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 welcome to the third edition of your
 favourite DISCFILLER condom ! this
 time we are damned proud to present a
 POWERFUL issue!

 those warriors were so brave to edit
 this magazine...

 SPERMBIRD of TRISTAR,who did a lot
 BAD CAT of DUEL,who did a few
 ROUGH of HITMEN,who did nearly nothing

 if you know anything of interest for
 us or if you even want to join this
 group of guys hunting for news and
 report all the time then go on....

 simply grab a pen and write to...
 (maybe with TAPE!)

           condom staff
         c/o bad cat/duel (no name!)

 remember this address is NOT for any-
 kind of swapping! if you want to get
 always the condom contact spermbird!

 watch out for the next edition...
 which gonna be released in february!

 there we'll present the best songs and
 record of 1990! watch out!

 thanks go to...
 SPERMI,BADDIE,ROUGHI,zwerg(a member of
 hausalarm),his brother,VRONI,sabine,
 mtv(not moskva tv,music television),
 all the mags we read esp.metal hammer!
 all the people who wrote us,CREEP,syco
 ajz ebersberg and all the other huts
 in and around town.....

 please vote in this magazine only for
 top 5 in single records and lp's!
 no video votes or even movies!!!!!
 and also no stupid cracker charts....


  ciao and enjoy this edition!

    signing off.rough/hitmen & bad cat



 26.03. (d)stuttgard,schleyerhalle
 27.03. (d)mannheim,maimarkthalle
 30.03. (d)frankfurt,festhalle
 31.03. (d)nuernberg,frankenhalle
 01.03. (d)hannover,eilenriedhalle
 05.04. (d)koeln,sporthalle
 07.04. (d)dortmund,westfalenhalle
 09.04. (d)muenchen,olympiahalle
 12.04. (d)oldenburg,weser-ems-halle
 13.04. (d)kiel,ostseehalle

 22.01. (d)offenbach,stadthalle
 23.01. (d)hannover,music hall
 24.01. (d)hamburg,docks
 27.01. (d)berlin,metropol
 28.01. (d)osnabrueck,halle gartlage
 29.01. (d)bonn,biskuithalle
 31.01. (d)ludwigshaveb,eberthalle
 01.02. (d)neumarkt,jurahalle

 03.02. (d)ludwigsburg,forum
 04.02. (d)muenchen,deutsches museum

 HOLY MOSES+artillery+howlin'mad
 25.01. (d)berlin,extasy
 26.01. (d)zapfendorf,topact
 27.01. (d)augsburg,rockfabrik
 28.01. (d)zwickau,kulturhaus
 29.01. (d)hereford,heavens rock
 30.01. (d)uebachpalenberg,rockfabrik
 31.01. (d)iserlohn,karmelion
 01.02. (a)trier,elexier
 02.02. (a)bruchsal
 03.02. (a)insbruck
 05.02. (d)klagenfurt
 06.02. (a)wien,rockhaus
 07.02. (a)graz,hdj
 08.02. (a)braegraten,kristallkeller
 09.02. (a)linz,schlachthof

 judus priest+guest
 08.02. (d)essen,grugahalle
 09.02. (d)hamburg,sporthalle
 11.02. (d)berlin,eissporthalle

 12.02. (d)hannover,eilenriedhalle
 14.02. (d)saarbruecken,saarlandhalle
 15.02. (d)ravensburg,oberschwabenhalle
 16.02. (d)wuerzburg,karl-diem-halle
 18.02. (d)offenbach,stadthalle
 19.02. (d)muenchen,olympiahalle
 04.03. (d)stuttgard,schleyerhalle
 05.03. (d)ludwigshaven,eberthalle

 13.02. (d)frankfurt,festhalle
 14.02. (d)ludwigshaven,eberthalle
 15.02. (d)muenchen,olympiahalle
 17.02. (d)hamburg,sporthalle
 18.02. (d)berlin,eissporthalle
 20.02. (d)essen,gurgahalle
 22.02. (d)freiburg,stadthalle
 23.02. (d)wuezburg,carl-diem-halle

 24.01. (d)berlin,extasy
 25.01. (d)duesseldorf,hdj
 26.01. (d)nuernberg,komm
 27.01. (d)frankfurt,batschkapp

 28.01. (d)muenchen,theaterfabrik

 weird kong
 12.01. (d)braunschweig,fbz
 13.01. (d)bochum,langendreer
 14.01. (d)koeln,rose club
 15.01. (d)stuttgart,maxim gorki
 16.01. (d)heidelberg,schwimmbad
 17.01. (d)fulda,kreuz
 18.01. (d)gammelsdorf,zirkus
 23.01. (a)zuerich,rote fabrik
 24.01. (ch)bern,isc
 25.01. (a)basel,kulturwerkstatt
 26.01. (ch)fribourg,frison
 27.01. (d)frankfurt,negativ
 08.02. (d)freiburg,jazzhaus
 09.02. (d)eger,forum
 10.02. (d)berlin,loft

 19.01. (d)osnabrueck
 20.01. (d)bremen
 21.01. (d)hamburg
 22.01. (d)berlin

 24.01. (d)nuernberg
 25.01. (d)frankfurt
 26.01. (d)karlruhe
 27.01. (d)muenchen
 28.01. (a)wien
 30.01. (ch)winterthur
 31.01. (d)stuttgard
 01.02. (d)kaufbeuren
 03.02. (d)kassel
 04.02. (d)lichtenfels
 05.02. (d)hannover
 06.02. (d)oberhausen

 01.03. (d)hamburg
 02.03. (d)frankfurt
 03.03. (d)stuttgard
 04.03. (d)muenchen
 06.03. (d)hannover
 07.03. (d)berlin
 08.03. (d)essen
 09.03. (d)ludwigshaven

 10.01. (d)swerin
 11.01. (d)brandenburg
 12.01. (d)magdeburg
 14.01. (d)erfurt
 15.01. (d)gera
 17.01. (d)lueneburg
 19.01. (d)hamburg
 20.01. (d)kiel
 22.01. (d)bremen
 23.01. (d)hannover
 24.01. (d)bielefeld
 25.01. (d)muenster
 27.01. (d)kassel
 28.01. (d)bochum
 29.01. (d)duesseldorf
 30.01. (d)oberhausen
 31.01. (d)bonn
 03.02. (d)nuernberg
 04.02. (d)senden
 05.02. (d)stuttgard
 06.02. (d)saarbruecken
 13.02. (d)degendorf
 14.02. (d)muenchen

 22.01. (d)offenbach
 24.01. (d)hannover
 27.01. (d)berlin
 28.01. (d)osnabrueck
 29.01. (d)bonn
 31.01. (d)ludwigshaven
 01.02. (d)neumarkt
 03.02. (d)ludwigsburg
 04.02. (d)muenchen

 06.03. (d)hof
 07.03. (d)duesseldorf
 08.03. (d)kaiserslautern
 09.03. (d)ruesselsheim
 10.03. (d)aschaffenburg
 11.03. (d)bensheim
 12.03. (d)goeppingen
 13.03. (d)boeblingen
 14.03. (d)nuernberg

 matthias reim+band
 26.01. (d)pahlen
 27.01. (d)neumuenster
 28.01. (d)hamburg
 29.01. (d)bremen
 30.01. (d)hannover
 01.02. (d)berlin
 03.02. (d)muenster
 04.02. (d)minden
 05.02. (d)kassel
 06.02. (d)bensheim
 08.02. (d)stuttgard
 09.02. (d)aschaffenburg
 10.02. (d)wuerzburg
 12.02. (d)lichtenfels
 13.02. (d)nuernberg
 14.02. (d)heilbronn
 15.02. (d)landshut
 17.02. (d)dortmund
 18.02. (d)aachen
 19.02. (d)ulm
 20.02. (d)freiburg
 22.02. (d)muenchen
 24.02. (a)wien



 this time we have to cancel the readers
 charts cause you won't like to see some
 charts voted by only 10 people.

 let's start off with the ENGLISH:

 1.SAVIOUR'S DAY       cliff richard
 2.ICE,ICE BABY        vanilla ice
 3.YOU'VE LOST T.L.F.  t.righteous bros.
 4.sadness part i      enigma
 5.the great megamix   j.travolta+o.n-j.
 6.all together now    the farm
 7.justify my love     madonna
 8.mary had a l.boy    snap
 9.pray                mc.hammer
10.unbelievable        emf

 2.THE VERY BEST OF...   elton john
 3.FROM A DISTANCE       cliff richard concert            pavarotti+c.+d.
 5.serious hits-live     phil collins
 6.soul provider         michael bolton
 7.the single-coll.      jimmy sommerv.
 8.i'm your baby tonight whitney houston
 9.rhythm of the saints  paul simon
10.listen without p.     george michael

 german lp's:
 1.SERIOUS HITS-LIVE     phil collins
 2.THE VERY BEST OF...   elton john
 3.MCMXC A.D.            enigma concert            pavarotti+c.+d.                  marius m.-west.
 6.luxus                 herbert g.
 7.crazy for you         david hassel.
 8.the best of...        supertramp
 9.x fuer'e u            bap
10.i'm your baby tonight whitney houston

 bavarian singles:
 1.SADNESS PART I         enigma
 2.ICE,ICE BABY           vanilla ice
 3.PRAY                   mc.hammer
 4.beinhart               torfrock
 5.mary had a little boy  snap
 6.keep on running        milli vanilli
 7.unchained melody       rightous bros i miss you so      p.m. sampson
 9.real sadness           after one
10.hello africa           dr.album

 disco hits :
 1.PRAY                   mc.hammer
 2.ICE,ICE BABY           vanilla ice
 4.sadness part i         enigma
 5.fantasy                black box's ok                pet stop poyz
 7.das model              kroeger
 8.little brother         blue pearl
 9.queen of hearts        bad boys blue
10.what time is love      klf

 an now the sovjet top 10:
 1.NOTSCHNOE RANDEVU     rock atelier
 2.DEVOTSCHKA MOJA SIN.  jenja beloussov
 3.STUDENT               dmitrij malikov sawtra             dmitrij malikov
 5.bratschnij kortesch   dmitrij malikov
 6.notschnoji taxi       jenja belounov
 7.belij,belij wetscher  kombinazia
 8.stoj,kot jdjot        valeri schapov.
 9.denjgi                sergej minaev
10.ja ljublju            autograf

 the metal hammer readers charts:
 1.ONE                   metallica
 2.EPIC                  faith no more
 3.STILL GOT THE BLUES   gary moore
 4.hey angel             dio
 5.heading for tomorrow  gamma ray
 6.thunderstruck         ac/dc
 7.every second counts   met sinner
 8.poison                alice cooper
 9.blaze of glory        jon bon jovi
10.unskinny bop          poison

 metal hammer lp's:
 1.TYR                  black sabbath
 3.PAINKILLER           judus priest
 4.back to the bullet   mat sinner prayer f.t.dying  iron maiden
 6.slaves and masters   deep purple
 7.nacked thunder       ian gillan
 8.the razor's edge     ac/dc
 9.empire               queensryche
10.never neverland      annihilator

 european rock top 10 albums:
 1.RECYCLER             zz top
 2.THE RAZOR'S EDGE     ac/dc
 3.BLAZE OF GLORY       jon bon jovi proyer f.t.dying  iron maiden
 5.crazy nights         scorpions thing         sisters of mercy
 7.remasters            led zeppelin
 8.slaves and masters   deep purple
 9.still got the blues  gary moore
10.alannah myles        alannah myles

 here spermbirds everlasting list (just
 that you know who you're trading with)
 1.MARCH OF THE S.O.D.    s.o.d.
 2.MOST PEOPLE ARE DICKS  ludichrist
 3.THRASHARD              d.r.i.
 4.i never denied         excel
 5.angel of death         slayer
 6.alcohol                gang green
 7.experiment             emils're not a punk!     spermbirds scene               lethal aggres.
10.pfadfinder             chicken fuck.

 and now his everlasting lp-charts:
 2.U.S.A. FOR M.O.D.      m.o.d.
 3.BEERMACHT              wehrmacht
 4.four of a kind         d.r.i.
 5.suffer                 bad religion
 6.immaculate deception   ludichrist
 7.reign in blood         slayer
 8.something to prove     spermbirds geht uns gut        emils
10.can't you take a joke? mucky pup

 american singles:
 1.BECAUSE I LOVE HER    stevie b.
 2.FROM A DISTANCE       bette midler
 3.I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT whitney houston
 4.justify my love       madonna
 5.impulsive             wilson phillips
 6.the way you do the... ub 40
 7.tom diner             dna feat. s.v.
 8.something 2 believe.. poison
 9.freedom               george michael
10.high enough           damm yankees

 1.TO THE EXTREME        vanilla ice
 2.PLEASE HAMMER DON'T.. mc.hammer
 3.MARIAH CAREY          mariah carey
 4.i'm your baby tonight whitney houston
 5.the imaculate collec. madonna
 6.phythm of the saints  paul simon
 7.some peole's lives    bette midler
 8.wilson phillips       wilson phillips
 9.the razors edge       ad/dc
10.listen without preju. george michael



 hope ya like it !

let's slam!

 -the techno-thrash band 'ACCU$ER' will
  release their new lp in january. in
  the meantime they will give sum per-
  formances in germany.

 -SLAUGHTER is a new quite cool hardrock
  band from u.s.a. they have a german
  fan-club. if ya wanna get in touch
  with it, write to:
  v.badder, buchenstr. 20, 4134 rheinber

 -again the ex-gdr-people proved that
  they are very stupid! a HOLY MOSES-gig
  in the town 'borgenteich' had to be
  canceled, coz the fuckin' council
  thought, that the music will coz riots
  pure bullshit!!!
- DEATH-shouter chuck schuldiner will
  give no interviews before he's on
  tour. he dared to every DEATH-member
  with a kick-out, if they give 1.

- progressive-gods CORONER will release
  their new lp in march 1991. producer
  is scott burns!

- every funk metal freak can be happy!
  MORDRED will release their new lp in
  january 1991. cooool!

- FLOTSAM & JETSAM have a new fan-club.
  a.hudson, espanstr. 102, 8510 fuerth

- a sad news for all EXODUS fans. the
  tour has been canceled, coz FLOTSAM
  and VIO-LENCE got no support from the
  label. EXODUS will continue the tour
  in january!

- the cool speed-metal band MURDERCAR
  finds no record-deal! the biz sucks!

 -HELLOWEEN had to give their two gold-
  records back. they had added the
  national and the international sold
  albums together to achieve the 250000
  necerssary sold lps.

 -LIVING DEATH will keep their name!
  the new lp is called 'killing in

 -OVERKILL are going into bad times.
  their girarrist bobby gustafson left
  the bands without any reason.

 -DAVID LEE ROTH has got a new band line
  up and is currently in the studios for
  a new lp.

 -that's what happened at a QUEENSRYCHE-
  gig: a english fan stabbed around with
  a knife and killed a man,and injured
  some others.this will cause that there
  will be no hardrock-concerts in
  belgium anymore.

 -MOTORHEAD will realease a compilation-
  lp, called 'from the vaults' before
  the release of their new studio-lp
  '1916' which will come out around the
  14th of january. they'll be on tour
  in february. oneof the bands members
  said:'yeah.lemmy (shouter) is really
  tanned. now he looks very healthy.'

 -ONSLAUGHT which are currently on a uk-
  tour have found a new singer.

 -RUMBLE MILITIA've lost their bass-man
  again. if ya wanna fill the gap as a
  bass-player,write to: staffi, oslebs-
  hausener landstrasse 13,2800 bremen 21

 -SABBAT will release their new lp in
  february '91. now they are in studio
  to record this piece.

 -cool death metalers MORBID ANGEL can
  not release their album in time cause
  the studio is occupied by another band
  besides f.n.m. a small band called
  MR.BUNGLE. they released a demo now.
  if anyone of u's got it send it to me!

 -FLOTSAM AND JETSAM lost their record-
  deal and their bass-man. (bass-man are
  strange people, aren't they ?)

 -SODOM is going to do a mini-lp soon.

 -SCHLIESSMUSKEL is going on tour, 2-
  gether with RICHIES.

 -the dutch BRAVO wrote that the singer
  of MORGOTH plays the lead-triangle.
  hahahahaha! what a joke! bravo SUCKS!
 -A-HA are going on tour in germamy in
  march '91. this will be an extra tour
  for all germans.after that they're
  going in the studio again to continue
  their work on the new album


 sprembird here with sum lp-tests!
 (red.:sub 5-10 poinTs of rating from
  the rating spermbird gave)

SPERMBIRDS - thanks (live)

everybody, who knows the spermbirds,
knows, that the name stands for cool &
funny hardcore. this lp is a pure live-
record and includes everything, ya want
from a live-lp. a superb sound and a
cool playing list. the heavy-point of
the songs lie on 'common threat' and
'something to prove' and that's very
cool! my favourite songs are 'ya're not
a punk!' and 'texas cowboy', which is
live even better, as on the studio
version! every hardcore-freak MUST buy
this record and it will satiesfy also
tolerant thrash-fans!
                     rating...95 %
SLAUGHTER - stick it to ya!

with this album, slaughter show all
pseudo-hardrockers, what is real hard-
rock! songs, like 'up all night', 'mad
about you' and the cool ballad 'fly to
the angels' show, that mark slaughter,
really knows, what is a real rock!
guess what the lp-title means??

on this compilation, ya can find every
punk-band, which is a little bit famous
and sings german! i think, on the lp are
about 15 or 20 songs; of every band one.
for all, who wanna look over the german
punk-scene, is this sampler cool. bands
like schliessmuskel, emils oder slime
soda are cult! but for me is this lp
shit, coz i have nearly all lp's of the
groups, which are on this compilation!
another minus-point is, that the lp is
sponsored from the popper-problem-mag

BRAVO and the tennis-titt-knight rider
channel RTL. how much sinks the german
                    rating...65 %

NAPALM DEATH - harmony corruption
the grindcore-kings from england are
back! with this album they became really
harmony. ya can hear cool death-metal,
with not so brutal vocals, like in the
past. i would compare this album with
sepultura's 'beneath the remains'.
the live-songs rule anyway! for all
grinders & deathers a must!!!

                    rating...85 %

now over to sum older, but very cool
hardcore and crossover lp's! i call this
little chapter:
            * OLD JEWELS *

so crush the plus-key to see, what's up!

LETHAL AGGRESSION - life is hard...
this new yorker hardcore-band has re-
leased only one lp. but this one is ...
yes....cult! ya can hear about 22 fast
and offensive songs, which are social-
critically. if ya see the lp in a shop,
buy or die, coz it's very hard to get
anymore in any shops!
                     rating...95 %

                         or die!!

also well known under s.o.d., they re-
leased also only one album. and this is
the best hardcore album i ever heard.
s.o.d. was founded by scott ian and
charlie benante from ANTHRAX, danny
lilker/NUCLEAR ASSAULT and billy milano
from (now) m.o.d.!
                     rating...99 %

EMILS - uns geht es gut
also this band, ya can find on the f.d.v
sampler, but i would the old
lp's, it's better! this record is also
sum kind of cool and so i can't say any-
more, but it!

let's go again to sum new ones:


normally i don't like doom-metal so much
coz ya know, that i'm the hardcore'n'
punk-freak from the 'condom'-team. but
then my friend gave me this record
(thanx frog!) and what should i say...
it's Cool. okay, for myself it's not
the very best, but i think really know,
what the kids like in sweden. rating is
coming up....
                            rating 85%

EMILS - wer frisst wen?

the german punk-hardcore gods are back!
oh man, i can't tell ya, how long i
waited for this record, and as every
time, the EMILS released another master-
piece. songs, like 'wer frisst wen?'
oder 'deutsch und gut!' are already now
cult. the funny cover is again a plus-
point and so i can only say to all,
which like german punk.....BUY IT!
                        burgers 98%

EXCEL - blaze some hate

this is a 12"-single and no real lp. but
i bought it, coz i like EXCEL very much,
and this record is an us-import, and i
guess, that the most of ya guys, are
not able to get it. well, the record is
so far not bad, but it's only worth to
buy, when ya're a fan of EXCEL.
                        rating (80)%

THE EXPLOITED - the massacre

who thought, that the british punk-rock-
kings would come back some time. i
guess, that EXPLOITED is dead, but now
i know, that i was wrong. with 'the
massacre' they go a little bit away
from the old 'kick it'-punk style to
really cool ....hmmmmhh....heavy punk
style. there're really blasting guitar-
soli....something, which i never expec-
ted from 'EXPLOITED'.
                      rating 95 %

some older records, which i bought,
coming up now:

METHOD OF DESTRUCTION - gross misconduct

also known under m.o.d., they released
a record in 1987, called 'usa for mod'
and 1989 'surfin' m.o.d'. also 1989
they released their lp'gross misconduct'

well, i love their first lp. but this
lp can't beat their first. i guess, that
'g.m.' is not bad, bad as i told ya...
it can't beat the first.


as the lp-title tells ya already...the
band comes from brasil. others may
think now, mercyless death-metal is
on the lp, but this is wrong. hardcore
as always, when i talk such a shit
around the hot pie. well, the band
plays thrash-core, which is average,
but not kicking enough. maybe next time
                   rating....65 %

now back to the new-releases from the


i think, ya know what now comes from
me, don't ya? GREAT! this the only
comment i can give. this lp is nearly
so cool as 'f.n.m.'-real thing. as i
know, that a lot of rap-freax (yo!!!)
read this mag too, i can say to you
rap and this lp.
it's a great mix between RAP and HC.
just listen in the record-shop to:
'headbangers ball & 120 minutes'.

SCATTERBRAIN - here comes trouble

the first lp from scatterbrain from n.y.
everybody, who knows LUDICHRIST, will
also know, that they died a year ago.
now sum of them are back with this band.
i always was a big ludichrist-fan and
it's not to wonder, if i love this lp
too. powerful hardcore with funny

text-titles. for example, play songs
like, 'goodbye freedom, hello mom',
'don't call me dude' or 'mozart's sonata
#3'. BUY OR DIE!

hmmhhh, well, i guess, that were all
records, which i bought this month.
but i'm in the mood to write sum shit
again and so i will give ya sum video-
tips. just watch mtv or what do i know:

cool clips are:

WARRANT - cherry pie

there's the most sexy girl in this clip,
that i ever saw. if ya say, that she's
ugly, than i will kick yer balls!

SEPULTURA - inner self

funny side of sepultura and live-rips.

:SUICIDAL TENDENCIES- send me your money

very cool video.

for this chapter i say 'bye'.








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Special Reports

 as we had to cancel this report in the
 last issue here it is:

JINGO DE LUNCH, 04.11, nuernberg/komm
written by spermbird

okay, on the afternoon of the 04.11. we
(myself and scatter) drove to nuernberg
we went there by train so early, coz we
didn't know, where's the hall at all!
but as we recognized soon, it was no
problem to get to the hall, coz the
hall, in which JINGO DE LUNCH played,
lies direct beside the train-station.
okay, we found the club, but where's the
entrance?? whatta silly question, ya'll
think, but it's true! we searched like
hell for the entrance-door, but success-
less. finally we asked sum freax, and
they said us, that the entrance is on
the backside of the house a very little

door. we thanked them, and our search
for the entrance continues, but this
time successfull. we went in the hall,
and saw....nothing. only 20 people
stood there around, drank beer or wine
and looked very boring! it was, now ca.
7.30 pm and JINGO wanted to begin at
8.00 pm and nearly nobody was here. but
then it came...the big surprise. a door
opened a bunch of nearly 200 people fall
into the hall! okay, i think, that we
have used the backstage-door to get in,
but i don't know exactly.
right, as all fans were in, ya felt like
a fish in a conserve! it was now exactly
8.45 pm, but JINGO didn't appeared on
stage! slowly we began to shout after
'em, but nobody gave a fuck about it!
but finally yvonne, the female shouter
came on stage and said, that joseph, the
guitar-player lost his guitar and he
must get a new one now! i thought, shit!
at exactly 9.21 pm JINGO DE LUNCH
entered the stage and began with......

aaaeehh, sorry i don't know the song
title anymore. i only know, that it was
fuckin' cool! ya must know, that i'm a
big JINGO-fan and i know every song of
them, but i can't remember to the song-
titles anymore. they played all songs
of their new lp 'underdog', 80% of the
2nd lp 'axe to grind' and 10% of their
first lp 'perpetuum mobile'. the show
itself was cool. yvonne danced, jumped
and moshed like the female mike muir of
the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES; tom, the other
guitar-player, ran all the time over the
stage and ya could thought, that he's
cabeled with a high-energy-cable. un-
fortunatly the stage was very small and
so the other members had to stand very
quiet, without moshing around or ran!
JINGO DE LUNCH played 5 (five!) addi-
tional songs (zugaben!) and after two
hours of crazy-psycho dancing and slam-
ming, i entered at ca. 11.20 pm, fully
tired a mc donald's restaurant, coz our
train home, drove at 0.07 am.

on the train-station, we raped the roll-
ing stairs and finally i was about 1.30
am at home in my holy med!
over all, it was a very cool evening!
besides the very long delay of JINGO the
concert was perfect.

at the end a discography of JINGO:

1987 ...perpetuum mobile
1989 ...axe to grind
1990 ...underdog


hope ya liked my report a little bit!

                  away/condom staff

bad cat now with a tiny report on a hap-
ing in the ebersberger AJZ. on the
"i don't know" day of november the
local band HAUSALARM played the house.
i know the band quite well cause the
singer went in my class 2 years ago and
we had been good friend.

here's the line up:

sloup michael - shouter+guitar
koch matthias - guitar
raab matthias - bass
raab andi     - drums

jo! and they are all under the age of
18. on this day they had their second
act. i was told that they played
terrible the first time,so ...but i went
there cause it was also the birthday
party of a good friend of mine.rough and
another one from my class were present,
too. as normal the beginning was set to

nine o'clock and the really began at 9.
that doesn't happen too often. they
played well but they hadn't any own song
like that were on there list. in the
middle of their appearence they played
a unusual song for a punk band. they had
taken the 2 LIVE CREW-song ONE ON ONE
and played this with all guitar,drum and
shout power they had. it was a real
feast. it was a good gig for them if you
take all things together.
                  bad cat/condom staff

 well after bad cat's short HAUSALARM!
 here we've some more arranged by ROUGH
 da TOUGH! hehehe!

 report about BLUE KILLAZ!

 on 15/12 i(rough) wanted to go to a pa
 rdey with local frienz (without bad c.
 ,he's so shy,u know) but dis was cance
 lled! so i seeked around and found a
 SKA band playin' in the youthcentre in
 our neighbour town! WELL! i went in pa
 id and was SHOCKED! the room was filled
 with those fuckin' SKINLAMERZ,who list-
 en to SKA music! i went around to greet
 sum people and we had sum fun!(without
 boozing dis time,coz of sum private re
 ason...)! the band started quite early
 (surprise!) and what?! not bad! after
 the 1st funky song the bandleader said
 his opinion about NAZISM'n SKINS and
 tell it short...'the band absolutely
 dislikes that fuck'! yeah..!

 if you dont know what SKA is here's the
 explination...mixture of reggae,pop +
 a little bit dancebeat! 2 of the band
 guys were playin' trumpet! quite nice!
 zwerg,randyandy,me and sum otha grooved
 around! the band sounded quite nice ex
 cept that every song SOUNDED like the
 other...haha! ZWERG got a little bit
 arsed by SKINLAMERS and while groovin
 some skinpouser gave me a low push bcoz
 i gave him a kick! nothing extreme,but
 da SKIN was 2 heads taller! SHIT! beda
 dont start to argue around! after groo
 vin' i was totally sweat! haha! damned
 funny was that VRONI was totally drunk!
 without her boy-friend...hehehe! anyway
 all in all no bad band! and sorry 4
 not so good report but i've headache


 some additional words to the hausalarm
 report from BAD CAT!
 it was absolutely AWESOME and i pogued
 like HELL! damned great,ah well that
 was it again!

 enjoy the NEXT REPORT about a so-called
 local PUNK meeting from 3 bands! fact
 was that one band was pure hardcore,da
 2nd thrash and the 3rd was too late coz
 i was out of mood to pogue and fool
 around anylonger(burp!)! well,first i
 played a little bit billard(that game
 is still a riddle for me!),from the
 scene only me was there,GNU doesnt like
 hardcore,bad cat didnt know anything
 about it and what the heck i know where
 syco(from the st-scene) was! anyway the
 band started! and what must i say...
 solid HARDCORE! fantastic! first there
 were some problems with the trans-
 mission of all voices(vocal,bass...)
 and the band had to try a little bit!

 after some short guitarre riffs, we
 ,that were ZWERG,MIKEY and me,rough,
 shouted 'ZUGABE'! (addition!) hehe!
 then they really began! wow! awesome!
 the vocalist pogued'n grooved around
 on the stage like HELL! first all were
 a little bit shy(snif!),but after the
 singer said the audience is lame,zwerg
 and me decided to start pogueing! after
 that lotsa more people started and it
 was only great! oops! forgot to mention
 the name of the band! it's CHOOSE X!
 in a little break we shouted 'AUS-
 ZIEHEN'(undress!)! hahaha! the singer
 only responded 'YOU can undress,i dont
 feel disturbed by that'! after about
 1 hour the microphone fucked up and so
 the band decided to stop now! after
 that the 2nd band,a thrashy one,started
 i only listened to the first few songs
 and then went away because it was so
 fuckin' lame! in some little break we
 arsed a lot of people!

 first we(zwerg,his brother+me) took a
 fire extinguisher and SPLASHED on
 everyone who entered the room! hehe!
 mikey got totally wet! we went out to
 get some SNOWBALLS! we returned with
 full hands! you must know that there
 is always a little ASSHOLE in that
 youth centre! this little lamy was al
 ready quite drunk and sat on a chair
 and stared in the air around! i took
 one snowball and sqeezed it out above
 his HEAD! first he even didnt remark
 it! after few seconds he jumped up and
 tried to grab me on my shirt and i just
 gave him a little PUSH,and coz he was
 so drunk and the floor so slippery he
 immediately fell on the floor and lookt
 irritated! it's a pity that a big guy
 CAME BETWEEN us to stop the quarrel coz
 i would've liked to beat this little
 brad up! friend zwerg is a left
 psycho and he has a HORN on his head!
 (for not-informed ones...the horn is

 in front of the head and the rest of
 the hairs is SHAVED!) well,now he just
 took that HORN,pressured it together
 and pulled it! and that for 2-3 minutes
 now tell me is that a WANKER or not?!

 i think that's it for today! hope you
 liked it quite a lot!



 not many this time but it's your fault

 hello people,
 i just read your condom no.1.not bad!
 at least something completely different
 an not always roumors'n'charts or the
 never ending 'group x is in war with
 group y'.i hope you continue and get
 over the 5 issues mark.we'll see.i wish
 you goot luck for that.

 red.:thanks for the letter. you also
      asked in the letter if we swap
      indy. yes,if you understand under
indy also things like hardcore,ebm then
i(rough) would love it to swap with you
tapes! boris mikulic's BREAK FREE is abs
olutely awesome! yeah!

 yeah, today i received your mag, and it
 is simply FAB! finally a different cool
 mag! keep going!
                  yours airtec

 red.:thanks for holding me up with the
      writing this letter, but i had
      some problems with the hierogly-
      phes on the paper till i recog-
      nised them as chars. it took me
      some time to get them.thanx.

 that's that for this time!

              WRITE IN



 surprise! surprise!
 this chapter is dead up to now! and
 we call it up to now BULLSHIT!

 we gonna write a lot of crap,jokes,
 stories like mishmash in trashnews!

 a few days ago i read that GUARDS OF
 DOOM want to make a music scene mag!
 hehe! abgekuckt,was??? but let's see
 h0w yours gets...

 have you ever heard of other music

  touch the + key with your dick

 in TRASHNEWS there's a little category
 and also in BUSY SCENE is one,but no-
 thing to say about it coz it's too less

 have you ever heard of REASON FOR

 this magazine features not only awe-
 some music tests ! partly done by pac-
 man of united artists who seems to be
 quite a kewl dude(maybe sumone can get
 me in contact with him!),yes i love
 e.b.m,too,also things about the austr-
 alian's spray scene and fashions are
 shown! great magazine!

 that's it for this subject!

 this is the bullshit corner here comes
 PURE BULLSHIT....gurgel,gagel,labber
 sabber! hahaha! poor joke,wot?!

 what could i write now! hm! i'll kick
 bad cat on the keys,before he falls
 asleep beside me....

 i just fell on the keyz fy kjhgfjkgf
 and again ! where is my coffeeeeeeee?
 nowhere! shiit ! hand over to my teady-
 bear !

 wie kriegt man'ne bauern disco leer???
 ganz einfach...reingehen und schreien
 'he! draussen steht'n manta und brennt
 !' hahahahah!

 how do you get four lemons on a chair?
 turn it around! hahaha!

 did you know the latest story last
 NEW YEAR at bad cat's place! there were
 he,me and gnu! at 0:00 baddie took
 a silvester rocket and sticked it into
 the earth coz he couldnt wait for a
 bottle! GUESS WHAT? the rocket didnt
 launch! so it exploded on the ground!
 prust! hahaha!


  see you somewhere in the dungeons....

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