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News & Rumours

Welcome to one of the most read chapters, here we examine the latest happenings in the scene since the release of issue three, so apologies for any old news! Okay, let's get this on the way...

Single News:

  • Gizmo joined Accept.
  • Dr.Acid of Extend got busted for the third time.
  • The Censor board, Attraction, in Sweden, will re-open sometime in the near future.
  • Chg/Arcoss/PWA joined Accept.
  • Hightower joined Accept with his board "Divine Intervention and changed handle to "SoulKeeper".
  • Skyflash and Ziz of Oneway are currently working on a new assembler for C64 that can handle 10,000 lines and not 4096 like the Turbo Assembler. (!)
  • The Renegade Chemist, leader of Razor 1911 on Amiga quit the scene, but later returned to manage another group.
  • Pandora is now officially dead, a goodbye demo was released.
  • Altera/Ex-Vision joined Xenon.
  • Rooster/Dytec left them to be legal in Shape.
  • Druid and Compod of Agony made a new music label called Amorphis.
  • Morbid/[O+H] left the Focus music label Audial Tronic and restarted his own label, Sonic Screams.
  • Tyree/Legend, got busted for drug smuggling and has to spend time in prison for the next 8 years!
  • Apparently soon the new Pulse will be out once again edited by Duke/Ex-Regina from his brother’s house. Other editors will be Crossfire and Solar, apparently.
  • Scorpion/Ex-Contex joined The Sharks he might do a tune for the next Byterapers demo.
  • Brix & Echo of Comic Pirates along with L'Trimm of Talent joined Plush.
  • Morris, an old Norwegian megaswapper from Sex Express returned to the scene and joined Shape.
  • Booze/Extasy a former Dutch scener is planning a comeback.
  • Argos/Ex-G*P rejoined the now active Sunrise. (Ed: hope to see a demo from you guys!)
  • The Polish scener Cob/Cob Soft died of Meningitis.
  • Starkiller/Ex-AFL returned to the scene with his German board Cold Fusion. He joined Accept.
  • Diabolo apparently left Padua due to no time.
  • Sun Dancer/Ex-M8/Ex-Regina is at the moment on the run from the Danish government. The reason is a huge phone bill of 100,000 Danish crowns (about 25,000 German marks) that he built up during the last three months. As most people know he joined the PC scene and the group Razor 1911 under the claims that he had as many calling cards as he needs. But he did not! He called direct.
  • Blaze joined up with Xenon.
  • The German established old group Nemesis has been re-built by original members. Imperator (Ex-Sharks), Amputator (ex-Poison), Long Drink (ex-Poison), Mephisto (Ex-Pandora), Attraction (Ex-Pandora) and Sky (Ex-Pandora).
  • Rumours say that a new demo will come from Censor called Deep. Maybe more code from Bob, John, Alfatech?
  • Focus has been planning their legal version of Sh0ck for sometime now but no life sign yet from Mirage or The Dark Judge. An internet version would also be available called CyberSh0ck. Rumour also adds they might do a co-op demo with Padua soon.
  • The old English cracking group Laser died. Shuze left them as the group didn't quite pick up after Steve/AVT left the scene.
  • Fluid got rebuilt by original members including Tds.
  • Focus memberstatus: Hein Design, TDJ, JVD, Compyx, Mirage, Sander, Fonzie, MCA, Anorganic, Heathcliff, VJ, PDB and X-Byte.
  • D'arc/Topaz finally finished his army service and re-entered the scene. So some new Topaz productions are expected.
  • Ed/Wrath Designs is currently working on their new demo, Stupidity III.
  • Titanic/SCS+TRC left his legal group Agony.
  • AWT finally died. Most members restarted again with a new group called Cascade, apparently Thunderblade quit the scene.
  • As posted on several boards, apparently the November issue of Relax had a false interview with Manfred Trenz, coder of Turrican 1+2, Enforcer etc.. It was rumoured to be over two years old and some facts were described falsely, as Manfred himself stated. But this is only a rumour, yet.
  • Rebels died, most members joined up with Atlantis and their disk magazine Newspress died. The former editors of this magazine joined on the staffs of Immortal Flash and Metamorphosis. Artpress will also be released under ATL.
  • JAM also died with the 12th issue of their magazine called Jamaica. Former editors have gone to other magazines such as Arise/Triad and Immortal Flash/ATL.
  • Although Noice lost a lot of their original members to F4CG, Pantaloon and Organic joined them as coders. Heat/Ex-Noice rejoined them and Motion joined them. Noice: Swoffa, Mazy, Pantaloon, Organic, Stasi, Zalo, Doxx, Joyride, Liket, Zzap, Motion, Heat, Peace, Metal Maniac.
  • A new Australian crew is born called Nitros.
  • Trooper/Agony changed handle to Sonor.
  • Hardsequencer joined Dytec as a trader.
  • Active memberstatus: Surfer,Injun Inc,Trasher,Shade Riddler, Dexter,Artlace. The group is 6 years old as of May 1st 1995.
  • Great news! The C64 CD project is complete, all files have been created and we are ready to do the CD. The CD will contain well over 600 megs of data which includes. 4400+ games from 1982 to 1995 7700+ demos from 1986 to 1995 650+ utilities, copiers etc.. Various tools in MS Dos and Amiga format to manipulate and convert the images on the CD which are all in .D64 format. We also plan to upload monthly updates of the CD to a few Internet sites so your C64 collection will constantly be kept up-to-date. The price will be 35 sterling pounds which includes a copy of CD complete documentation and postage & handling internationally. We can not accept payment in foreign currencies. If you’re interested in the CD and wish to order a copy.. Send an email to.. "" - Dave/HIGH VOLTAGE & Bod/TALENT
  • The X-Raffi/Ex-X-Rated returned to the scene as a freelancer.
  • Congratulations to The Ignorance/AFL'70 on his marriage on May 26th. May their children be raised into a life of ICA (Ignorance's Cracking Academy).
  • Dytec died!!! Stone remained in Motiv8 and Dodger joined Onslaught & Hardcore. Its unknown where other members have gone!


  • Commodore was sold to Escom for 12 million dollars. They will again produce the Amiga and C64 for the Asian and Eastern European markets. This of course means an expansion in our current software & hardware.

Group News:

Alpha Flight 1970 (Ger,USA,Hol,UK)

A Very active group these days with lots of different things happening. Firstly Zapotek/Atlantis joined them as paper gfx'er and trader. Shuze/<C>/Laser joined in as a supplier and cracker. Things were going great, but then Skinhead and Skidrow shocked quite a few people with their announcement of leaving the flight for Avantgarde. Not long after though they left and rejoined back. An excellent cracker by the name of The Ignorance (formerly of X-Ray) joined in and also stayed in Onslaught, cracking for both groups. But arguments started and he left ONS to stop the fighting between both groups. Hoping to expand their NTSC capabilities both The Ignorance and Skinhead obtained NTSC chips.

The flight was in full effect with some members managing to call out full time. But then Peacemaker, Curlin, Racoon and Vortex left AFL and the scene at X-95, although Peacemaker still calls out occasionally, his BBS Mystical Paradise is down. Mutant-X found his way back to the flight and he may put up his board again soon. But at this stage remains inactive. The Evil Island went down due to lack of callers and support, but may go back up again soon. Lately a new edition to the flight comes from Russia, namely Disaster. Who'll help spread the wares.

The Evil Island 1-314/XXX-XXXX AFL HQ (down)
Holiday Inn Cambodia 1-510/XXX-XXXX AFL WHQ

Marc-The Ignorance-Calypso-Aggressor-Face-Honesty-Arne-Max-Murphy-Ream-Ancient Mariner-Stash-Styx-Leeway-Pol Pot-Secret Man-Skinhead-Xenox-Skidrow-Mutant X-Disaster-Zapotek.

Atlantis (Ger,USA,Hol)

As usual many changes and ups and downs appear in this large group. Firstly Mr.Giga/Ex-Astral joined in as megaswapper. With the death of Rebels came some extra members: Artlace (code,gfx) Dano (gfx,code) Dave (paper gfx) Dr Who (gfx,swap) Neotec (mag,swap) Tuc (crack,gfx, code,swap) Xposer (swap) Zapotek (swap,paper gfx). The paper magazine Artpress became Atlantis product. Former editors of the now dead Newspress will help in the comeback of the cool Immortal Flash. Zapotek left them soon after for Alpha Flight. A German scener from Laxity called Didi joined in as a swapper and cracker. One of their musicians, Skull, left them for Chromance. But some good news to end things and that’s the return of Dr. Disc to the scene and to Atlantis. Also Aegis (code,swap) and Agemixer (composer) joined in. Human left them for Hardcore.

Fortress of Doom 1-908/XXX-XXXX ATL WHQ
Power Engine +41/64-815034 ATL EHQ


They now seem to give quite a production line up with the expanded memberstatus: Namely Immortal Flash, Art Press and Metamorphosis.

Avantgarde (Ger,USA,UK,Swi)

Still going strong even though a lot of these group members are inactive to a degree. Nastiness Inc left the group to start a new crew called Angry. Apparently he was about to be kicked anyway. Eliminator decided to stay in but still serve H/P wise for Onslaught and to help phreak wise with AVT. He later gained an Amiga and quite the scene for a brief two weeks, but then returned. Both Skidrow and Skinhead joined in, but a week or so later returned back to Alpha Flight. (ED: odd move!). Rumours persisted of Secret Man also joining, but these are false. Dream Park became the AVT world HQ shared with F4CG. The sysop Cyborg joined both AVT & F4CG and rumours say he might fix soon for F4CG.

Jack Alien gained a NTSC chip and has done some fixing lately. (ED: hi Kirby!)

Additional support was given to the Dream Park BBS gfx department with Chameleon doing some splendid artwork to touch up the board. He later decided to also join. Steve never left the United Kingdom as things fell through major with his USA trip/marriage. A nightmare phone call ended this on Christmas eve when someone told him she was already married. This in fact is NOT true! The bride to be at that Christmas period was taken to hospital for stomach operations and her house friend was interrupted whilst stealing belongings from her house by a call from Steve. She told him some lies and abandoned the house. Steve is currently in Wansworth/London and is trying to raise the funds to establish a toll free 0800 line.

Intruder joined in as a megaswapper. AVT's fixing problems seemed to 'fixed' with the joining of Suicide. This person's identity for unknown reasons is kept a guarded secret, although maybe he was Burner??! There is still no news on the return of Prodigy or the Terminal Obsession BBS from Florida.

Dream Park 1-619/XXX-XXXX AVT + F4CG WHQ

Cyborg-Decilon-Deff-Derbyshire Ram-Eliminator-Freestyle-Hok-Intruder-Ironcat-JackAlien-JackDaniels-Nevis-Peter-Skywolf-Suicide-Thorn-Tricom and Chameleon. (active list)

Still no plans on the Corramba magazine, although a outfit has supposably been in the making for quite sometime. The magazine should come soon.

Chromance (Hun,Ger,Hol)

The Hungarian based group as taken a huge decline but has attempted to rebuild itself and will not die. Shuze/Laser joined and accidentally supplied some games to Success*TRC, he later left and joined AFL. Mr. Wax now in the army still manages to direct the group and release the occasional game.

Stake left them to join Onslaught, he had been back billed on some blue boxing with a $500,000 phone-bill he doesn't have to pay this though and still calls the internet. Edge of Midnight still remains down but should go back online soon. Probably their most active member, Homeboy joined Onslaught and pushed Chromance back to second, both him and Stake will still support Chromance as Onslaught are on very terms with them.

The American phreaker/musician/sysop known as Sphere joined them for a brief period of time but later left for Onslaught. The cool programmer Fuben joined in also but left to Oxyron's offer. Chromance takes on a steady rebuild and gained all of Accept Design. Also Skull/Atlantis joined as a musician followed by two Hungarians Jaydee and Janee.

Edge Of Midnight 1-609/XXX-XXXX <C> WHQ (down)
The Highway +46/XXXXXXX <C> EHQ

Mr.Wax-JazzyD-HomeBoy-Lion-Will-Griff-PainKiller-Jinx-Xradical-Zar-Syco-Amc-Wozio-Joyride-Unholy-RugRat-Rough-Skull-Jaydee-Janee and Accept Design.

Equinoxe (Ger,Swe,Hol,Pol)

Some movements are monitored in this active German based group. Doc Stoned changed handle to Explicit. Wildfire/Ex-ARCADE re-entered the scene and joined in. Apis left the scene while Echo left them for Plush. Also R.B./3lux joined as a Polish cracker. Their magazine "Ingenious Brain" merged with the Fairlight mag, "Reformation" and created a joint EQX+FLT production called "Shout". Other coop releases are also planned. Stan left them for TRSI.

Wares Aquarium +46/XXXXXXX Shout+FLT WHQ
Future Zone +46/XXXXXXX EQX+FLT HQ

Agnus Dei-Antifan-BitBreaker-Chash-Chipsi-Explicit Grafee-Jack-Jayz-MrFriese-MrWarp-Olsen-Parson-Pollux-R.B.-Uranov and Wildfire.

Excess (Ger,Usa,Hol)

This group as lately seen some rough times, to start with the leader, Sentinel, left to remain independent. The leadership was handed over the Red Rock. Sentinel will still support Excess in some ways from time to time. They lost Intruder to Avantgarde. Bordeaux/Ex-Acrise returned to the scene and joined Accept but later joined Excess as a swapper. Relax #9 said that Authentic joined Onslaught, but this is in fact false, and he still remains in the group. Liquid left the scene to concentrate on his X-ample programming. Mr. Rage also left the scene but will most likely return soon. Sgt Pepper returned to them and H-Bloxx/F4CG joined as a trader.

Deadzone 1-215/XXX-XXXX Excess WHQ
Sanitarium +49/XXX-XXXXXX Excess+Nitro EHQ

Fairlight (Swe,Aus,Pol)

A great many happenings from this old group, firstly Pharao (ex-Bungalow/Jam) joined as a swapper. Moonchild/Fatum from Poland joined as a cracker. Iceball decided to join in from Motiv8 but after 2 weeks rejoined M8. Rage & Volunteer joined on trial but later left Flt for the German group Hardcore. Reformation merged with Ingenious Brain from EQX and a new magazine was born called "Shout". Sledge took over leadership reasonability’s from Bacchus.

Wares Aquarium +46/XXXXXXX FLT+Shout WHQ
Future Zone +46/XXXXXXX EQX+FLT HQ

Avalon-Bacchus-Enduro-Gerwin-Grayhawk-Harlekin-Highlander-Moonchild-Ogami-Pharao-Red Devil-Rowdy-Sledge-Spirou-Tabasco-Tron-Vodka and Watchman.

F4CG (Bel,Ger,Pol,Swe,Aus)

Big movements in this growing force since last issue. Deathlok/Onslaught joined in as graphician and musician. They finally gained a NTSC fixer from Australia called Cerebus (Ex-Messiah) who has done some good work so far. H-Bloxx left them for Excess as swapper. Druid/Agony/F4CG left them to concentrate on programming games, but we can guess who gets these! King is starting to call out again and he promises soon an Italian full price game. Bitman got busted for hacking internet accounts and same with Hain, who had some problems with the phone company also. Sh0cking news reached through the Swedish boards, through internet then finally everywhere else which reported the death of brilliant graphician Scope/F4CG. He fell into a subway and was killed on March 16th at 6am. Investigations are currently taking place to see if it was indeed murder.

F4CG got a new WHQ after the failed rejuvenation of Tunnel of Wares, this time Dream Park, which they share with AVT. Cyborg the sysop later joined both F4CG and AVT and may NTSC fix for the group in the future. Many members left the Swedish legal group Noice, to join, these were: Total Chaos, Draz, Devil, Decoder & Goz. A demo has already been released (ED: reviewed in this issue) which was also dedicated to Scope. Zirco left them for Storm as a musician.

Dream Park 1-619/XXX-XXXX F4CG+AVT WHQ

Bitman-Cerebus-Deathlok-Draz-Devil-Decoder-Fen1-Goz-Hain-Idol-King-Maja-Morris-Motley-Mr.Alpha-Newscopy-Neotec-Playboy-Sneaper-Solar-Spark-Total Chaos and Walker.

You've reached end of section one, load the next chapter for more of the latest scene news…


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