Expansion 3 - Demo Reviews

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              demo reviews              
yoho here's BULLSEYE again with some    
nice demo's for you this month.we are   
now at the silicon ltd party so we have 
enough demo's that we can put in here.  
enough shit,let's start with the reviews
the first demo was made by those cool   
guys in BONZAI.it was called AMIGA WORKS
2.it's a digi demo with lots of cool    
music.the most digi's were mixed by WALT
they stroke really hard back to CREST.  
but this will be da last digi-demo from 
WALT.really shit because i like that    
digies very much.let's give some points.
            code: 9                     
          grafix: 8                     
          design: 9                     
           music: 10                    
         overall: 9.0                   
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