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English Translation

         Hardcore Meeting 1996

Event Type:
Internal Meeting

The days when Hardcore dies.

9-10 March 1996

Monte Carlos

Attendants: (10)
B-Wyze, Baracuda, Blockbuster, Leeway,
Monte Carlos, Nebula, Ramirez, RAP,
Shocker, Zore

Nebula,  Shocker,  me  on the way to the

The train was full of people and the way
was so long for me as we were in a train
without a toilet as i needed one...  And
no room to have a seat.
But  me asking a nice lady to sit on her
samsonite  and  flirting  a bit with her
makes  time  for  me  a  bit shorter and
easier while sitting...

Finally  the  train arrived at the train
station in Frankfurt and we were on  our
way  to  McDonalds  were we should  meet

It  was  heavy  sitting in the McDonalds
restaurant  seeing  another  man  became
hits  in  the  face,  getting  kicked by
another  early  in  the day, with people
around them on the street...
Agressive guys overall around the place.
Ramirez and Leeway then showed up and we
spoke over that what happened...

Ramirez told me that he often had to run
in the past for his life because of guys
making trouble for nothing...  We  spoke
about  fresh  warez  because  he was the
supplier No. 1.

He  learned  not  to  take a look in the
eyes  of  these  guys  and gave me these

Later  we  arrived at the house of Monte
Carlos  and  I  became  big  eyes seeing
RAP's Action Replay which had a scroller
every time he used these...

Andreas was a special guy and the others
said he would no one give his address...
Guess  what?  I've  his complete address
and  some  of  his unreleased stuff from
his groups...

B-Wyze showed us his collection of Tunes
and fine Tune-Collections. A  very  good
one, so I had to copy some...

Now  after  some  talking  and  throwing
darts  on  a  pic  of  Chotaire and some
other  things  began  the  work for some
Hardcore coders, painters...

It  should  be the day for a comeback of
Hardcore and their lazy guys...

But after the meeting Hardcore died...

I  will  not  tell  the  complete  story

In my eyes a bit stupid.

Anyway  I  remember  drugs  work and how
cool it was to have breakfast with  Car-
los family and some sceners together the
next  day  before  Carlos  mother droves
Shocker, Nebula and me to the train sta-
tion after the party ends...

Great time  and well organized by Carlos
& his family...


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