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  Top releasing groups:
  Top releasing groups:<br/><br/>
  Pos: Group:      Pts:  Releases:<br/>
  Pos: Group:      Pts:  Releases:<br/>

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The List

Yes - this is the chapter most of you loaded first, I don't care really on this but it's very popular nowadays so I have included it. Firstly, I will be doing all the counting and checking of first releases and some reliable American friends will be responsible for the testing of the NTSC fixes. Let's start with the rules and regulations.

Domination release chart rules

The points system:

0.1 - 0.9 Preview
2.x Low budget (Game on, public domain, Commodore Force/Format)
3.x Budget (Markt und Technik, CP Verlag)
5.x Full Price (US Gold, Ocean, System 3)
-5 For a re-release of any category of ware -1 for a fix file or a second 100% fix by the same group.

Quality points are also allocated, taken into consideration is the game play and the general quality of a ware. 0.0 to 0.9 points are added to the total points based on the quality of the ware. Fake group wares will not be counted.

The NTSC/PAL system:

2 points will be added to the total of a first release which was not released on PAL before, if the fix isn't 100% then the PAL only points are counted plus a -1 deduction for the non-100% fix. 1 point is given for a 100% fixed game which was released on PAL and then fixed afterwards. To gain this point the fix must be put out on the major boards within 4 weeks of the PAL version being first released. If not, the fix will get 0.5 point. Games over 6 months old will not be counted at all, but of course they still receive the honour of being mentioned.

A NTSC/pal fixed ware must work on both pal and NTSC without any difference, without flickers or any slowing down.

Other notes:

No points are given to games made using any kind of game maker such as SEUCK, Game Maker, GAC or Quill.

A version of a non-English game which is brought out within 6 weeks of the original release AND is 100% English translated will receive the first release points plus a bonus of 1 point for the translation. no bonus points are given if the translation is not decent.

A first release is counted if it is spread on the majority of these major US boards:

The Shaolin Temple/Legend + TSM WHQ
Holiday Inn Cambodia/AFL1970 + Domination WHQ
The Forum/Avantgarde WHQ
Terminal Obsession/Avantgarde EHQ
Down By Law/Talent WHQ
The Dungeon/SCS+TRC WHQ
Tunnel of Wares/F4CG+20CC WHQ

If problems still arise the following other major boards will be taken into consideration:

Edge of Midnight/Chromance HQ
Forplay/Talent HQ
The Evil Island/Chromance WHQ

The 24 hour rule:

In case a group spreads their ware on 3 major boards only and the other groups spreads their version on the remaining majority of counted boards, then the first group gets the points if the time difference is at least 24 hours, less than that and the second group gets the points if its ware is on the majority of counted boards.

Other notes part 2:

No points are allocated to things such as docs files or special bonuses, but it will be mentioned that the group added anything to the original ware such as music, docs or any bug fixing.

If the game is in dire need to be level packed or trained in anyway and the group does not do this then that version is not counted as a first release and the next level packed and/or trained version will be counted. This rule is only brought in if it's necessary.

Let's begin…

Alpha Flight Points: 23 Rank: 5

The flight are still holding on despite many people foretelling of their fall. Firstly they released COSMIC HERO (4.5) from LK Avalon plus fixed and translated shortly after. They released a German full price game called MAGIC OF ENDORIA (6.4) which was also translated (+1). Next came a game from Tim Soft called LATER (3.5) which was also fixed. After a long period with no releases, they finally released LEMON BLUES (4.4) which was again fixed by Skidrow. Many weeks past before the next bunch of Markt und Technik wares were released and AFL grabbed most of them, firstly BOUNCY CARS (2.4) followed straight after by an updated preview of the Cosmos Designs' HEAVEN BOUND PRV (0.8) then moving along with IMPEROID PRV (0.5). Just recently came the preview from the German section of Bad Bytes called SWIRL PRV (0.5). A nice haul of wares and a very active period.

Atlantis Points: 0.8 Rank: 13

After a music collection they finally came back out with a ware after gaining a US board, LUDWIG MYSTIFY PRV (0.8).

Avantgarde Points: 52.8 Rank: 1

This crew put up quite a fight and came out on top, to start with ENTITY (4.5) a New Entry game which was fixed. Followed very shortly after by OXYD (2.3). Another Digital Excess ware was released, namely POLONAESE (3.5) which was also translated. A cool game from Direct Designs called LATENT FUSION (4.7) plus fixed by Pudwerx. Then after a while came PUSH IT (3.6) which was fixed after the PAL first from Chromance, which was soon followed by HARDFIRE PRV (0.7) and a Twice Effect game called TITBITS II (5.7) which was also fixed. Next came a co-op release with Excess of NOVA II (4.5) plus fix and later the separate intro (also fixed). In a few days time a nice little UK budget game called SQUARE SCAPE (4.6) from MP Soft plus NTSC fix. After this some more UK wares, PENGUIN TOWER PRV (0.6) from Problem Child (D'arc/Topaz) and CITY BOMBER PRV (0.7) from Visualize, incidentally this preview was fixed by Demonix. Next came another AVT+Excess dual release of ORACLE II (4.5) from APS and fixed by Pudwerx. Another preview this time KITRON PRV (0.5) and a Commodore Force game called REAXION (4.3) plus fix. A nice game from Visualize called ESCAPE FROM ARTH (5.5) plus fix and then just recently the awaited BUBBLE MANIA (2.6). A very progressive release schedule allowed them to take the number one.

Airwolf Team Points:3.6 Rank: 11

A sole release by them which I myself uploaded (from the mail-scene) onto Down By Law called MEGA STARFORCE REMIX (3.6) a remixed version of the old X-Ample game with extra gfx and music.

Chromance Points: 32 Rank: 3

To start with a translated version of the BIW game COSMIC BUSINESS (3.1) followed by the nicely translated MARSH FIGHTER (4.7). A Xerox Designs game called SMARTRIS PRV (0.4) was put on the boards followed by LOGIC (4.4) from CP Verlag plus fix. Then came PUZZLACKI (3.5) which needed a fix file (-1). Another LK Avalon game preview hit the streets, this time NOCTURNO PRV (0.6) followed by MILLMANIA (3.6) from CP Verlag and fixed by PSI. The second Tim Soft game was finally out called UNDER THE GROUND (4.5) plus fix by Lion. Unfortunately they did a re-release of DEEP IN SPACE PRV (-5) but came back shortly with the Vermes game called WHEEL OF FORTUNE (4.4) plus fix from PSI, later the intro was upped separately. After a long time the old game KILLING FIELDS (3.4) was finally fixed for NTSC by PSI. Then just of late, one of the best games this year was released on a double sided preview disk called NEWCOMER PRV (0.9). A very cool session, surely to be continued next issue.

Excess Points: 11.4 Rank: 7

A great little rush from this crew allowed them to enter the charts with a few dual releases with AVT, namely NOVA II (4.5) plus fix and then ORACLE II (4.5) plus fix from APS Soft. And just of late a sole release of STEEL HEROS (2.4) from CP Verlag to finish off.

F4CG Points: 28.6 Rank: 4

After some delay the flow started with COLOR MANIA (3.5) fixed by Chromance and then LINGOS (3.5) which was fixed by their friends in TSM. Next came MEMOMANIA (3.5) fixed also by Chromance and DRIP PRV (0.7). Then a nice little title called ARCTIC HUNT (4.5) from LK Avalon and fixed by TSM. And their latest release from F4CG Italy called DYLAN DOG (4.6) plus NTSC fixed by TSM. A nice selection and good help from the US scene.

Legend Points: 5.8 Rank: 10

A standalone release this issue with the Twice Effect game FIRE FOX (5.8). Good quality releases still coming from this old crew.

Motiv8 Points: 32.9 Rank: 2

A lot of releases this time from the motivated ones, to start with a plethora of previews, AVOID EM PRV (0.4) and then ARC ANGEL PRV (0.5) from CP Verlag were released before their first full game CRANMORE DIAMOND CAPER (-) which was made using a game editor. Then the previews continued with JUMP KID PRV (0.5) from CP Verlag and then also PROTOTYPE PRV from Double Density. After these a re-release of THE RACING MANAGER (-5) and a 100% version of ORB (3.4). After this came the mediocre METEOR (4.4) from CP Verlag plus fix and a Double Density game BALL LAND II (4.4). Some nice tools were released for the DMC 5 music editor, which was the DMC 5 UNPACK/PACK (-) and then a game not worth leeching called SPACE SHOOT OUT (4.3) which was also followed by MOVE THE STONED III (2.4) and a digital excess game called ADDGAR (3.5) which was released before the SCS+TRC version and fixed by TSM. And just of late they released the full version of FIELD OF HADES (5.5) from Ninjitsu Designs and fixed also for NTSC. Their last ware to date was another tool, this time ICE WRITER 4.1 (-) a good strong release of wares but as always followed by much controversy.

Nirvana Points: 3.2 Rank: 12

Some say that this group is both Cavron and X-Radical under fake handles but anyway only one release from them called HELL FIGHTER (3.2) fixed by Chromance.

Palace Points: -6.3 Rank: 16

A very bad time for these guys with a few mistakes made by their modem traders. Firstly a 100% version of ENZYME (3.7) and then some re-releases of SNAKE ATTACK (-5) and LEMON BLUES (-5).

Shazam Points: -2 Rank: 15

A good start with ZUILDER ZEE (2.1) and then GENOCIDE PRV (0.5) from Lightstorm and closely followed by SHATTERLANDS PRV (0.5) from First Blood Entertainment, but then all was lost with JETPACK (-5). Concentration is the key and if they keep their heads smiles will avail.

Slash Designs Points: 0.4 Rank: 14

There only ware making it to Down By Law was DEEP IN SPACE PRV (0.4).

Success+TRC Points: 12.1 Rank: 6

Some nice releases this issue, starting with MISFORTUNE PRV (0.7) from Bad Bytes and then TRODDLERS PRV (0.7) from Storm. A shared release with AVT allowed ENTITY (4.5) plus fix also to score points under the SCS+TRC label. A very poor LAZER DUEL PRV (0.3) was put out followed by ZIP/UNZIP (-) from Steve. Then came a re-release of BAK PAKKER (-5) which is in the same comparison as Allan Border's Cricket, text changed but just the same as the original game. A game from Magic Disk called PUZZLEMANIA (4.4) was released and fixed followed at the same time by the full game of WIZLAND (2.4) and just recently they did their second version of MAYDAY (4.4) plus fix from Demonix. A good lot of wares and enough activity to keep this co-op alive and well.

Talent Points: 8.7 Rank: 9

They released some really great wares with the shoot-em up BOOM (3.9) from Brainstorm Software and a nice tool called GODOT 2 (-). A great Golden Disk game from Double Density called SHOGUN (4.8) was put out but later with a fix file (-1) they finished of with some cool utilities, BAM-ZIP (-) and MORPH 64 (-). Some quality stuff still from the talented ones.

TRSI+Dytec Points: 9.4 Rank:8

The co-op came with a few releases starting with DYNABOYS PRV (0.7) and then a ware I again uploaded from the mail-scene so that the board-scene would see called BURNING STARS PRV (0.7). After a short while they came back with a Markt und Technik game called CHEEKY TWINS II (2.6). COSMOX PRV (0.7) a cool Cosmos Designs game, followed by the full version of COSMOX (4.7) which was NTSC fixed by Talent. A nice quality release rate is a sign that things are going good for this co-op.

Top releasing groups:

Pos: Group: Pts: Releases:
1 Avantgarde 52.8 16
2 Motiv8 32.9 15
3 Chromance 32 12
4 F4CG 28.6 6
5 Alpha Flight 23 8
6 SCS+TRC 12.1 9
7 Excess 11.4 3
8 TRSI+Dytec 9.4 5
9 Talent 8.7 4
10 Legend 5.8 1
11 Airwolf Team 3.6 1
12 Nirvana 3.2 1
13 Atlantis 0.8 1
14 Slash 0.4 1
15 Shazam -2 4
16 Palace -6 3

Top NTSC/PAL fixing groups:

Pos: Group: Pts: Releases:
1 Avantgarde 40.1 9
2 Chromance 30.5 8
3 TSM 26.7 6
4 Motiv8 18.6 4
5 Talent 9.5 2
6 SCS+TRC 8.9 2
7 PSI 7 2
8 Demonix 4.4 1

A very nice few months on the c64 release scene, proving that we still rule with plenty of releases, soon more quality games and maybe a few more full-pricer's - who knows? In this session there were 55 full game releases and 26 previews released. Let's hope this continues, until next issue...

In hell I'll burn...

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