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     ooops.and despite this being a     
comebackissue,there is an interview..   
well,i decided to make a nice live      
interview via phone with our good old   
friend : ramirez/talent !               
     oops...maybe for sum of you it     
might be a surprise to see him in that  
group and not in afl,but let's see,and  
read this piece of crap...hehe!         
B. = BIZARRE                            
R. = RAMIREZ                            
B. :so,what is your opinion about berti 
    vogts ?                             
r. :they should give you the chair for  
    what you are doing!                 
B. :pardon ?                            
r. :the chair!the chair!the chair!      
B. :shut up,hijo de puta!               
r. :ok..berti vogts? he is so horny!    
B. :aha ? don't you think that he       
    simply sux ?                        
r. :no way.i love his sexy legs !       
B. :err..ok! i don't...please do not    
    tell us something about yourself    
    as that question is simply stupid!  
r. :so for what fucking reason are you  
    doing this interview ?              
B. :how should i know,dummass ?         
r. :i don't know!                       
B. :what about giving this crap a kind  
    of serious touch ?                  
r. :halt's maul!                        
B. :thanx.tell those dudes again,why    
    you left trance in november 1993!   
r. :because you are a lousy asshole, jos
B. :fick dich!                          
r. :ok,moment....oh...ohhh...ohhhhhh    
         - 2 minutes later -            
r. :well,the point were i thought       
    -that's it- came when frontball     
    came out by illusion ,although only 
    we had the original.                
B. :i knew that ,why did ya tell me     
    again this shit?                    
r. :buuuurps! (ed.that was really loud) 
B. :ok..now tell us something about the 
    groups you were in after trance!    
r. :success:good group,but the          
    organisation sux,as the             
    germans never got any               
    spread disc,so they opened          
    their own group now!                
    atlantis:hmm..this is more a        
    company but a group.                
    afl: yeah,marc does it all.he is    
    afl and afl  is marc.without        
    him,the group would be nothing!     
    talent : let's see !                
B. :what do you expect to see?          
r. :geht dich nen dreck an.             
B. :who sux ?                           
r. :honesty/afl!                        
B. :do you like abba ?                  
r. :shut up,cornudo..                   
B. :eh..ok. will ya call out again ?    
r. :yep,while you readers read it...    
B. :don't say so much shit,just the     
    facts please !                      
r. :yes!                                
B. :and when ?                          
r. :you are full of shit,bizarre!       
B. :so what ?                           
r. :nothing..eh..in late august or so   
    i think,i might call out again!     
B. :do you like british telecom ?       
r. :you won't get it,pisser !           
B. :well..tell us ,how you got the      
    game magic if endoria as first !    
r. :ask count zero if ya wanna know     
    more about it....hehe               
B. :yes..it was a great idea indeed..!  
    who sux further more ?              
r. :i hate dudes who invented that      
    hunter.and other lamers who think   
    to be cool.                         
B. :give me names !                     
r. :bizarre/trance for example.         
B. :ah yeah...he is really lame!        
    tell us about yer 90 degrees        
    position in a one-night-stance      
    last october !                      
r. :i never thought that this kind of   
    fucking was possible! my dick       
    turned about 90 degrees!            
B. :and who do you think believes this  
    boast-shit ?                        
r. :lamers like you !                   
B. :oh yeah..i forgot...                
    ok,amigo...we  should stop it here  
r. :adios!                              
B. :no wait....i think a nice kind of   
    scandal is missing in this          
    interview,right ?                   
r. :oh yeah..cool...                    
B. :so,david,what is the real           
    identity of kurby/atlantis ?        
r. :jack alien/avantgarde!              
B. :thanx,mate! hehehehe!               
              -THE END -                
     well..i hope ,you dudes had a      
little bit of fun reading this.and      
   live interviews simply kick ass !    
               BIZARRE !                

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