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Domination Issue #4

Chill-mode edition - dedicated to the memory of Mathias 'Scope' Vinsa.

Finally its back, after some usual magazine delay a whole new issue is in front of you! Basically a whole new outfit with many improvements and new features, a job well done by the DOM-coding-crew. New graphics, exclusive music and a compilation of text to cover all areas of the scene.

Delays, a small delay was taken with the organization and of a disconnected phone line! You can imagine how angry I could have been when my phone line was cut for a minor phone bill. But of course this was paid and things returned to normal. You may have also noticed that I’ve switched groups and the organization of this major project also takes up a great deal of time.

Domination issue #04 technical realisation details

Intro code: Shades/[O+H]
Intro music: PVCF/Reflex
Intro graphics: Scope/F4CG
Mag code: Hain/F4CG & Shades/[O+H]
Mag gfx: Carrion/Elysium
Domination logo: Dane/Triad
Outlay & design: Hain/F4CG
Proportional font: Brush/Ex-Talent

Exclusive music: Kristian Røstøen/Blues Muz', ES/Blues Muz', Gaston/TIA, SMC/TIA, Deek/Crest, Laxity/Vibrants, Scortia, Metal/Vibrants

General editor: Jazzcat/[O+H]

Guest editors: Crossfire/Motiv8, Freestyle/Avantgarde, Mason/Motiv8, Splatterhead/SCS+TRC, Overdose/WP, Rage/[O+H], Bizarre/[O+H], Spectator/SCS+TRC

Domination official spreaders: Calypso/Amnesia/AFL, Splatterhead/SCS+TRC, Bizarre/[O+H], Spermbird

All work is done exclusively for the magazine. Combined talents forged this issue, and I personally thank all people responsible. Hopefully you as the reader can see something that sways your pen into the right direction on the votesheets, as these people deserve credit.

If you wish to contribute to this magazine in any form and keep to the style of this outfit. Graphics: menu logos, intro cover pic (any format). Music: 1000-2000 (any speed). Articles, comments, reactions and advertisements can be placed in email or by regular mail at the Editorial address in the advertisement chapter. All articles have to be written as non-biased and objectively as possible. Let's take a look at what we have in-line this issue...

Table of Contents

Editorial: Mag credits/Ed's say
News & Rumours 1+2: Latest scene happenings
The List: First Release List
Charts: International Scene Charts
Interview I: Ed of Wrath Designs
Interview II: Mason of Motiv8
Interview III: The Ignorance of AFL'70
USA Scene: Boards, fixing and latest news
In the net: Internet special
H/P & Anarchy: Phone tricks & illegal swing
Advertisements: Scene Addresses
Bored Talk: Latest BBS wars/ragging
Game Scene: A closer look at the game scene
Slag Back: Tribune editors getting a bash
Party Time: Scene party reports & info
Mag Reviews 1+2: Reviews of latest publications
Demo Reviews 1+2: Latest demonstration coverage
Reactions: Your say on the Domination
Summary: Greetings and finale

This edition is labelled as the "Chill-Mode" issue, with all work is totally dedicated to my friend who tragically died on March 16th in the early morning. SCOPE of F4CG was an inspiration to the younger generation of the scene and with his departure we lose a great friend, a cool scener and a brilliant graphician. One of his last works can be viewed in the intro picture he painted for me. I consider him, along side Cruise/Taboo, to be one of the modern IFLI masters. This issue is for you Mathias, may you rest in peace.

I've decided to do some extended voting categories for this and future issues. People may also now vote for... Top 5 Scener, Top 5 BBS, world-wide. Here are the first results of these new divisions, votes were taken from the boards in email from approximately 20-25 sceners.

Top 10 Boards world-wide

1# Dream Park 619/XXX-XXXX Avt+F4CG WHQ 114 pts
2# Down By Law 203/XXX-XXXX [O+H] WHQ 91 pts
3# The Dungeon 214/XXX-XXXX SCS&TRC WHQ 75 pts
4# Holiday Inn Cambodia 510/XXX-XXXX AFL WHQ 47 pts
5# The Pirate Island +49/XXXXXXXX [O+H] EHQ 41 pts
6# Dead Zone 215/XXX-XXXX Excess WHQ 28 pts
7# Wares Aquarium +46/XXXXXXX FLT WHQ 26 pts
8# The Evil Island 314/XXX-XXXX AFL HQ 23 pts
9# Escapade +49/XXXXXXXXXX AFL EHQ 18 pts
10# Westpoint +45/XXXXXXXX [O+H] SHQ 14 pts

Top sceners world-wide

1# NightShade/SCS+TRC 64 pts (Hol)
2# Deff/Avantgarde 38 pts (Ger)
3# CBA/TRC+SCS 28 pts (Hol)
4# Newscopy/F4CG 24 pts (Swe)
5# Solar/F4CG 23 pts (Bel)
6# Coolhand/SCS+TRC 19 pts (USA)
7# Moren/SCS+TRC 17 pts (Hol)
8# Trouble/Excess 13 pts (USA)
9# Cyborg/F4CG/Avantgard 9 pts (USA)
10# Bizarre/[O+H] 6 pts (Ger)

For some of you, please excuse these charts, as all votes were from the boards, so naturally board people (only) were voted for.

That's about it for this chapter, make a cup of coffee and relax with the new issue of Domination, enjoy!


The Domination Team.

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