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howdy dude!in this chapter only 3 demos 
this time.i hope there will be more cool
demos in the next issue!don't forget:if 
you want your demo reviewed,SEND IT TO  
US!!(and don't forget to enclose a stamp
when you send a disc!)                  
Look in chapter 1 for our addy's!       
the first demo reviewed is from bonzai. 
LETHAL DISPLAY 4.this demo is really a  
very cool demo for your collection.it   
has some new effects and cool gfx.when u
like nice grafix the AMIGA RESOLUTION   
part should drive you crazy.also with of
a very high quality are the porn piccys.
besides that they made a nice dxypp (or 
whatever it's called) scroll.           
well,lets see my PERSONAL points for da 
             code   : 9                 
             grafix : 9                 
             music  : 7                 
             design : 8                 
             OVERALL: 8.25              
the next demo is also a sequeldemo.it's 
from CENSOR DESIGN and is called:       
WONDERLAND VIII.                        
this demo has some stunning grafix by 1 
of the best painters,DRAGON.too bad that
most of the gfx were used before.also   
less cool was that the same girl came   
back 3 times.but...the digi part was    
absolutly amazing!also the 2x2 dxypp(or 
whatever)was outstanding!and,yes,this d-
mo is also worth to have in your diskbox
and now some points....                 
             code   : 8.5               
             grafix : 7                 
             music  : 9                 
             design : 8                 
             OVERALL: 8.125             
the last demo is from LIGHT and has the 
funny name MY,OH MY!light has a lot of  
new or better effects and shows the true
art of design.most of the parts are very
cool indeed.the gfx by GOBLIN are also  
first class(why don't you vote for him?)
when you don't have this demo in your   
collection you aren't worth to be in the
scene.(remember:this is my personall and
objective oppinion!if you don't like it 
go fuck a duck!tpc)the part i liked most
was the filled vector part(realtime).   
so here are the points 4 this one....   
             code    : 10               
             grafix  : 8                
             music   : 8                
             design  : 9                
             OVERALL   8.75             
by the way,the music in the light demo  
was made by DANKO.                      
o.k.just to get things straight,here are
the overall charts of these 3 demos.    
          LIGHT       8.75              
          BONZAI      8.25              
          CENSOR DES. 8.125             
the marks are all very close and thats  
because all three demos are very cool   
and they deserve your votes!!           
press fire...                           
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