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another month has passed and a new issue
of 'expansion' is finished in time for  
the venlo meeting.since i finished      
school i made the new outfit 'n' gfx so 
that romeo can put the joystick rout.   
in(yeah,i'm a lousy coder,i know!!)     
anyway,here are the complete credits for
      intro: code  : TOPIC/WOW          
             gfx   :  "     "           
             chars :  "     "           
             music : DA-ONE/VERDICT     
      magazine: code : TOPIC/WOW        
                gfx  :  "     "         
                chars:  "     "         
                music: COAX/TOPAZ       
main editor of 'expansion' : TOPIC/WOW  
co-editor of 'expansion' : BULLSEYE/WOW 
if you want to send us your addy,demo or
crack you can send it to one of the     
following addresses.when you send a disc
please enclose a stamp so we can send it
back to you.                            
(TOPIC/WOW)          (BULLSEYE/WOW)     
well,that was the usual shit.this month 
a lot of cracks and demos were released.
the new outfit was finished and the new 
and very cool corruption came in my     
mailbox.ofcourse there were also some   
bad things like ALPHAFLIGHT not showing 
up at venlo to kick HITMEN(who are dead 
now anyway.ed.)                         
we in wow had 2 first releases and not  
many other warez.it seems that the dutch
section is the best!(he he!)            
but ofcourse our other kicking magazine 
(internal) will also be finished for    
venlo(i hope).i don't understand why you
don't vote for it.i mean,it's a nice mag
,isn't it??and i'm not saying this becoz
i'm in WOW at the moment but because i  
think it's a nice mag.just like ROCK 'N'
ROLE,MAMBA and some more magz.          
the best thing that happened to me this 
month is that i graduated.(so?who carez 
about that,lamer!ed.)                   
well,lets put some more WOW news inhere 
because i have lots of free memory and  
a lot of time.(oh my god!nooooooooo!ed.)
STORMLORD,the guy who wrote to the ZAPP 
is,as far as i know,not kicked from wow.
the three years demo is not finished and
will maybe be become a four years demo  
if the delay is any longer.(hi hi)      
well,befor i write things you shouldn't 
know i'll rap an end to this tekst,which
won't be read by anyone anyway,and go   
squeeze all the teksts.                 
see you next month,same mag,same topic, 
same group???                           
who knows,who carez!                    
press fire....                          
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