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              LOVE IS CRAP
              LOVE IS CRAP
        Well, this is actually no "real"
        poem, but a little singalong
        that was written by me some days
        ago. The music is the same as
        the one in the new WCW Curt
        (Hennig "Rap Is Crap" video.
        Unfortinately I couldn't find
        any C64-conversion :), but I'm
        sure you can download it as
        MP3 on Internet somewhere..
But now let's start with my personal
version, and remember: Love IS crap!
          I like Wrestling music,
          I like Wrestling Shows.
          I like WCW,
          'cos that's where action goes!
          There's only one thing
          that I don't like,
          that's worser than even rap!
          L-O-O-O-O-V-E IS CRAP!
          I do like computers,
          World of bits'n'bytes'n'DTP.
          I like surfing through the net
          yep, that's the place to be!
      I like swapping all over the world
      on c64, too!
            But L-O-O-V-E is something
            I'll never go through!
            (not again!)
          L-O-O-O-O-V-E IS CRAP!
          L-O-O-O-O-V-E IS CRAP!
OK, this singalong surely is crap, too,
but it's really fun singing it, e.g. on
parties with lots of girls, hehehe!

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