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..and the struggle begins.

Welcome to the very first edition of the much awaited Domination. Thanks for the patience most of you have shown in waiting for this magazine. 186 votesheets later, countless delays and many setbacks I have finally released my own magazine, but most importantly with the help of these people.

Domination issue #1 credits

The Intro
Code: Shades/Shazam and Grize/Shazam
Graphics: Rob/Camelot
Exclusive Music: Megmyx/Storm/PSI

The Outfit
Code: Shades/Shazam
Graphics: RRR/Oxyron
Packer: Grize/Shazam
Charset: Calypso/Amnesia+Silicon Ltd.

Exclusive Music:
01. Morbid/Success+TRC
02. Red Devil/Fairlight
03. Zyron/Antic
04. Doxx/Noice

Votesheet counter utility by Doxx/Noice and finally the text is by Jazzcat/Legend.

With the outfit, you can choose in the music menu to have the music cycle sequentially through with each chapter load or turn this off and enable one tune to play only, this will put the IRQ-loader into effect with your desired tune. With text display/control, basically the up/down is employed for slow reading and left/right for fast vertical scroll of the text. In the chapter menu go up and down to choose chapter press fire.

Table of contents description:

  • Editorial - my own choice of words
  • News - the latest scene gossip and rumours
  • The List - the crack release charts
  • Charts - the scene ladders
  • Interview - Bacchus of Fairlight
  • Interview 2 - Jeroen Tel of MON/Physics
  • Interview 3 - NME of Illusion
  • Deep Tales - a great story!
  • Mixed - a nice selection of interesting tales, truths and news articles
  • Addresses 1 + 2 - obviously advertisements
  • Reviews - analysis of the latest scene demos, mags and music/gfx collections
  • Illegal - the hacker/phreak chapter
  • Summary - the final textual orgasm

Some great work was done in my opinion on the outfit, music and gfx this issue and all of these people behind this should, as the unwritten scene law goes, be taken into consideration when putting pen to paper on the votesheets. Anyway enough introductions, I hope you all enjoy this debut issue. In the release charts I have tried to do them as fair and as least biased as possible. any reaction, votesheets, news or anything to do with this magazine may be sent to the Domination editorial address.

Fire and forget.
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