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...and its party time!!

Boozing, smoking, music and women. All of some of the pleasures we in the scene indulge ourselves every once and a while. But what better way to advertise for such gatherings than in the Domination! This issue we have selected party reports from the Christmas and New Year period and also some new party fliers which have been brought to this magazine from those distributed at Herning and Tribute '94. Now over to sledge of Fairlight...

Tribute '94 party summary by Sledge/Fairlight.

Firstly I can hardly remember anything of it in detail. I’ll just do some sort of points detail: (because of alcoholic consumption at the party :))

  • 250 people (nearly) came to the party which was located in GBG in a school. Only 170 did pay, so rumours say.

  • Discount 2000 was there and showed off the Flash8 card with software to it like demos, games and a special assembler for it that can handle 7500 lines and use the native instructions of the 16-bit CPU (same as in the C65 and SNES). Oneway coded like hell to get their Byteboiler Flash8 ready, but they didn't get it working 100 percent. (it's going to be released soon anyway)

  • Groups like: Fairlight, Triad, Genesis Project, Avantgarde, Noice, Censor, Camelot, Plush, Byterapers, Oxyron, Light, Delta, Active, Chromance and Shape were there among with all the fake labels like Tapir, LSD, Afrika etc...

  • The coder of the Moz(ic)art editor was also there, real drunk and stripped for the people... he showed his dick! haha!

  • Tribute must have been the best boozing party ever in the C64 history and the feeling was on top under the jeopardy competition with guys like: Bob/Censor, Alfatech/Triad and Geggin/Censor doing a real nice show under the jeopardy competition... Bod/Talent never heard the questions and Alfatech told him the answers..:)

  • the promised bar and nightclub with disco was cancelled. many guys were disappointed about it. but as there were plenty of pizzeria places and a booze-store nearby they had quite fun anyway.

  • the demo competition was a sad chapter. with only 2 cool demos: Byteraper's and Oxyron's. the rest was just a show of old 80's demo coding.

  • graphics compo was real nice, and there were hardly any bad picture.

  • music compo was great, mostly, the best was ofcoz the one from EVS/20CC who won too.. and that was it, one of the best boozing parties ever!

Comments: a pity about the demo contribution, but this was made up for in Herning. but onto the future...


A party by SCS+TRC+Focus..!

Another party brought to you by the organizers of the first Silicon parties. we have the same place to our exposal so you know what to expect. the entrance fee will amount 25 guilders (dutch money only!). we are opened from April 22th at 13:00, to April 23rd at 17:00. the info is not final as somethings have not been arranged yet. that is also the reason why prices are not listed here. the official invitation will soon be spread on C64+PC.

the party will feature: a demo competition for pc and c64. a performance by Jeroen Tel. a lot of c64 celebrities from the past. a cosy party place. a place to watch video. a sleeping area (who wants to sleep?) and a hell of a lot more...

compo rules: a demo for the PC and C64 may not exceed 5 minutes. Every group can participate with as many demos as they want, but only one per coder. the demo may not have been released before. Reservations: you must make reservations as the party place gives room to about 300 persons. send (or upload) your name, handle, group, place and country to the following address:


+31/(0)XXXX-XXXXX (PC)
+31/(0)XXXX-XXXXX (C64)

Snailmail to:
3527 EA Utrecht

or call the party place itself on Friday from 20:00 to 24:00 cet on +31/(0)XXXX-XXXX for more info. do not call on any other day or time than specified!!. more info to be found in x-95,zip and the C64 note which will be released soon.

comments: this info was taken from a flier spread at The Party 1994 in Herning. Over to the next party flier...

Saturne party 3

15-16-17 April 95

Amiga - PC - Falcon - C64 - Video VHS

The party is held in France (Paris) at the Parc Floral, into a very pleasant natural environment (about 70 acres of green-space) very accessible and free parking. the main room is able to welcome more than 8000 people and you'll find at your comfort lots of WC, showers, sinks and public phones. (calling cards too?)

A bar is open 24 hours a day with sandwiches, pizza's, drinks.. at very low prices. and comfortable and noiseless independent room, allows you to take a rest or to sleep quietly. a reception desk is set for any information you'd need, to receive any message or any disk and video tape to be shown on gigantic screen. a computer show is held simultaneously nearby, where you'll be able to find hardware, disks and devices... the Saturne party 3 opens on Saturday 15th of April at 10:00AM, and will close on Monday 17th of April at 14:00PM. how to get there: by tube: Ligni N1 Chateau de Vincennes until Chateau Yincennes stations, get out at Nogent/Park Floral, follow the signs. By bus: Ligne N112 get out at Parc Floral station. By rail: Ligne a Vincennes station, follow the signs. By car: at 5 mn of the ring road of Paris, get out at Porte de Vincennes, Porte Doree, Porte de Charenton; at 5mn of the highway A4, get out at join(t)ville the follow the road 'Route de la Pyramide' about the party: the Saturne Party 3 is designed to be the worlds biggest party!!! Medias will be present (press, radio and TV) and will cover the whole event. lots of professionals will be there looking for talented young people. for the first time, a competition on video-tapes is organized (demo, video, animation, synthetic movies..).

Demo C64:
1st: 1100$
2nd: 725$
3rd: 550$

Demo Amiga:
1st: 5450$
2nd: 3625$
3rd: 2725$

Demo PC:
1st: 1800$
2nd: 1350$
3rd: 900$

Amiga demo: standard A1200 (2mb chip memory without hard drive.) PC demo: 486DX 33mhz Visa Local BUS, 4MB ram, Sound Card Sound Blaster Pro or Gravis Ultra Sound. video output VGA (31 KHZ)

C64 demo: standard Commodore 64.
- everyone who wants to compete must be present at the party. - a same crew can present several demos but only one per coder. competitions in Sensible Soccer and Doom will take place in the internal network. Surprise competitions.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are forbidden at the party. anybody that makes trouble will be kicked out immediately!

Comments: this invitation was taken from a flier spread at The Party 1994 in Herning. Besides the listed competitions there will be held also for Falcon, Videom PC gfx, Amiga gfx and more.

Next issue will feature some extensive reports on Herning and Tribute '94 from Freestyle and Splatterhead! The Domination staff wishes all a very good party time, be there and stay active.

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