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News and Rumours

Welcome to perhaps my most favourite chapter, here we can find the latest scene happenings, rumours and spelling mistakes. The news will be published in A-Z format counting in the major cracking groups of the scene, followed by a separate section where other group's status and one-liners can be found.

Let's throw a spanner in the works...

Alpha Flight 1970 (Ger, Fin, Pol)

Another very active session this time for the flight, they lost their world headquarter 'The Evil Island' to Chromance but in return gained the old Arcade board 'Holiday Inn Cambodia' which runs on C*Base mod and the sysop is Pol Pot (Dave), they also gained the Excess board 'Escapade' which also runs on C*Base and is held by Xenox, (ex-Iron/Excess). Their long serving graphician RRR finally left them to remain in Oxyron only, although he will continue to support them.

The flight recruited some more members, namely Centurion/Charged and Ream/Accuse as crackers. Ramirez left them to join up with the cool guys in Talent and Hawk/Prescence and Leader/ex-Hysteric joined in as coders. On the board front they are not to active with just a few members calling out, lack of codes? or lack of activity? it is unknown. Boosted support was found with the return of their supplier Secret Man and Diamond joining the flight as his third group.

As usual, time will tell.

Alpha Flight 1970 memberstatus:
Marc, Max, Murphy, Styx, Stash, Honesty, Hawk, Skidrow, Aggressor, Starkiller, Secret Man, Leeway, Xenox, Centaurion, Supreme, Leader, Ream, Sys, Diamond, Dark, Arne, Mario, Darius and Spectator.

Alpha Flight 1970 boards:
Holiday Inn Cambodia XXXXXXXXXXXX WHQ


Avantgarde (Ger, USA , UK, Fin)

A very active and stable group, with their loss of Richie who left the scene, some positive signs are still evident with him calling out now and then. The brilliant coder Dave left the scene for other things. Adding onto their woes, Terminal Obsession seems to be having problems with quite a few crashes and is still down and rumour has it that the famous BBS will never go online again. Despite these problems, I have confidence that their success will continue.

Avantgarde memberstatus:
Deff, Jack Daniels, Freestyle, Hok, Thorn, Nevis, Weasel, Peter, Tricom, Skywolf, A-Man, Darklord, Magic Man, PBXcellence, Prodigy, Derbyshire Ram, Pudwerx and Decilon.

Avantgarde boards:
Terminal Obsession XXXXXXXXXXXX (HQ)
The Forum XXXXXXXXXXXX (WHQ) (invite only)

Atlantis (Ger, USA, Den)

This group is coming back strong. There is rumours stating their great mag Immortal Flash will soon be out again! Trooper/ex-Success+TRC joined in and took his mag Metamorphosis with him, this mag incidentally will merge soon with another mag. Trooper also joined Agony as a second group. Atlantis gained 'Fortress of Doom' as their American based WHQ, with the sysop Nomad/ex-RAD at the helm. they then gained more members, Dr. Doom joined and so did Darklord as a coder and swapper, more things to come for sure!

Atlantis memberstatus:
Avalanche, Backslash, Benno, Dreamlover, Dr. Science, Dr. Doom, Dr. Zoom, Freddie, Hitop, Human, Kirby, Lala, Lynx, Racer, Rebel, Robocop, Scull, Snap and Trooper.

Atlantis boards:
Fortress of Doom XXXXXXXXXXXX (WHQ)

Chromance (Hun, Ger, Pol, USA)

A very active group and there seems to no stopping them. To start with, they gained AMC/Charged as a supplier, and finally after a long time they got a US board as their WHQ after the loss of 'Phibercom'. 'The Evil Island' became the Chromance posse's WHQ together with sysop The Ancient Mariner. The board later also became The Pulse magazine's WHQ, they thought if they could get one board then why not another! so 'Edge of Midnight', the old Success board, turned into another dwelling for Chromance. the sysop Rug Rat, heavily modded the Cyborg C*Base and it turns out to be one of the better American C64 boards for Hack/Phreak discussion.

Their active fixer Lion also joined up with PSI as his fixing group. Lord Crucifier left the scene and also EOM became a HQ for PSI as well. Things look great in the posse with many releases and the great 12-sided game 'Newcomer' set to arrive soon.

Chromance memberstatus:
Jinx, Blockbuster, Mr. Wax, Jazzy D, Griff, Painkiller, Alex, Chum, Joyride, The Unholy, X-Radical, Homeboy, Will, Szab, Cop, Lion, The Ancient Mariner, Rug Rat, Stake and AMC.

Chromance boards:
Edge of Midnight XXXXXXXXXXXX (HQ)

Excess (Ger, Swe, Fin)

This once mail-based crew have become more and more board orientated every month, apart from releasing their double-sided mag 'Nitro' on a regular basis they have also hit the boards quite frequently with a few first releases and a lot of members calling out to coincide. They gained a US board for their WHQ, 'Deadzone' was put on with its sysop Trouble. They then gained many members such as Midfit and New Design who left the waning X-Rated, New Design's mag 'Outdoor' also became an Excess mag. The Authentic/Maniax and Liquid/ex-Tropic also teamed up with the group. Venice rejoined them but was later kicked out along side with Pneumatic because of laziness. Dr. Kaos left them and joined Agony as his second group. Still, things are looking better for Excess all the time.

Excess memberstatus:

Excess boards:

F4CG (Bel, Pol, Ger, USA)

This group is certainly back on its feet again, after some minor hiccups such as Stormrider leaving the scene and taking down the popular board Tunnel of Wares, but it's not that gloomy with the board going back up under a new number and sysop! Zirco took on the board which is currently running on UCBBS 1.3 which will be updated to C*Base in the future. They gained another member, this time being Moloch/ex-Armageddon, who teamed up with them as a supplier of probably both codes and games. Things are getting back to normal and with Tunnel of Wares back online and their Polish supplier Hain back from his holidays things will be stronger for the group.

F4CG memberstatus:
Solar, Fen1, King, Playboy, Bitman, Hain, Maja, Therion, Spark, Antitrack, Sneaper, Mr. Alpha, Idol, Neotec, Zirco and Moloch.

F4CG boards:
Tunnel of Wares XXXXXXXXXXXX (WHQ)

Legend (Bel, Ger, Aust, UK)

This old famous group is still alive and kicking out with occasional wares, they have some more releases to come as promised, lets see what happens.

Legend memberstatus:
Powerplant, Westbam, Rebel, XXX, Jazzcat, Atmos, Doc, Fletch, Tyree and Skater.

Legend boards:
The Shaolin Temple XXXXXXXXXXXX (WHQ)

Motiv8 (Den, Ger, USA, Isr)

A very nice session with much turbulence with Crossfire facing many different alligations made by Vengeance/SCS+TRC and Derbyshire Ram/AVT after several notes and board ragging it seems to have died down once again. Peacemaker formed a hack/phreak group along with some local friends and they even have a board to support it. Sun Dancer was kicked out because of internal problems with Crossfire, so they are now searching for a graphician. The American, Natas/ex-Coderz/AFL joined up as NTSC fixer and also formed a fixing group called Aristocracy. Following this, Bird, the former leader of Bronx, joined up with the motivated posse and he also closed down his BBS called 'Elm Street'. this very active group will do better when they avoid controversy and antagonising alligations.

Motiv8 memberstatus:
Crossfire, Tricket, Mason, Iceball, Ibanez, TG Acme, The Fresh Prince, Daniel, Clive, Merlin, Curlin, Peacemaker, Vortex, Racoon, Eddie and Natas.

Motiv8 boards:

Success + The Ruling Company (Ger, Hol, Aust, USA)

A steady period of releases and activity. They gained the old Genesis Project BBS 'The Dungeon' as their new WHQ which also became a HQ for the new SCS+TRC mag, 'Vandalism News'. Their other US HQ, 'Rebellion', under went many changes before the sysop, White-Lightning got kicked out of PSI, took down his board and left the scene. Steve moved to a new location and thus a new number for the UK BBS 'Straylight'. Things are going great and some more releases would help support their many boards.

Success + TRC memberstatus:
Nightshade, Moren, Burglar, Guzzler, Hi-Lite, Rap, Shocker, Vengeance, Raze, B-Wyze, Steve, Arrogance, Dannie, Mr. Disk, Credo, Mistri, Morbid, The Alchemist, Cavron, Jity, JRC, Action Jackson, CBA, Cruze, Trax, Zar, Replay and Case.

Success + TRC boards:

Talent (UK, USA, Ger)

This group has had its ups and downs but still manages to maintain a good standard. Stone was kicked out because of laziness and then joined TRSI + Dytec as card supplier. Bod decided to ban all lamer wares from 'Down By Law', incidentally he has been having some troubles calling out but still manages to phreak now and then. They recruited another member, this time being Sorcerer as a graphician followed by Ramirez/ex-AFL.

Still living up to its good reputation with a steady flow of quality wares.

Talent memberstatus:
Bod, Majesty, Rockstar, Chrysagon, The Ignorance, Count Zero, TBB, Morrisey, Night Writer, Sorcerer, Greenfrog and Ramirez.

Talent boards:

TRSI + Dytec (Ger, Den, Hol)

This group has set a good standard of quality for itself doing some nice releases with the help of Talent and also shrugging of false rumours that the co-op was splitting up. These rumours were supposed to have been started by OB who was kicked out in the process, apparently the co-op is far from over with the recruitment of new members. Among these was Stone who was booted out of Talent, he then joined in as a card supplier. Sanity/ex-Fatum joined as a cracker. This was soon followed by Underdog/ATL. AWA/TSR joined and changed handle to Rooster and earlier on the guy behind loaders and protection systems used in games like Turrican 2 etc, MWS (Markus Wiederstein) was enrolled into the crew as original supplier, things are looking great and a US board would help even more.

TRSI + Dytec memberstatus:
Irata, Breaker, Posdnugs, Scat, MWS, Silver, Crisp, TWN, Rooster, Stone, Sanity and Underdog. The complete member list is unknown.

TRSI + Dytec boards:

Separate news:

  • Code 18 returned to the scene and changed handle to Gavin.

  • Cellux/Faces is back under another handle and group, Breeze/Testament.

  • Oxyron are currently working on Comalight 13 after their very successful part 12 in the series, Oxyron C64 memberstatus: TTS, Axis, Graham, PRI, Peace, RRR, Smirnov, Asmodis, Vangelis, Bizkid, Scrapper, Slide.

  • Triad will soon release the very last edition of the famous Gamers Guide, they will continue the theme of the guide with game reviews in their other magazine, Arise.

  • Depeh will soon have finished with the new Antic demo, Legacy 6.

  • Ogami and Harlekin will release a gfx collection soon.

  • Rumour has it Crest will release two new demos soon, hoping to see the return of Crossbow and Vision.

  • Highlander joined Fairlight and took with him his board 'Fishbowl' on trial.

  • Oxidy left Fairlight and joined up with the growing Wrath Designs.

  • Fairlight memberstatus: Avalon, Bacchus, Dino, Enduro, Gerwin, Lexi, Grayhawk, Harlekin, Ogami, Red Devil, Rowdy, Sledge, Spirou, Tabasco, Tron, Vodka, Watchman and Highlander on trial.

  • The Fairlight world HQ, 'Wares Aquarium' moved to Stockholm, so the new number is: XXXXXXXXXXXX (sysop: Sledge).

  • Demonix memberstatus: Swansong, Negspect, Violator, The Unholy, Alchemist, Side Sector, Cybernoid.

  • Cyborg is back, his BBS 'Dream Park' will be back as soon as a hard drive is located, it will be back better than ever and not running the joke release version of C*Base that everyone thinks is so great. It will be approximately six times faster than the Cyborg release version, uncrashable, h-modem option and a few new tricks that have never been seen on a Commodore BBS yet (ED: as posted by Cyborg himself!).

  • Motley/Genesis Project got busted for using calling cards and got a fine of over $2500 US dollars.

  • Genesis Project announced the plans to hold a C64 only party in Gothenburg, Sweden, get your arse down to that!

  • Wildbill/ex-Genesis Project is set to return to the scene.

  • Genesis Project kicked out Airwolf because of laziness.

  • Heavyhead left Triad and joined Regina, he also opened a new board which became the Regina WHQ, it's called 'Westpoint' and can be reached at: XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Regina memberstatus: Duke, Dr. Zivago, KBS, Shark, Steve, Mercury and Heavyhead.

  • 'Chaotic Factor' is back online, the sysop is Odyssues/ex-AVT, it can be reached on: XXXXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXXXX. Odyssues is also soon to release a new hack/phreak mag called World Hackers Inc. I can't wait for that one!

  • Sat/ex-Mechanix decided to join up with the popular Camelot, who incidentally will be releasing two demos very soon.

  • Savalas/ex-AFL renamed into Mower and joined the rebuilt forces of Trance.

  • Larry/Trance put 'Raveolution' back online, and thus it became the Trance WHQ, with 102mb of drive space, give it a call on: XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Creatures is finally dead, Romulus left the scene after releasing a proportional text noter.

  • The Assembly '94 party was a big hit in Helsinki, Finland, the results:

Demo Competition:

  1. 1 Attack of the Stubidos 3/Beyond Force
  2. 2 World of Code 2/Byterapers Inc.
  3. 3 Best of Trinomic/Trinomic

Music Competition:

  1. 1 Genius/Palace
  2. 2 Thor/Extend
  3. 3 AMJ/Side B/Topaz Beerline

Graphic Competition:

  1. 1 Electric/Extend
  2. 2 Mike/Panic
  3. 3 Mr.Sex/Byterapers Inc.

Amiga Demo Competition:

  1. 1 Mindflow by Stellar
  2. 2 Breath Taker by Visual Dreams/Fairlight
  3. 3 Drool This by Parallax

  • Cadgers is dead, Clarence built up a new group called Chorus. Volunteer left Bronx to join chorus, this group should be pretty good.

  • System International memberstatus: Shockwave, Ironfist, Blade, Axe, Slug, Raven and Perish.

  • Accept memberstatus: TMM, Ned, Dusty, Brownie, Mr. Nobody, Mr. Vain, Rorschach, Sinister and Queris.

  • Airwolf Team memberstatus: Thunderblade, Lightside, Delta, Courage, MacGyver, Sly, Razor Ramon, Revenge, Elc and Slaughter

Finally the end of the news section has arrived, any news or memberstatus provided that is current is greatly appreciated, so please send in!

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