an interview with EARTHSHAKER of SCL !! 
enjoy it!i'm off to get a coke!!!       
 + = BULLSEYE                           
 - = EARTHSHAKER                        
+ yoho michel,really cool here man.     
- ofcoz it's cool here coz we organised 
  the party!                            
+ alright,here comes the next question  
  tell us something about yourself.     
- well, my real name is michel bojawal, 
  i'm 17 years old,i'm about 1.87 meter 
  heigh and i don't smoke!              
+ i don't smoke either (haha !!)when did
  you enter the ruling 64 scene ??      
- i entered the scene about one year ago
  when i joined style! after that every-
  thing was getting better,bcoz after   
  that i joined paradize! and after that
  the following crews: akrak,death,ddt, 
  and now SILICON LIMITED!!             
+ so you have enter higher grade !!     
  what are your jobs in SILICON LTD ?   
- mainly swapping coz i am the new mega-
  swapper! i also design some covers for
  SILICON LTD! and i swap hot originals!
+ do you have enemies ?                 
- no, atleast i don't think so!         
+ i don't have enemies either.(i think  
  so !!) what is your favourite food and
  drink ?                               
- food: rice                            
  drink: coca-cola (pepsi sux)          
+ and what's your favourite demo and    
  cracker group ?                       
- well my favourite cracking group is   
  ofcoz: IKARI+TALENT and the ruling    
  demo group is: BONZAI.                
+ yes i agree with you.I+T is really on 
  the top and bonzai is back because    
  they made another cool demo.called    
  AMIGA WORKS 2.what are your future -  
  plans ?                               
- that's a hard one! i really don't know
  maybe i'm gonna buy an amiga when the 
  64 is getting bored,but that will not 
  happen very soon! and the rest! i     
  don't know!                           
+ who are your best friends in the 64   
  scene ?                               
- well, topic/wow,you,rcs/i+t,nsd/-v-,  
  troop/x-rated and ofcoz all my        
+ what do you think about the cops and  
  those post suckers ?                  
- cops are stupid pigs bcoz they took   
  my motorbike and now i must walk to   
  school! the dutch post are also some  
  stupid assholes bcoz they are always  
  fucking around with my mail!          
+ yes that's true.i sended a package to 
  PROWL/EX-RADIUS and he got an envelop 
  that wasn't filled with a cool disky. 
  they said that they didn't open the   
  package.assholes,they should burn in  
  HELL forever.let's go on with some    
  questions because i think i bore you  
  with this shit text.what do you think 
  about WOW ?                           
- i like the group! the last demo was   
  nice,but it could be better,like the  
  silicon demos! but your cracking work 
  is really cool,keep it going!         
+ we are just learning how to make some 
  cool demo's because we are actually a 
  crackergroup.did you also like the    
  strip-tease act ?                     
- ofcoz i liked it! i even took some    
  nice pictures from her! lekker he!    
+ you dirty bastard !! (just kidding !!)
  could you describe a lamer ?          
- a guy (or girl) who looks like a      
  normal pig! they smell like a real    
  pig (to shit)! and they steal discs!  
+ what's your favourite music ?         
- all kinds of metal,but especially     
  trash and death-metal (megadeth rules)
+ sounds good to me !! do you want to   
  greet someone,at last ?               
- everybody present on the party and    
  topic and you from wow!               
+ thanks for this bloody cool interview.
- no thanks dude!                       
so that was all for this month.it's now 
5:18 and i'm tired like DEATH           
if you would like to be interviewed then
you should write to these two addies.   
               or write to              
see ya all next month and don't forget  
to vote for us in the fucking mags !!!  
press fire!                             
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