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well,finally we have an interview.due to
some problems beyond our control we did 
not have it in time for the first issue.
anyway,we hope you like the interview   
with a dude who rulez the charts in most
of the mags and is probably regarded as 
one of the best swappers of this moment.
the interview was between MORON/PRZ and 
+ =topic                                
- =moron                                
+ yo moron!                             
- yo topic,this is MORON (?!huh?)       
+ tell us about yourself(short please,i 
  hate to type a lot of text!)          
- I AM DA KING !!!!!!                   
  (hmmm.well,it is short...ed.)         
+ what are your jobs in PARADIZE and    
  DECADE ??                             
- in PRZ i'm a swapper with 200 CONTAX! 
  and in the past i cracked some games  
  for them aswell.in DECADE i'm MAIN(!!)
  importer and orginizer(ha!)           
+ who are your best scene pals?         
- topic/WOW(yeah!he's the best!?!ed.),  
  LIGHT,arcane/MANOWAR,da-one and krs/  
  VERDICT,action jackson/TRC,dense/????,
  punk exec./IKON VISUAL,infinity X-RAT-
  ED,bruce/ALC(huh?ed.),MEGA IND.crew,  
  POP crew,warlock+ironfist/BOYZ,HOUSE  
  crew,whole DECADE crew and lots more!!
+ who are the best ?? (scene)           
- demogroup: CREST,PARADIZE             
  crackergroup: IKARI+TALENT            
  musician: REYN OUWEHAND               
  gfx designer: GENIUS/PARADIZE         
  biggest lamer: thb/? ,razor+hawk/LEAD 
+ who are the best ??  (realtime)       
- magazine : PENTHOUSE,HACK-TIC         
  music: FAST EDDIE                     
  girl: bernadette (hehehe!)            
  movie: gremlins 1 and 2               
+ what do you think of the scene as it  
  is nowadays ?                         
- BAH!when people need to RIP an orrie  
  by saying they are a software'COMPANY'
  then what is the scene?LAME!BAH,these 
  weeks only few games released and so  
  far not one usa crack is heard off.   
  people like the one who phoned you up,
  spoil the scene!BAH!!!                
  (i totally agree,man!ed.)             
+ what country has the best scene ?     
- HOLLAND ofcoz,you shithead!we have da 
  best parties and cool demogroups!too  
  bad we don't have a kicking cracking- 
  group at the moment!BAH!              
  (oh?and what 'bout verdict?or hotline?
  they seem to be cool??ed.)            
+ what do you think about the (l)amiga? 
- only lamers who sell games!BAH!!!!!!  
  but you can make some cool things on  
+ what are your future plans?           
- setting up a BBS and going to a lot of
  parties in the VACATION.              
  i'll try to go to the DOM,FLT,SCL and 
  MEGA IND. party!also one in LONDON!!  
  (yeeeeaaaah!!!pary 'n' beer rules!ed.)
+ thank you very much for answering all 
  those shitty questions!               
- BAH!another mag!lame!!                
  haven't you got better things to do?? 
  like studying for your exams ?? BAH!  
  MORON-KING OF DA KINGS '91!!!         
  (well,extually i could do other things
  if it weren't for the fact that school
  is finished,my girly gone and my bank-
  account empty!ed.)                    
   the second interview was made by     
 + = BULLSEYE                           
 - = ACTION JACKSON                     
+ yoho action jackson                   
- hi,my friend                          
+ tell me something about yourself      
- i'm 22 years of age,own an amiga,vhs+ 
  c64 and play soccer in my spare time. 
+ when did you join THE RULING COMPANY  
- i didn't join trc+tbi.i fouded trc+tbi
  that was in april 1990 when i visited 
+ in which groups have you been before ?
- i only have been in the 'SPENCH'before
  nothing else.                         
+ have you got a girlfriend ?           
- yeah,i've got two since....i've monika
  abroad and natasha here.              
+ what's you favourite food ?           
- i like to eat hamburgers and shoarma  
+ what's yor favourite drink ?          
- when i'm out with my girlie i drink   
  beer and coca/malibu.                 
+ have you got other hobbies besides    
  playing with your computers.          
- yeah,i play soccer and score goals !! 
+ what are your functions in TRC+TBI ?  
- i'm the megaswapper,originalsupplier  
  and mag editor.                       
+ what's your favourite group ?         
- that depends...for demo's i like CREST
  the most because i like the idea's of 
  them.how they put it all together.    
  for cracking i see only one favourite,
  that's LEGEND.                        
+ are you going to copy parties ?       
- ofcoz ! but not too far from home,but 
  in the future i will try to visit the 
  HORIZON parties or other cool parties.
+ have you got enemies ?                
- yeah HOUSE DESIGNS.those lamers have  
  released our UNSOLD game SYNEX.       
+ who's the biggest lamer in the scene ?
- HOUSE DESIGNS !!!                     
+ which music do you like ?             
- i like house,hiphop+rapsounds.        
+ what do you think of the 64 scene     
  nowadays ?                            
- i think that it's a bit shit because  
  there are tool less games coming up   
  each month.if you forget those budget 
  GAME-ON cracks,what do you have left ?
  not much eh !                         
+ when did you enter the scene ?        
- i jumped in at 1985/1986.             
+ what are your future plans ?          
- i'll together with curse do a new     
  FRONTPAGE.we will make a super mag of 
  it !!                                 
+ who are yar best friends in the scene?
- that are: gotcha,shadow/LEGEND,falcon,
  krc/VERDICT,deff/ILLUSION,moron and   
  silco/PARADIZE,goblin/LIGHT,techno of 
  COMPAGNIONS,mr was/CHROMANCE and all  
  trc+tbi members.                      
+ thanx for this interview ?            
- same to you ! ciao,aj/trc.            
  if you would like to be interviewd    
  then write to one on the following    
 BULLSEYE/WOW        TOPIC/WOW          
you can also send your addy,cracks and  
demos to those addies!!!                
press fire!....                         
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