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     sunny greets,dear readers..        
well...here again the good old          
musicchapter....since we had invented   
that (not really invented but we        
started to write more about music),     
other mags did so as well....good       
thing !                                 
     of course,i have noticed that      
many guys didn't really like those      
chartlists that i used to publish each  
time...so i drop them ! i will not drop 
your charts that means the musiclist you
can vote on the A-HEAD sheet,but due to 
a lack of new sheets i am not gonna     
publish them as the songs are far too   
old,so in the next real new A-HEAD #5   
ya'll get em back,so keep on voting !   
     maybe you will wonder what i am    
gonna write here if there aren't any    
charts,of course i will review many new 
cd's! not only albums ,but maxis as     
well! i noticed that som dudes use my   
way of reviewing albums (review every   
song,give em points than take the       
average)..that's why i am gonna change  
it a bit now ! furthermore i won't      
review cd's that already have been      
reviewed somewhere else,as this really  
is stupid....or what do you think ?     
     here now some words about the      
following album:                        
        MAXX - TO THE MAXXIMUM          
     it has got 15 tracks ,a pretty     
good amount,i think.of course the       
current hitsingles -get-a-way- and      
-no more- are included,and there is the 
first (small) disappointment:the album  
has got the very normal singleversion on
it...normally most albums contain so    
called lp-versions,but it's different   
here! everytime i listen to a new album,
i am thinking about what will be        
the next single-release.i must say no   
other track sounds that good.really.    
     what are the other  songs about ?  
well,first they do not sound the same.  
some of course try to sound like the    
known ones,but none do really kick ass. 
some tracks are a bit slower not making 
them much better...one sounds a bit like
the kind of music by -deep forest- .    
not bad...well,in all i am not that     
enthusiastic about it.it sounds nice,   
but ya can't for example put it on on a 
party so that people can dance while the
album plays,because some are kinda      
undanceable !  72 %                     
        MARUSHA - RAVELAND              
     err.well...what can i say.i        
personally don't like her sooo much..   
dunno why but it's not her it's the     
music that has something i don't like.  
-somewhere over the rainbow- for example
..sold now more than 500.000 copies in  
germany,although i can't understand     
what's so special about it..i don't like
it.it's of course included.so is her    
latest -it takes me away-.the thing is  
that she hasn't much to do with it,     
that's what she personally said in a    
liveinterview! there she said she       
doesn't know a shit about how to handle 
all the machines,she just tells what she
would like to have,and so the low spirit
dudes do the job.she also admitted that 
it's not her voice that says            
-and it takes me awaaaaaaay- so i got   
the feeling ,low spririt uses her fame  
to sell 2nd class techno.and those dudes
complain about the rising commercial    
exploiting of techno..bah! anyway,the   
album contains 7 more tracks and i like 
most  better than the 2 hitsingles .    
it has got older material ,such as      
-ravechannel- and some more..so in all  
buy it.when i sayed above that it's the 
music that i dislike,i meant the        
hitsingles..     84 %                   
     and more....and older one but      
i haven't seen a review yet:            
        2 UNLIMITED - REAL THINGS       
     hm...the cover shows               
-limited gold edition- that's a joke of 
course..      this album contains       
13 tracks,including the current one     
-the real thing- but only as            
singleversion,hmm...the big question is 
what is gonna be the next single in     
september ? i don't know..really..      
none (!!!) of da other tracks kicks as  
ass as the first one.   (what a great   
sentence,hahaha!) only                  
-burning like fire- is good as well.    
in all,i can say,when ray raps it is not
so good,when anita sings,it gets better 
immediately! it's her voice,that gives  
sum 2nd or even 3rd class tracks  a nice
touch.-no limits- was far better,a shit 
they released the wrong singles!        
(maximum overdrive really sucked,eh?)   
in all.....72 %!                        
        WESTBAM - BAM BAM BAM           
     i don't wanna waste so much about  
it.the 2 hits are included ,furthermore 
there is no really good one.some are    
quite funny,but in my eyes a really     
disappointing album!    68 %            
        ODYSSEY - LOVETRAIN             
     they waited until their 4th        
hit before they released the album...   
all of em are included (of course) .    
the other tracks are also quite good..  
so ya can buy it if you liked their 4   
releases so far...             78 %     
     the next thing for you is a        
review of  any new maxis ...well,i only 
review those who aren't in the german   
charts   nor done by wellknown artists .
the reason is that those ones get played
so fucking often by viva and stuff....  
maybe sum exeptions later..             
        MO-DO - EINS,ZWEI,POLIZEI       
     it should be wellknown to you,as   
it is already a biig hit in italy..and  
even no.1 in austria ..! as you can see,
it is a german song,but the producers   
are italian,so it sounds nice when they 
speak..hehe..! it is of course a        
technosong with speach on it...the      
baseline(s) are really asskicking ,and  
that makes the tune so cool.            
!buy it!                    96 %        
ps:now it has entered the german charts 
     they had a cool song               
-feel that beat-   last year..well this 
one includes vocals by lori glori.and   
that's where it starts to suck! it      
really sux! but.....if you play the so  
called mayday-version with 170 bpm,you  
will be surprised...great track,cool    
speed,nice effects,and no lori glori    
(almost) !                              
normal version  53 %                    
mayday version  92 %                    
        IMPERIO - VENI VIDI VICI        
     a really great track,entered       
the austrian charts at 3.marketed by    
eams,who also support dj bobo,decadance,
beatproduction and others!              
     this will surely be a big hit      
here in germany (and somewhere else     
maybe) as well.the beat kicks like in   
-latin lover- but has even more great   
effects.simply buy it....          91 % 
      a really funny song..technobeats  
of course included...hehe.it sounds like
a technodriven folk song..really great  
and funny..            86 %             
        TIMECUT - EL VARANO             
     one of the cool insania records    
releases.sum spanish words,with a dance 
beat,and the really sweet voice of patty
makes it a great song...but nobody ever 
played it...a pity....              90 %
        MR.PRESIDENT - UP'N'AWAY        
     sounds nice ,but it is one of      
those who sound the same.. female sings,
male raps..and so on....so not that     
special.!by the way..it was produced in 
my town,bremen!    81 %                 
          KEYMOTION - LET THE MUSIC     
     in september '93 they released     
-automatic lover-a great song..this one 
is also good.the dude sings sounds the  
same way he did in the 1st single..but  
the female voice is stronger.the sound  
has again something that sounds a bit as
if it came from above or so...          
cool stuff!                    84 %     
        LOVELINE - CALL MY NAME         
     another insania records product,   
again with patty,so it sounds great.but 
be careful,that isn't a technosong,but a
very slow one....cool anyway   80 %     
     this another one of the usual      
technodance tracks.but it's one above   
the average..you know what that means,  
so buy it if you like that kind of      
dancemusic....         81%              
               YOUR EX.                 
     i love that one because the        
lyrics are funny...yep..one of the very 
few dance songs who are worth caring    
about the lyrics as well...the sound is 
the usual one...       86 %             
     hope ya will buy some of them...   
hmm...now a list of what just has       
been released..(date:06/8/94)           
BECK            - bearcan               
LOFT            - wake the world        
GENERAL BASE    - base of love (remix)  
TEXTURE         - power of love (remix) 
SIRIUS          - this is my life       
CORONA  - rhythm of the night (uk mixes)
D-MOB           - one love              
HELLRAZOR       - son of a bitch        
DJ COMPANY      - hey everybody (remix) 
AMY GRANT       (sorry,4got the name...)
RANDY S.        - without you           
ACTIVATE        - the beat of the drums 
PRINCE ITAL.JOE                         
& MARKY MARK    -life in the streets    
HIT THE FLOOR   - love generator        
and many more....i just wrote down some 
of those,i remembered.... hope ya liked 
these reviews..and remember,closing date
was 05/8/94..so i can't write about what
has been released later,eh ? comments on
this and other chapters or welcome of   
course....of course A-HEAD #5 will have 
more text...and remember..this is NOT   
A-HEAD #5,but a comebackproof..alright ?

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